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Aiya Quackform
03-23-2004, 07:49 AM
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Mari smiled with happiness at the diploma in her hands. She took a bite of food from her plate and savored the flavor. The next few days would go quickly and she wanted to relax while she could.

“Hello, earth to Mari,” said the white haired young man sitting next to her, he had apparently been talking to her while she was zoning out.

“Oh! Sorry, Spencer,” she replied to her brother. “I’m just really excited, ya know.”

He laughed. “Well of course you are! This is the night you get your starter Pokemon, after all.”

“Yeah,” Mari giggled. “And tomorrow I’m leaving for Slateport. Slateport Spence! I can’t believe I’m finally going on my journey!”

“Well, that’ll come soon enough. For now enjoy the party!”

Mari looked around the room with her blue-grey eyes, running her fingers through her shoulder-length blonde hair. They were inside the Pokemon Academy’s cafeteria where all the students were celebrating their graduation. Most were discussing what Pokemon they wanted for their starter, while others were talking about where they wanted to go first.

“Say, isn’t that the founder of the Academy?” Spencer said, gesturing to a tall blonde woman who was in her mid-thirties.

“Yeah, that’s Electra,” Mari replied. “She’s here to give all the students their Pokemon,”

“You know you’re really lucky, Mari,” Spencer said half-teasing. “You get to choose from dozens of Pokemon as your starter. When I graduated from Pokemon School, we only got to choose from five.”

She laughed. “A lot of good it’s doing me, I can’t choose one!” Mari had been thinking for months about what kind of Pokemon she wanted, but simply could not decide. Now that it was less than an hour before she would receive her starter from the Academy, she decided she would take whatever they gave her. As long as it wasn’t Psychic or Ghost, those Pokemon terrified her.

“Miss Donovan,” Mari was startled by a voice coming from behind her. Spinning around, she found it belonged to Electra.

“Oh! Electra!” Mari said, stuttering from nerves upon being approached by the Pokemon Master. “Hi, how are you?”

“I’m fine Miss Donovan, thank you. Might I have a word with you in my office?”

“Uh, your office? Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no, not at all!” Electra said reassuringly. “There’s just a matter I wish to discuss with you in private.”

“Oh, OK,” Mari replied uneasily. She stood up to follow Electra. Without any further words, Electra turned around and began to walk out of the cafeteria. Mari shrugged at Spencer and left with her.

After a brief walk, they arrived at Electra’s office and entered. Inside in a chair in front of her desk sat a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and glasses. Just behind him peering around his side was a small grey hovering Pokemon. It was not much larger than a basketball and had a shape similar to a balloon, only it had a free, flowing appearance. A pale grey mask surrounded its small black eyes. The man stood up and extended his hand to Mari. “Miss Donovan, I’m Dr. Ghilbee, it’s nice to meet you.”

Mari nodded and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you too, Doctor. Please, call me Mari.”

Electra took her chair behind the desk and motioned for Mari to sit. The grey Pokemon came out a little bit from behind the Doctor when Mari sat down, watching her with intense curiosity. Electra began. “Miss Donovan, I’ve been looking over your school record and I must admit it’s quite impressive.”

“Thank you, but I don’t know how impressive it is,” Mari said meekly. “My scores are only a little above average.”

Electra shrugged it off. “Nonsense, they’re a good deal above average. Aside from that, you show a great deal of creativity. That’s why you’re here. You see, Dr. Ghilbee here is a genetic researcher; he’s been experimenting with genetically altering Pokemon to create new ones. These new Pokemon could play important roles in humanity one day.”

Mari looked at the Doctor with some discomfort. Genetic alteration didn’t sound like the noblest cause in science.

By now the grey Pokemon seemed to be getting over its shyness and was slowly coming closer to Mari. She smiled at it.

“Yes Mari,” the Doctor butted in. “I’ve been working for the last ten years on a specific Pokemon, one that could have a drastic impact on the world. It could help sailors at sea, farmers with their crops, villagers with a limited water supply, and there are dozens of other applications!”

“What kind of Pokemon could possibly do all that?” Mari said half to herself. The Pokemon was now very close to her, and she slowly reached out to pet it. Holding her hand an inch or two away at first, it examined her hand gingerly and smiled in approval. Mari stroked its head gently.

“You’re petting it,” the doctor replied.

Mari started and gazed down at the noticeably small Pokemon. It didn’t seem that it was remarkable in any way except that Mari had never seen anything quite like it, and the courses at the Academy had introduced her to most known Pokemon. “Don’t take this the wrong way, Doctor,” Mari said, “But how could this little Pokemon possibly do all the things you say?”

Ghilbee smiled at her clearly anticipated question. “I call that Pokemon a Castform. She is the first of 8 created by my staff and me. Her and the other 7 are all capable of a remarkable feat. They can influence the weather.”

Once again startled, Mari thought a moment about the possible applications of such a Pokemon. She had heard of the moves Sunny Day or Rain Dance, but for a Pokemon to be capable of influencing all types of weather was virtually impossible, at least among natural Pokemon. “This… Castform as you call it, could help sailors at sea by calming storms, help farmers by calling rain and shine according to the need, and supply rainfall to villages in a drought. Incredible.”

The Doctor seemed pleased at her response. “Precisely. You can also imagine the applications on the battlefield. That’s another interesting aspect of Castform. It transforms according to the weather. The grey form you see now is its standard, or ‘true’ appearance. In extreme weather conditions, it changes into a different form with a different type. In sunshine it would be a fire type and in rain, water. Those are just two of its known transformations. It’s also possible there are other transformations we have not yet seen.”

Mari sat in her chair, speechless. Such a Pokemon if properly trained could become nearly invincible. If it faces a rock Pokemon, cause it to rain and become a water type. If it faces a bug type, use Sunny Day attack and become a fire type. Again she looked down at the Castform she was petting. She was innocently leaning into her stroking, fully enjoying herself.

“Let’s not be too hasty, Doctor,” Electra intervened. “I know you are excited about your creation, but let us state all the facts. While it is theoretically possible for a Castform to influence the weather in any way it wanted, absolutely none of them have yet done so. Most can certainly influence the weather, making it hot or drizzle. One of them can even use the full Rain Dance attack, but to be able to cause all kinds of drastic changes in the weather, you are still a good ways off.”

Ghilbee seemed annoyed, but nodded in agreement none-the-less. “That is why we asked you here, Mari. The only people who have been working with the Castform trying to develop their powers are scientists. We have discussed it, and we want to give a Castform to a trainer who might be able to bring out the full potential of it.”

Mari’s eyes widened, suddenly realizing why she had been called to the office. “Me?” was all she managed to say. She was no longer petting the Castform, and she floated up, chirping a thank you to Mari and then assumed a position between her and the Doctor.

“Perhaps Miss Donovan,” Electra said. “The Doctor knows me quite well and that I instruct talented young trainers at this school. So, he asked me for a suggestion on who to give Castform to. You are talented, and I’ve heard that you don’t know what kind of Pokemon you want as your starter. You seemed the perfect choice. If you want, Castform is yours as your starter Pokemon.”

Mari sat in uncertain silence. There was so much to consider. It was an incredible opportunity, but there were so many questions she had. “Dr Ghilbee, are you really giving me a Pokemon you worked ten years on, or is it just a loan? If I don’t help Castform progress, will you take her away from me?”

“All good questions,” he replied. “In truth, while I do want a trainer to work with one of my Castform, there is another reason. This particular Castform was the first created. She has been with us a long time, and is a very good friend. But she wants to see the world and challenge herself! So, yes, even if she doesn’t progress, she is yours.”

“Dr Ghilbee,” Electra said, “would you give Miss Donovan and me a moment alone?”

Ghilbee seemed as if he wanted to say something, but stopped himself and nodded. He exited the room and took Castform with him.

Aiya Quackform
03-23-2004, 07:51 AM
“Miss Donovan, I can only imagine what must be going through your head right now. But I think that if I were in your place, I might be worried about what taking a man-made Pokemon would mean to my career as a trainer.”

Mari nodded quietly, that was exactly her main concern. A genetically modified ‘super-Pokemon’ would surely be frowned upon. It might even make her look like a trainer willing to do anything, no matter how unfair or underhanded, to win.

“Well, consider this. Dr Ghilbee is very proud of his creation, and with good reason. But she is not as powerful as he likes to make her sound. As I said before, for the most part the Castform can only vaguely affect the weather, although they do all change with it. At this time, Castform is no more powerful than any other species. But, while she will be far more difficult to train, her potential is far greater as well. Consider her evenly balanced in that respect. Also, Castform is not as man made as Ghilbee likes to make it sound. She is simply a hybrid of several other Pokemon, with some extra modifications here and there.”

“Really?” Mari said, intrigued.

“Yes, Castform is mostly Ditto with some other Pokemon that know Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail, etc thrown in. So, you don’t have to consider her completely artificial.”

Mari smiled. “Thanks, Electra, I really appreciate your help, and your confidence in me. But I need time to think.”

Electra nodded. “Of course you do! I’ll make this simple. When you come to get your starter, you name either Castform, or one on the official list. It’s as simple as that.”

“Ok, but isn’t Castform privately owned? That would mean I need to sign papers or something to get Castform, doesn’t it?” Mari asked. She remembered something along those lines from one of her classes.

An odd smile flickered across her lips. “Something like that.” Mari was about to ask just what that something might be but Electra interrupted. “Choose Castform, and you’ll find out soon enough.”

A few minutes later Mari arrived back at the party. Her brother was at the punch table refilling his cup. She scooped up her own cup and helped herself.

“So what was that all about?” Spencer asked.

“Oh, just something about the starters,” she answered.

“Just something, huh?” Spencer chuckled. “Well, I’m ready to see what Pokemon you end up with, personally. Everyone back home is holding bets.”

Mari smiled at the thought of her family at home in Mauville. “It’s weird not having them here.”

“Yeah, well, Grandpa Wattie insisted that you start your Pokemon journey by yourself. I was only allowed to come because I’m not a parent.”

“How’s the gym doing?” Mari asked about her Grandpa Wattson’s Gym.

“Pretty good, there’s a lot of new trainers coming through all the time,” Spencer said thoughtfully. “Over the past month only a few got badges, though. It’s kinda sad.”

“Guests and graduates,” came a voice over the speaker system. “The time has come.” Electra stood at the podium. “Will all the graduates now please get in line in front of the podium in an orderly fashion.”

Mari squealed in delight as she hugged Spencer and then practically floated to her place in line. It seemed a year before it was finally Mari’s turn. While waiting, she was deep in thought. Castform was at the focus of her attention. The conversation in Electra’s office kept running over and over again in her head. Indecision clouded her mind. But through it all, she knew deep down already what her decision was.

“Miss Mari Donovan,” Electra announced. Mari’s head shot up as she realized it was time. She approached her teacher with forced confidence. “What is your decision?” Electra asked.

“Castform, please.” Mari said. This time her confidence was real.

Electra smiled and handed her a blue Pokeball, as were all Academy-issued Pokeballs. “Mister Max Marimo,” Electra called the next person in line.

Mari was shaking with excitement and jogged to the table where Spencer was sitting, grinning ear to ear. “Well, whadja choose?” he said.

“Well see for yourself,” Mari announced as she opened the Pokeball. Mari frowned. She tried opening it again. “It can’t be,” she whispered. The Pokeball was empty.

03-23-2004, 07:36 PM
This story looks great so far Renna, I'd love to read more, keep it up!

Matt & Vulpix
03-23-2004, 08:44 PM
You're an inspiration, Renna. You use tons of cool words and expressions that I've never touched in my fic(s). You also gave me the clue/idea to start doing something else (paragraph wise anyway)
The fic is great, and I can't wait to see what adventures that little girl has ^.^ question thought, is Spencer an old geezer? o_O

Aiya Quackform
03-23-2004, 08:53 PM
question thought, is Spencer an old geezer? o_O

“Hello, earth to Mari,” said the white haired young man sitting next to her, he had apparently been talking to her while she was zoning out.

“Oh! Sorry, Spencer,” she replied to her brother. “I’m just really excited, ya know.”


Matt & Vulpix
03-23-2004, 09:29 PM
Oh ^^; The white hair threw me off LOL

03-23-2004, 09:42 PM
The story is great!I would love to read more.

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 12:37 AM
This is excellent... thats the only word for it. You set the stage very nicely, introduced the characters smoothly and the plot is very original. Castform... why didn't I think of that? Its written very well, good word useage. Welcome to the best Fanfic writers this site has to offer... keep it up! :cool:

Nice cliffhanger by the way... :wink:

Aiya Quackform
03-24-2004, 07:16 AM
“Oh, don’t be so paranoid,” chuckled a man.

Mari turned to see it was Dr Ghilbee. “I don’t understand, where’s Castform?”

“What’s a Castform?” Spencer asked in confusion.

“It’s supposed to be my starter,” Mari said briefly, impatiently waiting for Ghilbee’s answer.

“You see,” Ghilbee explained, “Castform was never put in a Pokeball. I wanted to put her in one before giving her to you, but Electra insisted you catch her yourself. I haven’t the vaguest idea why.”

Mari allowed herself a small smile. This was the ‘something’ Electra had mentioned that would give Mari true ownership of Castform. It was perfect. “That’s fine with me,” she smiled. “Where is Castform, anyway?”

“She’s waiting somewhere quiet.” He shifted uneasily. “She’s not terribly fond of crowds.”

“Can’t blame her there,” she replied.

“Mar, would you mind explaining what’s going on?” Spencer said with an eyebrow raised.

She giggled. “Sure, in just a minute Spence. Oh!” she said suddenly remembering her manners. “Spencer, this is Dr Ghilbee, Dr Ghilbee, this is my brother Spencer. Doctor, when am I going to catch her?”

“Right now if you want, it’s not too late, only 7 o’clock. Electra arranged to have arena #4 lit up for a night battle, she said you’d know where that is,” the Doctor replied.

“Great! Let’s get going!” Mari said. She wasn’t sure she could take much more waiting before exploding. With Mari leading the other two, they all headed for the battle arena.

“So update me, please,” Spencer said as they were walking.

“I’m getting a special Pokemon as my starter,” Mari began. “Castform’s a hybrid of several other Pokemon. Dr Ghilbee here worked on creating her. She’s totally adorable, and she’s got incredible potential Spence! We’re talking all kinds of weather control!”

Spencer whistled. “Awesome! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, to me.”

“Yup!” She said as they arrived at the arena. There she saw one of the teacher’s aides with Castform. The arena was standard size, simple with no stadium for onlookers but a few benches. Floodlights surrounded and lit it up. A bookshelf-like construction filled with Pokeballs was in-between two of the benches. Seeing them approach, the aide left.

“Hi Castform!” Mari waved. Castform darted over to her, and rubbed her head against Mari’s hand. “You want to be petted more, huh?” she laughed and obliged the Pokemon. “Hey Castform, my name is Mari Donovan if you didn’t catch it before. What do you say to traveling around with me?” Castform had obviously already thought about this and nodded zealously.

“You’re a lucky Pokemon Castform,” Ghilbee said and patted Castform lovingly. “Most Pokemon don’t get to pick their trainers, and I think you got a good one.”

“Well of course she did!” Spencer said. “Hi Castform, I’m Spencer, Mari’s brother,” he outstretched his arm, giving Castform the opportunity to smell him.

She backed away a little, unsure of this new person.

“It’s OK, he’s nice,” Mari prodded.

With Mari’s encouragement, Castform slowly approached Spencer and smelled his hand. Spencer gently pet her, and she obviously approved, floating closer to him.

“So, Castform, let’s get down to business,” Mari said in a more formal tone. Castform gave her her full attention. “Before we can start traveling, I’m going to have to put you in a Pokeball. That will prove that I am your trainer. Do you understand?” Castform, frowning in concentration on her words, nodded. “Good, now, to catch you, we should battle. That battle will help us familiarize ourselves with each other’s battle styles. In the end, we’ll hopefully respect each other more as a result of the battle. Are you ready?” Mari asked finally. Castform looked into Mari’s eyes and nodded again with determination.

As they walked to the different sides of the arena, Mari smiled to herself. This Pokemon was more than the sweet loveable creature she appeared at first to be. She stopped by the Pokeball holder on her way and carefully selected the Pokemon she was most familiar with, having battled several times with it during her year at the Academy.

Ghilbee and Spencer sat down on a bench, eager to silently observe.

Aiya Quackform
03-24-2004, 07:16 AM
The ball in hand, Mari took her place at the trainer’s section of the arena. She silently nodded her readiness to Castform who did the same. The battle began.

“Go, Whismur!” Mari called out, releasing a small pink bunny-like Pokemon.

Castform attacked first, whizzing through the air about a foot above the ground. She slammed into Whismur with great speed, but not nearly as much force, not even knocking it down. Whismur jumped away and Castform darted off. They were about fifteen feet away from each other.

“Pound!” Mari ordered and Whismur leapt at Castform, who did not move but seemed to get slightly larger. Whismur jumped above Castform and put its body weight into the attack, pounding its fist squarely on Castform’s head. Its fist, however, gently bounced off Castform’s elastic body. Whismur landed on its feet and looked at the smiling grey Pokemon dumbfounded.

Mari was even more surprised. ‘Didn’t Castform just hit Whismur as a solid form?’ she thought, but quickly called to mind Castform’s change in size just before Whismur hit. ‘Did Castform loosened its pliable body, becoming more elastic? That would also explain the lightness of Castform’s earlier physical attack. I’ve got to have this Pokemon!’ she thought to herself smiling. “Whismur,” she said aloud, “physical attacks won’t work right now. Howl to boost your attack and unnerve her!”

Whismur stood still and tall as Castform again charged forward taking the opportunity to attack. Before she could hit her mark, however, Whismur unleashed a loud and deep roar, frightening Castform so bad she stopped in her tracks. On either side of her pliable body two short, fingerless hand-like arms stretched out and clenched her head where her unseen ears must have been. After a few seconds the howl that almost gave Mari a headache ceased and Whismur awaited further orders. Castform on the other hand slowly opened her eyes and wobbled around in the air, disoriented.

“Quick Whismur,” Mari said seeing her chance, “Uproar!”

Whismur took a few steps closer to its opponent and opened its large mouth as far as it would go, and belted out several noises, screeches, growls, and roars of different volumes and keys. Castform clenched her head even tighter and with closed eyes through the agony shot out of her mouth fireballs randomly in all directions. By pure luck one of them hit Whismur squarely in the stomach, ending its attack and causing it to topple over backwards, slamming into the ground.

Castform shook her head clear, identified Whismur, and spit another ember attack at it.

“Whismur, jump!” Mari commanded, and it managed to do so just in time as the golf-ball sized ember rolled over the rock. “Now Supersonic!”

Whismur landed and immediately shot a low-frequency sound wave at Castform. The sound wasn’t exactly audible to Mari, but it scratched at her ears annoying her terribly. The attack itself was aimed at Castform and though she darted in all directions trying to avoid the invisible attack, Whismur’s third supersonic enveloped Castform. It wasn’t painful, but in only seconds Castform literally could not see straight. Nausea and lightheadedness took over, and she did her best to stay still and focus on Whismur. But there were multiple images of everything and Castform soon dropped onto the ground in a pathetic, jelly-like puddle, trying desperately to regain her senses.

“Great Whismur,” Mari said. “Now that Castform’s confused, your Pound attack will probably work!”

Whismur nodded and ran to Castform, pounding her up several feet into the air as she was very light even for her small size. She began to flutter slowly back to the earth like a feather where Whismur stood, ready to deal more damage. Castform had other plans, however, and at about five feet above ground came to a halt, blinking her eyes in concentration.

“Whismur, the Supersonic’s wearing off, use it again!” Mari said.

Whismur did as it was told, managing an immediate direct hit. When Castform quickly shook it off, Mari frowned. Now that the Supersonic had failed once, that was likely to continue to happen. “Try using Uproar and then hit her with as many pounds as you can!” Mari was starting to worry about the outcome of the battle. But at the same time, excitement washed over her. Excitement that this Pokemon’s raw power and talent could be hers to harness and learn about, if only she could win this one battle! She turned her attention back to the battle in a hurry as Whismur screeched a longer and harder Uproar than before. The attack greatly upset Castform and though still slightly confused yelled at Whismur in anger for the assault on her ears. She was still hovering several feet in the air and after finishing the Uproar, short little Whismur had to jump up quite a ways to Pound Castform. Whismur, as an experienced Pokemon, and was sure to slam Castform down so the next attack would be easier to execute.

Castform slammed face-first into the ground. Whismur landed a split-second afterwards and used the force from falling to kick off with great speed and power towards Castform, with its arm pulled back ready to strike. The force of the Pound and fall had abruptly cured Castform of its confusion, however, and as Whismur approached her, she shot into the air and fired an ember at Whismur as it flew by where Castform had landed. Having been struck by the ember, Whismur spun off into the dirt uncontrollably. In a rage, Castform followed Whismur and continued firing embers. After a few seconds of tumbling on the dusty ground, Whismur pushed itself up and didn’t waste a second before running from Castform. Fireballs being continuously being shot, Whismur madly avoided most but was directly hit four times.

“Whismur, Secret Power!” Mari called frantically. Whismur wasn’t particularly good at this attack, but with the current situation there was little else to could do.

Whismur very suddenly fell flat on her stomach. Castform shot over and beyond it. Whismur leapt up and pressed its two paws together tight so that they began to glow. Castform veered around and was coming at Whismur in a tackle. Just before she made contact, Whismur’s glowing paws unleashed a bright burst of stars. The brilliant objects flew wildly in all directions, enveloping the attacking Castform. The blinding flash and force of the Swift attack sent her flying from Whismur, landing with a crash several yards away. The same blast also pushed Whismur back a few feet. The pure energy in its paws burned, spreading almost like paralysis through its body. Whismur was not used to controlling so much physical power in its tiny paws, and Secret Power’s Swift was a move Mari didn’t plan on using again.

When the dust had settled and both Pokemon were back on their feet, Mari became increasingly worried about them both. Whismur was panting so hard it was close to hyperventilating. So weak from the demanding battle, the Secret Power attack in particular, it was barely able to even stand on its own two feet. Burns from the ember shots covered Whismur’s body, and were slowly sapping the life out of it even now.

Castform, though without burns, appeared just as bad. Scratches and dirt marred her body. Her breathing was labored, and beads of sweat covered her head. She had a pained look on her face, obviously from a headache caused by all the sonic blasts. Mari had no desire to see this go on and grabbed the empty Academy-issued Pokeball out of her pocket. The bottom half was white, the top was silver, and the dividing line and button was bright blue.

Wordlessly, she threw the ball at Castform. Whismur and Mari gazed intently as Castform was enveloped by the familiar bright red light and pulled inside the Pokeball.

Aiya Quackform
03-24-2004, 07:18 AM
This is excellent... thats the only word for it. You set the stage very nicely, introduced the characters smoothly and the plot is very original. Castform... why didn't I think of that? Its written very well, good word useage. Welcome to the best Fanfic writers this site has to offer... keep it up! :cool:

Nice cliffhanger by the way... :wink:

Wow... Thanks! Glad you like it. You might not be so crazy 'bout the battle, though. It's not terribly good. I'll be working harder on them in the future.

03-24-2004, 04:39 PM
I think the battle was pretty good, the stratergy used was cool.

Neo Emolga
03-24-2004, 11:29 PM
This is a nice story Renna! Keep it going, it sounds really good so far!

03-25-2004, 12:14 AM
This fic seems to be among some of the top favorites here at PE2K and I can tell why. Its a great story and the fic is really unfolding well into a creative plot. Did you post this fic on another forum before? Which one? Sorry, just wondering cause I noticed that you post the chapters quite quickly after one another.

Anyways, great job on the fic and keep up the great work!

Dr Skottie
03-25-2004, 01:20 AM
That battle was very well done. Puts some of my battles to shame. Have you read any of the other fics here?

Aiya Quackform
03-25-2004, 06:50 AM
This fic seems to be among some of the top favorites here at PE2K and I can tell why. Its a great story and the fic is really unfolding well into a creative plot. Did you post this fic on another forum before? Which one? Sorry, just wondering cause I noticed that you post the chapters quite quickly after one another.

Kool, thanks again. I'm glad you all like it so much!

And yes, I generally post chapters here after I post them at GHPF. It's pretty well known, I've been around it forever. If you're over there, my username is usually castform but I'm playing around with usernames right now. (I'm currently "Ducky" much to the dismay of some of them. :lol: )

03-25-2004, 07:02 AM
What is GHPF stand for and also what is the site name, like GHPF.com? Also I am a little jealous, I have studied read and tried their same style, I mean like Matt, Dr. Skottie, KCash, and MLM, though you have done it. I hope that you can help me with my fanfic skills. I love this fic and can't wait for more.

Aiya Quackform
03-25-2004, 07:17 AM
What is GHPF stand for and also what is the site name, like GHPF.com? Also I am a little jealous, I have studied read and tried their same style, I mean like Matt, Dr. Skottie, KCash, and MLM, though you have done it. I hope that you can help me with my fanfic skills. I love this fic and can't wait for more.

Well this is downright cool. I'm glad you like it so much!! I need to read some other fics around here. GHPF stands for Gengar and Haunter's Pokemon Forum. It's the forum for Gengar and Haunter's Pokemon Dungeon at www.PokemonDungeon.com .

Matt & Vulpix
03-25-2004, 07:28 PM
You study us, HM? Wow o_o I'm honored lol..

Great so far Renna! ^_^ I'm picking up new expressions from this :D

Dr Skottie
03-26-2004, 12:17 AM
You study us, HM? Wow o_o I'm honored lol..

haha, i was just thinking the same thing! I feel all warm and fuzy inside :razz:

03-26-2004, 12:34 AM
haha, i was just thinking the same thing! I feel all warm and fuzy inside :razz:
You do? Think about me... I can't believe I was even mentioned in the same sentence as the rest of you :razz:

Dr Skottie
03-27-2004, 05:54 AM
You do? Think about me... I can't believe I was even mentioned in the same sentence as the rest of you :razz:

hahaha, don't bad note urself man, your one of us... :cool:

so umm, when is more story coming??? Hurry Renna! before I go crazy! :razz:

03-27-2004, 06:16 PM
Skottie is right KCash, you are one of the greats!
The story is going well so far Reena, I don't know how you people do it, I really don't. I have frequent cases of writer's block. Besides, MKPJ will never be as good as fics like Adventure of a Lifetime, Quest of a Champion, Trial of Juno, and Journey in Kanto.

Neo Emolga
03-27-2004, 06:24 PM
Skottie is right KCash, you are one of the greats!
The story is going well so far Reena, I don't know how you people do it, I really don't. I have frequent cases of writer's block. Besides, MKPJ will never be as good as fics like Adventure of a Lifetime, Quest of a Champion, Trial of Juno, and Journey in Kanto.

Oh COME ON Phoenix! MKPG is an awesome story, you always have us on the edge of our seats reading it. Your element of suprise is amazing, I'll tell you that right now. Keep it going, you're doing a fantastic job already.

Renna, I would like to see an update of this soon, this is a really well detailed story with already plenty of surprises. Nice job on it, your style is fantastic!

03-27-2004, 06:31 PM
You really think so? Thanks NP, I'll try my best.
Are you going to be updating anytime soon Renna?

Aiya Quackform
04-02-2004, 07:14 AM
The Pokeball shook several times, but Castform soon popped back out. It was obviously very tired, but not out of fight just yet.

Castform, taking virtually no note of the capture attempt, inhaled sharply and spit out a slow, continuous stream of water. The low-powered water gun didn’t go anywhere near Whismur who was only a few yards away. Mari was given a moment to think, and could not figure out what Castform was doing. It must be a strategy of some sort, but to what end was a mystery. She noticed that Whismur was looking at her for direction. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘Whismur is really tired so the best thing to do for now is for it to rest in preparation for the next attack.’ “It’s alright Whismur,” she said aloud. “Go ahead and rest.”

At the bench were Dr Ghilbee and Spencer were sitting, Ghilbee broke the silence that had started at the beginning of the match. “This is a strategy my colleague taught her,” he said.

“That’s a strategy, huh?” Spencer said, watching intently Castform’s actions. “I think I know what it might be, but Mari’s a new trainer, whether or not she graduated from the Academy. Besides,” she smiled with pride, “she knows Whismur needs a rest and is using this opportunity.”

Ghilbee nodded. “She is a talented trainer, despite being a little green. I can see now why Electra suggested her.”

After a few minutes, Castform stopped watering the battlefield and looked directly at Whismur, signaling her readiness to continue. Whismur had gotten its breath back and looked a little stronger energy-wise, but its burns were continuing to take a toll. It stood up and waited for its orders.

“All right Whismur,” Mari said ready for more action. “Jump up and grab hold of Castform, then Screech!”

Whismur immediately obeyed, ignoring the sting of its burned flesh. It took a few steps forward and leapt into the air, straight for Castform. She dodged it and Whismur fell to the ground. When Whismur hit the ground, however, it slipped and fell on its back, screeching in shock and pain for the sudden slap of mud on its burns. Castform was ready for this, and was instantly upon Whismur, dousing it with Water Gun’s piercing blast. Whismur struggles against the water, but the pressure was too powerful and it didn’t dare open its mouth for a sonic attack for fear of drowning. Whismur could just barely hear the voice of Mari. She was yelling at it. “Whismur, Secret Power!” it finally discerned through the water in its ears. Whismur clenched its paws together, slowly drawing up every last ounce of energy it had. Already its chest was bursting for want of air, and so it unleashed the Secret Power’s Swift attack. The force pushed Whismur deep into the mud, and it could not tell what was happening above to Castform. Mud invaded its eyelids, stinging its eyes. But the water stopped, and slowly the Swift’s light faded. Whismur lay in the mud, too tired and aching to move. Its eyes were clenched shut, wanting to forget the battle and Castform and just go to sleep in its comfy Pokeball.

But then again it heard the desperate cries of Mari. “Quick, use Stomp before it’s too late!”

Whismur opened its eyes, and through the blur Castform slowly came into focus. Lying in the mud, she was struggling to get up. Whismur turned its head to Mari. “Please,” she pleaded. “I can’t imagine how tired you are. But for me, please get up one last time and use Stomp. I won’t ask you to attack again, even if I don’t catch Castform!”

Whismur could see the anxiety in her eyes. She was sorry to ask for this attack, but Castform was her goal, her future. Whismur decided. With the last of its energy, Whismur pushed itself off the ground to face Castform, still struggling to get off the ground. She looked up, their eyes locked. This would be the final round.

Whismur started to charge. Castform, though unable to move or throw a heavy attack, spit out a mist of small embers, tearing at Whismur’s already scorched flesh as it approached.

Mari watched in horror, pride, and joy. Whismur was enduring so much for her, a trainer it had only known a year. It took attack after burning attack, and Castform would soon be hers because of it.

Whismur was continually burned as it ran at Castform. But now, it was upon her. Whismur leapt into the air, and slammed its food into Castform with all its weight. It almost panicked as it felt its foot sink into Castform’s elastic body, but her cries of pain soon proved the stomp was enough. Whismur jumped back off Castform and collapsed on its stomach. It cried for Mari to throw the Pokeball, and she did just that. They both watched the Pokeball wriggle. Slowly the shaking ceased. Castform was caught.

“Yes!” Mari jumped into the air with exhilaration.

“Alright!” Spencer jumped off the bench in a similar manner as Mari. “She caught her!”

“Indeed,” Ghilbee smiled with satisfaction, still sitting.

Mari ran out onto the battlefield, but she was not headed for the Pokeball. She ran to Whismur’s side. Sitting down next to it on the grass, not daring to touch it she said, “Oh Whismur, thank you so much! I’m so proud of you. I’ve never seen any Pokemon battle like that. Not even on TV!”

Whismur smiled weakly. Despite the burning, aching, and tiredness, it had never felt so proud of itself. “I’ll get you to the Pokemon Clinic right away, so don’t you worry.” With that, Mari recalled Whismur to its Pokeball. She stood up and faced Castform’s Pokeball lying in the mud. Smiling as she picked it up she whispered, “You could use some nursing too. Just you watch Castform, we’re going to have the time of our lives together!” With that Mari Donovan, 14-year-old native of Mauville, walked off the battlefield.

Spencer ran up to her and lifted her off the ground in a bear hug. “You did it, Mar!” he said.

“Yeah,” she said with her face flushed. “But the credit goes to Whismur.”

“Sure,” he said smiling with love for his sister’s kind heart.

“Congratulations Miss Donovan,” Electra walked up.

“Thank you so much Electra,” Mari said earnestly. “Thank you so much for this opportunity. And thank you too, Dr Ghilbee.”

Ghilbee smiled. “I should be thanking you for taking care of Castform. You did an excellent job at catching her.”

Nodding, Mari continued in a more serious tone. “Yes, but both Pokemon are hurt pretty bad. I need to get them to the Academy clinic right away!”

“Of course,” Electra nodded and briskly led the way to the clinic.

Aiya Quackform
04-02-2004, 07:15 AM
Upon arriving at the clinic, a Dr Clive Roberson whisked Castform and Whismur away to the intensive care unit. It was a small reception area, strictly functional with a predominantly pale blue theme. There were a few sofas next to the check-in counter.

“Well, it’s getting rather late,” Ghilbee said heading for the door. “I’ll be turning in early tonight. Good night.” The others nodded goodnight to him, and he left.

After a few silent moments of sitting on the sofa, Spencer’s pocket rang. He pulled a cell phone out and answered. “Hello?” “Yes, this is Spencer Donovan.” “Really?” “Do I have to leave right now?” … “Oh, OK. I’m on my way.”

He hung up and gave Mari a guilty smile. She was firmly staring at him, her arms crossed. “Heh, my unit called,” said Government Official Spencer Donovan.

“Yeah, I guessed,” Mari said crossly. Through this conversation Electra was looking at the two with intense fascination.

“Look, Mar, I’m sorry but I got called off to take care of some urgent business.”

“And I suppose it’s on a need to know basis only.”

“That’s what ya get sometimes when you work for the government.”

Mari’s expression relaxed to a sorrowful smile. “I was hoping you’d be here tomorrow to see me off…”

“Yeah,” he smiled in the same way. “I wanted to too. But, you know this means you get your presents tonight instead of tomorrow.”

She brightened with teasing enthusiasm. “Really? Well, then, why didn’t you leave earlier?”

“Well, this looks like a family affair,” Electra said standing up. “So, I’m going to leave you two. I have some paperwork I need to finish anyway. Good night.”

Mari and Spencer said their goodbyes to her. At this point Dr Roberson returned. “Miss Donovan, Castform and Whismur sustained no serious injuries in the battle and just need some basic medication and rest. I would like to keep them here overnight for observation, however.”

Mari nodded silently. She was getting tired after all the day’s excitement. “So, wanna give me my presents now?” she smiled wickedly at Spencer.

He laughed. “Course. They’re in my room, though. Say, did you get your starter pack from the Academy yet?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I got it this morning. It’s in my room, but I haven’t even opened it yet.”

“OK, then. Why don’t you go back to your room and open it up while I go grab your presents from my room.”

Mari nodded. “OK. Hey, what are the guestrooms here like, anyway?”

He thought a moment and said, “Pretty nice. It was obviously made to hold two people in a pinch, and it’s got lots of room with my own bathroom.” He laughed. “It’s better than my first apartment!”

She laughed back. “Sounds like my dorm room. But I had to share it for the first couple months. My roommate graduated soon after I came, though, and there’s not exactly limited space around here so I never got another roomie.”

Spencer nodded and stood up. “Shall we go?” he offered her his hand.

She giggled and took it. He led her out of the Academy clinic into the cool night. They separated and Mari walked off to her dorm room. As she walked in silence, Mari fought her fatigue and thought. ‘So,’ she smiled inwardly, ‘I have my first Pokemon. This is so cool! I wonder if I’ll give her a nickname. I better get to know her before I think about a nickname, though. Let’s see, we should be in Slateport by tomorrow afternoon, and then we can catch a ferry to… well, wherever I want!’ Mari soon arrived at the appropriate building and in her room.

It had two beds, a small refrigerator, a table with four chairs, two desks, and an adjoining bathroom. It had obviously been created to hold multiple guests in a pinch. On the table was a largish box. She walked over to it and sat down. On the box was inscribed in blue letters “Electra’s Pokemon Academy - Starter Pack.” Taking the lid off, she found inside five red Pokeballs, a Great Ball, a first-aid kit featuring a large non-refillable potion and assorted status cures, a map of the major regions, and a round blue Pokedex. “Cool!” Mari squealed as she took her time examining everything, the Pokedex in particular. In a few minutes there was a knock on the door. “Let me in!” came the muffled voice of her brother.

She leapt up out of her chair and opened the door. Spencer stumbled in, carrying wrapped gifts up to his head. “I can’t seeee!” he said just as some of the gifts toppled off the top of the pile in his arms.

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04-02-2004, 07:17 AM
With only 46 minutes to spare, I managed to meet my Thursday deadline! W00t!!! YAY!!! *is proud of self* I'd also like to thank whoever nominated my fic in the fan fic awards. It really made me feel good, and motivates me to keep up with this fic.

Dr Skottie
04-02-2004, 10:36 AM
Wow, wow, and WOW! This fic is so bloody brilliant. I honestly think my fic pales in comparison. Well done! I can't wait for more! :biggrin:

Aiya Quackform
04-02-2004, 07:46 PM
Wow, wow, and WOW! This fic is so bloody brilliant. I honestly think my fic pales in comparison. Well done! I can't wait for more! :biggrin:

*blushes* Wow! Thanks! You as a fic writer understand what it means to get such great reviews after you spend so much time on it. When I was coming up with the plot and characters for The One Drop, I didn't want to do anything standard. It's really paying off! BTW, I was wanting to expand the number of forums I post it in. Any suggestions? I'm only posting here and GHPF so far.

Aiya Quackform
04-08-2004, 08:25 PM
Mari stretched her arms out to catch the packages, but only managed to catch one small yellow bag. The others fell on the floor, and Spencer now only held one of them all. Smiling sheepishly he said, “Nothing glass, I promise.”

Mari sighed a giggle to relieve the stress. “Just put them on this table,” she said placing the yellow bag she had caught on the table her starter kit was on.

“Oh,” Spencer said noticing the open starter box. “We didn’t really get you any basic trainer stuff cuz we know the Academy gives you a basic starter pack. After that, you are so on your own. But here ya go,” he placed the one box he still had on the desk and picked up the other two as Mari sat down. Spencer took a second chair opposite from her.

“Where to begin,” she looked greedily at the colorful packages. There were four in all, and Mari scanned them. There was an art to choosing which gift to open, and she knew it very well. She pulled a heavy red gift closer to her, and opened its card.

‘Well, sweetie, you’re starting your journey. I’m so proud of you! I know you’ll make a great trainer, and your Pokemon will be lucky to have you. Be sure to call everyone once in awhile and check in on your dear old Dad. I hope you like what I got you, the kind of book I got you was certainly invaluable to me when I traveled around Kanto when I was young, but since you’re going through Hoenn I had to get you a different one. The second thing I would have killed for! LOL! So, again, good luck and hope you have fun.


Mari smiled at the card. She felt a pit of mushy emotion begin to form in her stomach, but she swallowed hard and cut the ribbon with a pair of scissors she got off her desk. She opened the larger half of the two-layered present first, and found a large hard cover book titled ‘Wild Food Guide - Hoenn Edition.’ She smiled and put the Pecha-print book to the side. “That’s Daddy, always the practical one,” she said to Spencer.

“Yeah, that book will really come in handy,” he replied. “I had one when I was on my Gym Challenge here. Saved me and my Pokemon from starvation many times.”

Now working on the smaller cube, Mari tore away some of the paper and saw the words ‘CEIS Bin’. Squealing in delight she ripped apart the remaining paper. “YES! THANK YOU DADDY!” she almost screamed.

“What did he get you, anyway,” Spencer asked with some surprise at her reaction. “He wouldn’t tell me.”

“It’s a CEIS Bin, it uses Compressed Electronic Item Stream technology to make a bin and all items in it into a compressed electronic stream and go into an item ball. A CIES Bin is like a Pokeball that holds a bin instead of a Pokemon! Now I can carry everything I need without breaking my back.”

Spencer groaned. “No wonder he didn’t tell me what it was. I would have done anything for one of those!”

Still giddy from excitement she said, “Well don’t feel too bad Spencer, they were really expensive when you started out and even now they’re not cheap.”

He smiled. “Yeah, I know, congrats on getting it sis.”

“Thank you very much,” she faked a bow.

Next Mari selected a box with so many bows on such glittering and flower-filled paper it could only be from Mom. She opened the small but equally decorated card.

‘Dear Daughter,
I’m sorry I’m not there with you on the beginning of your journey, but your Grandpa Wattson positively insisted that your father and I not go. And while I yelled and screamed over it, I know he’s right. You’re growing up now, and you don’t need me and Dad holding your hand anymore. But I love you sweetie, and even when you’re a mother yourself someday you’ll always be my baby. Have lots of fun on your journey, Mar, and never forget that it’s the time of your life.

Love, Mom’

This time Mari did not attempt to hold in her emotions, and two tears rolled down her cheek. When she looked up at Spencer’s understanding smile, she said through choked tears, “This growing up stuff isn’t so easy.”

The smile on his face grew slightly bigger, but at the same time sadder. “No, it isn’t.”

Mari used a tissue from her desk to clean up her face a bit and then set about opening her mother’s present. The task was easier said that done, and it took several minutes of cutting and snipping to get all the bows and ribbons off before an attempt could be made at the paper. When she finally got the paper off and opened the box inside, she gave a small gasp as she saw the content.

Gently she lifted up a golden-brown leather backpack. Mari smiled at the object. “It’s so pretty!” she said. “Well made, too.”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

Mari then noticed an envelope in the bottom of the box. Laying the heirloom down she picked up the envelope and took a plastic card out of it. Her eyes widened. “Woah…”

“What?” Spencer inquired.

“It’s a gift card for the ‘Fashion by Ami’ store. It’s for 15,000 pokedollars!”

Spencer whistled.

After a moment of stunned silence on Mari’s part, she almost shrieked in excitement. “YEEES!!! I can buy new clothes! Oh, I saw the cutest shirt in their catalog the other day…” and this kind of jabbering continued on until Spencer threw his hands up.

“Enough!” he exclaimed. “You’ve still got two more gifts to open, and I’ve got to get back to headquarters!”

Mari stopped in mid-sentence and calmed down substantially. “Right, sorry.” She put her mother’s gifts to the side and pulled over her Grandpa Wattie’s gift. It was the same little yellow bag she had saved from the earlier gift avalanche. The card was short and sweet, just like her grandpa.

‘Hiya squirt! Must admit I had a hard time choosing a gift for ya, but I think it ended up good. Oh, and take the Mauville City Gym Leader’s advice, get a ground Pokemon. You’re gonna need it. MWAHAHAHA!!!’

Mari laughed at the last comment. Her grandfather’s electric Pokemon would be tough to beat, but she’d seen him battle enough times she had an advantage. With an evil grin on her face, she pulled the stuffed paper out of the yellow bag and retrieved two items, a case and another envelope. Examining the case first, she recognized it as a creamy pale-pink Miltank leather badge case. On it was embossed in feminine gold letters, ‘Mari K. Donovan.’ “Oh, how pretty,” she cooed as she opened it and found it to be lined with burgundy velvet.

Aiya Quackform
04-08-2004, 08:27 PM
Spencer laughed. “They better be careful of they’re going to spoil you!”

“And that’s a problem… why?” she jested. “Besides, you got just as much stuff when you started.”

“True enough,” he thought of his own dark blue badge case.

Then picking up the envelope she picked out another plastic card. “Oh, cool!”

“What’s this one for, Cool Topic?” Spencer rolled his eyes, unable to comprehend the female desire to shop.

“No,” she stuck her tongue out at him. “It’s a Hoenn Boat Pass. I can go to anywhere in Hoenn from anywhere in Hoenn by ship on this card. I don’t have to buy tickets or anything.”

“Now that is cool,” Spencer said. “I had something like it for Johto’s Whirl Islands.”

Placing the pass on top of her gift card, Mari closed in on the last remaining gift. “From you?” she raised an eyebrow at Spencer as she pulled it towards her. He nodded. The package was sky blue with a cloud white ribbon on it. No card was attached. Quickly removing the paper, she opened the cardboard box. The first thing she saw was a brick red paper bag. Taking it out she discovered its ‘Lava Cookies’ label. “Alright!” she said smacking her lips. “These are yummy! Good for Pokemon in emergencies, too.”

Spencer nodded and impatiently added, “There’s something else in there too.”

Mari raised an eyebrow at him and peered inside the box. There was a small rectangular leathery case inside, and Mari took it out. ‘A jewelry case’ she thought, glancing up at Spencer’s anticipating smile. She pulled up the top of the case, which cracked at opening. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the necklace inside. “Oh, Spencer,” she awed. It was a silver medallion on a thin black leather strap. The medallion was about the size of two bottle caps and on it was depicted the three legendary birds of Kanto, each in a different colored metal. In the center bottom was Articuno in oxidized silver, on the upper right was a copper Moltres, and on the upper left, a Zapdos made of gold.

“Like it?” Spencer was grinning for ear to ear.

“Like it?…” For once she was speechless. Mari took the necklace out of its case and laid the metal object against her hand. “Where did you…”

“I was investigating a theft in Lilycove a couple months ago for the Hoenn Security Force. I saw it in a jewelry store, and well, the HSF had just given me a bonus for doing such a good job in investigating the theft. I thought you’d like it.” He made the last comment rather triumphantly.

“Like it?!” she exclaimed jumping out of her chair and running over to give her brother a hug. “I love it!”

Over the next few minutes, they talked as they cleaned up the room, removing all evidence of wrapping paper. Mari offered Spencer a cookie she had stolen from the cafeteria earlier that day, but he declined. “Sorry, Mar, but now I really have to go! My superiors are already going to be all over me for taking this long.”

Smiling sadly Mari said, “OK, well, have fun saving the world.”

He gave her a similar smile. “Nothing so heroic, but it’s my duty to serve and protect anyhow. I’ll see you later, squirt.” Giving her a big hug, he left before a big emotional goodbye ensued.

Mari was in her room, alone. The place seemed so empty now. But soon her eye caught the neat stack of supplies and gifts she received, and butterflies began to dance in her stomach. ‘Tomorrow,’ she thought. ‘Here I come.’ She went to bed with a smile on her face.

Her slumber was violently awakened the next morning by the maniacal ring of her alarm clock. Slamming the snooze button, she opened one drooping eyelid. ‘8:30’ was flashing on the clock and she placed two very uncoordinated feet on the floor. “Good morning Hoenn!” she sang as she stretched and headed for the bathroom.

A little after nine, Mari was running for the Academy clinic, cheese Danish in hand. She stuck it in her mouth as she slung her new backpack over her shoulders. Feeling the little bags under her eyes she ruefully recalled not being able to go to sleep until after three due to excitement. She shook her head free from sleepiness for the tenth time that morning.

Flinging the clinic doors open, she stood behind two other people waiting in line to see the Pokemon Doctor. She took the opportunity to gulp down the rest of her breakfast.

In a few moments, it was her turn. “Hi, I’m here to pick up Castform.”

The Doctor nodded and reached under the counter, handing Mari the silver and blue Pokeball containing her Pokemon. “Thanks,” she said. “I’m assuming you’ll make sure Whismur’s taken care of?”

“Yes of course,” the Doctor replied again.

Mari thanked him and fled the building. She was late as usual, and she didn’t want to miss saying goodbye to Electra. In a few moments she arrived breathless and the front lawn, a small patch of grass between the reception building and the main road which led either to Slateport or Oldale, depending on if you went east or west. The few remaining graduates that hadn’t left yet were there, paying respects to Electra. There was a considerable crowd around her, and Mari hurried forward to get in line. She was stopped quite suddenly however, when someone grabbed her arm.

Aiya Quackform
04-08-2004, 08:30 PM
OK, new chappy. *whew* I really didn't think I'd have it ready in time! Anywho, there are a few questions I would like to ask my readers.

(1) How's the lenghth of my chapters?
(2) Is this newest chapter too slow and/or detailed?
(3) If I'm running behind on writing, would you prefer a shorter chapter on its due day of Thursday, or a regular sized chapter on Friday?

Dr Skottie
04-09-2004, 03:24 AM
OK, new chappy. *whew* I really didn't think I'd have it ready in time! Anywho, there are a few questions I would like to ask my readers.

(1) How's the lenghth of my chapters?
(2) Is this newest chapter too slow and/or detailed?
(3) If I'm running behind on writing, would you prefer a shorter chapter on its due day of Thursday, or a regular sized chapter on Friday?

Brilliant work as usual!
1) chapter length is good
2) hell no! Its excellent and not slow at all, your building it up
3) take ur time. Don't rush it. Your doing an excellent job!

04-10-2004, 11:22 PM
Renna, you are brilliant. I've never seen a fic like this! I can't wait to see Mari go to a gym!

BTW: I noticed you got a little too much "fan mail" in the 2nd page. I had expected more COMPLETELY AWSOME story!

Aiya Quackform
04-15-2004, 09:47 AM
Turning to face the person, Mari smiled. “Dr. Ghilbee! I didn’t know you’d be here this morning!”

He raised an eyebrow. “It’s still morning?”

Mari blushed. “Yeah, I know it’s kinda late, but I was so excited last night I couldn’t get to sleep until after three!”

“Well, in that case, you are forgiven,” he laughed. “Where do you plan on going from here? Littleroot, perhaps?”

Shaking her head she explained, “I know almost all the other grads are going there, and I just don’t want to be packed in with them all the way. I’m going to Slateport, and from there maybe Dewford for my first badge.”

Ghilbee nodded in approval and glanced to the side thoughtfully. “I was hoping to see Castform again before you leave…”

“Oh, of course!” Mari exclaimed. She was surprised at herself for not guessing his desire earlier. The Pokeball was latched onto the front pocket of her jeans. Taking it off, she stopped herself and looked around. Castform appeared to be a remarkably shy creature and Mari had no intention of frightening her new Pokemon with crowds of students. Her glance confirmed that the only people near were in the group around Electra, and they were several meters away.

Reassured, Mari opened the silver Pokeball and Castform appeared. She chirped happily at seeing Mari and Dr. Ghilbee. The doctor opened his arms to Castform who snuggled against him in a hug.

Mari smiled at the two, her heart warmed by their affection. At the same time, however, she felt a small amount of guilt at taking Castform away from him. But then she remembered that Ghilbee had said that Castform wanted to leave him, to explore the world. The smile on the young trainer’s face grew bigger as she again thought of how thankful she was to have such a sweet and passionate Pokemon as her partner.

“Now Castform,” Ghilbee tenderly addressed her, “You know you’re leaving with Mari soon, and you will not see me again for quite awhile.”

Castform looked up at his face from the safety of his arms. She smiled and nodded with a reassuring “cass-form” inserted.

He smiled back. “I know this is what you want and I’m so proud of you! But, I’m still going to miss you a whole lot.”

She smiled in the same sad, reassuring way Spencer had smiled at Mari only the night before. Then Mari realized something. Ghilbee was Castform’s dad, and he was letting her go on her own journey. A warm feeling crept over her, reminding her of the people back at Mauville who were letting her go, and were proud to do it.

“You come and visit me now, you hear?” Ghilbee said to Castform. Mari smiled and nodded when he looked up to her as well.

“I promise,” she said, just as she had promised her parents she would come and visit.

“Oh, yes,” Ghilbee remembered something and released Castform. Out of his jacket pocket he took a small, relatively thin rectangular device. Showing it to Mari, there was a screen on its front, which took about two thirds of the top. The bottom third was a miniature built-in keyboard, and along the right side was a stylus. It was metallic dark silver in color, and the screen appeared to be turned off. Still facing the screen towards Mari, he pushed a button on the keyboard. “It’s a Portable Pokemon Database,” he said as the screen flickered to full-color life. “Or PPD for short. It’s the absolute latest in technology. One day, Pokedexes will be replaced with these. Not only does it contain a remarkably in-depth Pokedex, but also maps of all the regions with a Global Positioning System, a word processor, a wild healing vegetation guide, basic strategies, league, gym, breeding, and coordinating information and rules, and a Pokemon nutrition guide. Barrone Corp., the company that invented it, gave me a few to test and aid me in my research. It probably will not be released for several more years to the general public. I would like you to have it, Mari. I have even programmed it with the latest information on Castform.”

“Oh, cool!” Mari snatched it from his hands and began to poke around its functions with the stylus. Castform drifted around her to peek over her shoulder at the PPD’s screen.

“You can see on the main menu there is a ‘help’ option,” Ghilbee said. ‘It will teach you everything you need to know to use it.”

“Thank you!” she said.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to take the Academy Pokedex you got from Electra and give it back to her. You have a Pokedex in the PPD anyway and it doesn’t make sense to waste a good Pokedex.”

“Oh, yeah,” Mari took the blue Pokedex out of a side pocket of her backpack and handed it to Ghilbee. As she turned off the PPD’s screen, Castform said “cast!” and she could have sworn it sounded just like a human’s disappointed ‘aaaw.’ Mari smiled at the Castform behind her shoulder and reached around to pet her. Castform leaned on Mari and seemed to melt onto her shoulder in relaxation.

Mari giggled. “She sure does like to be pet!”

Ghilbee smiled and nodded. He glanced at his watch and said, “Well, I really have to get going. I have a long trip ahead of me back to the lab.”

“Oh, yes,” Mari concurred. “I should get going too. Say, where is your lab? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.”

“It’s on Route 119, just southwest of Fortree across the bridge. We’re on top of a hill with nothing else around. You can’t miss us!”

“OK,” Mari said. “I’m sure Castform’ll miss you and you her so I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi when we’re over there.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will get over there,” Ghilbee said matter-of-factly. “There is a Gym in Fortree, after all.”

“Well there ya go!”

Ghilbee gave a last pat on the head to Castform who had regained her semi-solid shape and was now hovering in front of Mari. Then, he left. Castform looked after him for a moment and then turned to Mari with confidence.

Mari looked over at Electra. There were less people than before, but still enough to be a possible problem to Castform’s shyness. “Why don’t you go back into your Pokeball for just a little while longer until we get away from the Academy?” she suggested, holding out Castform’s silver and blue Pokeball. The Pokemon nodded and her Pokeball claimed her back with its red glow.

Mari walked over to Electra. The woman was busy wishing her students good luck, and generally encouraging them to do their best. Two of the students said their final goodbyes and left. Quickly, Mari took their place.

“Miss Donovan,” Electra greeted in her ever formal and diplomatic tone. “I was hoping to say goodbye to you before you left.”

“Yeah, I got kind of a late start this morning.”

“Well, then, Miss Donovan, I want you to have fun with that Pokemon of yours. It will be quite a challenge to train her, but in the end I guarantee it will be well worth it.” Electra was careful not to Castform’s name so as not to spark jealousy in any of the other students.

“It’s been great, Electra,” Mari said. “Thanks for everything.”

With a final handshake, Mari left. She walked across the lawn and onto the dirt road leading to Slateport. Turning around to face the Academy, a nostalgic sadness washed over her. So many good times here, with her friends. She’d had her first Pokemon battle here, with Whismur almost a year ago. Cramming for countless tests, absorbing endless information, stealing food from the cafeteria for the fridge in her room. It was all behind her now. The Great Test had begun. She turned and walked east, towards the sea.

The sun was shining and a delightfully cool sea breeze blew through the grass. Many Pokemon were doubtlessly concealed in the grassland on either side of the road, but they would stay hidden as long as possible from any human presence.

Aiya Quackform
04-15-2004, 09:47 AM
Once well out of sight of the Academy’s grey buildings, Mari took the Pokeball off her pocket and squeezed its sides. It opened, releasing Castform. She blinked at first in the sunlight, taking in her new surroundings and once re-oriented she floated just next to Mari’s left shoulder. Mari patted her head. “Well, Castform, we’re headed for Slateport.”

The Pokemon nodded and smiled in support, though she doubtless had never heard of Slateport before.

“I should probably tell you what we’re going to be doing,” Mari said thoughtfully. Castform gave her new trainer her full attention. She proceeded to tell Castform all about the Gyms, the Hoenn League Championship, and all their rules and challenges. After a good deal of walking and explaining Mari took a breath. “You know,” she said after a moment, “I really don’t know a whole lot about you. Did Dr. Ghilbee ever call you anything other than ‘Castform’? You know, to tell you apart from the others?”

Thinking for a minute, Castform concluding by shaking her head.

“Well, I think I’d like to give you a nickname. Would that be OK with you?”

She nodded.

“Cool! Well, I’d better wait until I know more about you to give you a nickname.”

Castform gave Mari an indulgent smile.

Mari blushed slightly and looked ahead at the road as they walked. That was the exact same smile her Dad gave her when she was getting weird and/or long-winded. She imagined that was what Castform was trying to tell her too. It would be a challenge to learn about someone who didn’t speak the same language as you.

“Cast?” she said and Mari faced her. Castform was hovering closer to her and seemed concerned, almost worried.

“Oh!” Mari said. “I’m sorry, I’m not upset at you, Castform.” She realized her blush and sudden silence could easily been interpreted by Castform as embarrassment caused by herself somehow. Then she smiled with irony inwardly. ‘Maybe it won’t be so bad after all, we’re already learning to communicate pretty well.’

“Say, Castform,” she said. “Let’s do a little training before we get to Slateport.”

Castform nodded, but with less enthusiasm than seemed typical. She looked up at Mari with an almost ashamed look.

Mari stopped and turned to face her with concern. “What’s wrong? Do you not want to train?”

She zealously shook her head to say that was not the case. Then she took back her ashamed posture and shrugged.

Thinking a moment, Mari reviewed what she already knew about Castform. Her personality, her history… “Oh!” she exclaimed, startling Castform. “You probably didn’t battle much when you were with the scientists, huh?”

Castform quietly nodded.

“And that would mean you don’t know how to train.”

Castform seemed to shrink and nodded again.

“Well don’t worry about that!” Mari exclaimed, picking Castform up out of the air. “There’s no reason you should know how! C’mon, I’ll show you.”

She perked up immediately and focused completely on Mari, ready to learn.

“As a Pokemon, you have natural battle instincts. But to get good enough to compete against other human-trained Pokemon, you need to work in the six different areas of battle technique. They are defense, physical attack, special attack, endurance, evasion, and accuracy. You practice each of these with different kinds of exercises. I learned about lots of different kinds of exercises back at the Academy. I’ll show you!” She picked up several of the largest stones she could find alongside the road and showed them to Castform. “This should be an easier one. I’ll throw these up into the air and you try to hit them with your Water Gun. This is an accuracy exercise. Got it?”

After briefly inspecting the tennis-ball sized stones she nodded.

“Alright, here we go!” Mari flung one into the air, spinning it so it would hover for a slight moment before dropping back to the ground, giving Castform a better opportunity to hit her target.

Castform shot out a stream of water. It made contact with the rock, but it was near the edge of the Water Gun’s range.

“Good, Castform. Now try to aim for the center of your attack.” She threw another into the air and again Castform shot at it, this time the stone made contact closer to the center of her attack.

“Great! Let’s do it a few more times.” After many more tries of the exercise, Castform was starting to hit the stones with far better and more consistent accuracy. Her power was starting to waver, however. The Water Gun attacks steadily grew smaller and slower.

“OK, that’s enough,” Mari said plopping down onto the ground for a rest. Castform lay on the ground next to her, leaning on her knee. “And that’s the way you practice accuracy!” She commented with a laugh.

Castform smiled, but didn’t move. For a Pokemon unaccustomed to regular battling, she had reason to be tired.

After a short rest, Mari stood up. She took a bottle of water out of her leather backpack and took a gulp. She quickly remembered, however, that she didn’t have any dishes for Castform.

“I could just squirt some in your mouth,” she suggested.

Castform shook her head and stretched her grey ‘hands’ out, taking the bottle from Mari. Taken by surprise, she relinquished the object to the Pokemon. Castform opened her mouth and leaned back, copying Mari by squeezing the bottle. A stream of water came out, and Castform gulped most of it down, though some did spray onto her face. She licked her lips free of excess water and handed the bottle back to Mari.

She accepted it, and looked in disbelief from the bottle to her Pokemon. “Since when do you have thumbs?”

Castform’s mitten-like hands had already retracted into her body, and she appeared to be greatly amused by Mari’s bewildered look.

Shrugging Mari said, “OK, works for me.” She resumed walking down the road with Castform at her side. She reached around and opened a side pocket of her backpack, bringing out the PPD Ghilbee had given her. She selected the map function and quickly brought up the area they were in. A small blinking red dot identified their position on the map. “Great! We’re about half way there!” She glanced at her watch, too. It was almost eleven. Hopefully they’d be in Slateport in time for lunch.

They traveled in silence for a time, until the quiet proved too loud for Mari to bear. “Want me to teach you how to train in other areas?”

Nodding, again Castform paid avid attention to Mari.

“Well, any kind of physical workout is good. In fact, one of the simplest and best ways to train is just to run, or in your case, uh, float as fast as you can…” Mari paused a second and shook her head free of excess thought. “I’m just gonna have to say ‘run’, sorry, it’s just what I’m used to.” Castform smiled in amusement as Mari continued. “Anyway, running helps you develop strength, speed, and endurance.” She paused again and thought. “Well, I’m out of shape, you need the practice, and it would be nice to get to Slateport for lunch, so what do you say to running some of the way?” The Pokemon signaled her agreement. “OK, then. First one to stop running is a rotten egg!” Mari took off running down the road. Castform was immediately curious about the ‘rotten egg’ comment, but did not take the time to ponder over it. She sped after Mari.

For Mari, there was something joyfully childish about running. It must have reminded her of all the childhood games of tag she had played, but in any case, she loved to run. The wind blew through her golden hair, and her muscles burned with accomplishment. She could hear Castform laughing with joy just behind her. ‘Pokemon apparently enjoy races, too,’ she thought.

Mari’s chest was starting to burn cold with panting, and she was considering stopping to catch her breath as Castform, though tired, didn’t appear to be half as bad as Mari. ‘Stupid potato chips and soda,’ she said to herself as she recalled her favorite study snack.

The were approaching the top of a hill when a small blue thing came running past them, catching Mari’s attention. She slowed down slightly looking after the blue thing when she heard Castform squeak and she looked in front of her. An angry Seviper leapt over the hill in front of Mari, and she dug her heels into the ground, but to no avail. She smacked into the hissing fanged snake, tumbling to the ground.

Dr Skottie
04-15-2004, 11:41 AM
damn this story is good. You should have won the award for best trainer fic instead of me! :oops: hehe, keep it up :biggrin:

Aiya Quackform
04-23-2004, 07:50 AM
Chapter 6

Mari leapt away from the serpent, but stumbled and fell back to the ground. Propping herself up on her elbows, adrenaline pulsed through her veins. Her eyes locked into the blood red eyes of the Seviper. It released a blood-curdling hiss, baring its large yellow fangs dripping with poison. Mari prepared herself to run with all her might as far away as she could from this place, but to her surprise the Pokemon bolted away down the road. It entwined its jet-black body around the small blue creature. Castform dashed behind her trainer and peeked out at the situation from behind her shoulder.

Frightened, but no longer in eminent danger, Mari organized her thoughts. The small blue spider Pokemon, a Surskit as she recalled, was what she had seen running past her just before the Seviper clashed with her. The Surskit must have been its goal, not her.

“Kendar, finish with Poison Tail!” said a female voice. Running over the hill where the two Pokemon had come from, a girl appeared.

The Seviper quickly released the Surskit from the coils of its body. The spider, obviously battered, began to run away. Its large triangular tail glowing deep purple, Seviper struck its opponent with its tail. The fight was over. Surskit was down.

“Good work, Kendar,” the girl said as she threw a Great Ball at Surskit. The ball collected Surskit up in its red light and did not let it go. Surskit was captured.

Walking over to pick up her new Pokemon, the girl also stroked Seviper’s neck. “That was great! You’re getting better and better at this all the time!” Turning to Mari she said with an apologetic smile, “Hi, sorry about Kendar scaring you like that. We didn’t know anyone else was up here.”

Releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, Mari replied, “Oh, it’s okay. No harm done.” Glancing behind her at the unnerved Castform she added, “Well, no physical harm anyway.”

The girl laughed. “Again, sorry. I’m Atzie, and this guy is Kendar my Seviper.” She held out her hand.

Mari shook it. “I’m Mari, and this is Castform.” She now made a better inspection of Atzie. She was somewhat short, though she appeared to be older than Mari. Her hair, however, made up for any lost body height. The roots and tips were bright blonde, but the majority was cherry red with a hint of yellow to better match the blonde. It was long, and arranged in several loose, long spikes that were held back by a hair band. The strips of hair went in all directions, giving it a fiery appearance. Her eyes were slightly darker than jade, and her bright clothes were matched only by her hair. She wore red cargo pants made of silky fabric and a white cotton short-sleeved shirt with the word “STAR” printed on it in bold red. The vibrancy of her attire was sharply contrasted by a worn and faded camouflage print backpack, which looked sorely out of place.

Realizing she was staring, Mari blushed. “I take it red is your favorite color?”

Atzie laughed light-heartedly. “It is this week.”

“Oh,” she laughed. Castform was still nervously looking out from behind her trainer, eyeing the Seviper and his trainer wearily. “C’mon, Castform, say hi!” The Pokemon looked at Atzie and nodded, but her eyes drifted back to Seviper with uncertainty.

Mari pat her head and said to Atzie, “She’s pretty shy, and your Seviper scared her. But she’ll get over it eventually.”

Nodding, she asked, “You going to Slateport?”


“Great! We can go together! It’s been awhile since I had companionship while traveling.” Kendar snorted at his trainer and she quickly added, “Human companionship, that is.” Not waiting for a response, she turned around and walked for Slateport.

Taking a few running steps to catch up, Mari walked next to her. The large Seviper quietly traveled on the other side of Atzie. Castform was careful to be as far as she could from him.

Atzie still had her new Surskit’s Pokeball in her hand, and took a small device out of her backpack. It was similar to Mari’s PPD but was made of two joined circles like an eight, but the top circle was much smaller than the other. Atzie placed the Pokeball on the smaller circle and pressed several options on the screen of the larger. The Pokeball briefly glowed white, and disappeared.

“Whoa, what was that?” Mari inquired.

Atzie answered as she returned the device to her backpack. “It’s a Mobile Pokeball Transportation Device. I can send Pokemon I just caught to anywhere in Hoenn without having to wait until I have access to a desktop computer.”

“Cool! Where did you send your Pokemon?”

“To my Dad in Lilycove. He wants me to send him rare Pokemon so his staff can study them.”

“His staff?” Mari raised a eyebrow.

Laughing Atzie said, “Maybe I should give you my full name. It’s Atzie Barrone.”

Searching for the meaning of the name, Mari thought in silence for a moment. “Oh!” she suddenly exclaimed. “As in Barrone Corp?”

Atzie nodded. Barrone Corp was world-renowned as the producer of the Pokedex and countless other Pokemon essentials. “I’m the president’s daughter.”

“Oh,” Mari’s eyes widened and he looked ahead, suddenly self-conscious of walking next to the daughter of one of the richest men in Hoenn.

“Now don’t get all weird on me,” Atzie laughed. “I promise I don’t bite. I leave that to Kendar.” She gave her Pokemon a mischievous smile.

“Oh,” Mari left out a giggle of relief. “Sorry, didn’t mean to. I just wasn’t expecting you to be…” she trailed off.

“A spoiled rich girl?” Atzie stared ahead cynically. “I get that a lot.”

Embarrassed, Mari walked in silence. Unnoticed by Mari, Kendar glared at his trainer.

“Mm, sorry,” Atzie said in a strained tone. “Didn’t mean to jump on you like that. I just get a lot of grief over it.”

“I can imagine,” Mari said.

“Form!” Castform squeaked and floated over to Atzie. She said a few more words in her Pokemon tongue and smiled consolingly.

Atzie brightened and gently pet Castform’s head. “Thanks for your concern, little one. But it’s all good, I get loads of cool equipment from Daddy!”

Castform nodded with encouragement.

“Vipaah,” Kendar said to Castform. She shrank back to Mari at first, eyeing the snake. “Sai?” he smiled at her. “Cas…” she slowly approached him and after smelling him, she began to talk to him. Soon a conversation started.

“Looks like they’re starting to get along,” Atzie commented.

“Yeah, that’s good for her,” Mari said. “I’m afraid when we get into the cities, much less the gyms, she’ll have a hard time dealing with the people and pressure.”

“She seems pretty young to me, I’m sure she’ll get over it. What is she, anyway? I’ve never seen anything like her.”

“She’s a Castform,” Mari replied. “She’s a hybrid of several other Pokemon. Some scientists near Fortree made her.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of them. Daddy supplied them with lots of their equipment.”

“You sure seem to know a lot about his business. Do you work for him?”

“More or less,” Atzie became serious. “That’s actually why I’m here and not at home in Lilycove. Barrone Corp is always trying to improve their Pokedex and keep up with the latest needs and trends of the Pokemon world. So Daddy wants me to travel around and keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not, catching rare Pokemon to be studied as I go.”

“Wow, that’s a pretty broad job description.”

“True, but it’s fun, and it helps me see the different things that can be done with Pokemon. I haven’t a clue what I want to do with my life, so traveling is good for me to see what options I have.” Atzie trailed off in thought.

“Yeah,” Mari said. “I know I want to train Pokemon, but there are still so many sub-fields of that. Type specialization, gym leader, policing, I really don’t know what I want to do either.”

“Hey, there’s Slateport,” Atzie pointed ahead of them. Below them past several hills and shrouded in mist from the sea was the city of Slateport. I glistened with lights and diluted sunlight. Skyscrapers reached up for the sky, while ocean water peppered with ships framed the sparkling metallic silhouettes.

“Alright! I can’t wait to the mall!” Mari exclaimed.

“Ooh, shopping spree?” said Atzie.

“Yup, I just left my school to collect the Hoenn Gym badges. I need to pick up supplies. My Mom gave me a gift card for clothes, too.”

“Awesome! Can I go with you? I’m really good at shopping for clothes! I am a spoiled rich girl, after all.”

“Yeah! It’s always more fun with company.”

They continued talking and soon arrived in Slateport.

“Ah, the greatest food in Hoenn!” Atzie said as she bit into her hot dog.

“Oh, yeah,” Mari said as she took hers from the street vendor. Castform and Seviper had Pokemon equivalents and were greedily chomping them down. “Thanks for lunch,” she said stuffing her face.

“No problem! I owed you after Kendar scared you like he did.”

Aiya Quackform
04-23-2004, 07:51 AM
Chapter 6 (continued)

They soon finished their lunch and walked inside the Slateport mall, a multi-level shopping extravaganza. Kendar and Castform were returned to their Pokeballs, as the building was remarkably crowded.

“Where do you want to go first?” Atzie asked.

“Supplies. That is my priority,” Mari reminded herself. They walked into a large store called “Pokemart International” at Atzie’s suggestion. Mari quickly saw why her new friend had suggested it. The store was huge. Cash registers lined up against the entire left wall, she could barely see the far wall and signs carefully categorized the different areas.

“Uh, Pokemon med supplies first?” Mari said and they walked into the area. In all, they spent nearly two hours in the store, acquiring every item the new trainer could possibly need. Food for Mari and her Pokemon, grooming supplies, training supplies, vitamins, and medical essentials were the highlights.

They also visited the TM and HM section. The shelves contained dozens of TMs and HMs.

“Well,” Mari said as she thoughtfully examined the move options, “Castform’s current movepool is pretty limited. It’s all attacks, she needs something that gives her a strategic edge.”

Next to her Atzie said, “ Sounds right to me. Maybe Double Team? That’s a pretty nifty move.”

“Yeah, but that move requires more skill and experience than Castform has.”

“How long have you had her, anyway?”

Mari wrinkled her nose. “Um, about twenty-four hours now, I guess.”

Atzie whistled. “I know you said you just graduated from Pokemon School, but a day?”

“Heh, yeah. That’s why a TM would be really useful right now.” Grabbing a TM applicator she handed it to Atzie. “Would you please get in line to check-out? I’m going to be just a minute longer.”

Guiding the cart full of items away Atzie mumbled in exasperation, “Ugh! Would you just choose so we can go clothes shopping already?!”

Rolling her eyes Mari snatched the TM Attract disc and went after Atzie. After paying, Mari took what looked like a black squared Pokeball from her backpack. Out of it came a large container labeled “CEIS Bin” in a flash of green light. “Thank you, my dear beloved Daddy,” Mari said as she put her purchases in the bin and her backpack.

“Ain’t Pokeball technology great?” Atzie commented as Mari recalled the bin into its Pokeball-like holder.

The girls quickly made their way to the “Fashion by Ami” store where Mari’s gift card could be used. Immersing themselves in the fashion hunt, they came out over an hour later with a comfortable, varied, and travel-friendly wardrobe. It consisted of khaki knickers, black cargo shorts, a short-sleeved green shirt with the word “TRAINER” on it in black letters, a long-sleeved lavender shirt, a dark red short-sleeved shirt with black sketchy flowers printed on it, and a black water-proof jacket. Only the jeans and shoes she wore survived her old outfit. Changing into the green “TRAINER” shirt, she threw away the white and blue Academy uniform shirt.

“Good riddance,” Mari said with satisfaction as she threw away the old shirt. “Whaddaya wanna do now?”

Glancing at her watch Atzie said, “Well, actually, I have to catch a ship back to Lilycove in a little over an hour. Might as well head over to the harbor.”

“Oh,” Mari said with disappointment. “I didn’t know you’d be leaving so soon.”

“Don’t worry! I travel around a lot. I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again. I’ll e-mail you. But we better get going.” Heading over to the docks, it was nearing sunset and the overcast sky began to change colors in preparation for the pre-night light show.

“So, where’re you headed? Atzie said after awhile.

“Tomorrow I want to take a ferry to Dewford. I’d like to get my first badge there, but I have a lot of training to do. Castform and I have never even battled together before.”

Atzie stopped walking and addressed Mari. “Seriously?”


“Cool! Can I battle you?” Upon seeing Mari’s startled reaction she explained. “Mari, your first battle is something you will never forget. It’s very special. I would consider it an honor and privilege to be your first opponent.”

A competitive spirit flared up in Mari’s heart and she agreed. “Okay.”

“Great!” Atzie exclaimed. Looking around at all the people she said, “Let’s find somewhere less crowded. There should be some quieter places over by the empty docks.

Mari followed Atzie as they headed closer to the water. Turning away from the beaten path they soon came to an area close to the water that had few people around. “This look good to you?” Atzie asked.

“Mm-hm,” she responded. “But first, I’d like to teach Castform the TM move I got her.”

“Okay,” Atzie agreed. “Do you want to practice before we start?”

“Nah, she can practice as she battles.” Mari released Castform from her Pokeball. “Castform, I’m going to teach you a move using a TM. I want you to relax as much as you can, okay?”

The Pokemon nodded.

“Good. Now, very suddenly a lot of information is going to flood into your mind. I want you to concentrate on that information, paying special attention to the actions you feel you can use, and associate it with the name of the move, which is Attract.

Castform nodded again and lowered herself closer to the ground as Mari kneeled on the stone floor. There was a chill in the air, and the grey sky was not encouraging.

Mari put her backpack on the ground and took out the TM applicator, the device that executed the function of TMs and HMs on the Pokemon. There was a square flat center that would hold the TM/HM disc. It was attached to three cords with smaller squares at their ends.

First putting the TM Attract disc in the large center square, she then placed that square on the top of Castform’s head and positioned the other three squares on the sides and back of her head. Castform stood perfectly still for the procedure and watched in curiosity.

“Ready?” Mari asked her.

The Pokemon steadied herself, relaxed her muscles, and signaled her readiness.

“Here we go,” she said as she slid a switch on the TM applicator, and Castform immediately flinched. Her eyebrows furrowed over closed eyes. Apparently under great stress, Castform breathed a sigh of relief after a moment.

Mari removed the device. “Howya feel?”

Smiling, Castform gained altitude until she was eye-level with Mari. “Now keep it in your mind just a minute longer, okay? You don’t have to concentrate so hard this time, though.”

Nodding, Castform diverted her gaze into nothingness and became absorbed in thought.

“The first time is always the hardest,” Atzie interrupted, addressing Mari. “It’ll get easier the more experienced she gets and the more often she learns through TMs.”

Mari nodded and before she could reply, Castform’s eyes met hers and she smiled. “Casform cas!” the Pokemon said in her high, soft voice.

“Okay, you ready to put that move to the test in battle?” Mari asked. Her Pokemon nodded.

“Good,” Atzie interjected. “Kendar, time to battle,” she said releasing her Seviper from his Pokeball.

Mari walked several feet away from her opponent, Castform standing in front of her ready to fight. The trainer nodded her readiness to Atzie.

Atzie nodded back. “Kendar, Poison Tail!”

The battle began.

Dr Skottie
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Hey Renna, geez girl, how do you write so damn good!! hehe, keept it up! my week ain't complete without my dosage of the one drop. i love it i love it i love it!!

Aiya Quackform
07-16-2004, 06:54 AM
*slinks back into thread* Hey everybody! Sorry I've been gone so long. Lots of stuff has gotten in the way of my writing the last few months, that and laziness and other hobbies. :sweat: Anyway, here is the long overdue next chapter to "The One Drop"!
Chapter 7

The dark serpent barreled forward towards Castform, his tail glowing purple. He curled his body around to strike.

“Duck and tackle!” Mari commanded Castform.

The smaller grey Pokemon’s eyes grew wide as she saw her opponent’s tail sweep forward towards her. She ducked just in time as the glowing tail sliced through the air above her. Castform immediately slid under his tail and hit his main coils with her head. Surprised, Kendar put distance between himself and Castform. His body, however, looked quite unharmed.

“Screech,” Atzie said.

“Tackle again, go for the throat,” said the other trainer.

Kendar glared at Castform and opened his fanged mouth, unleashing a screech that was unique to snake Pokemon such as himself, a high-pitched hiss that made Castform’s skin crawl. Shaking her head, Castform cut through the painful noise and connected with his throat in a tackle. His air supply disrupted, Kendar’s screech was unceremoniously interrupted by hacking coughs, trying to relieve the pressure on his throat. He glared at Castform with his blood red eyes, promising to repay the discomfort. Kendar lunged forward, preparing his tail for another Poison Tail attack. Castform waited for him, her eyes focused on the movements of his body. It came down on her from above and she sidestepped it with relative ease. She turned to face him, but his face was right in front of hers, and it was too late. The screech attack invaded Castform’s head, and her ears would burst at any moment for the knives attacking them. Her head hurt, and she shut her eyes off from the nauseating world around her, it was twisting and contorting in ways she had not known it could. After an eternity the shrieking stopped. Stumbling in the air, she fell on the ground. Her body would not respond to the orders she was giving it, it felt like it was being thrown about in a ravenous sea. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Kendar was leaping towards her with his poisonous tail.

“Castform, Ember!”

Shocked back into reality, Castform darted out of the way of the snake and as she got distance between them shot out a fireball. The flames rolled across Kendar’s body, and he hissed with pain at the impact. His eyes shot at Castform, those eyes of blood. Castform was shaken by those eyes; they were unnatural.

“Crunch,” Atzie commanded Kendar.

He smiled with pleasure at the command, and his long golden fangs glowed white and dark red, like his eyes. Lunging across the cobblestone walkway his jaws opened with a hiss, and closed on Castform’s shoulder. She shrieked in pain as the magenta energy crackled off Kendar’s fangs and seared her body. The energy in his mouth built up, and he flung her to the ground to relieve the stress.

As soon as her soft body hit the ground, Castform ignored the aching pain and bolted away from Kendar. She glared at him as he turned to face her. His fangs were their natural gold color again, but he was ready for more. He slithered across the walkway with incredible speed. His fangs began to glow and Castform stood her ground. Her eyes were ablaze, waiting for the right moment, and it soon came. On the final approach, Kendar opened his mouth to grab her in his vice-like grip, but she struck. A large ember shot down his exposed throat, and he stopped dead in his tracks. Coughing and writhing in pain, he rolled on the ground. The flames had vanished as quickly as they had come, but his flesh was burned. Even the skin in his mouth was charred.

“Good work, Castform,” came Mari’s enthusiastic, although somewhat repelled praise. “That should put his Crunch attack out of commission for the time being!”

Atzie’s reaction was far more pronounced. “Kendar, are you okay?!” was her near frantic call.

But the Seviper quickly composed himself and nodded to his trainer.

“Right,” was the reply from Atzie. “I know you’ve taken worse. Now pound that little sneak into the ground with your Poison Tail!”

He nodded and with renewed energy charged towards Castform in a rage.

“Castform,” Mari gave her orders, “focusing on avoiding his attacks for now. Don’t worry about counter-attacking. He’s too angry!”

Castform had no time to acknowledge the orders before Kendar was upon her. He faced her with his tail curled forward in striking position. His tail sliced through the air from above, to the sides, and at all angles he could manage. Swaying from side to side and up and down in an effort to avoid the poisonous slashes, Castform was nicked several times without suffering a serious hit. With a final enraged swipe, Kendar attacked from the right with his vicious tail, and Castform could not move in time. She was sent crashing through the air, and then skidded along the ground before coming to a stop. Kendar did not follow. He was panting heavily, and the burns were taking their toll. He did, however, gaze in triumph at his fallen opponent.

“Castform!” Mari cried. Her Pokemon could not have lost so fast! She hadn’t even had the opportunity to test out Castform’s new move.

“Great, Kendar,” cheered Atzie. “But don’t get comfortable just yet. If she even begins to get up, you attack with Poison Tail.”

The seconds ticked by as they all watched Castform with intent. Atzie raised her hand to call the victory in her favor. But Castform’s body twitched, and Atzie paused. Hope in the form of a small smile entered Mari.

The small grey head lifted up, followed by her body. Dirt, scratches, and scrapes marred her grey skin. Castform turned around and faced Kendar. She was going to beat him.

“That’s fabulous, Castform!” Mari exclaimed. “Now we have to play a little different. Attract!”

“Quick Kendar, Poison Tail and Crunch intermixed! Don’t let Castform have a chance to distract you.”

Castform smiled at him and began to dance with a rhythmic motion, never turning her eyes away from him.

Avoiding looking directly at her, Kendar jolted forward and lashed his tail out at her as he abruptly stopped in front of her. She neatly ducked under the tail and continued her dance. A pink aura slowly developed around her. Kendar was startled by this and accidentally looked at her. Castform’s dance was becoming more pronounced as she danced her way next to Kendar, hoping to fully entrap him in her spell. The serpent’s eyes followed her movements, and his muscles started to relax.

Aiya Quackform
07-16-2004, 06:55 AM
Chapter 7 (continued)

“Kendar, stop looking at her!” Atzie commanded, unwilling to surrender her Pokemon to the feminine wiles of Castform.

Upon hearing his trainer’s voice, Kendar’s muscles tensed once again, and he clamped his eyes shut. But he again began to relax. Shaking his head violently, he hissed and revealed his glowing fangs. Castform continued her attempts to Attract him, and cooed in his ear. The snake lashed out and snapped at Castform, who barely managed to get out of the way by retreating. Kendar’s eyes remained shut as he shook his head. Castform frowned. Still dancing, she again approached Seviper, although more quietly. With the pink aura still surrounding her, she stopped just in front of Seviper’s face. Leaning forward, she kissed his nose.

Kendar’s eyes flung wide open. “Castform, get out of there!” said Mari, who feared the wrath of Seviper.

But Castform remained in front of Kendar. He looked at Castform, and she smiled back at him. A dopey smile came over his face and he completely lost interest in avoiding Castform. She had him.

“Oh, crud,” Atzie muttered under her breath. “Kendar, quick, use Toxic!” she said aloud. ‘I’ve got to get an advantage before he becomes completely useless!’ she thought.

Kendar looked at Atzie as though she had betrayed him. Then he turned to Castform and back to Atzie. He was feeling weird. He knew he should obey Atzie, but something inside him screamed that he must not harm Castform.

The grey Pokemon’s pink aura shone bright, and she continued to dance in front of Seviper.

“Good, Castform,” Mari said. “You have him, now reel him in!”

This statement caused reality to briefly return to Kendar, and he spit a ball of poison out of his mouth at Castform. But the infatuation returned, and he was aghast to see Castform frowning in disgust at the purple liquid all over her body. He started to approach and help her when she shook it off and remained hovering a few feet above the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief, his smile quickly changed to horror when he saw beads of sweat form on her head and the pink glow around her fade, she had been poisoned by his attack.

Castform shook her head in anger and swallowed down a deep breath, unleashing a stream of water on Seviper. The force of the rage-fueled torrent sent him tumbling back several feet.

“Nice shot,” Mari said. “But don’t use your Water Gun again. That counteracts the burns Ember caused, and those burns could severely weaken Kendar in the long run!”

“Oh, poor Kendar!” Atzie said to take advantage of the moment. “I bet you’d like to show off for Castform, right?”

Without looking away from his beloved, Kendar nodded. Castform was in front of him, glaring at him in hatred.

“Okay, then,” Atzie continued. “Why don’t you show her how incredibly fast you are! You could do that using your Double Team technique.”

Castform’s hatred abruptly turned to worry as Kendar nodded in response to his trainer, and took a position a bit farther away from Castform. Still smiling, his image began to multiply until four stood around her in a circle.

Mari, though concerned, smiled. ‘She’s smart. She knows how to overcome obstacles in battle. But I doubt even she can control an Attracted Pokemon for long.’ “Castform, you have to attack quickly! Ember and tackle when you can. Keep your eyes glued to Kendar, and you should be able to spot the real one soon enough when he moves.”

Atzie laughed. “You make it sound so easy! I can guarantee your Castform, especially as young as she is, won’t have an easy time of catching Kendar. So, Kendar, keep multiplying!”

Kendar, eager to display his eye-catching agility, continued multiplying his images. Seeing this development, Castform quickly shot a spray of fire balls at three of the now five Sevipers. The one at the far left cringed and stumbled backward. She dove for Kendar, hitting his neck in a tackle. He wasn’t hurt much and darted away, re-entering his image network of now six.

Castform was in the center of the rapidly multiplying false Kendars, and she stared intently at them, waiting for Kendar to slip up and make himself known.

“There, you see,” Atzie said to Kendar, careful not to aggravate the affects of his infatuation. “Castform can’t tell you apart from your image. Is that skill or what?”

The Kendars all smiled in unison, and another appeared. There were eight now, and Castform shot out more fire balls, hitting three. They proved to be fakes and were distorted by the attack, but they were quickly replaced by fresh images. The infatuated smile plastered across Kendar’s face continued to get bigger and dopier, but Mari soon noted that no additional images were appearing. Castform’s Attract was kicking in at full force. With any luck, his Double Team would diminish in effectiveness.

“Keep up the attack,” Mari encouraged Castform. “But be careful not to use up a lot of energy. That Toxic is draining your energy, too.”

She nodded, and dove at an image. Passing through it, she headed for the next one in line without missing a beat. A pained expression was on her face; the poison was eating at her. The second image was false as well, and she shot a fire ball at the third. There was a grunt, and the entire Double Team image network glitched momentarily. The scratched Kendar quickly re-entered and established the network. Castform tackled the same place, but Kendar had already slipped back into obscurity.

The sky overhead was grey and dark, threatening a storm. The waves of the Hoenn sea remained calm, but reflected the gloom of the sky. Castform’s normally grey color slowly assumed a bluish tint that went largely unnoticed in the heat of the battle.

Castform dove again at another image. When she again passed straight though it, she turned to charge again but stopped. Cringing in pain, sweat covered her face. She took the time for a breather while Kendar was preoccupied with maintaining his Double Team.

Atzie was keeping a watchful eye on her Seviper. As Castform struggled to regain her composure, Atzie noticed a frown on Kendar’s face. His eight images declined to seven, and it became obvious he was distracted. But this time, the source didn’t seem to be Castform.

Dr Skottie
07-16-2004, 08:47 AM
YAY RENNA IS BACK! WOOHOOO!! *tries to regain dignity* I'm so glad you're back, this is one of my favourtie stories here! Awesome update, excellent use of vocabulary. Great control of the scene. Wow... the One drop is worth marrying!! :biggrin: Can't wait for the next post!

Aiya Quackform
07-16-2004, 11:04 PM
YAY RENNA IS BACK! WOOHOOO!! *tries to regain dignity* I'm so glad you're back, this is one of my favourtie stories here! Awesome update, excellent use of vocabulary. Great control of the scene. Wow... the One drop is worth marrying!! :biggrin: Can't wait for the next post!

Hey Skottie! I missed you too. You always make me feel good & motivated to write more! Thanks. :biggrin:

Dr Skottie
07-17-2004, 02:15 AM
No worries :wink2: Oh man, I'm gonna have to try real hard to have AAOAL on the same standard as this... Hurry up and update please! :silly:

Aiya Quackform
07-23-2004, 06:13 AM
Chapter 8
Kendar was frowning, but at no particular object. He was concentrating within himself, and in the process was losing control over his Double Team. There were now six of the originally eight Seviper images.

Castform, also, was having problems concentrating. She appeared to be ill, and was stopped dead in the middle of the Double Team circle.

“Castform, are you okay?” called a concerned Mari. This was nothing like she had seen Toxic do in the past. “Try and throw a spray of fire balls at the Double Teams!” She was getting nervous. Castform was quickly losing her strength.

Shaking her head in a ‘no’, Castform didn’t move to respond. A drop of water from the overcast sky landed on her head, and she became increasingly blue in color.

“Castform…” Mari whispered to herself. Something beyond Toxic was happening. She felt a few drops of water fall on her head and shoulders, and Mari realized what was happening. “Castform! Don’t resist it!”

Atzie was confused as to Castform’s condition, but maintained her focus on Kendar. He had not lost another Double Team image, but his expression of dopey infatuation was changing. It now turned to anger aimed at Castform. She smiled. “Kendar, Poison Tail!”

Kendar leapt forward for Castform, whipping his glowing tail at her. She was thrown several feet from him onto the ground, but she made no move to retaliate. Despite the fact the Poison Tail hadn’t been at full force, a leftover from the Attract, it had been a hard hit on the severely weakened Castform.

“No! Not now, Castform!” cried Mari. Her Pokemon was not moving from her resting place on the stone walkway.

But the rain was starting come down more, and Castform’s body began to mutate. First it became deep blue in color, and then the bottom quarter of her body turned white while forming into a solid cloud-like shape. The upper part of her body, still deep blue, became transparent with a slight blue tint, like water! The core of her upper body remained a solid dark blue, and that’s where her white-masked eyes and mouth remained. Castform floated up from the ground, and faced Kendar. She was back in the game.

“What the…” Atzie said in amazement and surprise.

“She changes with the weather!” Mari said with glee. “Castform, that’s great! I don’t suppose you can still use Ember, can you?”

Shaking her head ‘no’, Castform waited for instruction while Seviper glared at her. He was cured of his infatuation, and he wasn’t phased be her transformation.

The rain was coming down regularly now, and both trainers quickly went into their backpacks. Atzie also had a CEIS Bin and brought it out, taking an umbrella out of it as Mari did the same with hers. Both were already somewhat wet, but were now safe from the chilling rain.

“Alright then,” Mari said. “Water Gun!”

“Kendar, Poison Tail!”

The mentally renewed Castform released a torrent of water upon Kendar, blasting him away from her.

He quickly got up and went at Castform, but he was panting with exhaustion. Whipping a glowing Poison Tail at her from above, Castform sidestepped the attack and shot another Water Gun at him. But Kendar was prepared this time. His body neatly curved out of the way, and struck again at Castform from the left. She was hit this time and was put off balance.

Castform, too, was exhausted, with or without her water transformation. Kendar immediately went at her again with a Poison Tail, but before he could hit her, she unleashed a cold, snow-filled blast from her mouth. The freezing attack burned Kendar’s wet skin, causing him to recoil away from Castform before fulfilling his attack. His lower body was sprinkled with ice, and he winced in pain because of it.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Mari exclaimed. “That’s Powder Snow, Castform, don’t forget,” she said to make sure her Pokemon would be able to recognize the attack on command.

Atzie, meanwhile, examined her own Pokemon. The water and ice had virtually cured him of his burns, excluding the ones in his mouth. But the ice would doubtless slow him down.

“Kendar, use Iron Tail to counter Powder Snow!”

He nodded his acknowledgement and charged for Castform.

“Castform, alternate Water Gun and Powder Snow!”

Castform went head-on for her opponent. A few feet before meeting Kendar, she swerved up and around him, dousing his body with water. The force knocked him to the ground, but he swung his tail up at her before she could move, dealing another Poison Tail. Castform spun backwards in the air a few times before re-gaining control and diving back at him. Kendar, too, lifted himself up off the ground. She unleashed another Powder Snow, and Kendar’s tail shone silver. He slashed through her attack, cutting it like a knife. She had not been far behind and was hit on the head and sent plummeting to the ground. He lifted his tail to strike again, but Castform shot up and sidestepped his Iron Tail, unleashing her Powder Snow on him before he could counter.

Kendar hissed a shriek from the burning cold, and violently slashed at Castform with his tail, hitting her yet again. She remained in the air, but both were panting heavily.

Kendar’s body was covered with ice crystals, and it was obvious that he was losing speed because of it. The fact that Castform had been failing to dodge his attacks was evidence of her exhaustion, and she was still being affected by Kendar’s earlier Toxic. Neither had the energy to go much longer; the next few moments would decide the victor.

Mari’s mind raced. ‘It’s obvious Powder Snow deals more damage on Kendar than Water Gun, but he has a likelier chance of avoiding it with that Iron Tail of his.’ “Okay, Castform,” she said aloud. “This is it, use Powder Snow!”

“Kendar, Iron Tail!” Atzie countered, praying he had enough speed to pull it off.

The two Pokemon were about twenty-five feet apart, and each had sweet victory on their minds. Both were determined to make the other fall.

Kendar moved first, heading with as much speed as he could muster towards Castform, with his tail shining silver.

The rainwater was pouring down, and Castform allowed that to fuel her transformed body’s soul. She charged up her attack with all her remaining strength, and waited for Kendar to come closer.

When he reached a distance of five feet from her, she gushed a freezing Powder Snow over him. Not fast enough to deflect it, Kendar fought the onslaught with pure willpower. Charging through the icy attack, he raised his tail, aimed for the attack’s source, and connected with Castform. The Powder Snow stopped; Castform was flung hard onto the ground. Seviper stood shivering, looking over at his fallen opponent. Her eyes were closed, and her battered body did not budge. Castform would not be getting up this time.

Aiya Quackform
07-23-2004, 06:14 AM
Chapter 8 (continued)
“Castform!” Mari dashed over to her Pokemon, cradling her in her arms. “You did so great, thank you,” she whispered.

Kendar collapsed as his victory was acknowledged. Atzie raced to his side. “They sure gave us a run for our money, huh?” she joked to take his mind off his aching body. He weakly smiled, still shivering from the cold. Atzie held her umbrella over him and continued. “Don’t you worry. There’s a Pokemon hospital on our ship, and you’ll be all better soon.” She recalled him into his Pokeball and walked over to Mari.

Mari stood up and faced Atzie, holding Castform in her arms. “Thanks for the battle,” Mari said. “I doubt I’ll ever forget it!”

“Good,” Atzie smiled. “Now don’t you get discouraged if you lose on occasion. I plan on battling you again someday!”

“You bet! I’ve learned a lot already, and I plan to learn more. Next time, I’ll beat you for sure!”

“Sure you will. Well, I have to go catch my ride,” Atzie said as she turned away from Mari. “I know we’ll meet again, seeing as we’ll both be traveling a lot.”

“Do you want me to walk you to your ship?” Mari offered.

“Nah,” Atzie waved it off. “I can take care of myself. Besides, you need to get that Castform of yours to a Pokemon Center ASAP! It’s just down from where the mall was, on the left side.”

“Thanks,” Mari replied, and looking down at her still unconscious Castform, wasted no more time. “Bye!” she said and ran back towards the Pokemon Center.

The Pokemon Center was not far, and Mari easily found it with Atzie’s directions despite the pouring rain. Stepping inside the round building, Mari placed her wet umbrella on the pink tile floor to dry. Still carrying Castform in her free arm, she approached the check-in counter. Nurse Joy sat at the counter, filling out paperwork.

Upon looking up at the injured Pokemon Joy said, “Oh, goodness. Looks like someone’s had a tough battle! Let’s get her to the recovery unit right away. Chansey! Get a room ready.” The pink-haired nurse took Castform from her owner’s arms. “Don’t worry, dear,” she reassured Mari. “Your Pokemon will be fine. But I must ask, what kind of Pokemon is it?”

“She’s Castform. Right now she’s a water type, but now that’s she out of the rain, she’ll become a normal type again soon.” Mari’s prediction was already proving true as Castform was already slowly returning to her original form and color.

“Alright, dear,” Joy said. “Why don’t you go get some dinner while you’re waiting?”

Mari nodded and walked towards the dining room, leaving Joy to do her job. Slateport’s Pokemon Center was quite large, and its dining room was no exception. It was large enough to be a full restaurant, although at the moment there were only a few scattered trainers about. Mari sat at a booth next to a window. A menu had been left on the table, and she glanced over it. A Chansey promptly arrived.

“Chansiiii?” it chirped.

“I’ll have a Club Sandwich and water, please,” Mari said to the large egg.

It bowed slightly in acknowledgement and walked off into the kitchen to get her order. Mari dug into her leather backpack, bringing out a worn cloth wallet. The Pokemon Centers were a free service, but they weren’t free to run. She had been taught at the Academy that it was always a good idea to give a donation to the Centers you stayed at.

Mari leaned on the table and stared out the window, into the entrancing dance of water droplets splashing on the stone streets. Her eyelids were heavy, and she glanced at her watch. ‘Wow, seven already?’ she thought to herself. ‘I guess it has been awhile since we got to Slateport. When Castform gets out of recovery, she’ll probably be starving. Then again, I’m sure Nurse Joy or one of the Chansey will make sure she’s eaten.’ A smile flickered across her lips. ‘Heh, that was so cool when Castform turned into a water type. I should call Dr. Ghilbee soon and thank him again.’

The food arrived and Mari gave Chansey some Pokedollars. The Pokemon graciously accepted it and left to attend to other matters. Mari ravenously ate her sandwiches, not realizing how hungry she’d been. A half hour quickly went by, and Nurse Joy approached her in the dining room, a fully grey Castform in her arms.

Mari started to get up form the table, but Joy waved her off. “No need to get up, miss. I gave your Pokemon all the proper medications, and now all she needs is rest.”

Castform slowly settled in next to Mari, resting on the booth’s cushioned bench. “Thank you so much, Nurse Joy,” Mari said.

“No problem. Just make sure she gets a good night sleep, and no battling for at least twenty-four hours.”

Mari nodded and Joy walked away. The Chansey, as if on queue, arrived at their booth once again, this time with a bowl of Pokemon food for Castform. Castform floated up from the booth and onto the table, slowly but gratefully eating her food.

“You must be tired,” Mari said. “Once you’re done eating, we can go get a room and get some sleep.”

Castform nodded as she chewed, and finished up the entire serving. After she was done, Mari picked her up and walked over to the nearest Chansey. Mari wasn’t sure if it was the same as before, as they were all overgrown pink eggs to her.

“Excuse me, Chansey, but can we get a room for tonight?”

Chansey nodded and led them up to a second floor of the Pokemon Center. Handing them a key from a purse strapped around its body, it pointed to the number on the key, which was ‘103’, and then gestured down the hall. It then walked back down the stairs, leaving Mari to find room number 103. On either side of hallway were doors, each labeled with a number. She walked down until coming across her room, and walked in.

It was a small, one room area with a single bed, a window, a desk and chair, and no bathroom. A small card was on her pillow, reading, “Facilities at end of hallway.” ‘Goody, a communal bathroom,’ Mari though to herself. Placing Castform on the bed to sleep, Mari sat at the desk and looked out the window. Glancing at her watch once again, it proved to be almost eight o’clock.

She dug into her backpack once again, and this time uncovered her journal and a pen. Flipping it open, she began to write.

It’s my first official day as a Pokemon trainer. That’s right, Mari Donovan, Pokemon trainer. After waiting so long, it’s so surreal. Castform is so sweet, but I can tell she’s got a real fighting spirit. Especially after our very first battle today, with my new friend, Atzie Barrone.

Mari looked up from her writing into the dark rainy night. The sound of the water soothed her nerves, and she again found herself staring out into the city. The street lights were on now, and their luminescence permeated the thick air in orbs of light.

While watching the rain fall, a glint of pink caught her eye. Squinting, she saw a blotch of pink in an alleyway across the street from the Pokemon Center. With the rain, it took her a moment to identify it.

“Oh!” she gasped as she recognized it as a small and soaking wet Skitty.

Dr Skottie
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*Scott stutters at a loss for words*... wow... your... it's just...*smiles embarresedly :biggrin: :oops: * Excellent work Renna, keep it up. This is the stuff of legend... :happy:

If you don't have time to read AAOAL read one of my short stories instead and tell me what u think. Links to them are in my sig. :cool:

07-25-2004, 06:26 PM
Two words for this fic: WOW and PERFECT!!!

Just Hope, Dr Skottie, Matt and the rest of the "best" writers consider me one of them... Hopefully I can enter that League with my new fic... :neutral:

07-25-2004, 06:58 PM
Two words for this fic: WOW and PERFECT!!!

Just Hope, Dr Skottie, Matt and the rest of the "best" writers consider me one of them... Hopefully I can enter that League with my new fic... :neutral:
Well once Phoenix was promoted to the "Best Writers Association" :tongue: everyone stopped bringing up "best writers" but I guess you can be one of the "best writers" IF you hurry and give us more!!! Come on, cancel your hot dates and quit your job, and then write more! I still think you should write that one fic about the Ilex St. Gang, that one sounded cool...

Oh anyways, back on topic, I just started reading your fic Renna, I should get finish here soon if I find read fast enough to fit the time I have. Excellent work so far, I'll give you a good and deep review when I read it all tho!

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Dr. Skottie: Thank you. :redface: You and everyone else who posts in here always make me feel so good! It really makes me glad that I write. I have read your 'Golden Mightyena' fic, and that was VERY good. You wrote the setting excellently. Almost had to put a coat on... Anyway, I've started reading AAOAL, but I'm not very far. There's a bunch of fics I want to read, and yours is in the top three easy. But right now I'm reading a rather short fic on ffnet, and after that's done I'll focus on yours. ^_^

Mario: Glad you like it.

KCash: Hey, I've heard about you! Think I read the beginning of you fic once... In any event, it's obvious people around here respect you, so I'm glad you're reading my fic. ^_^ Can't wait for your review, I'm always happy to receive constructive compliments and critisism.

Oh, and what is this 'phoenix' thing? If there's a link you can give me that would be great too.

Also, I've come up with a two sentence 'hook' as a preview of my fic so I can post it on various sites. You may find it interesting...

A coming of age story about a girl whose entire life has already been planned and plotted out for her, and a war that teaches her to stand on her own. -- PG for mild violence, thematic elements, and it's better safe than sorry.

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Dr. Skottie: Thank you. :redface: You and everyone else who posts in here always make me feel so good! It really makes me glad that I write. I have read your 'Golden Mightyena' fic, and that was VERY good. You wrote the setting excellently. Almost had to put a coat on... Anyway, I've started reading AAOAL, but I'm not very far. There's a bunch of fics I want to read, and yours is in the top three easy. But right now I'm reading a rather short fic on ffnet, and after that's done I'll focus on yours. ^_^

Oh, and what is this 'phoenix' thing? If there's a link you can give me that would be great too.

You should feel good, this is masterful. The battles are long and detailed, the storyline and characters are believeable. It's also very original, which is nice to see in a trainer fic. My trainer fic and many others end up being a lil bit too cliche. I'm glad you liked Golden Mightyena, very proud of that. Check out Vengeance if you havent yet. Its only about 800 words long so it wont take long at all to read.

Hehe... phoenix004 is a person. He is a big fan of us "Best Writers" and he is writing his own fic which is very good. So yeh he was kinda elevated to the best writers status but yeh, its not an official thing. However i think i should humbly be asking you to elevate me to your status. I must say without a doubt, best pokemon fan fic I have read. Keep it up girl!

07-30-2004, 04:19 AM
Awesome job Renna! I'll admitt that this fic takes an awful long time to get rolling but thats what I look for in a fic. Something that I can kick my feet back and read a long and detailed story that seems to be in no rush to get where its going. You use an awesome set of vocabulary to explain the surroundings and the character's feelings.

The battles are very, very long which can sometimes tire a reader out... of course I can't complain to much on that because thats what I love. This fic is giving me everything I want... detailed actions, great character personalities, awesome battling, loads of fun, and one very brillant writer.

Sorry Skottie, Phoenix, Matt, ...myself... But this has to be the #1 funniest trainer fic to read on the forums! Can't wait until the next installment comes in!

Aiya Quackform
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Aw, shucks, KCash, you're gonna give me a big head! But I really do love the feedback. You people make my week!

Just to let you all know, within the next few days I'll be posting 'The One Drop' on ffnet, a highly competitive fan fiction site. This, however, will be a sort of special edition of 'Drop' because I will use reviews I've gotten to refine the story before posting the chapters there. If you're interested in reading the special edition, I will be posting a link to it when I put it up.

Aiya Quackform
07-30-2004, 07:39 AM
Chapter 9
Mari bolted up from the desk. She glanced thoughtfully at the sleeping Castform, but quietly left the room without her. Running down the stairs and through the reception area, she picked up her dried umbrella on her way out of the center. The cold of the rainy night stung her bare skin, and she ruefully recalled leaving her jacket in her room.

Mari jogged across the street and looked back at the Pokemon Center’s windows on the second floor. Making a guess at which window was hers, she looked directly across the street from it and identified the alleyway she had seen Skitty in. Water splashed on her jeans as she ran for it, chilling her all the more.

Upon arriving at the alleyway, there was no sign of the Skitty. The streetlight illuminated parts of the alley, and Mari walked down it. Garbage littered either side of the alley, soaking up the water. Mari wrinkled her nose at the smell, but persisted in looking for the Pokemon. At the very end of the alley, Mari saw a stack of cardboard boxes shake. Quickening her pace, she looked inside them. Near the bottom of the stack was an open, soaking wet box on its side. Peering inside it, Mari spotted the small Skitty. A lovely lavender collar with white jewels on it starkly contrasted against the Skitty’s ill appearance. Wet and shivering, her runny nose was a bright red.

She squeaked in fear as Mari reached in for it, and a bout of coughing followed.

“Oh, you poor little thing,” Mari whispered gently to as she scooped her up with little resistance. “You really are sick!” She briskly turned around and ran back to the Pokemon Center.

Stepping inside the reception area, it was apparent that the staff had retired for the night. Mari dropped her umbrella next to the door again and pondered whether or not to wake Nurse Joy. ‘Well, this is the kind of thing they taught us to take care of at the Academy,’ and with that Mari went upstairs back to the guest rooms.

Walking past her own room, she went into one of the many bathrooms. Inside was a bathtub & shower, a counter with sink, and toilet. Small, but clean.

Mari grabbed a dry towel from under the counter and padded the sink with it. The Skitty sneezed in Mari’s arms, and she placed the petite Pokemon on the towel.

Skitty weakly meowed, still frightened of these strange surroundings and person.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” Mari continuously spoke to her in a calming voice. She removed Skitty’s collar and placed it next to the sink to dry, and gently bathed the kitten in warm water. Skitty did not like the water at first, but soon grew accustomed to it as it warmed her body. As soon as Mari was satisfied with Skitty’s body temperature, she turned off the water and wrapped the Pokemon in a fluffy white towel, carefully drying her off.

Skitty was visibly exhausted, and did little else but occasionally meow after she had been warmed up by the water.

“Alright, baby, let’s go back to the room,” Mari said once Skitty was dry. After cleaning up the bathroom and grabbing Skitty’s collar, they left for her room.

Quietly entering, Castform proved to be sound asleep. Mari placed the wrapped up Skitty on her bed, put the collar on the desk, and took her CEIS BinBall out of her backpack, releasing the bin in front of her bed. Rummaging around in it as quietly as she could, Mari took out her first aid kit and selected a thermometer and cold medication.

Skitty was almost asleep when Mari’s placed her hand on the Pokemon’s forehead. She jolted awake, but did nothing to object.

‘Hm, she’s a bit warm,’ Mari thought to herself. Using the thermometer to check her temperature, she did had a slight fever. “Well, looks like you have a cold for sure!”

This was further confirmed as Skitty’s entire body shook with a series of sneezes, and she recovered with a surprised expression on her ears. Mari giggled. “Well, you won’t like this much, but you need some medicine.”

Mari dug into her CEIS Bin again and brought out PokeChow and a bowl. Pouring some food in the bowl, she sprinkled the prescribed amount of powdered cold medicine on it.

Skitty’s ears perked at the sound of food, and readily accepted it when offered. Mari gently stroked Skitty’s hair against the grain to promote circulation as she ate. When done, Skitty suffered from another noisy bout of sneezes. Mari cringed as Castform stirred in her sleep, but she did not wake.

“Whew,” Mari joked to Skitty. “That was a close one!” Skitty weakly smiled, but laid on top of her towel to sleep.

“Right,” Mari said looking at her watch. “Wow, it’s close to eleven. We should all be getting some sleep.”

Mari picked up Skitty and moved the damp towel onto the floor. After placing the kitten under the bed covers, Mari changed into her green pajamas and got in bed. She closed her heavy eyelids the second her head hit the pillow, and was soon fast asleep.

Mari’s eyes drifted open. The room was filled with the soft white light of a new day. Planting her feet on the floor, she got up and looked out the window. Only a few clouds remained in the sky now. The clock on her desk read ‘8:02’. Stretching, she looked over at the two sleeping Pokemon on her bed. Both were visibly in better health than last night. Mari picked up Skitty’s collar and for the first time examined it closely. On one of the circles where another crystal was to be expected to continue the pattern, was instead a plate of white metal engraved with the words “Porschia - 12643 Whistling Wind Road”.

Aiya Quackform
07-30-2004, 07:40 AM
Chapter 9 (continued)
‘Hm, looks like I found your name and your home,’ Mari thought.

By eight-thirty, Mari had showered, dressed, re-packed, and was ready to go. Both of the Pokemon, however, were still asleep. A smile flickered across her lips. There was only one way to wake up a lazy person. (Or in this case, Pokemon.)

Mari crouched down next to the bed and rested her head only a few inches away from Castform’s face. Mari poked her side a couple times and Castform jerked, and her eyes opened.

“Hello!” Mari said in the loud, sickeningly cheerful voice her mom had used on her a thousand mornings before.

Castform’s eyes shot wide open in surprise and she involuntarily jolted back, wide awake.

Mari laughed. “Adrenaline wins again!”

Castform looked at Mari with a bewildered expression.

“Sorry, Castform,” Mari chuckled. “But I’ve always wanted to try that on someone else.”

Sticking her little pink tongue out, she floated away from the bed. It was then that she noticed Skitty, and she cocked her head in curiousity.

“Last night when you were asleep, I found this little one outside in the rain,” she explained. “She’s got a nasty cold, but aside from that Skitty should be fine. But just the same, I want to get her checked out by Nurse Joy before we take her home.”

Mari walked over to Skitty and scooped her up into her arms. Skitty was awakened, and meowed with a friendly smile.

“Good morning to you, too!” Mari said. “Is your name Porschia?”

The Skitty nodded at the name.

Castform approached Skitty and after gingerly smelling her, smiled. Skitty smiled back, but sneezed immediately afterward.

“Well, it’s time to take you down to Nurse Joy,” Mari said. She grabbed her backpack and left with the Castform and Skitty.

“Oh, what a darling Pokemon!” Nurse Joy said when she saw the Skitty in Mari’s arms. “I didn’t know you had a Skitty!”

Mari laughed. “I don’t. I found this girl outside last night in the rain. I got her dried off and warmed up last night, but she still seems to have a cold.”

“Oh,” Nurse Joy said, placing her hand on Skitty’s head. “Well, it looks to me like you’re dead on.” She looked over to Castform. “And you’re looking much better today, Castform!

The grey Pokemon smiled and voiced her agreement.

“Oh, I found this collar on Skitty,” Mari said taking it out of her pocket. “Do you know where ‘Whistling Wind Road’ is?”

Nurse Joy looked at the address on the collar. “Yes, that’s in the north part of the city. Here, I’ll get you a map.” She went behind the counter of the Center and quickly returned. Opening the map, she showed Mari where they were, where Whistling Wind Road was, and how to get there.

“Thank you so much, Nurse Joy!” Mari said with sincerity.

“You’re quite welcome,” Joy replied. “I hope you find Porschia’s owners!”

“Thanks!” Mari waved goodbye as she exited the Center. Still holding the sick Skitty in one arm, she used her free hand to hold the map displayed on her PPD. After a good deal of walking, the trio successfully managed to navigate their way to 12643 Whistling Wind Road, and found themselves standing in front of a large two story building. In big, light yellow letters the words “Addison Breeding Center” were proudly displayed above a large rotating door.

Skitty nearly jumped out of Mari’s arms trying to get at the building, but Mari managed to keep a hold of her.

“Woah, there, Porschia,” she said. “This is a nice home you’ve got here, but you need to take it easy.” Mari put the PPD back in her backpack and put Skitty’s collar back on her, and the three went inside.

The inside proved far more extravagant than the outside, with a glossy blue tiled floor and plush furniture for people and Pokemon. Mari approached a young man with black hair who was wearing what appeared to be uniform, for it said ‘Addison Breeding Center’ on the back of his grey shirt.

“Excuse me,” she said tapping his back.

He turned and looked at her with his bright brown eyes. “Yes?”

“Uh, I found this Skitty last night and…”

“Oh, Porschia! Thank goodness you’re safe!” the man took the Skitty from Mari’s arms and hugged her. Skitty was just as happy, meowing and loudly purring while rubbing her head against his shoulder in a hug.

Mari laughed. “Looks like I found the right place!”

“Oh, yes, you certainly did, thank you so much!” he said, and remembering his manners, extended his hand. “I’m Matt Addison.”

“Mari Donovan, and this is Castform,” she shook his hand.

“I can’t tell you how thankful we all are, Miss Donovan. Sis! Sis, come here!” he waved over a girl who was wearing the same uniform and has similar coloring to Matt.

“Yeah, Matt,” she said, and then saw Skitty. “Porschia!” she ran over and took her from Matt. The kitten happily greeted her as well. “Oh, sweetie, I was so worried!” she then looked at Mari. “Are you the one who found Porschia?”

Before Mari could speak, Matt cut in. “Yes, she just brought Porschia in. Mari Donovan, this is my sister Hannah.”

Hannah and Mari shook hands. “Again, thank you so much!” Hannah said.

“Oh, I was happy to take care of her. She’s so sweet!” Mari replied.

Skitty then had another bout of sneezes, drawing the immediate concern of the siblings.

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