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Stubby Boardman
03-30-2008, 06:35 PM
Going for: Chinchou

Recently a new trainer has entered the world of pokemon training. His name is Cheerio and is twelve years old. Cheerio wanted to become a pokemon master just like thousands of trainers before him have set out to do. Cheerio lives south of Lavender town were all the docks are located. It would seem that spending all his time near water that he would be found of water types but Cheerio only like a few water types and didn't plan to start off his journey with a water type at all. The day Cheerio started off on his journey he choose Riolu as his starter. They like each other very much and had a fun time traveling together. But Cheerio wanted to catch another pokemon to come with him on his journey. He then decided that he would go fishing and the first pokemon he caught on the fishing rod was the pokemon that he would capture with his pokeball.

On a bright sunny morning Cheerio decided to go fishing to see if he could catch anything good. After several hours it didn't seem that he would catch anything on his rod but then all of a sudden his rod tugged and Cheerio tried and tried to get whatever was on his rod onto the surface but it seem impossible to do but finally he was able to get a chinchou onto the surface. "Go Riolu" Cheerio said "Use quick attack". Quick attack hit its target but didn't seem to do that much. Chinchou then attack with supersonic to confuse Riolu. Riolu tried to use a force palm and barely pulled that attack off. Chinchou then was upset and used thunder wave and followed up with a water gun. Riolu tried to attack but couldn't due to the paralyzation and the confusion. Then Chinchou used its spark attack to finish off Riolu. Depressed that his Riolu had lost its battle, he went to the Poke center to heal his Riolu.

The next day Cheerio was around the Rock Tunnel area and was thinking about the day before and decided that he was going to train his Riolu so he could catch that chinchou. For the next few day they were training fiercely on there own and against wild pokemon, but still wanted to test his skills against a trainer to see if he was ready to go and try to get the chinchou. On the six day of his training Cheerio met a trainer name Tom. Cheerio quickly challenged Tom to a battle. Tom at first didn’t really want to but decide to due to the excitement he saw in Cheerio’s face. "Go Wortortle" Tom shouted. "Go Riolu" shouted Cheerio after Tom did. First off Wortortle used a water gun attack and Riolu used a quick attack to dodge, and then used a quick attack force palm combination to some damage. "Use Mega Punch Wortortle" shouted Tom. Wortortle use a Mega Punch that Riolu couldn't dodge and used a water gun when Riolu was on the ground. While Wortortle was going to use another mega punch Cheerio order Riolu to use counter and when Wortortle hit with its mega punch Riolu hit back with double that force and knocked Wortortle out. When their battle was done both Cheerio and Tom congratulated each other on a battle well fought. Cheerio then asked Tom if he could stay a while to help train with him train. Tom said "Why not". Tom and Cheerio quickly became friends and were having a wonderful time together.

Later that day Cheerio and Tom decided to go out towards rock tunnel to train some more. At one point during the day a group of geodudes came out of nowhere and started to attack. The pack geodudes took them by surprise and was a trouble for them to take down but eventually with several of Wortortle's water guns and Riolu's force palm had done the trick. After that Cheerio and Tom had to go to go to the Poke Center to heal their pokemon that had been severally worn out from the afternoon’s activities. Cheerio and Tom talked a lot that night at the poke center about what they plan to do on their journey, Cheerio also brought up what happened with the chinchou and Tom made some suggestions on what he could do. Finally, Tom said to Cheerio that the next day that he had to move on his journey. Cheerio was sad that he had to leave so soon but knew they were going to go on separate ways eventually. Soon they both went to bed for the night.

The next day was partly cloudy but was still was a very nice day Tom and Cheerio said good bye to each other and went on their separate ways. Cheerio went back to where he had seen the chinchou before and cast out his rod in hopes to meet/catch that chinchou he had battled days before. But just like the time before hours had past without a single bite. Cheerio thought that he was doing something wrong when the line started to tug. It took a while for Cheerio to get the pokemon to the surface but when he did the pokemon he caught on the rod was the chinchou he had battled days before. Cheerio sent out his Riolu and commanded it to use quick attack. At the same time chinchou tried to use supersonic again but missed and was hit by the quick attack. Then chinchou tried to use its thunder wave attack to try and slow down Riolu but Riolu dodged with a quick attack and used a force palm on chinchou and chinchou went flying back words. Then Riolu used a reversal which did tremendous damage. Chinchou got right back up and started to charge up and Cheerio ordered Riolu to quickly use a force palm. Just as Riolu was going to hit chinchou, chinchou finished charging and used discharge. Discharge hit Riolu hard and Rilou went flying backwords into the water and barely was able to get out. Railou then used copycat which became discharge and hit chinchou. Chinchou fell on the dock with x's in its eyes as well as Riolu. Cheerio then threw a pokeball at the chinchou and the pokeball wiggled around and Cheerio had…

characters without spaces: 4594
characters with spaces: 5653
will be adding more.

total need: 10,000-20,000
needed to complete: (4940-5892)-(14940-15892)