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Phantom Kat
04-04-2008, 03:17 AM
Ready for grade. =)

This is what happens when I'm not writing my part of the collab story I'm doing wih Bryce: I dig up a plot I had written back in November and write it out. =o


A Headache is the Solution!

“So you see, Megan, that is how an Eevee’s body reacts and I’ll show you right now.”


In a flash of white and yellow, the twenty-year-old practically threw herself on the metal table and ripped the brown fox from her colleague’s arms. The Eevee, who had turned a deathly while throughout the conversation, whimpered and dug her head into Megan’s white lab coat that stretched from her neck to her ankles. The blonde straightened and allowed herself back on her two feet, forest-green eyes glaring at the man across the table.

The older man, by five years, smiled crookedly. When he turned his head to the sapphire stone in his hand, the hazelnut hair on his head that was pulled into a short ponytail shaking, he commented, “Aww, shucks, and I really wanted a neat Vaporeon, too.”

Seeing the smirk in his cyan eyes, Megan frowned at Luke, holding Eevee closer to her.

“I get it, I was wrong,” she told him, petting the small Pokemon’s head lovingly. Brown and tan fur that stood on end now went back to their smooth texture and frightened, amber eyes now began to close as soothing words filled her diamond-shaped ears. Once the mammal with the cream-tipped tail and beige mane was settled in the crook of her arms, Megan continued, “You don’t have to take it out on poor Amethyst here, though.”

Luke shrugged innocently and pocketed the Water Stone in the right pocket of his own lab coat. With the air of an almighty ruler, he closed the notebook in front of him and picked it up. “I was simply going to elaborate my point farther but I see you got the point.” The nonchalant words left his lips charmingly.

Megan continued to scowl and with a turn of her heel that made her chin-length hair rustle, she began to leave the room. Gray walls that seemed to reflect her mood were passed and overhead lights above illuminated her path. The constant beeping of computers and monitors propped up on desks and tables did not bother her, her steps on the beige tiles muffled by her tennis shoes.

Megan Wood exited the room and entered a long corridor almost as long as the building. The wooden walls was a comforting change to the steel-gray colors of the main lab room, mahogany doors being passed on either side, each with a golden nameplate that stated whose room it was. Unfortunately, she could not enjoy this change in environment for she was still seething over the embarrassing blunder that had occurred back there.

Ever since she arrived at Saffron’s Center of Pokemon Science six months ago, she had been embarrassed by a handful of older scientists who just loved to see her squirm. If she conducted an experiment, they would mention several, factual reason why it would not work. If she conducted research for a certain Pokemon, the others would do more and get it done quicker simply to spite her. No matter what she did, they did it better and faster. It wasn’t her fault, she barely gotten out of college and was still shaky at handling real experiments in real labs.

I guess they waited for a newbie like me to come along to have their fun, she thought bitterly, gripping Amethyst closer to her body. I wouldn’t put it past them if they were the reason that the position I took was open for so long.

As she promised to herself that she would prove that she could take these bullies by the horns and show them that she was not going to back down, she felt her right foot collide with something hard. Soon, her body was sent forward and a high-pitched yelp escaped her throat, soon accompanied by Amethyst’s yip of fright. Instinctively, she detached a hand from the grip that held the fox kit and planted it firmly to the wall next to her. With the right wall now supporting her, she pulled her back and firmly stood on the hardwood floor.

“Luke told you, didn’t he?” Megan snapped at the figure who was straightening from his crouched position behind the wall. The lanky male, long tufts of strawberry-blonde hair falling over his ever mischievous brown eyes, shot the young scientist a toothy smile.

“Well he told me even after I snuck in while he was demonstrating how smart he is,” Alex said offhandedly, the way he moved making the lab coat he wore that seemed two sizes too big for him shake noisily. Megan knew that he could be as quiet as a wary Rattata when he wanted to, though.

“Don’t you have something better to do than to make stalk me around?” she asked as she kicked the foot that made her trip. Alex did not wince; he merely leaned against the wall that had helped Megan seconds ago.

“Nope, I’m all yours,” Alex responded with a cheeky grin that Megan wanted to punch off. The female simply petted the Eevee who was ready to jump off and run to a safer place and made her way around the egotistical male down the corridor that intercepted the one she was on. Alex turned and matched every step that she made behind her, knowing it would frustrate her to no end. When Megan reached her own room in the building moments later, she whirled to face Aelx so fast that the young man actually jumped in shock.

“You know, I will show all of you that I can become a great scientist,” she growled at him, eyes flashing beneath her short bangs. “And not just someone that can you make fun of at a daily basis.”

Alex had regained his composure and though he was a few inches shy of Megan’s 5’8, he still met her in the eyes. A grin split his face as he said, “You know you will always be the little oddball, little Meg.”

With a disgusted ’hmph!’, Megan turned around and entered her room; the slam of the polished door could be heard ringing in the corridor like a Loudred’s battle cry. For a moment, Megan leaned against her door, breathing slowly so as to get the blood that rushed madly in her veins to calm down. Her face, that had grown a light salmon from the anger and frustration she felt, soon gave away to her naturally pale skin. She no longer held her jaw tightly and the grip on Amethyst loosened. When the Eevee felt this, she wiggled in Megan’s arms and soon was freed to the carpeted floor below.

The young woman now opened her eyes to see the comfy room the facility provided for her. The room was a rich brown from the floor that was covered in an emerald carpet to the walls that held many pictures of her family and herself. A bookshelf with three rows of leather-bound books was beside an inflated bed she used whenever she wanted to stay the night due to her research To the far left of the room was a good-sized desk that had compartments both beside her chair and on the top platform where her lamp was situated.

Megan followed Amethyst to her desk that was currently littered with papers and books. The fox immediately went to the cotton Pokemon bed under while the intellect let herself collapse on the swivel chair that was as old as she was. Putting a hand on her forehead, she rifled through the mounds of papers and swatted away the pens and pencils she was too lazy to put back.

“Uggh, these notes are completely useless since Luke disproved them,” she told nobody in particular. With one hand, she crumbled the notes she had work a straight week on and careless threw them across her right shoulder, not even caring if they landed in the wastebasket behind her. Putting both elbows on the desk now, she began to sort through more papers and books, muttering dejectedly to herself.

“Apparently a Murkrow goes for shiny things merely for greed, not for ceremony purposes.” With those words, she crumbled a paper and threw it behind her, hearing the thump of it hitting the wall.

“And not all Dark Pokemon are afraid of sunlight.” Another ball of paper flew past her head and she thinly smiled when she heard the metal wastebasket behind her rock as it welcomed a new companion. It vanished and she now looked at her left where three books were piled one on top of the other. Sighing, too lazy and downhearted to get up and place them back in their appropriate shelves behind her, she grabbed the stack and let them fall to the floor beside her.

Amethyst, apparently not listening to her friend’s actions above, jumped when the books made the floor shake, a quick ‘bang!’ startling her badly. Her jump made the desk shake and Meg, who was apologizing to Amethyst, was hit by a book that was perched beside her lamp.

“Ow!” she cried and immediately began to rub her head, the spot where she was hit already beginning to throb annoyingly. Once the Eevee below quieted down, Meg looked up and snatched the book with a frown, the edges of some pages crumpled from the position the book landed in. When she closed it and looked at the cover, she let a small smile caress her face as though the cotton wings of a Swablu brushed past.

It was a book her six-year-old niece brought when she came to visit a week ago and urged to read it to her. On the cover were two Pokemon, one a bubbly pink while the other was a soft yellow. The pink one was a female Wigglytuff who was holding in her arms the yellow male, a Psyduck. As the white-tipped Pokemon was holding the duck, who seemed to be masking pain by the expression on his face, a crowd of undistinguishable Pokemon surrounded them beneath a cloak of rain.

It was a love story that her niece, Annabel, adored to death and Megan couldn’t help but smile when she read it to her. She fingered the title, “Two Sides Crossed”, that was inscribed in fading golden letters, no doubt a result of Annabel carrying the book everywhere she went.

She’ll make me reread it when she comes back to get it, Megan mentally chuckled, looking at the cover that was a mix of colors from livid pink to ashy gray. Her dark jade eyes wandered to the water duck depicted in the picture. His face was scrunched up in pain just like many Psyduck she had seen but the real ones suffered from constant headaches, not from an arrow wound.

The scientific part of her brain started to whirred madly, invisible gears practically grinding against each other.

“But what makes up those headaches?” she started to ponder, words quick and snip as more questions bubbled within her, threatening to burst out. “Is it built up Psychic energy? Maybe water pressure? Why can some control it when they’re Psyduck but others have to wait until they evolve?”

In a flash, her mind barely conscious of the movements, she left her chair and started to pace around her room like a cooked up tiger in a cage that was far too small for her. Amethyst didn’t even look up; she was used to the girl’s pacing.

The more she delve into it, the more the blonde grew excited of this idea. Nobody ever thought of the small Water types, they were too concern with the more powerful Pokemon. They never paid attention to the underdogs of the Pokemon world, the ones who weren’t exactly high up in the ladder in terms of stats. This could be her chance, this could be the breakthrough that would finally show them that she was a force to be dealt with.

Megan stopped her pacing. She would have to do notes of the species later, if she did them now, she would run the risk of someone (most notably, Alex) taking them to see what hair-brained plot she came up with this time (as Alex oh so fondly put it).

“I can go catch one, that way, I will be one step ahead of them even if they do manage to get my notes,” she cheered in an excited whisper, her whole body practically shaking with excitement. “If I have a Psyduck, it can grow closer to me and I’ll be able to conduct research even out of the lab.”

Amethyst looked up when a squeal of joy escaped her owner’s lips. Megan now had a huge smile splitting her face, pearl-white teeth almost lighting up the dim room whose only light source was the setting sun that showed through the window. Clasping and unclasping her hands, she rushed to the desk and began to hurriedly clear out the remaining papers and the fairy tale book. The Evolution Pokemon peeked her head out when more stuff was messily thrown on the floor, head cocked cutely with a small, “Eve?”

Megan knelt down in front of the Pokemon, holding two ruby and white Poke Balls in her hands; one still had the fresh smell of the Poke Mart while the other was decorated with small scratches and dents. Amethyst blinked and looked up again in confusion, ears twitching as she waited for the human to explain.

“Amethyst, come on, we’re catching ourselves a Psyduck!”

The exclamation was hushed but the fox’s eyes still widened, glancing from the window that showed the afternoon ending and the nighttime beginning to her trainer like a scared Sentret.

“Come on,” Megan scoffed, rolling her emerald eyes and waving a hand at the window as though dismissing the moon that was replacing the Kanto sun. “You’re a fox, you can see better during the night and besides, Psyduck around these parts like to come out at night, or so I have been told.”

The gentle kit still pouted childishly and if she could, she would have crossed her forepaws in front of her chest in a stubborn manner. Seeing that her Pokemon was not so inclined to follow her, Megan half teaseling said, “I’ll give you an Amy snack if you help me.”

Long ears perked up and Amethyst grinned.

“But only if you come,” the young scientist warned. She was not disappointed for Amethyst nodded her head vigorously, making the fluffy mane around her neck tremble and shake like a pompom. Amethyst’s questioning expression washed over again, momentarily clouding her cheerful look, when Megan opened the window. The sea green curtains twirled around her as a light wind swooped into the cozy room.

“Lets just leave through here, just in case.”

Reminding herself to hold her master on the offer of a delicious, Oran berry snack mixed with several spices being rewarded to her, Amethyst jumped on the wooden sill and jumped into the night.


Alex laid back in his chair, feet on his desk and arms crossed behind his head for maximum relaxation. His lab coat was hung messily on the back of his chair, his loose ebony shirt over wrinkled denim jeans now showing. His handsome eyes scanned through a magazine he held loosely in his hands titled “Pokemon Inventions for the Modern Trainer!”; his messy bangs over his face were not a bother. Flicking each page of the magazine whose cover depicted a luminescent Master Ball jumping out at the readers, Alex let his mind wander.

His own room was much messier than Megan’s though all rooms shared the same chocolate brown walls. His bookshelf was stuffed with papers and notebooks that needed to be thrown out weeks ago, the books almost invisible under all the scribbled white. His desk was no better with pens and pencils strewn on the surface, books and magazines also making their home there.

Alex paid no heed to the state of his room, his attention focused only on the pictures in the magazine he held.

“Now that would be helpful,” he told himself, pointing at the digital picture of an apple whose healthy pink spots on its crimson skin made it known it was no ordinary piece of fruit. “An apple that makes a Pokemon drowsy right after consumption. That’s awesome, especially for those Pokemon that just cannot seem to quiet down.”

“Amph, amph!”

Alex looked behind him and saw his Ampharos pointing at the window next to him, black striped tail whose end was tipped with a red sphere identical to the one on his forehead wagging behind him. Topaz-colored body was making his way towards him, antennae-like stubs on his head twitching.

“What’s up, Nem?” Alex asked, putting his feet down and swiveling to face the Electric type. The sheep trotted back to the window and pointed with a quick jump. Alex, being his lazy self, pushed against the desk and let his chair slide to the window.

“Now what is she doing out there?” he asked himself once his was steady. From the lights of the back door of the facility, he could dimly see Megan making her way through bushes with her female fox on her heels. Nem shrugged as Alex pushed back in thought.

“She’s up to something.” he mused, looking at the ceiling. His tone was not one of being annoyed nor one of anger but one of awe. “Question is: what?”

Nem smiled knowingly and a second later, Alex pumped his fist in the air, making his chair swivel.

“We’re going to find out, Nem and whatever she’s doing, we’ll put a stop to it!”

“Ampharos!” Nem agreed, red spheres on his body glowing in excitement. Without a second thought, Alex ran out of the room, a mischievous grin lining his face.


The night sky above them was bright and cloudless, the ivory stars above glittering whenever mortals tilted their heads to gaze at the natural wonders. As Megan and Amethyst walked the dirt trail they were on, pebbles crunching with every step they took, the line of trees on either side of them rustled with the light breeze that was blowing. The jade leaves hidden by the shadows of the night brushed against each other, a chirp or a hoot occasionally coming from the foliage.

Amethyst the Eevee was looking around rather nervously, big eyes taking up half her face. Her short but fluffy tail flicked back and forth in quick motions, similar to what her ears were doing on the top of her head. When Megan stopped without her knowing and she ended up bumping right into her heels, Amethyst squeaked and jumped back as though she had been burned.

The scientist turned around and chuckled lightly, flicking her hair back to fully see the shaken fox.

“Aww, Amethyst, it’s just me,” she soothed. Megan turned to the front of the trail, squinting her eyes to see better. She muttered under her breath, “Should have brought my flashlight. Anyway, I know the pond is at the end of trail, maybe more to the right but we‘ll get there.”

Amethyst frowned deeply, shaking her head and continued to walk behind the short-haired youth. Meters to their right, among the bushes that were thick and clumped together, crouched Alex and Nem. The Ampharos’s tail was now hidden in one of the bushes for the steady but bright garnet light would give away their place. It had, however, showed them the way and it would prove helpful later on, or at least to Alex’s mind.

“Where are they going?” Alex asked in a whisper, too far to hear his colleague’s mutterings. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, his eyes were locked on the two walking figures.

“Nem, use Cotton Spore and then a very light Power Gem, just a trickle, and aim them both at Megan and that Eevee.”

Nem straightened, white belly a beacon in the night if anybody looked in their direction. Like a belly dancer, he began to shake his body, hips moving from side to side. Balls that were made of some soft material began to detach itself from the thin wool he wore. Light jade in color, they floated silently in front of their conjurer like servants waiting to receive orders. Nem stopped his shaking only to move his tail and tilting his body. The crimson light the sphere at the end gave off changed into a dark tawny, a snake of energy trickling from the energy source and into the air. The toned-down Power Gem took over the Cotton Spore but with the Grass attack being so thick and resistant, the Rock type attack merely coated it mysteriously.

The attack drifted towards Megan and Amethyst, glowing balls of pulsating, chocolate-covered energy. They glowed and flew past each other with the elegance of a model, demonic fireflies out for their prey. With a hushed command from Alex, both of the hidden figures ducked down into the veil of darkness that obscured them view.

Phantom Kat
04-04-2008, 03:20 AM
“I really do think you should be leading,” Megan commented with a grin from up front, unaware of the two figures keeping a close eye on them. “You are able to see in the dark better than me.”

Amethyst snorted grumpily, not too keen on being poked fun of. She looked up from the small pebble she had been kicking to her right, ears pricking as she heard a faint ring in the air. Brown eyes a tint lighter than her fur grew big as the balls of combined attacks came closer to her. The fur on her back started to rise as goose bumps began to crawl along her skin. With a determined grunt, she turned and began to shoot the mysterious orbs a Sand Attack by kicking up sand with her hind legs. Amethyst turned around and the triumphant smile she had slipped off when she found the orbs still flying towards her, this time at a faster speed.

The Cotton Spore part of this anomaly made the balls stick to her fur like glue and this made Amethyst jump with a yelp. Megan whirled around and uttered a short scream herself when the scared Eevee ran through her legs and almost made her tumble to her rear.

“Amethyst, Amethyst!” she called out, the brown figure moving so fast that she was a lighted blur against the dark backdrop of the forest. Her hand inched towards the pocket of her lab coat but decided that Eevee was too speedy to be caught by the recalling red beam of her Poke Ball. Instead, Megan ran down the trail in hopes of catching up with her Pokemon. Unbeknownst to her, Alex and Nem were steadily following her among the bushes, their rustles unnoticeable under the calls of, “Amethyst, come back!” and “Eeeve eve eve!”.

“Nem, use a small Thunder Wave on Megan’s feet,” Alex quickly said to the running sheep beside him. Nem slid to his left and with a swish of his yellow and black tail, a thin stream of electricity, a luminous ribbon in the night, surged around the twenty-year-old’s feet. Even from where he was hiding, Alex could see her legs twitch and threaten to give away from under her. Seconds later, her legs completely stiffened and Megan was sent tumbling to the floor.

To all of their surprise, they have come to the last section of the trail, the part that went downhill quite suddenly. Head over heels, Megan went down the hill, pebbles digging into her clothes and hair like needles. Amethyst had turned around, the Cotton Spore finally slowing her down as it was meant to, and was struck by her trainer. As a blur of white and brown, they tumbled down and landed on the ground as one pained heap.

Alex and Nem slid down and got to where Megan and Amethyst were detangling themselves. Megan’s clothes and Amethyst’s fur were dirty and sported more than a few pebbles. Their muscles were sore but they still managed to separate. The blonde-haired human tried to get up but was forced to stay on the ground due to the paralysis that plagued her legs. When she swept her disheveled hair from her eyes and looked up, a surprised expression washed over her face when she saw Alex pompously flicking dirt from his clothes. Her face soon morphed into one of anger when she discovered the balls on her Eevee’s fur was some kind of Cotton Sore and the electricity that tickled her legs unpleasantly was a Thunder Wave.

“What are you doing here?” she shot at him, petting Amethyst’s pelt and swatting away the oak-colored orbs that made her shiver. Alex did not look at her but at the lake that they had stumbled upon: Megan’s destination. The male scientist was rocking on his heels as he overlooked the still surface of the body of water, hands in his jeans.

“So you came for the lake?” he vaguely asked her. His russet eyes were now set on her and with the wind ruffling his messy hair, Megan would have thought he was quite handsome if his jerky actions didn’t mask everything else. “What, were you going to catch a Remoraid and a Magikarp to see who swims the fastest?”

Megan tried again to get up but her knees soon buckled under her, sending her to the ground once more. She settled for sending the tussled-haired male a scowl coupled with a narrowing of her eyes. She was not going tell him her true intentions lest she wanted her plans thwarted.

“What do you care?” she replied to his mischievous look. “And aren’t you a little too old to be pulling these kind of pranks?”

Now free from the pollen-like substance, Amethyst growled and stepped back.

“I’m just interested in what you were going to research,” he told her with a shrug and turned to the lake again. The color of the water was the deepest sapphire possible, not a ripple in sight. Bushes and lanky grasses were by the muddy edge, wet due to the water that lapped under them. The crescent moon above them illuminated the top of the pond, making it shimmer. He turned back to her and from where she was lying, Megan saw his eyes glitter like the water feet away from her. “Do you want some help?”

“No, I don’t want you’re help,” she harshly snapped, fists tight at her sides.

Megan didn’t know if it was the shadows of the night but she saw a trace of hurt etched on Alex’s face. It was quickly gone and replaced with a charming smile. “I’ll help you out, anyway. Nem, give the water a Thundershock.”

Nem nodded and dipped his tail into the water so that only the glowing scarlet sphere was visible, bobbing under the water. Closing his eyes, his whole body started to crackle and glow a bright marigold, his tail end and the sphere on his forehead also glowing intensely. Nem snapped his eyes open and cried out, the energy that had been building up in his wool now traveling to his tail in one burst of energy. In a flash, the whole laky lit up like a small town during the Christmas holidays. A low rang resounded as electricity and water met in one nasty clash. Joining this odd sound were the cries of many Pokemon who were woken up rudely from their slumber.

The surface of the water immediately became active. Pokemon with scales of bright orange jumped up, their beige or white whiskers flailing in unison with their white tail fins. Most of them, however, were knocked out cold. Right behind the Magikarp were the Remoraid, small fish whose silver, almost smooth, scales were flawless in sheen. Their gaping jaws hissed angrily and spurted streams of water, trying to soak the people that dared to hurt them while they were slumbering.

Megan held her breath but no yellow heads tipped with beige beaks came to the surface to let out steam. Maybe the Psyduck that lived here weren’t sleeping here, maybe they only hunted here during the day. She silently sighed in relief; at least Alex wouldn’t find out what she was researching. Alex and her whirled around when a tremendous rustle sounded to their far right, the bushes moving vigorously. From their depths came a horde of yellow and tan, a chorus of quaking disturbing the night air. The Psyduck clan stopped dead in their tracks, chubby bodies together in one cluster.

Idiot, of course they don’t sleep in the pond! Megan scolded herself. Water dwellers like Psyduck live close to ponds, they probably have a little alcove or something behind those bushes.

The ducks with two strands of thick hair on each of their craniums cocked their heads, the disturbance that woke them up not what they expected. Simultaneously, they turned their oval-shaped heads to the water that flicked with strands of electricity to the two humans and their Pokemon. Wide bills turned into a frown when the fish Pokemon were diving back into the water and their huge eyes narrowed. With a squeaky battle cry, they all began to charge except for one Psyduck. This one turned to the others and stopped them with an orange hand; Megan and Alex deduced he was their clan leader for they all listened; they stopped their clumsy running and stood holding their heads in puzzlement.

The Psyduck that stopped them walked forward and faced them. With a few brave quacks, he pounded his chest with a curled fist and firmly nodded his head. The Duck Pokemon before him looked at each other, agreed amongst themselves, and cheered. Psyduck gave his clan a haughty look, one full of pride and cockiness, and walked towards the humans. His webbed feet confidently took him to them and even the goofiness of his expression lessened somewhat. Megan would have thought it comical if Alex wasn’t here and threatening to ruin her plans. The older Kanto citizen stepped aside and told Megan, “Here’s you chance to prove yourself, as you have so often told me.” When Megan raised a surprised eyebrow at him, he chuckled. “The only interesting Pokemon in this forest are Psyduck and I even though you’re a newbie in all of this, I don’t think you would go for something like a Wooper.”

Megan was so surprised at his words that she barely noticed when the tingle in her legs was gone; the Thunder Wave had dwindled and disappeared. Psydcuk had stopped in front of Nem but the Ampharos merely pointed to Meg and Amethyst. With an order of, “Amethyst, get ready to battle!”, the cute fox jumped in front of Psyduck. The Water type seemed determined to do something about the attack that happened to the pond he loved and didn’t care who he fought.

“Amethyst, use Tackle!”

The battle had begun and Amethyst was more than thrilled to be part of it; attacking opponents she could actually see was no problem. Rearing back, the Evolution Pokemon bent her head, ears laid back flat against her skull, and charged at the duck. However, the mud that lined the pond was threatening to send her to the floor where she would be vulnerable to any of Psyduck’s attacks. Instead of risking his, she stopped, coiled her legs, and jumped at Psyduck.

The Kanto duck was surprised by this, anger clouding his senses, and was hit in the abdomen by a determined Eevee. Amethyst and Psyduck rushed back a couple of feet, almost falling to the water, and landed on the mud. The gooey substance burst like a tidal wave and splattered them mercilessly. Amethyst coughed and closed her eyes but Psyduck smiled deviously; he had the home field advantage.

With the canine still on his stomach, Psyduck swept his hand on the mud that surrounded them and flung it at Amethyst’s face. The mammal squeaked out in surprise, her vision was suddenly dark. She stumbled and fell off Psyduck, shaking her head in a desperate attempt to clear her eyes from the grime. The yellow Pokemon got up, the mud actually helping him keep his balance, and deeply inhaled. He opened his beak wide and a burst of water came free. The tendrils swirled around each other, strengthening and forming one beam of spiraling water that roared in everybody’s ears.

The Water Pulse, almost as thick as a nearby tree trunk, collided with Amethyst’s confused form. Amethyst was thrown back several feet and landed, sodden and with mud sliding off her body like melted butter, near Megan’s feet. Now on a shaky stance, the scientist looked from the Eevee that was getting up, to the Psyduck that was looking more confident by the second, and finally to Alex who was watching the battle with an air of silence around him.

“Come on, Amethyst, you can do it!” she encouraged and as she did, she also felt her heart rise with the hope that she could prove herself in front of Alex. “Go for a Tail Whip!”

Luckily for both of them, Psyduck was confident enough to go for a direct attack. He had his small hands outstretched, his even smaller claws out and ready to tear with a few quick Fury Swipes. Amethyst shook the remaining mud off her face and turned her back. The fact that she couldn’t see her opponent made her nervous but seeing her trainer’s firm gaze stare into her amber eyes, she hardened her stance and strained her ears. The wet pitter patter of flat feet against puddles of mud was clearly heard and right when the noise was on top of her, almost overwhelming, she swished her tail with a strong flick.

“Psy…! Duck?!” Psyduck’s battle cry as he lunged towards his target was cut short. He got a mouthful of fur as the bushy tail filled his face. It was now his turn to cough and to try and regain his vision.

“Now use Bite!”

Amethyst’s triumphant grin grew wider as she jumped at the temporarily blind Psyduck. She opened her maw and showed all of her sharp teeth but their clean white was soon clouded by shadows as dark as the ones in the forest. With all the strength she could muster, she clamped her jaws on the swimmer’s chubby arm.

Psyduck screamed in pain, the loud “PSY!” ringing painfully in Megan’s ears. Opening his eyes, the fur that stung his eyes finally flying away in the breeze that swept over the battlefield, he saw the furry beast stubbornly latched on; trickles of tomato-red blood ran from the wounds and mixed with the mud that covered his damp skin. A headache soon came about the young Psyduck and his temples began to throb painfully. Ignoring this new development, Psyduck braced his feet on the squishy mud underfoot and performed a Confusion attack.

His eyes that took up half his face began to resonate wit a light violet, hints of pink becoming clearer by the second. Amethyst let go of her opponent’s limb and stepped back as the edge of every fur stand on her body was lined with the same combination of hues as Psyduck’s gaze. She was immobile, every muscle taught and stubborn to move; even the yelp that manifested in her throat was stuck when her jaws were glued shut. Psyduck’s eyes were now glazed over as though he was no longer in control of his body. In two fluid movements, he shot out his hands and made a throwing motion in front of him. Amethyst’s squeak was muffled and she could only close her eyes as she was thrown roughly into the pond.

“Amethyst!” Megan yelled upon hearing the splash the forest dweller’s limp body made. She ran to the edge of the pond, mud now splattering her shoes and the edges of her lab coat, and saw a brown head pop into the surface with a gasp. Amethyst began to swim back to land, breaths coming out ragged. However, a thin trail of electricity swam up her body and made her wince and as it went away, two more jumped from the water to her body. Amethyst stopped swimming towards shore and closed her eyes as her body was filled with a painful shocking sensation.

Before Megan could think of a strategy that could hopefully get them out of this situation, Psyduck gave a loud cry and opened his duck bill to let out more water from within him. Much to Megan’s dismay, this water attack was almost twice the size of the previous Water Pulse and as it formed into a sphere as big as its creator himself, it sounded as though a tidal wave was crashing towards a beach with ferocious intentions.

The Hydro Pump was released, making Psyduck’s body recoil due to the power. The water ball, the cyan water swirling around like overgrown weeds, touched the surface of the pond and seemed to increase in size the moment it did. Amethyst’s eyes were wide with fear, her body now motionless as she saw the attack heading her way with frightening speed. Meanwhile, Megan’s mind was frantic as she tried to think of something that would not put her Pokemon in further danger. She tried not look towards Alex for advice, she was hell-bent on doing this herself.

Knowing she had no time in thinking this further, the coat-wearing girl cried, “Use Quick Attack to get under the water, fast!”

Amethyst barely had time to suck in a deep breath and go under before the Hydro Pump was on her. When she was under the water, she did her best to ignore the electricity in the water and pushed powerfully with her legs. The powerful Water type attack hit the surface and caused Amethyst to be pushed further down; the loud crash overhead was muffled and barely audible. Instead of succumbing to the force that tried to swallow her, she used this to her advantage and pushed against the force. When the aftershock of the Hydro Pump began to vanish, along with her air, Amethyst rushed to the surface.

As the green-eyed scientist gave off a big smile when Amethyst resurfaced, Psyduck growled under his breath and looked absolutely furious. He gripped his head as another pang of pain invaded his head but shook it off and dived into the water. Thinking fast, Amethyst inhaled and dived again, the water hiding her from sight. Psyduck was so mad with both his headache and the battle that was not turning out in his favor that he did not think of swimming down and finding his target.

Amethyst jumped onto dry land right behind him and Megan was thinking exactly what she was: they were going to show Psyduck that she was an Eevee with experience under her belt.

“Use Shadow Ball!”

Without even bothering to shake off the water that made her fur pelt way much heavier, Amethyst opened her jaws and let a ball of the inkiest black shoot form her mouth. It whistled ominously, the Ghost type attack would have blended perfectly with the night sky that shone above if it wasn’t for the violet aurora around the sphere. Psyduck was blown back, the angry expression sliding off his face as the breath was knocked out of him. Momentarily, his body was covered in shadows, only the outline of his small body visible. His eyes now started to close and he was numb with the pain that racked both his head and his body. If he wasn’t as injured, he may have succeeded in utilizing his headache as a boost to his Confusion. Unfortunately, all he could do was swim and try to withstand the pain.

Megan had other plans.

“Now use Quick Attack!”

Eevee shook out the water on her, sending a mini rain shower around her. After a few moments, despite the fact that she still had water on her fur, she felt much lighter. She bounced back a couple of feet and took off running as fast as her feet would carry her. The burrower easily dodged the mud that would have knocked her to ground with a quick sweep of her eyes, her body a brown blur that made the air rustle. She momentarily stopped on a protruding rock that was not as slippery as the ground below but it was only to launch herself like a torpedo at Psyduck.

The topaz and tan Pokemon looked up in time to see Amethyst ramming her body into his stomach. Psyduck and Amethyst fell into the water and for a few heartbeats after the initial splash, everything was silent. This time, Megan looked over at Alex. His expression was the same as when he had stepped aside except that his eyes seemed brighter. Was it the moon?

Amethyst burst free from the water that held her down, Psyduck’s unconscious body following right behind. The Psyduck clan in the sidelines were quiet but now, they uttered a synchronized wail at the sight of their leader being taken down. Most waddled back to the bushes, deciding that they would rather save themselves, while other straggled behind to see what would become of their chief.

Relaxing her rattling nerves, Megan enlarged the brand new Poke Ball she had brought and threw it at the knocked out water dweller. Psyduck’s motionless form was sucked into the gleaming ball in a trail of crimson, translucent light. When the ball fell to the water, shaking as it did, Megan let a sheepish smile run across her face.

How exactly was she going to retrieve the Poke Ball from the bottom of the pond?

Alex chuckled but it was not a mocking chuckle like she would have expected.

“You’re still a newbie, Meg, but you’re getting there.”

For the first time in the six months she had been in Saffron, Megan agreed with him.


This turned out longer than I planned. O_o; Oh well, I shall name the Psyduck "Bryce" if I managed to catch him, for obvious reasons. Now, to work on that Misdreavous story I came up a few days ago...

Pokemon: Psyduck
Min. Characters: 10K - 20K
Total Characters: 39,301K

The Jr Trainer
04-22-2008, 11:35 PM


Wait a few days. I will have this puppy-- or should I say ducky graded. :tongue3:

Megan a, twenty-year-old, scientist, want to see what causes headaches for the small Pokemon: Psyduck. She goes off after to catch one at night along with her Eevee. Alex, Megan's seeming rival, follows Megan and her Eevee off to the pond, of where she wants to find the small duck Pokemon. Alex, being his micheavous self, tried to foil her plans of finding the origin and meaning of the headaches that Psyducks form. But, he ultimately fails at his own job of trying to stop the newb scientist. Once Megan gets her sights on a Psyduck her trusted Pokemon goes into (mortal) combat!

I, for sure, liked this plot a lot. The only thing I was confused about was in the beginning. Where were they exactly? I assumed in some kind of lab like place, maybe I didn't pick it up of where they were, but that was the only thing that I didn't seem to get at all. This plot was different- which as you know, is a good thing. This kind of writing is what gets others inspired - as it has done to me- make sure you keep up the goodness that goes into these plotbunnies. You seem to have a lot of ideas, keep them popping out, and make sure they're all up to par. Making this hard one me, this was a great plot, and I don't have much to say on it. D=

But, one thing I can speak about, is how the story fit together. Some parts seemed to be there, well, just to be there. They had no particular meaning, but nonetheless, they filled in the story with some form of excitement. But, remeber sometimes too much is just too much and maybe you'll need to decrease on something or other. Just make sure that everything really fits up together well, like a nice little puzzle. ^_^

Herm. This was confusing, at first I wasn't really sure where they were. :/ I thought maybe a laboratory or something, since they're scientists after all. But make sure you make it clear, but not too clear like "in the lab..." that is just... boring. Eh, other than that I didn't see anything wrong with this at all. You had characters, what they were doing, why they did it, etc. Just make sure you make where they are more clear, as I didn't get it in the beginning- only toward the end, where it was quite obvious where they were. Setting is important sometimes, actually most of the time. BUT at time it isn't as important, but can still play a role.

Hehe, now characters you excel in greatly, I just had to meantion that; all your characters on very adiqute and interesting to me. D:

My worst section your worst section. I'm going to help as much as I can possibly in my small grammar vocabulary. D:

A grin split his face as he said, “You know you will always be the little oddball, little Meg.”That sounded odd to me. "...little oddball, little Meg." it doesn't seem like you need "little" in there twice. Maybe shorten it to "little oddball Meg." or something of that. But, eh, that might just be a personal kind of thing. xP

She would have to do notes of the species later, if she did them now, she would run the risk of someoneWell, I didn't see need for both of the commas, I think would would suffice. Either take out the first one, or the second one (which would seem more eligeable). But eh, maybe it just sounds weird to me and only to me. :P

glowing balls of pulsating, chocolate-covered energy.
No, nothing wrong here. Just made me laugh at bit. :tongue3:

Uhh... yea, hi.

To be honest. This seemed a bit overkill, maye take out some of the things in the first part of the story, that's where it seemed to be overwhemled with detail. At points I got so stuck in detail that I had no idea what was going on and would lose my place. Make sure you don't over detail anything, you could have half of the amount of detail and easily make this story just as good. Sometimes, as I said before, too much is just that: too much. Shorten some down, make it so that the description isn't so great that it distracts the reader from the story.

But, besides overkill on detail in some places (it wasn't all over :P), the detail was very vivid and I could feel what you described at times. For example:

The fur on her back started to rise as goose bumps began to crawl along her skin.That gave me goose bumps myself, just reading that, haha. That's how much it seemed to impulse what I was feeling as I read. Things like this are good. Make the reader feel the pain, or the softness, or whatever that you are describing and trying to make the story realistic with.

Well, overall, the detail was quite awesome and you definently don't need to improve with this, or much of the story really. Just make sure you keep up to good job. :P

This was awesome too. D:

You made the attacks very visual, even physical moves were well described-- which seems to be hard for some people to do. Everything that was involved battle wise was very good. You obviously excel in most of the things in a story, and this was no exception. You really have a gift with writing. XD <-- I sound like such a mentor person. ANYWAYS. This yes, was good and I don't really have anything to say other than...

Good job. The story used everything we want you to use, even for something like Psyduck. You had everything, EVERYTHING. You used the surroundings, the two Pokemon weren't going back and forth, but moving at each other at every second. Dodging, moving, attacking, surroundings. Sheesh. Everything was just perfect for the little ducky thing.

Final Outcome:
Now that I'm done with this; talking about how great you are and whatnot. I can tell you that you've happily failed this story. D:< Nah, nah. This story, it was... ABOVE NIN-- wait no. It was above the usual though. So, I can say...

Psyduck captured!!

Phantom Kat
04-26-2008, 12:59 AM
Eeep, three of my stories graded on the same day. =D

Hi back. ^^

Yes, little plotbunnies keep popping up.

Mmm, I should have described the lab more. I always seem to not descsribe enough when the characters are in some kind of building. Maybe because I like decsribing forests and whatnot.

Yep, Grammar is my worst section and gets awkward when I'm grading and can't exactly explain something. :oops: Thanks for those tips, I'll keep that in mind. Also, I'll try not to overkill with description next time. ^^;

Apart from that, thanks a lot for the grade, Jr, I really appreciate and so does my new Psyduck. =)

-goes to PokeBeach for the billionth time today-

- Kat