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Jasmine entered the rocky city of Sinnoh. Better know as Oreburgh city. She looked around and found rocks and mountains around the whole are, along with a cloud of dust at the south east region of it. Jasmine was already informed that there was a mine there, so she didn't take it in to consideration that anything was wrong.

“I guess we should head to the Pokemon Center. It's time that we started over, right?” Jasmine said. Her partner in crime, Squirtle, gave her a nod of agreement. With that, Jasmine and Squirtle walked off as she turned heads of men and other trainer.

Jasmine was only sixteen, but she had might as well been a twenty-one year old women. She was five foot nine and let her curly black hair flow down to her shoulders. Usually she had sunglassess on to cover up her blue eyes, but today she didn't. This gave even more reason for the men to stare, plus her whole outfit. From her red tank top, to her tight curve hugging jeans. She loved the be the center of attention, and that's how it always was.

Not only is she cute, but she's also a well know trainer. She won every tournament she has been in, and has never lost to a gym leader in her life. She was also know for using contest style battling, even though she has never been in one. Now she was in the Sinnoh region, looking to continue her winning streak, though this time, she was going to do something different.. She had already passed through Sandgem Town, but she didn't get a starter from that region. She just used the party she had from the first time she became a trainer in Jotho. This time, she decide to make a change. This time, she'd catch pokemon that lived in Sinnoh. First she'd had to send the other five of her pokemon back. That's why she needed to go to the Pokemon Center.

Jasmine and Squirtle reached the red roofed building with the pokeball on it. She didn't enter just yet, she just stared at it. “This is it Squirtle. Time to say good-bye.” Jasmine forced out through the tears. Squirtle eyes had swelled up too. They had grown bonds with the pokemon they were about to give away, but she had to do it. She took a step forward and the doors slid open. The people inside all turned towards the entrance, like most people do when somebody walks in to something. Jasmine acknowledged no one inside, not even Nurse Joy.

She hoped that no one was on the trading machine so she could use it and move on. Unfortunately there was. She wasn't using it, ust sitting down. A girl similar to Jasmine, except taller, longer hair, and the fact that she was actually an adult. She didn't bother saying anything to her. Then Jasmine would have to look her in the eye, and she probably had a blazing stare. She only waited. The girl turned towards Jasmine.

“Oh, you need this? You should've said something.” The girl looked said. She looked up and down at Jasmine. “Oh my, you're that trainer that they were talking about on the news tis morning. I heard you'd be in the region. If the news was right, you are a great trainer, but if you are, it doesn't make sense of why you would cry over sending away your pokemon. Maybe you're not so strong, maybe the other trainers are just weak. Oh yeah, if you care, my name is Ivry.” Ivry picked herself up off the seat and took a few steps away. Squirtle gave an agry stare to Ivry, but she didn't seem to be affected.

Jasmine's eyes dryed up, and her mouth became filled with words needed to be released.. “I'm crying because I've built a bond with all of these pokemon. A good trainer would know that.” Jasmine shot back. Ivry gave a look of shock. Apparently, Ivry was never accused of being a horrible trainer. “Are you insulting that I'm not a good trainer?” Jasmine looked straight into Ivry's eyes. “That's exactly what I'm saying, but if you want to prove me wrong, meet me at Route 203, and do that.” This was the first time that Jasmine didn't show respect to a fellow trainer, but this girl was getting on her last nerve. “Gladly.” Ivry replied. Afterwards, she stormed off, leaving Jasmine to send off Pokemon in peace.

Jasmine quickly sent off her Pokemon to Professor Elm. When he asked if he wanted different Pokemon in exchange, she gave a depressing “no” and left the center. Squirtle gave a reassuring pull of her jeans, to let her know that everything would be okay. “I almost forgot,” Jasmine started, “I have a battle to do, and Squiurtle, you're the only Pokemon I can use.” Squirtle quickly cheere up and dashed off to the entrance of Oreburgh.

Jasmine ran all the way to Route 203, where her battle was going to take place. Ivry was sitting on a rock with a Bulbasaur in her arms. Jasmine wasn't phased. She had to fight her weaknesses all the time, and she prevailed. This was just another obstacle to be conquered. To Squirtle, it was a test of skill.

“So, you finally showed up. I've been waiting for hours. Now you'll eat your words.” Ivry said. Her Bulbasaur rushed out in front of her. “I hope you're ready Ivry, because this won't be an easy win.” Squirtle did the same as Bulbasaur, and hopped in front of her trainer. “Let's do this.” Jasmine growled.

“Alright Bulbasaur, Bullet Seed.” Ivry commanded. Bulbasaur crouched down and put it's bulb forward. The bulb began to shake and fire seeds at bullet like speed. Jasmine could tell that her Bulbasaur was strong, but it was very slow. Unlike Squirtle. She was balanced in everything. “Squirtle, dodge, and use Aqua Jet.” Jasmine said calmly. Squirtle jumped in the air and shrouded herself in a blast of water.

Ivry was quick to respond. “Bulbasaur, catch it with Vine Whip, and give it a toss.” Squirtle's speed easicly aided it in dodging, but it was caught. Bulbasaur gave it a hefty throw to send it flying. Squirtle was sent soaring into the air. “Squirtle, come crashing down with an Iron Tail.” Jasmine demanded. Squirtle turned itself upside down in mid air as its tail lit up. Squirtle was ready to hit Bulbasaur with it, and take the battle with a quick win.

Squirtle grew a confident grin as she made her descent. “What's the heck is that?” Ivry asked aloud. Jasmine looked up to find a purple and yellow spiral crash into Squirtle like a missle. Squirtle dropped down to the ground with a thud and a puff of smoke. Squirtle wasn't knocked out, but she was hurt. Ivry and her Bublbasaur already took of after the pokemon. Maybe they knew what it was. Jasmine knew what attack it was, just not the pokemon. The attack was a Giga Impact, but for the life of her, she couldn't think of what pokemon it was.

“Stop those Aerodactyls, before it's too late.” The voice was muffled and sounded far away. Jasmine turned around and found a red haired boy in a gray outfit and a hard hat. Jasmine lifted Squirtle to her legs and stood up herself. Jasmine only looked on as the boy stopped running to talk again. “Some girl snuck into the mine and stole two Aerodactyl fossils. She took them to the museum, and turned them into real pokemon. We got to her before she could take them with her, but the Aerodactyls escaped us. It turns out that they're both black, instead of the normal purple. They could be captured and sold to someone, and then there would be an overload of people who want to come to our mines. Can you help wrangle up those Pokemon?” The boy asked. Jasmine only nodded. She was sure that Ivry was the one who did it, and she ran off to the Pokemon Center and hid by the machine to look like a trainer sending off her pokemnon. That would explain why she was just sitting there, instead of actually doing something. “Come on then, let's get going. By the way, my name is Roark.” Roark said. Jasmine snapped out of her trance and began running, with her Squirtle behind.

Jasmine and Roark chased the Aerodactyls all over Oreburgh and Jubilife City, ducking and covering and getting strange looks from the citizens of both. The whole day, they were running. They fired off attacks, but barely any of them hit. Actually, only Roarks attacks hit, but considering, that Aerodactyl, and Roark's pokemon are the same type, it didn't do much damage. Soon enough, there was only one Aerodactyl left. The other one just disappeared.

“We need another plan.” Jasmine wheezed. “You're right, we're going have to ambush it. You stay here, and I'll chase it back. When it comes, tell Squirtle to hit it with all you got.” Roark suggested. Roark ran off into the night, leaving Jasmine to wait on Route 203. She waited for almost an hour. That's when she heard a loud roar and a Flame Thrower shoot up out of the sky. “Roark.” Jasmine thought.

Jasmine quickly stood up and prepared herself. She gave her partner a little push to wake her up. Squirtle rub her eyes and stood up. “Get ready Squirtle, you're gonna have to jump higher then you usually do, and you're going to have to give it all you got.” Jasmine whispered. “Jasmine, here is your shot!” Roark shouted. Roark's words echoed through the night's sky until they reached Jasmine's ears. Roark and his Rampardos were both on their last breath. This was probably the last chance to hit Aerodactly before they could even see it anymore. “Quick Squirtle, use Aqau Jet!” Jasmine screamed.

Squirtle yawned, and then leaped in cold air. A shield of water sprouted out around Squirtle's body, concealing her in its torrent. Squirtle collided with the black Aerodactyl and sent it crashing to the ground. It stood up angrily roaring at the Squirtle. The angry Aerodactyl became shrouded in the puprple spiral again. It again was Giga Impact. Possibly the same one that hit Squirtle. “Quick Squirtle, dodge and combine rapid spin with hyrdo pump.” Jasmine suggested. Squirtle gracefully leaped over the Aerodactyl and hid in its shell. Squirtle let out a powerful blast of water while spinning. The blast of water shot out towards Aerodactyl, pounding it against a tree. Jasmine pulled out a pokeball and prepared to throw it. “No.” Roark interrupted. “You have to find another method of stopping it.” Jasmine became confused. How was she supposed to stop the raging pokemon, without catching it.

Jasmine turned back to the battle to find Squirtle hit with another Giga Impact. Aerodactyl flew back into the air. “What am I supposed to do Roark?” She asked. Roark didn't answer. Jasmine had to make her own choice now. “Squirtle, get back up and use Skull Bash.” Squirtle wabbled up and jumped at Aerodactyl. It easily dodged its attack by spiraling out of the way. “Squirtle, switch to Dynamic Punch.” Jasmine pleaded. Squirtle was able to quickly turn around and shift into Dynamic Punch, barely clipping the head of Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl fell back to the ground, struggling to get up. “Now Squirtle, Iron Tail, and give it all you have left!” Jasmined demanded. Squirtle's tail lit up once more, but this time, she was crashing down on something. Maybe not a Bulbasaur, but an Aerodactyl, wich would be just as satisfying. Squirtle soared downward towards Aerodactyl and unleashed its Iron Tail on the center of its head. Aerodactyl fell down. This time, it didn't get all the way up. It attempted to, but it was to weak. “Roark, what now?” Jasmine asked. “Forget what I said, you deserve it. Take Aerodactyl. Besides, if I bring back to Oreburgh, it'd probably get loose again, plus you can use it in our Gym Battle. ” Roark patted Jasmine on the shoulder. “Go on. You can do it.” Roark said in a reassuring voice.

Jasmine looked at the pokeball she had in her hand. She pulled her arm and thrusted it forward. It landed on Aerodactyl and opened up, releasing a red light that took shape to Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl was sucked in to the pokeball. The ball wiggled and wobbled all in one spot. It did every movement it could, but stop, it would not. Jasmine and Roark stared as the pokeball did its dance. Aerodactyl put up a good fight, but apparently, it was still doing the same. The ball stopped moving, now it was the reveal of whether or not she caught the Aerodactyl. It was now that Aerodactyl would return the real world, or stay in its confinement.
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I know I won't get my Aerodactly, but at this time of anger, depression, and torment, I have to post this anyways. Why post it even thought it's not on a demanding level, you can find out why in the URPG chat.