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04-10-2008, 02:00 AM
If I can't post this, please lock.

I know I could put this in the rp idea thread, but lets face it, no one responds anymore.

Anyways, I've come up with an idea for a Naruto RP. Unfortunately, I haven't really payed attention to what's going on. I just want to see a fight. So now I need someone who can rp really good, and knows alot about Naruto, so this rp can be the greatest it can be.

Plot: As the world keeps spinning, and the years go by, the countries get more advanced. With everything being so advanced, the countries that stil have ninja, are no longer needed. Because of this, the economy has fallen, and the villages are very poor, and unfit for living. The countries decide to expand and attempt to conquer different places through out the world, so they could use their technology and become rich. Also powerful.

As the countries begin to take over other places, they end up in this odd place. A place filled with odd creatures. Different from rabbits, lions, tigers, and bears, but some were similar. After using spies to talk with the locals, it was known that these creatures were called Pokemon. They battle along side commanders, and didn't need summoning. This fascinated the ninjas. They had to conquer this region, and use it's power.

Soon, Sinnoh and Jotho were conquered. The regions weren't very advanced yet either, but the ninjas had power. So much power, that some became power hungry. Some ordered to have Legendary Pokemon put inside them as beasts, to make them even stronger. Some people became obsessed with putting the creatures inside people, they did it to random Genin(rpers will be one of the random Genins who had a legendary put in them). People fused with Pokemon were dubbed Monnin(mon-neen)

Villages are turning against villages, and groups agaisnt leader. An all out war is about to erupt on Sinnoh territory between regular ninja and Monnin, and the Pokemon are caught in between. As a child Monnin, you must use your gained ability to find the Pokemon, Arceus, and return peace to the land.

Another thing is, while all this goes on, Team Galaxy has fidgeted around with DNA, and completely fused Pokemon and Ninjas instead of putting them inside them. So they'll be mostly those that stand in our way. (No the original Naruto characters are not there, but they're descendants are, who can be exactly like their ancestors.) Enemies will also be ninjas who have joined up with Team Galaxy.

It's a big twist on Naruto and Pokemon, tha could work out, if I have someone who can help.