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Megiddo Flame
05-04-2005, 10:51 PM
This game is when two animals (which can be extinct if the person who calls the fight wants) anybody can call a fight, and there can be as many as there can be, there is voting to see who will win, voting ends every Friday at 3:30 Easten time.
Ok, I saw this forum game on a Zoo Tycoon Forum, and i really liked, it, so I put it here! The rules are simple, bote for the animal you think is most likely to win, and i will write a short story about the fight.
I call the very 1st Fight
Komodo Dragon Vs Nile Crocodile

05-09-2005, 04:13 AM
i'm gonna go with the komodo on this- assuming of course this battle takes place in a standard wrestling ring surrounded by a 20 feet steel cage and NOT in the actual Nile(in which case the croc has home court advantage).

~i see the bell ringing and croc holding his ground, playing off his strength of calm elegance while komodo lunges forward, driven by his bloodlust. the dragon savagely tears at the croc & lashes with his powerful tail, furiously trying to stagger the croc's low center of gravity. finally when his opening presents itself, croc snaps his vicegrip jaw across the dragon's thick throat and hurls him across the ring and watching as his cold body slams into the unforgiving steel. dragon comes back hard, this time opting to pounce with a devastating leg drop which scarambles the croc momentarily allowing him to be set up for the dragon's finisher: the komodo krush. croc counters! this time with his own finisher: the crocodile clutch, a deadly submission hold in which the opponent is shooken violently until they faint. he locks it in. the dragon struggles 2 keep concious while this capacity crowd roars on it's feet. finally, reaching deep down, he finds that last drop of adrenaline needed to reverse the clutch and free himself with a well placed elbow 2 the croc's abdomen. but, has the damage been done? barely standing, the dragon manages to evade the croc's advance one last time, creating a perfect opportunity- perhaps the only opportunity the dragon has at securing a win. the croc walks right into the set up, komodo crush connects! croc is down! the cover- ... 2- 3! it's over! komodo wins! komodo wins!~

that might be a little more than you were looking 4, but i was bored.

since i'm the only person 2 get in on this, can i call the next fight??