View Full Version : Fire Emblem: PoR type of RP... need some help

04-19-2008, 12:48 AM
I was thinking of making an RP based after the events of PoR(Path of Radiance) but before RD(Radiant Dawn). Except it wall have all the classes of PoR and not RD because we, being my brother and myself, don't have a Wii and therefore we can't get RD, and he just beat PoR. It looked fun and he's helping me play it, so I thought it would be kinda fun to start an RP based on it. So far, here's some of the characters we've met so far. BTW, my brother on this forum is "Gangsta_Dawg" and please pay no attention to his user; he's completely full of himself.

Anyhoo, the characters we've come in conatact with is everyone up to "Chapter 15: The Feral Frontier Adv." Here's the list of people on the Greil Mercenaries army and my units:

Ike ~> Ranger
Titania ~> Paladin
Oscar ~> Paladin
Kieran ~> Paladin
Soren ~> Sage
Boyd ~> Warrior
Ilyana ~> Sage
Astrid ~> Paladin
Jill ~> Wyvern Rider
Sothe ~> Thief
Mist ~> Valkyrie
Rolf ~> Archer
Zihark ~> Myrmidon
Gatrie ~> Knight
Lethe ~> Beast Tribe/Cat
Mordecai ~> Beast Tribe/Tiger
Rhys ~> Priest
Mia ~> Swordmaster
Marcia ~> Pegasus Knight
Volke ~> Thief
Brom ~> Knight
Nephenee ~> Soldier(Personally, I hate her >_<)
Makalov ~> Sword Knight

Those are meh peeps and if anyone will join that recquires special attention(such as they need talked too, etc.) let me know please!!! I don't want to end up killing them!

As for the RP, I'm looking for anyone who has played and completed the game. Any suggestions for a plot are OPEN!!!

EDIT: This was a "phail"