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03-30-2008, 08:16 AM
Chapter 1: A beginning

January 1 2008 5.30 AM in the road

It’s early in the morning a young boy wearing red and black shirt , black short , red and white hat with 149cm height and 43kg weight
And his eyes color is blue his name is Stanley.

Maybe you will ask why he running so excited , because today his twelve birthday and will get his starter pokemon

January 1 2008 06.30 AM in the oak lab

“Ah good to see you Stanley” say old man with white hair and wearing lab coat . His name is Profesor Oak a famous pokemon researcher “Come in you want to get your starter pokemon am I
right ?” Say professor oak “Yes you correct sir” replied Stanley
and enter the professor oak lab “C’mon Stanley choose your starter Pokemon” Say Profesor Oak “Ok sir, I’m little confused
though “ Say Stanley [ After a couple minute ] “OK I’m choose you chimchar ! “ Say Stanley finaly “ Chimchar! “ cried Chimchar
“Here Stanley the Pokedex you can look Pokemon data on it and this is pokeball for capture Pokemon “ After that Stanley leave

January 1 2008 07.30 AM

“ Hey you c’mon battle me “ Say a bug catcher “ OK “ say Stanley “GO Chimchar “ Shout Stanley “ Go Pinsir “ Shout bug catcher
“ what is yours name ? “ Say Stanley “ My name Odo “ Replied Odo

Stanley : OK Chimchar Flame Wheel
Odo : Pinsir Dig
Chimchar attack miss
Pinsir attack from underground with slash
Stanley : Chimchar Furry Swipes
Odo : Harden
Chimchar attack just make a little effect
Stanley : Chimchar flame wheel
Chimchar attack hit Pinsir hard
Odo : Slash full power
Slash hit Chimchar hard
Odo : Finish this with tackle
But Pinsir already use too much energy and unable to attack
Stanley : Chimchar finish this with ember
And Pinsir knock out

“ You know Stanley there this year is the master challenge for trainer this year there an objective for trainer to win from all 4 region and you must have partners “ Say Odo
“ Thanks Odo “ Say Stanley and continue his journey.

Chapter 2 : meeting with dimas and a first capture ?

January 2 2008 08.00 AM in Stanley tend

“ It seems I need partners to compete on Master Challenge “ Say Stanley in the morning “ I will walk to find friend “ say Stanley again

January 3 2008 09.00 AM in the road

“ Hey , I’m lucky I find a trainer walking with squirtle I will ask him to join my team “ Say Stanley “ Hey you want
To join my team ? “ Say Stanley “ Well how about battle first ? “
Say a boy with dark blue with light blue strip on it’s jacket , white shirt , dark blue hat , light blue hand socks and blue jeans his name is Dimas and twelve years old “ OK “ Replied Stanley

Stanley : Go Chimchar !
Dimas : Go Squirtle !
Stanley : Use furry swipes
Dimas : Squirtle use withdraw
Chimchar hit Squirtle hard shell and injured himself
Dimas : use bubble Squirtle
Stanley : Counter it with flame wheel Chimchar
Both attack collapse and make smoke in the arena
Stanley : Chimchar furry swipes
Dimas : Squirtle get out from the smoke!
Chimchar use furry swipes while Squirtle get out from the smoke
Chimchar hit nothing
Dimas : Now attack with water gun
It’s hit Chimchar hard
Stanley : Flame wheel
Squirtle surrounded by flame wheel
Dimas : Squirtle quick , jump
It’s to late flame wheel already hit Squirtle hard
Dimas : Squirtle use water gun full power
Stanley : Chimchar flame wheel full power
The two attack hit each other and both Squirtle and Chimchar collapse

“ OK I will join you “ say Dimas “ Alright Chimchar have the biggest offense while Squirtle have the biggest defense we will make the perfect team “ Say Stanley happily .

January 3 2008 10.00 AM in the road

“ Hey is that a pokemon ? “ ask Stanley “Well.. yes “ replied Dimas while his open his pokedex

Dexter : Herracross beetle pokemon , Herracross is one strong bug pokemon due to Herracross attack that can use a powerful grass , fighting and flying type move such mega drain , mega kick and aerial ace
And come data of the other pokemon
Dexter : Aipom monkey pokemon , it uses it’s tail to pluck food that are out of reach its tail is more adept then its real hand

Stanley : I will catch it
Dimas : Hey , I want to catch one too
Stanley : Go Chimchar
Dimas : Go Squirtle
Dimas : Squirtle tackle to Herracross
Stanley : Chimchar Ember to Aipom
Aipom dodge and use focus punch on Chimchar while Herracross fly and use cross chop on Squirtle
Stanley : Chimchar surround Aipom with flame wheel
It’s working Aipom don’t have place to run it already surrounded by flame wheel and Aipom being hit by flame wheel
Dimas : Squirtle rapid spin
Squirtle use rapid spin and hit Herracross
Aipom attack Chimchar with focus punch
Dimas : Squirtle withdraw and proteck Chimchar
Aipom focus punch hit Squirtle hard shell and hurt himself but Herracross come next use cross chop on Squirtle
Stanley : Chimchar flame wheel on Herracross
Flame wheel hit Herracross hard
Dimas : Squirtle strike back with water gun
Water gun hit both Aipom and Herracross
Stanley : Chimchar flame wheel
Flame wheel hit Herracross but Aipom dodge
Dimas : Squirtle do your best ! Water gun on Aipom !
It’s hit Aipom hard
Stanley : Dimas you deal with that Herracross I want to catch Aipom
Dimas : Alright
Dimas : Squirtle use rapid spin full power just concentrate on Herracross!
It’s hit Herracross and knock Herracross out
Stanley : Chimchar finish this furry swipes
It’s knock out Aipom and both Stanley throw pokeball on Aipom while Dimas throw pokeball on Herracross
It giggled once twice and…

Phantom Kat
03-30-2008, 05:09 PM
Sorry but this is way too short for a Heracross. Heracross needs 30K - 40K, this is barely 5K. Also, you should read this to help you with your stories: >>How to Write Stories<< (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8445)

- Kat