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This story is continued on from a new start!

Joel went over to the pokeball that laid still on the ground. In it contained Joel's new pokemon , Bulbasaur.

"good battle Charmander" Joel congratulated his pokemon "here have some of this".

Joel set his bag on the ground and used his dad's invention, a personal poke-food maker, and pressed the button and out popped a few pellets.
Joel held the food out to Charmander. Charmander came over to the out stretched hand and ate one of the pellets. Charmander smiled as he gobbled the rest of the pellets.

Joel called back his Charmander and put Charmander's pokeball in his bag right next to the one that contained his new Bulbasaur.Joel turned around and there stood Joel's grandfather.

"hey where did you go?" asked Joel.

"i wanted to see if you could catch a pokemon on your own" replied George.

"come on lets go home and i will give your pokemon a aroma bath"

"aroma bath?" asked Joel.

"you will see when we get home" said George.

They made there way to the exit of the gardens. George placed his hand a a small pillar and the door swung open. George and Joel made there way through the door and headed home.

Mary was waiting outside while gardening she saw Joel and George coming from the horizon. She waved and they waved back. Mary went inside the little cottage.

Joel and George stepped into the cottage and on the table was a silver plater full of hamburgers. Mary walked into the room with a jug full of lemonade and some cups.

"help yourselves" invited Mary to Joel and George.

Joel and George made there way over to the table and helped themselves to the plater.

Joel finished his last burger and sat back in satisfaction all that was left was a half eaten burger and some crumbs.

"come on Joel" ushered George.

Joel followed his granddad to the end of a hallway and into a door. Inside there were rows of different plants on different shelves and two large basins stood in the middle of the room and on a table in the corner of the room was a mortar and pestle and a large book and some test tubes and other things.

"Wow" Joel gasped in amazement.

"yes this is one of my hobbies, mixing plants for different pokemon" said George.

"what do the plants do?" asked Joel.

"it helps the pokemon feel revitalized and happy" replied George.

George went over to one of his shelves and grabbed a few leaves of some plants then took them over to his table and started to grind them up in the mortar. George then added the ground up plants to a clear liquid the liquid turned to a reddish colour.

"Joel could you fill up one of the basins with oil" asked George.

Joel turned on a tap that was next to the basin that had a label "oil" written on it. Oil rushed through the tap and into the basin. George came over to the basin and poured in the red liquid. The oil started to turn a dark red and smell very pleasant.

George went over to another row of plants and picked some leaves of them then took them over to the mortar and started to grind them again.He added the clear liquid again but this time it turned green.George asked Joel to fill the other basin with water.

George walked over to the basin and poured the green liquid in the other basin, another pleasing aroma filled the air.

"now Joel call out your pokemon and put Charmander in the red oil basin and
Bulbasaur in the other" ordered George.

"come out Charmander and Bulbasaur" called Joel.

With a flash of white light there stood Charmander and Bulbasaur.

"CHARMANDER CHAR CHAR, BULBA BULBA" said Charmander and Bulbasaur simultaneously.

Joel picked up Charmander and put him in the dark red filled basin.Charmander laid in the oil and started to smile and look joyous.Joel then picked up Bulbasaur and placed him in the green filled basin. Bulbasaur started to use his vine whip to splash the liquid on his back and head.

Bulbasaur and Charmander had big beams on their faces. Then abruptly Charmander started to shine.

"granddad whats happening?" questioned Joel shakily.

"evolution!" said George plainly.

Charmanders body shape started to change and morph then the glowing stopped and there stood a Charmeleon.

"CHARMELEON" roared the evolved pokemon.

"Charmander evolved?!?!" Joel said clueless "what happened grandad?" asked Joel.

"i dont know this has never happened with one of my aroma baths before" replied George.

"i have heard that sometimes when pokemon are happy they evolve!" said George "maybe thats why he evolved".

Joel stood there admiring his new Charmeleon for a moment until his grandad broke his trance.

"alright Joel that's enough get your pokemon and follow me" ordered George.

Joel called back his pokemon into their pokeballs and followed his granddad into his room. George picked up two pokeballs and walked down the hallway too the front door. George ushered Joel out the door and into the front garden.

"Go Blastoise" yelled George while throwing a pokeball into the air.

A blinding white light flashed and there stood a massive turtle like pokemon with two cannons on its back.

"come on Joel send out a pokemon" urged George.

Joel shakily reached for one of his pokeballs and in an unnerved voice,
"GO Bulbasaur"

The two pokemon stood their ground while they waited for their masters orders.

"why are we battling grandad" asked Joel nervously.

"for fun" replied George plain and simply" "and i want to see how good you have become i will give you the advantages" and with that said George called to his pokemon.

"Blastoise use body slam"

Blastoise launched itself into the air and started to come down directly on

Joel quickly yelled to his pokemon "quick Bulbasaur use your vine whip".

Two long vines launched out of Bulbasaur's back and took aim at Blastoise.
The vines connected with Blastoises body and slowed him down but the weight was too substantial.

"Bulbasaur try to throw Blastoise" Joel called to his pokemon.

Bulbasaur with all his might tried to throw the Blastoise but Bulbasaur didnt have the strength Blastoise fell from the vine whip and plummeted onto Bulbasaur.

"Ahhhhhh Bulbasaur!!" shrieked Joel.

Blastoise rolled off Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was landed on so heavy that his impression was left in the ground.

Joel called back his pokemon.

"your pokemon are too powerful" Joel said.

"its not about strength Joel. Try some different strategies" said George while

calling back his Blastoise and then reached for another pokeball and sent out Venusaur...

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A white light flashed and with a mighty roar there stood a huge pokemon with what looked like a palm tree growing out of its back.

"A Venusaur. I guess ill use Charmeleon" thought Joel.

"Go Charmeleon" Joel said in a sturdy voice while launching one of his pokeballs.

"CHARRRR!!" roared Joels pokemon.

"Venusaur use sleep powder" instructed George to his Venusaur.

A puff of powder was launched from the palm like tree on Venusaur's back.
It started to settle just above Charmeleon's head.

"Quick Charmeleon use a little ember to blow it away" said Joel quickly.

Charmeleon reared his head and let out a little jet of flame. It engulfed the powder Just before it could reach Charmeleon. The two pokemon stood still until the orders of their trainers could be heard.

"Venusaur use earthquake!" said George.

Venusaur reared up on its hind legs and came crashing down sending a crack in the ground right towards Charmeleon. The connection sent Charmeleon
gliding through the air and he landed a few feet back.Charmeleon got to his feet gradually. While Charmeleon was recovering from the earthquake Venusaur was charging up its special move. Venusaur's front legs were bent and the palm like tree had a glowing yellow ball on the end which was gradually getting bigger and bigger.

"Venusaur launch solar beam" called George.

Venusaur grunted as it released its ball of energy and it surged straight towards Charmeleon.

"CRACK" the solar beam connected and a massive echo of the noise could be heard over the horizon. The bright light of the solar beam lasted for what seemed an age.

Vision restored to normal and where Charmeleon was standing was a massive crater and in the bottom was a passed out Charmeleon.

"Charmeleon!!!" joel called as he rushed into the crater to see if his pokemon was alright.

"You did good" he told his pokemon as he called him back into his pokeball.

"Good battle Joel" congratulated George "you are coming along as a trainer"

"Thanks Granddad" Joel said with a smile.

"come on lets go get something to eat im starving" laughed George.

They went inside and sat at the table while Mary went to the kitchen to turn the kettle on. She re-entered the room with a tray and 3 cups of tea and some bikies.

The three sat and sipped their tea and munched away on some bikies and talked about life and other things until they heard a ping! Sound. Mary left the table and went to the kitchen. George and Joel looked at each other and wondered what Mary was cooking. A pleasant smell filled the air and Mary came in with a roast chicken and some roast vegetables.George and Joels mouths started to water as soon as they saw the meal. Mary set the dinner down and started to carve the chicken on to separate plates. She dished out the vegetables and handed the plates too two welcoming sets of hands.Before Joel could even set his down George was already onto second helpings. Within an hour they had picked the carcass of the chicken clean, not a morsel was left. George and Joel leaned back in satisfaction and thanked Mary for the dinner. Joel started some small chat with his grandad until he realised that it was his last day at his grandparents tomorrow.

"so what will we be doing tomorrow?" asked Joel.

"we will see when it comes" replied George.

Joel went to the bathroom and had a shower and brushed his teeth. He got dressed in his Pj's and tucked himself into bed. George came in and told
Joel not to bother getting up early you deserve a sleep in and left the room without another word.

Mary was the last one too bed she kissed Joel goodnight, turned of the lights and went to bed.

Joel reached over to the bedside table and patted his pokeballs and fell asleep.

Joel awoke later than usuall and went out to the kitchen to find that no one was awake yet. So Joel fixed himself with some cereal and poured himself some juice.

Joel took his breakfast to the table and started to read one of his books that he had left there.

This was Joel's newest book that he had got just before he had left. He was on the last chapter "legendaries and their secrets". He turned the page from the title and his eyes instantly lighten up as he saw a range of pokemon that even Joel new not much about. The most he new about these legendaries was their names.

Just as Joel was getting into the chapter his grandfather entered the room with a massive parker on that was dripping alover the floor george pulled out his arms which were full of wood. George went over to the fireplace and started working on a fire, he placed the wood next to the fireplace and started moving logs into the fireplace.

"could you get me some paper Joel. On the bench over there" asked his grandfather pointing to the kitchen bench.

Joel set his book down and grabbed a few sheets of old newspaper. He took it over to the fireplace and started scrunhing them into little balls and passing them to his grandfather. George placed the paper balls strategically into the fireplace.

Joel went back too reading his book just as Mary entered.

"whos hungry!" she asked.

Joel nodded not muttering a word.

Mary exited into the kitchen and started to whip up some breakfast.

"i dont think that you will ba able to leave today Joel. Its storming heavy out there." George stated to Joel.

Joel stared up from his book and walked over to the window he looked outside to a howling wind and a dark black sky. Joel could hardly see the front gate the rain was so heavy.

Joel was disappointed and kind of happy at the same time. He would be able to stay one more night and read his books but he was so eager to start travelling to his next stop which he wasnt really sure where that would be.

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One thing that would help is having spaces between the paragraphs. (It makes it look cleaner and longer ;P)

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The fire was roaring in red golden flames. Mary was retired to her chair holding two knitting needles interlocking wool to make some piece of clothing. George was snoring soundly. Joel turned to the last page of his new book.

"woooohhhhh!!!" Joel gasped in awe of the magnificant pictures of two birds each with a bold lettered name under them. One read Lugia and the other read Ho-Oh. The bird above Lugia's name was a illustration of a silver bird with two broad wings and a long sleek body. The other bird Ho-Oh was covered in giant rainbow feathers and a long neck. Joel read onto the next paragraph and stories about sightings of these birds.