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04-05-2008, 03:50 PM
First; I will not be listing our website here as I figure there is an Advertising rule that I missed, if you would like it I will link you. PWO (Pokemon World Online) is a remake of the original four sets of games, plus original features in an online nature. It is literally an Online Pokemon, unlike all the others we are using our own engine and we are already released.

Recently we have Decided we want to implement a Custom Region with Custom Pokemon, problem being is we only have 3 Spriters on our site thus we do not have as many pokemon as we need (None at the moment, project just started)

First I will say if requesting these is breaking any rules, I am VERY sorry!

But we need you guys (We are asking, your pokemon definitely will make it in-game. ) I was recommended here by somebody on our forum.

What we need:
Any Amount of Pokemon
An 80x80 Front Sprite
80x80 Back Sprite
32x32 Dex/Status Sprite
And a shiny version of those three also.
White Backgrounds, never use solid white!

No Pre-evolutions, Fusions, or Evo's of any existing pokemon please. Keep it unique.
Have fun with it.
Only constructive criticism
Main 1. Please provide basic info on pokemon, and list their super-attack (No others, we want to maintain balance)
Main 2. Please no legends, and starters are First Come First Serve (They will appear in-game either way)

I assure you that your Pokemon will make it in-game once New World is added. Eventually we will have All Four original regions, areas from the show, secret areas, and our new region currently known as Project New World.

We also are looking for Tiles (32x32) terrain, trees, and so on. Buildings too (Should be multiple tiles obviously, same with trees) to make our region even more unique. We also look for Ideas for Secret Areas, and Actual Pokemon (Make request for us, guys, you spriters here are great!)

I myself can sprite if I have an idea of what it should look like, so if you provide me with a Detailed Description of what you want in-game, we can help.

~Banshou, Lead Mapper and Idea-ish of Kyro Corp and the Pokemon World Online Team.

04-05-2008, 04:02 PM
Remember that you need to give credit to those that have made sprites for you. It's only fair and law. :P

04-05-2008, 04:12 PM
Of course we would, i'll inform the Programmer a list of people for once Credits are in-game, and have him place everyones name under "Spriters" or something similar. I want people to enjoy this, as people will actually see them in an online game, catch them, and such. It should be a lot of fun.