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04-12-2008, 10:15 PM
Where'd he go!?

Chapter 1
Where'd he go?!

Korey laced up his white Nike’s as he prepared to go to the park.

Korey paced down the wooden stairs steadily, holding onto the rail.

“Where are you going, Korey?”

“I’m going to the park for an hour or so mom,”

“Okay! Just make sure you don’t get in any trouble or anything!”

“I won’t,” Korey replied with some attitude.

Korey pushed the dark brown hair he had out of his eyes, and put on his favorite baseball cap. Korey never went anywhere without the baseball cap, because he had gotten it from his grandfather, Joseph, only three weeks before Joseph passed away. That was four years ago, and thus, Korey still wears the old ragged baseball cap as if it was brand new.

As Korey started walking to the park, he saw a huge pile of sand. Korey didn’t know why it was there, nor who it belonged to.
Just as Korey got close to it, a small Brown gopher like thing popped out of the big sand pile.
“Dig, Diglett! Diglett! Dig, Dig, Diglett!” Yelled the brown little tremor.

“Whoa!” You must be a Pokeman!” Korey exclaimed with great hopes.
“Are you lost, little fellow?”

The Diglett looked at the much taller human, and simply went back underground.
“Hey, where’d he go!”

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