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The night air was cool and silent. The clouds flecked the dark blue and the stars shone brightly in the sky. A drop of rain fell to the earth, breaking the stillness of Petalburg Lake.

The fisher sitting by the bank looked up and stared at the ripples forming across the surface. He lowered his head again when a deep rumbling arose. He returned his gaze to the sky and quickly leapt out of his seat when a bolt of lightning came crashing down.

Within seconds, the silence had been broken by a thunderstorm which crashed and growled all around Hoenn. People closed their windows and locked their doors. Candles were lit as power lines went down, and a shiver ran down everyone’s spine as they heard a deep, echoing shriek sound through the night.

04-20-2008, 10:37 PM
Chapter 1: Wrath from Below
“I got you!” Rayne yelled excitedly, when yet another Magikarp had been hooked onto his fishing rod.

He reeled it in and unhooked the fish, and tossed it back in. He attached some new bait to his hook and tossed it back into the water.

He kicked back in his chair and waited for the fish to bite again.

As Rayne looked up into the sky, something blocked out the sun, and before he knew it, he was lying in the water, soaking wet and his rod floating beside him.

“Daydreaming again, Rayne? You really should pay better attention,” said the girl standing next to his chair.

It was Jill, a girl with dark red hair, bright blue eyes and the most beautiful face within miles upon end. Rayne and Jill were best friends, although Rayne would like to be more.

“Yeah, well, you know me. But did you really have to push me in? Now I’m soaking, and it’s not very warm to begin with!” Rayne said.

Jill laughed and held out her hand, which he took, and climbed onto the bank. He looked into the lake and saw himself staring back, his dark blond hair now flattened to his face, blue eyes barely visible between his bangs, and clothes clinging to every piece of skin they get hold on to.

He threw back his hair and began to pack up his things.

“Shouldn’t you get your rod first, before leaving?” Jill giggled.

Rayne cursed under his breath and dove back into the water. As he swam towards his only rod, his left leg seemed to stop working correctly. He kicked with all his might with his right leg, but soon that stopped working too. As Rayne looked down to see what was wrong, he was pulled under the surface, and he could hear Jill scream from the water’s edge.

As he looked down, he saw a Tentacruel pulling him down to the bottom of the lake. A group of Tentacool were floating nearby, staring at this scene. It seemed that Rayne had made this Tentacruel mad for catching its offspring – assuming this was the mother or father.

As Rayne was dragged deeper, his eyes started to bulge from the pressure, and it felt as though his longs were going to burst out of his chest. He saw Pokémon swimming all around them, but none would help him.

Suddenly, the grip around his legs loosened, and he began to slowly float back to the surface. Realizing he was free, Rayne swam as fast as he could, without looking back. Finally, he broke the water and gulped down air like no tomorrow. He heard screaming, and saw Jill jump into the water to help him back.

The closer she got, the larger the shadow below him became. He started to paddle towards Jill while mouthing “turn back” to her.

A large splash sounded from behind him, and a loud roar erupted. When he turned to look, a giant snake-like Pokémon glared at him with bright red eyes. Rayne’s own eyes widened in shock at the sight of this monster, and he could hear several people yell from the bank.

“Seaking, Horn Attack!”

A flash of red and white passed Rayne, and the salmon Pokémon leapt out of the water to attack the Gyarados, who merely turned and smacked the fish with its powerful tail. It roared again, and opened its jaws wide to begin charging one of the most devastating attacks known to the Pokémon world – Hyper Beam.

Rayne turned and swam as fast and hard as he could, looking everywhere for Jill, but she was already safe on the shore. Rayne paddled harder, and was met by a Starmie who was to bring him back to safety. He climbed onto its back, and they jetted towards the edge while the Gyarados fired his fully charged beam of energy.

Everyone ran, and Rayne was taken back into the depths of the water to escape the attack. The beam broke the surface and grazed Rayne’s hair. As he turned back to look, he could see the water snake charging towards them. Starmie resurfaced and threw Rayne onto the bank, and then returned to battle the Gyarados, together with a Golduck, Ludicolo and the Seaking from before.

The Pokémon all fought valiantly, striking with well-placed attacks, but none could match the might of Gyarados. Their owners quickly recalled them as Gyarados roared again. This time, the Tentacruel that attacked Rayne joined the fray, and began unleashing a series of attacks, smacking the snake left, right and center. But alas, its attacks were also in vain, as another Gyarados arose and hit if from behind.

The jellyfish was pushed into the deep, and both Gyarados dove after it.

The people on the bank stood and watched flashes appear from under the surface, listened to muffled roars and shivered in fright. Finally, just when it seemed as though it would last forever, all went quiet, and the dead body of Tentacruel now floated upon the surface.

Several people gasped, others choked in their words, and yet others settled with silent tears. As the heads of the Gyarados’ emerged, those with Pokémon immediately released them once again, and ordered to take the monstrosities down, or at least hold them at bay, at all costs, while they went to get help.

Rayne watched the battle commence once again, and saw other Pokémon from below race to the water’s edge to escape the danger zone. It was no use, however. One Gyarados had already proved impossible, but two?

“Get out of the way! Men, you can fire when ready!”

Rayne whirled around and saw four men aiming guns at the raging Pokémon. They were the tranquilizer’s they had saved for situations like this.

All fired at the first Gyarados, who roared, but fell to the water, leaving his ally alone. The second also received the full dose, but continued to fight, taking its attackers out one by one.

The men reloaded their weapons and fired straight away, but it couldn’t stop the Pokémon, who was now down to one opponent, which quickly fell after the third rounds were fired.

It slowly turned and blinked, but still managed to begin charging a Hyper Beam. The people began to scream again as the beam was shot almost immediately. No one had time to run. Gyarados fell backwards as its attack blasted the bank to bits, knocking the people every which way.

Rayne grabbed Jill before the beam hit, and held on tight as they were blasted back, and were slammed into the side of a house. They slid down, and looked at each other before Rayne passed out…

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Chapter 2: Aftermath
Rayne blinked and was facing the ceiling of his bedroom. Perhaps it had all been a dream?

“You’re awake!” he heard.

He looked to his right and there was Jill, her arm in a sling, and a worried look on her face.

“How are you feeling?” she asked him.

Rayne suddenly realized it was all real, and he was also injured. His head throbbed, and he felt bandages covering half his face.

“Don’t worry; the doctor said you’ll be okay. He wanted to keep you in the Center, but they were short on beds and your mother insisted you came home, anyways,” Jill said slowly. As she went on, Rayne noticed tears coming to her eyes. “The doctor said the bandages could come off in about a week, but your eye patch will be removed tomorrow, to see if you… if you…” she choked and burst into tears.

“To see if you haven’t lost sight in your left eye, dear,” Rayne heard from his left.

He turned and saw his mother, pure white and her dark hair unkempt. Her eyes were bloodshot and shadow’s circled her eyes. At these words he only just realized he was only seeing out of his right side.

“Wait, what happened to my eye? It was fine, even after I hit the house, because I remember looking at Jill perfectly!” he yelled in panic.

Jill sobbed even louder, and his mother shook her head.

“According to Jill, rubble fell down onto you both, and something must have hit you hard enough to break your sight. But we won’t know until tomorrow. Now, I’m going to make you something to eat, and afterwards I want you to go back to sleep. Jill, I’ll make your bed in a little while,” she said before scurrying down the stairs.

Jill coughed and looked back at Rayne. Even in this state she was so beautiful…

“Thanks, Rayne, for saving me back there,” she managed to spit out.

“And thank you for coming to my rescue at the lake,” Rayne replied.

He grabbed her hand and smiled, which hurt beyond belief, but he refrained from flinching. She looked away and tugged her hand back.

“What’s wrong?” Rayne asked, feeling surprised and let down.

She turned back to him and said, “I’m sorry. It’s just… hurting me to see you like this, and to think of what happened. If I hadn’t pushed you into the water…”

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault! I wasn’t attacked until after I dove in myself, so if there’s anyone to blame, it’s me,” he said.

She burst into tears again, and choked. Rayne gently patted her on the arm. She then looked at him with her bright eyes, now sparkling with tears, and kissed him.

It hurt to have that pressure on his face, yet it was soothing at the same time. It seemed to last forever, it was so passionate… it was what he had wanted for as long as he could remember.

Suddenly she pulled away and tore off to the staircase, hurled herself down them and yelled goodbye to his mother before running out the door.

Rayne stared at the doorway, not knowing what had happened. He fell back into his pillows and fell asleep.

A few hours later, Rayne awoke in his dark bedroom, and he blinked his good eye. He waited until it got used to the darkness, and saw a dark silhouette lying beside him on the floor. He looked closer and noticed it was Jill. She had come back. As he turned back to look at the ceiling, she spoke.

“You’re amazing, Rayne. In all these years I’ve known you, I’ve always seen you face danger and think nothing of it. You always seem to find a way to divert the blame from someone else onto yourself, and break a smile while doing so. You’re so brave and thoughtful, kind and loving… yet I’ve never had any feelings for you,” she said quietly and slowly. “It wasn’t really until after you resurfaced, and jumped into the water until I realized that I… I…”

She fell silent, and Rayne’s throat turned dry. Had she fallen in love with him? Was it really a near-death experience that could make his dream reality?

“That I love you, Rayne,” she finished.

His mind went blank from bliss, and his mother and a doctor from the Center walked into the room.

“Alright Rayne, time to check if you still have sight on your left side,” the doctor said.

It doesn’t matter, thought Rayne. Jill loved him, and that was all he needed and wanted. He sat upright and waited patiently. He felt fingers pull at his patch, and felt it come off…

“Open your eye, Rayne,” Jill whispered.

He raised his eyelid, and what he saw made his heart jump: nothing.

“It’s… all gone,” he said.

Jill clapped her hand to her mount, and his mother sniffled. The doctor sighed.

“Then I’m sorry Rayne, but you are now legally blind on the left side. The blow wasn’t weak enough to make it a temporary blindness, judging by your wound and taking the force into consideration,” the doctor said. “I will take my leave now. Take good care of him, Mrs. Vallon.”

He got up and left the room. Jill embraced Rayne with her one arm and his mother left the two alone.

“Oh, Rayne, I’m so sorry! It must be terrible, hearing something like that,” Jill cried.

“Yeah… I’ll be fine though. Just… don’t leave me,” he said, and strengthened his grip, which she returned.

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Chapter 3: Dark Showers
Not long after Rayne heard he was half-blind, the sky had turned pitch black, and cold drops of water fell from the heavens. Rayne has always liked the rain. Every time something great had happened in his life, it began to rain. These heavy showers only meant that he and Jill getting together was probably the best thing that could happen to him at the moment. They spent their final days of recovery in Rayne’s room, talking. (I know you were thinking of something nasty). Rayne’s mother left them be, and was only around when it was time to eat.

“Well, tomorrow you’re finally allowed to go back out again, Rayne. What do you want to do? I think the weather should clear up soon,” Jill said happily.

Rayne shook his head and said, “Nah. I’ve got a feeling this rain’s going to last a while.”

She looked at him in surprise, but decided not to ask why he thought this. He smiled when she said nothing.


Jill shrieked at the sound of the loud crash of thunder and grabbed Rayne’s hand tightly.

He patted her on the back and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just thunder.”


Rayne looked out of the window and saw the sky flashing as small bolts of lightning rolled through the air. Was it a thunderstorm?

He could hear people outside yell and scream. Rayne sat up straight, so as to see what was going on. Jill got to her feet and walked over to the window, and screamed, “The Center’s on fire!”

Rayne flew to her side, and sure enough, the PokéCenter was burning to the ground. People were doing everything they could to put it out - they even had the Pokémon helping – but the flames wouldn’t go out, and a few, long moments later, they finally died, revealing a scorched building with shattered windows and smoke rising from every inch.

Jill gasped, and the two of them quickly ran outside. They saw a yellow fox Pokémon with nine tails sitting beside a tall, dark haired man with cold, grey eyes and a goatee.

He looked around the circle of people and barked, “Well? Isn’t anyone going to thank me for saving your precious Center?”

Everyone stared at him, but no one said anything.

“Bah. You townsfolk are all the same: ungrateful,” the man spat out.

Rayne stepped forward. “Even though I wasn’t here to see what happened, I’m pretty sure none of us asked you for your help,” he said bravely.

Several people nodded in agreement.

The man stared at Rayne with his cold eyes and laughed.

“Rayne Vallon. Always been the brave one, ever since you were born,” the man said while smiling.

Rayne looked confused, and turned to Jill, who merely shrugged.

“What’s the matter, don’t recognize your old man, kiddo? True, being held captive will change a man’s appearance if done right. Anyways, I’ve come to warn everybody.”

Rayne ran over to this man and embraced him, and his mother followed suit.

“We’ve missed you,” Rayne cried.

“Later, Rayne. This is too important to postpone any longer,” Mr Vallon said.

Charles (Mr Vallon) raised a hand to indicate he wanted total silence.

“Now, as several of you should know, I was taken hostage by a group of criminals thirteen years ago. This group was called Revo Infinitus, RI for short. They were and are willing to do anything to bring total peace to the world, but to reach this goal they wished to destroy all of mankind excluding themselves, so as to handpick those worthy and able to keep the peace up,” Charles said slowly and clearly. “For years, they’ve been capturing anyone that had or has anything to do with trying to stop them, which is why I was taken away. I was captain of the Alpha Squad of the Sacred Alliance, formed to stop the RI. They kept me for thirteen years, in the hope of me breaking down and passing on the location of our base. Eventually, they themselves found out, and I was to be executed.”

Several people stood with their mouths open, while the rest held their breath.

“I escaped, and found out what they plan to do next. Operation ‘Rain’ has already been put into effect. They wish to flush the Alliance out, as our base is underground,” he continued. “Now, this rainstorm is no ordinary storm. This storm was created by the legendary Kyogre. The RI got hold of it, and took control of its mind. It’s now their slave until it dies of exhaustion or the control is broken. They also found its mortal enemy, Groudon, the only one who was evenly matched for a wild Kyogre. But they killed it on sight.”

Everyone gasped and looked disgusted by such evil acts.

“So now, Kyogre is creating these showers, and can only be stopped by breaking their MCD – Mind Control Device. I would go to the Alliance for help, but they locked down the facility the minute I contacted them. It’d be too risky to open it again. Which is what brings me here,” he said, while smiling.

He looked around and nodded. “The RI doesn’t know who I am or where I am, so I’ll be safe. I wish to use this town as a base from which I can operate and train soldiers. We need to infiltrate the RI HQ and stop Kyogre, before the Alliance is brought down. To be honest, we’re no match for Revo, but we’re the only group willing to try, even if all we do is give them hard times,” he said bitterly. “But be warned, if we break the MCD, the rain will stop, but Kyogre will probably be raring to attack those in range. This mission could be fatal. So, will you support me? Will we stop this rain? Will we slow the RI down, to aid the Alliance?”


Everyone turned to look at Rayne. He smiled.

“We won’t slow this RI down,” he said. “We’ll stop them for good.”

Everyone cheered, and Charles embraced his son, something he hadn’t been able to do for thirteen years.

As the people started to talk with excitement, Rayne went back to Jill.

“Rayne, you can’t possibly think of fighting this group! Your Dad said even his group is no match for them, and they’ve been at it for years!” she said, with a look a worry on her face.

Rayne just smiled. He saw tears come to Jill’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. My Dad wouldn’t let anything happen to me, and I’ll be extra careful, too. And I don’t think we’ll be going anytime soon,” Rayne said.

“You’re wrong, son. The longer Kyogre’s under control, the more time the RI has of stealing its ability. With it, they’ll be able to keep the rain going forever, and then there’d be no chance of stopping them,” Charles said.

Rayne turned to his father and nodded.

“Then you’d better start training us quickly.”

“You’re not coming with me, son. I have a safer job for you.”

“What!? But I want to see Kyogre! I want to fight the RI!” Rayne yelled in protest.

“You’ve always loved the rain. I know you would do anything to get close to a creature like Kyogre, and it’s not going to happen. I want you to run Alpha Squad II back here, and pass us information. You’ll be our main man,” Charles said proudly.

Rayne couldn’t believe his ears. He wasn’t allowed to go and fight Revo Infinitus? Help stop Operation ‘Rain’? Save Kyogre and the world?

Rayne sighed. “Well, you’re the boss, I guess…”

Several days later, Charles had managed to train a group of sixteen people, excluding him, and was ready to lead them into the RI HQ. Meanwhile, Rayne had the leadership over Alpha Squad II, which consisted of him, Jill and twelve others. They were to keep an eye on things and were ready to inform Squad I of anything they might need help with.

Everyone gathered at the square to say farewell. Rayne and Charles hugged each other good luck, and Rayne had something small pressed into his palm. It was a red and white sphere – a Pokéball.

“It contained a Pokémon once. That Pokémon was supposed to be yours, but I never got the chance to give it to you, as the RI got me. I’m sorry to say their leader now has it for himself. Anyways,” Charles looked down at his feet. “I’ll bring it back for you. Take care, son.”

When everyone had said their goodbyes, Charles and the rest of Squad I departed, ready to stop RI once and for all.

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Chapter 4: Path of Fate
The first night Squad I was gone was a rough one. People were worried, and were having panic attacks all over. Rayne did his best to keep everyone calm, and ordered the doctors to see those in panic immediately. Finally, at midnight, everyone went to bed, meaning he could finally get some rest himself. He and Jill went to Jill’s place, for her parents had both gone with Charles, so they had the house to themselves. (Stop thinking that).

“Jill, I’ve been thinking…” said Rayne, as they rushed through the rain.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I want to leave. I’ve been following Dad’s progress, and figured out when it would be the best time to follow them, and now is the best time. You can’t talk me out of it, either. My Mom’s already agreed to take over my position and cover for me when Dad calls. Now,” he said. “I want to know if you’re coming with me or not.”

Jill quickly nodded. “Your mother’s already told me, and I’m packed and ready to go.”

Rayne looked surprised. He wasn’t expecting this, but he nodded and headed over to his house to grab his things, which were also ready.

His mother was out somewhere, so he left a note saying goodbye and good luck, and left the house with Jill. They picked up her things, and quickly left the town.

“Here, Rayne, I borrowed these from the Center. They’ll be keeping in touch with us and send us supplies when necessary, all we have to do is get to a pickup point,” Jill said while handing over two Pokéballs.

Rayne took it and asked, “What’s in them?”

“An Exploud and Heracross. They were the only ones strong enough for the job, not to mention the only ones willing,” she said.

“Thanks, Jill. We need all the help we can get,” Rayne replied.

She smiled and returned her gaze to the road ahead of her.

Rayne let his thoughts wander off to what he should expect on this journey. Would it be calm and quiet all the way up to the RI HQ? Or would their path be full of danger? Whatever might happen, Rayne knew it was fate. He would do what he thought was right, and let the rest happen as they should.

He turned back to Jill to say something, but she stopped in her tracks, eyes glaring ahead of her. She shuddered.

Rayne also turned to see what she was looking at, and tears came to his eyes. A Ninetales came limping their way, a piece of cloth in its mouth. It dropped the cloth at Rayne’s feet, who picked it up and recognized it as the flag of Squad I; light blue with a single white stripe horizontally with a small number 1 in the bottom left corner.

“Rayne…” Jill whispered.

Rayne took the Pokéball that was hanging around Ninetales’ neck and recalled it. He then turned to Jill and nodded, eyes filled with tears.

“We have to continue,” he said.

She looked frightened, but followed him as he continued to walk along the road.

“Rayne, they might still be alive,” she said.

“No, Jill. If they were alive, they wouldn’t have sent Ninetales with their flag. Dad made sure this reached us for a reason: a warning. It’s up to us now,” Rayne said heavily.

He picked up the pace and called back, “Come on, I want to reach the next town before morning breaks.”

She ran up to him, and remained silent, which Rayne was thankful for.

As they pressed on, his mind now wandered to his father. He was dead, he was sure of it. Finally reunited, and they break apart almost immediately, as a result of him leaving them forever.

Rayne tripped over something lying in the road. Jill jumped in fright and turned to help him up. When he was back on his feet, they looked at the object he had tripped over: a body.

“Oh my God!” Jill gasped.

Rayne stepped forward and nudged the body with his foot. It yelled and jumped to its feet. Rayne jumped back in horror, while Jill screamed.

The person turned to look at them, and began to beat Rayne senseless. He pounded his gigantic fists into Rayne’s face and stomach, and Jill just fell to the ground in shock.

After about half a minute of taking a beating, Rayne finally realized he was getting whooped, and dropped to the ground and kicked the person’s legs as hard as he could. Whoever it was tripped and Rayne pounced on top of him, now his turn to beat him senseless.

The person began to yell in pain, and Rayne was pulled off and thrown to the ground. As he looked up he saw a tall man, with extremely broad shoulders and huge muscles, who was glaring at Rayne with rage in his eyes. He raised a fist, and struck down, while Rayne rolled away.

The ground shook slightly, and Rayne quickly got to his feet, ready to call upon a Pokémon, but the two were already gone.

“Rayne!” Jill called. “Rayne, are you alright?”

He wiped the blood from his face with a towel she handed him from her bag, and spat some more onto the ground. Little white lights were floating before his eye and his head throbbed in pain. He felt his face and noticed his nose was crooked, and his left eye socket was extremely tender now. It had probably shattered.

“Ow,” he replied.

They kept on walking, but slowly this time, hoping to reach the next town soon.

“Did you know those people, Rayne?” Jill asked quietly, as though he was on his death bed.

Rayne shook his head, as it was hard to talk between his swollen and busted lips.

And this was his fate. Half blind and untrained, he was going to battle an evil organization to release a hostage who would probably kill him on sight. His path was certain death.

“No matter what happens, I’ll be there to help you…” Jill whispered.

And then Rayne realized how much easier his path had just become…

04-30-2008, 04:14 PM
Chapter 5: Choose Your Destiny
A few hours later they finally arrived at Rustboro, ready to take a well earned rest and get Rayne patched up.

“Rayne, we’re here,” Jill said.

Rayne nodded and limped through the city, looking for the PokéCenter.

People looked after Rayne and Jill as they proceeded through the city. It was kind of awkward to see a young boy completely bruised and beaten walk so normal through a bustling city.

“There,” Jill pointed ahead of her.

Together they entered the Center, and Jill hurried off to the front desk while Rayne threw himself onto the nearest seat he could find.

The nurse at the desk quickly came over and began to examine him, holding his eyelids open while telling him to follow her flashlight with his eyes. She was scared when his left eye didn’t follow the light, but then Rayne explained that was his blind side.

She felt his face a few times, and came to a conclusion.

“Your nose is broken, your left eye socket is shattered and your right cheekbone as well. You probably have a concussion as well, but since you haven’t vomited yet, it’s hard to tell. We’ll fix you up, and then you’ll get some rest. I’ll phone the police and tell them to come over tomorrow, you’ll need to give a statement,” the nurse said.

Rayne shook his head. He didn’t feel like giving a statement. He didn’t feel like coming this close to authorities while on this task. He was scared they might find out something.

“It’s alright nurse, he knows it was his own fault, so he’d rather not press charges against someone he provoked,” Jill said quickly, catching on.

The nurse sighed and nodded. Now she probably thought Rayne was a hardened hooligan. At least she would treat him.

She got up and beckoned for Rayne to follow.

“We’re going to need your name of course, so we can find you in our database,” she said.

“Waine Fwallen,” Rayne said through thick lips.

“He said Rayne Vallon,” Jill replied.

The nurse typed in the name and nodded again.

“I see you were treated by doctor Gruss recently after an attack by a raging Gyarados? That would be the Petalburg “incident” I’m guessing,” she said. “And I see that’s when you lost your left eye sight. You’ve been through quite a lot in these past few weeks, haven’t you?”

Rayne nodded and said, “Tha Giaradoss addack vas my vault oo.” The look on the nurse’s face was priceless. He has just gone from hardened hooligan to top class trouble-maker.

Jill sniggered quietly and Rayne tried to smile, but flinched in pain. The nurse got up and beckoned the two of them to follow. She led them into a room and told them to wait. A doctor would be joining them shortly.

“You just couldn’t help it, could you Rayne?” Jill laughed the moment the nurse left.

He laughed weakly and nodded. The door opened and a bald man walked in, carrying a syringe. Another man walked in, who was also bald, and moved over to Jill. He covered her mouth with a rag, and she passed out a few seconds later.

Rayne jumped in alarm, and started swinging his fists at Jill’s assaulter, but was thrown onto the floor by the other man. With both his arms pinned down, the man pushed the rest of the air out of the syringe, and knelt down next to Rayne. He felt the needle pierce his skin, and his eyes widened in shock.

“Don’t worry Rayne. We’re not going to kill you. Yet,” one of the men said.

Rayne’s right eyelid drooped (his left probably did too, but he wouldn’t know), and he too, passed out.


Rayne opened his eyes and looked around, not able to catch much of his surroundings. He saw Jill lying on a bed to his right, strapped on tightly. He tried to move around, but he had also been bound.

“You’re awake. Good. Your little girlfriend just went back to sleep, so you just missed her. Now, let’s get to the point. Are you Rayne Vallon, son of Charles Vallon, member of the Sacred Alliance, captain of the Alpha Squad?” the person asked.

Rayne shook his head, only to receive a jolt of pain. He screamed, and it stopped.

“Ah, low pain border. Charles could take this for hours without even opening his mouth. I’m ever so glad he’s dead.”

Rayne twisted and fought with his bindings, yelling in rage.

“Bastards! Murderers! I’ll kill you all!”

The person stepped into the light and laughed: he was wrinkled and grey, with a large nose and bright, green eyes. He looked vaguely familiar…

“Please, Rayne, you can’t kill us. You’re not a killer. The lust for murder ended when your father was born. Damned child. He was supposed to carry on the legacy of Vallon. Continue with assassinations! But instead, he chose to fight against me, his father, and my special forces!”

His father’s father? Rayne’s grandfather? Lust for murder? What was going on?

“What… I don’t understand,” Rayne sputtered.

The man laughed, and Rayne received another wave of pain, and laughed this time.

“Good boy. You are a Vallon, after all. You survived the Gyarados attack with no problem. You fought two of my biggest grunts without a flinch. Laughing in the face of pain is our specialty! Pleased to meet you, Rayne. I am Hugo Vallon, your grandfather, and the murderer of your father, my son!”

Rayne’s eyes filled with tears, and he began to tug away at his bindings again. He thrashed about, yelling, and finally, one of the straps broke loose.

“Crank up the power!” Hugo yelled.

Rayne received a wave of pain again, but this time more intense. He fought through it, and took no notice of it. Another strap had broken.

“I’LL KILL ALL OF YOU!” Rayne yelled.

His grandfather gave the sign for even more power, but Rayne had managed to rip the remaining four straps in one mighty tug. He jumped up from the bed and bolted over to his father’s murderer. He raised a fist, but was blasted back into the wall behind him.

“I am a scientist, Rayne. I specialize in mechanoids: robots. I’ve replaced both of my arms with mechanical arms. They’re quite handy. I have strength equal to forty average men, and am able to pressurize the air around my palm and make it explode with a force strong enough to blast a car out of my way if I wish,” Hugo said. He laughed and stepped forward. “Why fight us, Rayne? You can’t hope to win against the RI. Your father failed. What makes you so different?”

Rayne got to his feet. “What makes me so different? That’s simple, gramps. I’m another breed of Vallon. I’m the elite version.” He dashed forward again and the moment his grandfather raised his arm, he jumped to the side and watched the wall burst. He quickly rammed Hugo from the side, knocking him to the floor. He raised his fist, ready to crush his opponent’s skull against the ground, but was too slow: Hugo had grabbed him and tossed him into the ceiling.

Rayne crashed back down to the floor and twisted with pain. He spat blood and curled up. Falling over six feet flat onto your front isn’t a nice thing. And it’s hard to survive.

“Quite the reflexes you have there, boy. It’s a shame you use them for the wrong side. Kill him,” he ordered to another man who had just entered the room.

Hugo left and the man walked closer, and picked Rayne up by his collar. He held him high, brandishing a long knife from his back pocket.

Rayne’s eyes widened in shock and kicked as hard as he could, but missed. The man thrust the knife in Rayne’s direction, but slipped and jammed it into his leg instead. Rayne choked in the pain, and attempted another kick, and this time made contact. He heard a loud crack and together, he and the man crashed to the ground.

Rayne got up, panting, and clearly saw he had broken his attacker’s neck. He had just killed a man. He limped over to Jill’s bed, and ripped the knife from his leg, and began to hack away at her bindings.

When she was loose, he grabbed her in his arms and carried her through the hole in the wall and walked as quietly as he could.

“Stop,” sounded from his left.

Damn that eye! Rayne turned and saw a boy about his age standing beside a desk, carrying a pistol, aiming it at Rayne.

“So you’re another of the Vallon line? Pathetic. You’re such a waste to the master’s skills. It doesn’t matter though, for it’ll end here,” the boy said.

He put his finger on the trigger and Rayne tossed Jill to the ground and leaped forward. With the knife still in his hand, he got up and threw it as hard as he could. Miraculously, it hit the boy square between the eyes, killing him instantly.

It turned out Rayne was a natural. Seemed his grandfather’s blood was in him after all, sadly.

Rayne stepped over to the boy’s dead body lying on the floor, eyes wide open. He tugged the knife from his head and blood splattered the ground. Rayne also bent to pick up the gun. Who knows what else he might encounter? His grandfather had to know he was free…

He took a moment to check his surroundings. He was in a room with dark red walls, and a black carpet. Couches and chairs made of leather were circled around a small, square table, and cups and pieces of paper littered the area. He also saw a mirror on the other side of the room, and he walked over to it to take a look.

His reflection scared him. His face was swollen and bruised and covered in cuts. His eyes were bloodshot and his left eye sagged from the shattered socket. His nose was crooked and his lip was bearing a deep cut. His usually messy hair was now messier than usual, and bloodstained. He sighed and closed his eyes. What was he to do now?

He heard a shuffling behind him, and his eyes snapped open. He looked into the mirror and jumped at the sight of someone limping over to him. The mirror was dirty, so it was hard to see who it was, but he recognized the dark red hair as Jill.

Rayne whirled around and hugged her as she stretched out her arms, his leg burning from the pain.

“Oh, Rayne, I’m so scared… I thought you were dead when I saw you lying there next to me! What’s going on? They didn’t tell me anything!” Jill said in a shaky voice.

Rayne pulled away and looked into her eyes. “The leader of the RI is called Hugo Vallon. He’s my father’s father, and my grandfather. He killed Dad, and he’s trying to kill us too,” Rayne said slowly as Jill clapped her hand to her mouth. “He’s also replaced both his arms for mechanical arms, meaning we’re probably not going to be able to get close to him. He’s still in the building, and I’m not sure why he hasn’t come after us yet, since I got us out of the room about a minute or two after he turned his back on me.”

“Rayne, we have to get out of here! We have to get help! How did they even manage to get us out of the Center without anyone noticing?” Her eyes then turned towards the boy lying on the ground and she jumped in fright. “Rayne! Did you do that?” She turned back to the hole in the wall and saw the man lying there, also dead. She whirled back around to Rayne and took a step back.

“I had to, Jill. The time has come for us to fight, how soon it might be. And we’re going to have to kill. Well, I have to, I’ll protect you and make sure you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Rayne said.

“But what about you? Do you want to do this?” Jill asked.

Rayne sighed and diverted his gaze to the ground and the puddle of his blood that was leaking from his leg. He walked over to the boy and ripped off his sleeve, and bound it around his leg, stopping the bleeding. He returned to Jill and sighed again.

“No, Jill. But I have to. For my father, for you, for the world…” he said, and tears came to his eyes again. He turned around and bashed open the door close to the mirror. He stepped through and found himself in a hallway, with two other doors. One was padlocked, and the other lead to the staircase.

He went to the padlocked door and shot the gun at the lock, which fell of after two shots. Rayne opened the door and Jill followed.

“Rayne, what are you doing? We need to leave, now!” Jill said quietly.

Rayne ignored her and looked around. The room was empty, except for a small round table with a glass dome covering it, and a purple cushion lying on that table. And on that cushion lay a thin, silver chain with a bright, azure stone hanging from it. It was a beautiful piece of jewellery, but why was it locked up and covered like this?

“Wow… it’s beautiful,” Jill said.

Rayne broke the glass with the gun’s handle and Jill jumped. He grabbed the amulet and examined it. It was nothing but an azure colored stone. Or so he thought. He turned it over and saw on the back of it some words. They read: Born from strength, nourished by wisdom, perfected by courage.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rayne said under his breath.

“It means your inner power is born from a display of strength. That’s when it’ll glow an azure color. When showing your wisdom, it’ll turn crimson, and once you prove your courage, it’ll turn pure white,” he heard from behind.

A man was standing in the doorway, smiling. He was tall and bald, with brown eyes and a broad posture. He stepped into the room and closed to door. Rayne immediately raised his gun.

“Put that down, Rayne, I’m an ally. Hugo doesn’t know though, and he should never find out. My name is Brack, and I was a friend of your father’s. Together we were in the Sacred Alliance, but I was sitting behind a desk, processing data we received from your father. Eventually, your father got captured by your grandfather, and I left the Alliance to join Revo. I was seen as a traitor by all, but only your father knew what I was up to. I was waiting for you,” Brack said. “You would someday come along and continue your father’s work, in the hope of stopping the RI once and for all. And now you’re here. But I must warn you, Rayne. This won’t be an easy task. Hugo is merely toying with you at the moment, but he will get you in the end. That amulet should protect you for a while, though.”

Rayne looked down at the glowing stone and asked, “But what does it do?”

“It amplifies your senses, reflexes, strength, just about anything you use in your daily life. But you have to prove your worth to it for it to do so. When it starts to glow crimson, you’re making progress, and when it glows white, you should be near unstoppable. No one has even gotten it to the crimson stage though,” he said. “Wisdom has always been a hard one to prove.”

“So I should use this to stop my grandfather?” Rayne asked.

Brack shook his head. “To stop his plans. To stop his army. But to stop him, you’ll need more than that amulet. Hugo is extremely powerful and wise, and could be considered immortal. It’s tough getting close enough to do anything, let alone to stop him.”

Rayne sighed. “Then what good does it do? He needs to die. That’s all there is to it.”

Brack shook his head again. “Did you not hear me? I said you won’t be able to stop him by getting close. So what do you do? You attack from afar. By stopping his army and his operation, you’ll be weakening him, and closing the space between you two, getting you close enough to strike him down.”

Rayne’s mood brightened a little. Finally, there was a bit of hope.

“I’ll fight until the end. With or without the help of this amulet. I have my father’s memory and Jill as motivation, I should be fine. Never surrender,” Rayne said.

Brack smiled. He nodded and said, “Then go, young Vallon. Make the destruction of this facility your first task. Important data is stored here, and if it’s gone, the RI will have to take some time to redo it. This is the only place it’s stored I believe, since it’s completely closed off and no one can reach it unless knowing the location, so it’s safe here. Or, it was, until you two came along.”

Jill grabbed Rayne’s hand, who smiled. Brack nodded again and left the room.

“Rayne, I still think we should leave!” Jill said with a trembling voice.

“Jill, we have to stop Revo, it’s just us now! We can’t leave yet. You heard Brack! We have to destroy this place to slow them down!” Rayne said, voice slightly raised.

Tears came to Jill’s eyes, and she nodded. Rayne left the room with Jill, and outside the door she flung herself around his neck.

“Whatever we’re going to do, promise me we’ll be careful and try to avoid any more fighting!”

“I promise, Jill. And I promise I’ll protect you. We’re going to finish this, and we’ll make it out,” Rayne said.

Jill gave him a kiss on the cheek and hiccoughed. Rayne stroked her face gently, and smiled again. He gave her a reassuring look, and continued on. Jill’s hand in his right, gun in his left, amulet around his neck, and a heart full of rage, he was ready.

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Chapter 6: Leap of Fate
“Get him!”

Rayne and Jill rushed through the hallways, trying to avoid being captured by RI Officials. Hugo had finally sent someone after them, and Hell had broken loose.

As they picked up the pace, Rayne tripped and fell face forward. Jill whirled around to help him up, but he waved her away and yelled , “GO! JUST KEEP RUNNING!”

She turned back and continued her path, and Rayne aimed the gun he was holding at the people dashing down the hall and pulled the trigger, aiming to hinder, not to kill.

He got one in the leg, who fell flat onto his face and stopped moving. He fired the next bullet a bit higher at the next man chasing them, and got him in his special place. The third man flattened himself against the wall as Rayne made to pull the trigger again. Instead of wasting his remaining ammo, he pushed himself up and ran after Jill, spitting blood as he went.

He turned back to see if the man continued the pursuit, but in his diverted gaze he ran straight into the door ahead of him, tumbling through it and falling down a flight of stairs.

“Ow…” Rayne said, while rubbing his sore body.

He got up and looked around and saw he was on the sixteenth floor and saw Jill several flights below him. She was probably heading for the exit.

“HE’S TRYING TO ESCAPE!” Rayne heard from behind him.

Rayne turned and began to run upstairs instead of following Jill. He was hoping the top floors would be a bit more quiet and helpful than the one he was previously on.

He bashed open the door to the nineteenth floor and continued down the long hallway, sweat flooding from his face. About in the middle of the hall, he banged open another door and dashed into the room, closing the door and bolting it with everything he could find. Which was a plant. He frantically looked around the empty room, hoping they wouldn’t find him. What was this room used for? All it held was the plant and a window, which was broken.

Rayne moved over to the window and peered out. The ground was nothing but… dirt. It was completely flat, and showed no signs of life or anything else but brown dirt. He saw a shape appear on the grounds, and a few more running after the first. They grabbed it, and dragged it back inside. And then it hit Rayne what that had to be.


Rayne turned and flung the door open again and dashed to the staircases again. He hurtled down them and tripped once again, this time slamming his shoulder against the wall. He took no notice of the throbbing pains and continued to run down the flights of stairs, eventually collapsing on the ninth floor, gasping for air.

“Jill… please…” Rayne panted.

The door before him flew open and in stepped Brack, accompanied by Hugo. They looked down at Rayne on the floor and Hugo smiled evilly.

“We’ve got the girl. Meet us on the rooftop. We have a surprise for you,” Hugo said.

Brack laughed and turned together with Hugo and left.

Rayne stared at the ground, tears running down his face. They got Jill. He had come all that way down, and now he was supposed to go back up. He got to his feet, and wiped away his tears.

He began to drag himself up the stairs, trying not to think of what was waiting for him. But then he remembered Jill’s words to him last time he was feeling as though his world collapsed: “No matter what happens, I’ll be there to help you…”

He raised his head up and picked up his pace. No matter what Jill, I’ll be there to help you as well, he thought to himself. He began to run again, and didn’t stop until he reached the final staircase leading to the roof.

He took a deep breath and ascended the steps. He laid his hand on the brass doorknob and turned it, pushing the door open.

“Welcome, Rayne, I knew you’d come,” sounded from ahead.

The sunlight blinded him, and it took him a moment to adjust to the light. And there they all were, standing near the edge: several RI members, Hugo, Brack and Jill, who was tied up and looking like she was going to have a breakdown.

“Rayne, you’ve given us quite some trouble. For a moment, some of Revo Infinitus thought you were going to kill them all and stop us from completing our operation! That’s when I told them to get your friend here,” Hugo said. “The reason why you’re here, Rayne, is because we want to give you a choice. Either way, it’s certain death for one of you. Choice one: you let the girl die, and fight us here and now, in an attempt to stop us. Or you can of course turn and run again. And your second choice… you jump. You jump off of the edge of this building, and we let the girl go. But if she tries to harm us or attempts to stop us in any way, she dies as well. I’m sure you understand that.”

Rayne’s mouth dropped. What kind of choices were these?

“You’re making me choose? Shouldn’t it be obvious? But what’s my assurance you’ll let her go, if I’m lying dead in the ocean?” Rayne asked.

Hugo laughed. “I’m a Vallon, Rayne. What better a word than that of a Vallon?”

Rayne sighed and nodded. He then continued over to the ledge overlooking the ocean, and looked down. His heart pounded, his mind raced. He had to think of some way to win this.

“Drop the gun, Rayne. We don’t want you turning and surprising us, now do we?”

Rayne threw the gun into the depths of the ocean, and turned back around.

“What floor is this?” he asked.

“The roof,” one of the Revo members said.

“The twenty-third, Rayne,” Brack said.

Rayne turned back to the ocean, and began to think. He had twenty-three stories to stop himself from death, and of course a few more because it was still quite a way’s down from the base of the building.

Jill sobbed in the background, shouting, “Don’t do it, Rayne! Stop them, leave me here!”

“Don’t worry. Return to Petalburg when they let you go,” he replied.

He then turned and jumped.

Jill screamed, Hugo smiled, and Brack looked surprised. Had he really seen it happen? Had he done it?

“Cut her loose and return to the ground. Take our research and get to Station Five,” Hugo said. “Brack, you can leave the chopper here.”

Brack nodded, and cut Jill’s bindings. She collapsed and meant to yell at him, but he shook his head. He then returned to Hugo’s side and accompanied him and the Revo members to the door. Behind his back, he pointed to the helicopter that was there, and to the gun he had left at her feet. He gave her the thumbs up, and kept on walking.

She didn’t understand, until she saw an “X” on the helicopter. She was supposed to shoot it. Why, she didn’t know. She decided to do it quickly though.

She picked up the gun and took aim. She missed the first time, and Hugo turned to look.

“What are you doing? You really wish to…”

He was blasted back through the doorway by the force of the explosion. The stair house collapsed, and Jill could hear the Revo members cursing loudly and Hugo was in rage.


Jill heard the scurrying of feet, and then total silence swept over the rooftop, except for the roaring of the fire.

She slowly walked towards the edge where Rayne had jumped, and looked down. She had every desire to join him, and be reunited, but she wasn’t as brave or strong as he was…

She burst into tears and ran back to the door and began to toss aside the rubble, and climbed through the small hole she created and dashed down the stairs.

Finally, she made it to the ground floor and exited the building, not stopping until she reached the main gate. She took one final look at the ocean, and made her way back to civilization…

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Chapter 7: Dreams of Sorrow
Several days later, Jill had managed to make her way back to Petalburg. The town was in mourning for the loss of Squad I and Rayne, and Jill had locked herself from the outside world. She had troubles sleeping at night, and when she did finally manage to fall asleep, nightmares chased her. All she could see was her standing in front of Rayne, who was holding out his hand. As she reached for it, he fell backwards, out of her reach. She awoke each time.

“And yet… I’m sure I’m getting closer,” she whispered.

She had broken herself away from solitude to talk with Mrs Vallon about these nightmares.

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“You know you’re asking the wrong person. Come on, let’s go see Kate, she’ll know what they mean,” Mrs Vallon replied.

Together they left the house and headed over to a friend of theirs, who specialized in dreams and nightmares.

Jill sat down and told her about them, and she listened carefully.

“So, you’re getting closer?” she asked.

Jill nodded. “Each day, I can feel I’m closer, no matter how much or how little it is.”

Kate remained silent for a moment. “These dreams mean nothing but what you desire. You wish you could have saved him, and the longer he’s gone, the greater your sorrow, and the more you come to thinking you did manage to save him. When you finally grab his hand, and he doesn’t fall, you’ll have found your peace,” she said. “I’m sorry, Jill, but that’s all they mean.”

Jill’s bottom lip trembled and she burst into tears and dashed from the house.

Mrs Vallon stepped forward and spoke. “They mean more, don’t they Kate?”

She nodded. “He’s alive. Alive, and he’s getting closer to here, the girl’s soul can feel it. When she manages to reach his hand and hold on, he’ll be here,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Thank you,” Mrs Vallon said before leaving as well.

Several nights after that, Jill kept on edging closer and closer to the dream Rayne, only a few inches away…

“I was… so close…” she said one morning.

For the next week the town was still covered by a veil of sadness, and Jill had once again locked herself up in her house, sleeping as much as she could, in the hope she would finally be able to reach Rayne. But for another four days, he remained out of reach.

“Jill, grab my hand!” Rayne shouted.

“Don’t do it, Rayne!” Jill replied.

She moved closer and stuck out her hand. She inched closer and closer, until their fingertips touched, and he fell backwards. She took another step forward and grabbed his hand, pulling him back up. They embraced, and Jill woke up.

“Rayne!” she shouted.

She was shaking and covered in sweat, and someone was holding her and patting her on her back.

“Shh… it’s alright, Jill, I’m here,” she heard.

She focused on the person in front of her and saw it was him: Rayne.

“You… you’re alive…” she said, while tears rolled down her face.

He continued to pat her back and tightened his grip. “Always have been. Now, go back to sleep,” he said.

“But what if you’re gone when I wake up?”

“I won’t be. I give you my word, and what better a word than one from a Vallon?” he said, and he felt Jill shudder.

She nestled her head in his arms and closed her eyes. She whispered, “I love you,” and fell asleep.

When she woke up again, she was all alone. It was a dream after all… She began to cry again.

“Don’t worry, I’m still here,” sounded from the door.

And there he was: the Rayne she knew before all of this had happened. His hair now short, his face clear of bruises or cuts, his clothes whole, and a straight nose.

“Well? I look a lot better than before, don’t I?” he said with a smile on his face.

Jill leapt out of bed, strode over to him and kissed him as though they had been together their whole life.

They eventually broke apart, but remained as close as possible to each other.

“Don’t ever leave me again,” Jill said quietly.

Rayne said nothing, but hugged her tightly.

“Come on, the town’s waiting for us,” he whispered.

She asked nothing, but followed him outside, still dress in pyjamas.

A large group of people was waiting outside, and broke into cheers as Rayne emerged from the house.

Rayne held up his hand to silence them.

“Well, here I am again. You may have thought I was dead. You may have thought the RI was going to win. You thought wrong. I stand here before you, alive and well, and ready to enter combat once again. But first, I want to answer and questions you might have,” he said. “Jill? You want to go first?”

She shook her head. “I don’t care how you survived. You did, it’s that simple. You’re alive and with me again, that’s all I care about,” she said.

Rayne smiled, and turned to the crowd.

“Alright. That’s probably the number one question now: how did I survive that jump? Here’s how it went…”

*As Rayne plummeted into the depths, he grabbed a Pokéball from his pocket, and threw it down as hard as he could, while yelling to the Exploud that had appeared to blast a hole in the wall, and he ordered Heracross to grab onto it with him. Once the hole was made, he threw the ball once again to recall Exploud and watched it soar down. And as quickly as he fell, he stopped. He grabbed the edge and pulled himself up as Heracross joined him.

Rayne fell to the ground, panting. “Good job, Heracross. But we’re not done yet. Rest, and then we climb…”*

And so we climbed the mountain side, and I stayed low and away from civilization, heading this way,” Rayne said.

Everyone remained silent at his display of brilliance and courage, and Rayne grabbed Jill’s hand and broke through the crowd, returning to the lake, where it all began.

“Did you notice it stopped raining shortly after my Dad arrived?” Rayne asked.

Jill nodded.

Rayne continued. “His disappearance threw off Kyogre’s balance. It got used to a set amount of humans around, and when he escaped, Kyogre could sense one person less, breaking its concentration. If we can keep it unfocused until we stop Revo, we’ll be fine.”

“But how will we do that?” Jill asked.

“I’ve sent Heracross to search and keep on leaving the area and coming back. If Kyogre can’t make it rain, the RI shouldn’t be able to steal his power,” Rayne said slowly. “And of course, I’ll be on their tail soon.”

“You can’t! Rayne, let’s let someone else handle this!” Jill screamed as tears came to her eyes.

Rayne shook his head. “I can’t. We can’t. He’s made this personal, so I’ll battle my grandfather until the very end, whatever it might hold for me.”

“Fine, we’ll do it your way then. What’s your plan?” Jill asked in a shaky voice.

“Two weeks. In two weeks, you and I will leave for Slateport. From there, we’ll try and catch a boat that gets as close to Sootopolis as it can. The Cave of Origin is where we’re heading,” he said with a smile.

“How do you know all of this?” Jill asked in surprise.

Rayne pulled an amulet out of his pocket. It was glowing a bright crimson color.

“Wait… it’s red! It’s red!” Jill yelled, and Rayne nodded.

“It turned red just before I jumped, and afterwards provided me with enough knowledge to form a plan against Revo,” he said. “This thing has a will of its own, I can feel it.”

“But… your grandfather couldn’t even get it to the red stage according to Brack! How did you?” Jill asked.

Rayne smiled. “I cheated Death, of course.”

Jill gazed in awe at the amulet and flew into Rayne’s arms again. “Oh, Rayne… Will this ever end?” she cried.

“It will, I promise. We’ll win. We’ll avenge those that have perished while fighting Revo, we’ll stop Revo, we’ll save Kyogre, we’ll save the world and then we can finally live our lives in peace once again,” he said while patting Jill’s back.

“Together,” she said.

“Together,” Rayne repeated.

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Chapter 8: Team "Wrath of the Mist"
Two weeks later, Rayne and Jill were on their way to Slateport, ready to head to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis, in the hopes of stopping Revo Infinitus. Their journey to Mr Briney’s cabin was short and uneventful, much unlike their path ahead of them.

“Good morning, lad and lass! What’re ye up to today? Come to catch a ride on my boat?” Briney said.

Rayne cleared his throat. “You’re to take us to Slateport. We stop nowhere. We have to get there as soon as possible, you understand me?” he said, as thunder sounded in the sky.

Jill looked up and rain started to fall from above.

“Well… I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere too soon, kids,” the old sailor replied. “Sailing in a storm…”

“I don’t care! Just do it! You don’t know how important this is! This storm will continue if we don’t get to Slateport soon! Now, get on the boat and start it up!” Rayne yelled, and pushed the old man forwards, who looked startled, but rushed onto his boat.

“Rayne! What’s gotten into you? You can’t be so rude to the poor man!” Jill said.

Rayne talked to her as they boarded. “Two weeks is too late, Jill. We were supposed to leave the very moment I got back, but I decided to let it wait a while, for your sake. The RI has a huge head start, and if we don’t get to Sootopolis within a week, Kyogre will have given in, and the world can’t be saved anymore!” Rayne said to her. “Heracross failed. I’m not even sure if he’s alive anymore or not!”

Jill gasped. “When did it happen?”

“Like I said, not long before I hit Petalburg. In my heart I know he’s alive, but the amulet tells me otherwise,” Rayne replied.


The engines roared to life, and the boat left the dock of Mr Briney’s house, leading Rayne and Jill to parts of Hoenn they had never been before…

“Here we go…”

Jill and Rayne remained on the deck, curled close to each other against the sides. Hours passed by without a word, and the little boat kept its course and continued on its path to Slateport.

“Dewford’s just ahead, lad, are you sure you don’t want to stop for a rest?” Briney asked as the little town came into view.

“Positive. Please, it’s extremely important we get to Sootopolis within a week, so we can’t afford to waste any time,” Rayne said quietly.

Mr Briney opened his mouth to ask, but Jill shook her head. The man sighed and returned to the captain’s cabin.

The boat steered away from the docks of Dewford, and Rayne could see the people standing there, questioning looks on their faces.

Rayne wrapped his arm around Jill’s shoulder, and told her they should get some rest. They closed their eyes, and went to sleep.

A while later, they were awoken by a loud noise and a yell. Rayne sprung to his feet and looked around. Men and women all wearing the same outfit were boarding the boat, crossing over from another one right beside them.

“What the...?” Rayne asked.

A man came rushing towards them, fist raised. Rayne dodged this and tripped him up.

“Jill, take cover somewhere!” he yelled while he punched the person to the ground.

Rayne ran across the deck, pushing people over the edge and beating them senseless against the floor and walls.

Finally he made it into the small cabin up front, and saw Mr Briney tied up in a corner, and more people ransacking the place.

“Who are you?” one of them asked Rayne.

“I’m the hero of this boat,” he replied and took a step forward, fists raised, amulet glowing brightly around his neck.

“Give us the necklace, kid, and we’ll make sure to go a bit easier on you,” another said.

Rayne roared and thrust his fist into the stomach of one of the men, while driving his elbow into the face of another. He looked furious and roared again while the other three stepped back.

“Think I’m a rookie at this kind of thing? I’m on my way to certain death! Fighting amateur pirates is nothing but a breeze for me now!” Rayne yelled.

The three rushed forward, in the attempt to overpower the teenager, but it was useless.

Rayne stepped to the side and twisted one’s arm behind his back and bashed his neck with his fist, knocking him down. He then jumped forward, and kicked the legs of another. As the man fall, Rayne gave him an uppercut, finally ending with a straight punch to the last man’s face, slamming him into the wall behind him.

Everyone stirred and spat blood, as Rayne untied Briney.

“Now, tell me who you are and what you’re after,” he said fiercely.

“We’re team Aqua,” came from behind.

Rayne whirled around and saw a tall man in a dark suit and a blue bandana wrapped around his head, bearing the same symbol all the others wore: a shape which looked like an ‘A’, but with a bone design. The same symbol was on his shirt.

“We’re after the legendary Kyogre, a being of great power,” he said.

“Yeah, I know. I’m going to see him now,” Rayne replied.

The man looked stunned. “You? What’re you going to do, capture it? We can’t let you do that,” he said.

“No. I’m going to release it. It’s already been captured, by another evil organization that goes by the name of Revo Infinitus,” Rayne said. “Friends of yours?”

The man shook his head. “No, but we do know what they’re like. We came across each other in a different time once. We swore revenge on them, but have never been able to locate them,” he said. “Now, my name is Archie, and I’m the leader of team Aqua. Who might you be, and why are you after the RI?”

“I’m Rayne Vallon. The RI killed my father and several of people from my city. They’re trying to flood out a group that fights them by using Kyogre’s power. Afterwards, they’re going to try for world domination. Surprising, huh?” Rayne said. “And the leader of the RI is my grandfather.”

“You’re grandfather, eh? Well, we won’t be able to get Kyogre easily… and since we share the same goals…” Rayne coughed. Archie smiled. “Well, kind of. We could use a man like you. My proposal is we team up and take out the RI together.”

Rayne took a moment to think, and Jill burst into the room. She flew into Rayne’s arms, and Rayne nodded.

“We’ll do it. But know this: I won’t allow you to get Kyogre either. The chances of that are slim already, but if it does manage to survive it’s release, and so do we, I’ll stop you if you attempt it.”

“Wait, survive its release? What are you on about, boy?” Archie asked.

Rayne grimaced. “It’s hooked up to a device that controls its mind. If we release it, the chance is big that it will tear its brain apart, killing it in the process. The device is also highly explosive, so anyone near it will probably die as well.”

Archie’s eyes turned dark.

“This is quite a mission you’re on then. The situation is serious,” he said. “Here’s to a new team.” He held out his hand, and Rayne shook it.

“Here’s to team “Wrath of the Mist”,” Rayne said.

The Aqua members cheered and Archie smiled. Jill looked stunned.

“Where to then, boy?” he asked.

“Sootopolis. If you can’t get us there, we’ll need to get a ship from Slateport, which is where we were heading now,” Rayne said.

“Our ship is capable enough. We travel from the waters around Sootopolis to Dewford often. We can make it there in about nine days,” Archie said.

Rayne’s eyes widened. Nine days was too long! “NO! We need to be there within seven!” he yelled.

Archie nodded. “Seven… team, full power. Go,” he said and everyone left immediately. “We’ll be there in four days, Rayne, if all goes well.”

“Four? You can really do that?” he asked.

“Yes,” Archie said, and turned to leave. “Hurry up though, we can’t leave without you.” He left the cabin.

“Mr Briney, I’m sorry for this. Please, head back to wherever, and keep this quiet from everyone. This must be kept a secret!” Rayne said, and ran from the cabin with Jill at his heels.

Rayne helped Jill across the board between the two boats and then jumped the gap, dashing after Archie. The people were rushing all over the place, preparing for their leave.

“Archie! Four days is definitely quick enough, but do you have any weapons? Revo used guns on Jill and me, so I don’t think they’d let us walk past them unharmed,” Rayne panted.

“Of course we do, Rayne. Lots and lots of weapons. Blades, firearms, explosives, we have it all. Which do you prefer?” he asked, while smiling.

“I’ve only used a handgun before, so I don’t know. Give me two of them and I’ll be fine,” he said.

“And you, girl?” Archie asked Jill.

“I’ve only used a gun once, and I wasn’t aiming at a person. I don’t kill, and don’t want to!” she cried.

“She’s here for support, Arch. I can’t do this without her, but I wouldn’t ask her to fight if she didn’t want to,” Rayne said.

“Rayne, you’d be best off to learn how to use an automatic weapon. They have a much higher rate of fire than a simple pistol, and can cause more damage. They’re better for large fights. Also, I wish for you to learn about explosives. We’re short on demolitionists,” he said and frowned. “There were a few accidents. Premature detonations and such… Anyways…”

Jill turned and ran to the side of the boat, crying. Rayne sighed.

“I’ll do it. I want two small automatic weapons, for even more damage. I want to kill every last one of them, and as quickly as I can. Explosives shouldn’t be a problem either. But you must know, when we make it to the leader, he’s mine,” Rayne said quietly, so only Archie could hear them.

“Don’t worry. He’s all yours. We’ll start your training right away. Four days isn’t nearly enough to turn you into a professional, but it should be enough. This way,” he said while walking ahead of Rayne.

They both took one last look at Jill who was hanging over the railing, crying her soul out, and then turned to continue on.

“Rayne, Pokémon are especially helpful here. Do you have any?” Archie asked.

Rayne nodded. “Yeah, I have a Ninetales with me and a Heracross somewhere around the RI I think. I had an Exploud, but I don’t know where he is. And I believe Jill had a Roselia and a Marill herself,” he said.

“Hmm… Ninetales will be useful. Roselia is a bit tricky, depending on how strong it is. And Marill will probably be useless, unless it manages to survive,” Archie replied.

“There’s no way she’ll lend us her Pokémon. Not for this battle, anyways. We’ll make it Archie, don’t worry.”

Archie stopped in his tracks. “I don’t worry, Rayne. The RI has no chance, I know that. I’m more worried about us… I don’t fear death, yet a fate like the one that’s facing us is a bit frightening.”

Rayne nodded. “We’ll survive. I’ll see to that,” Rayne said.

Archie nodded and continued walking, and Rayne followed.

“For “Wrath of the Mist”,” Archie said.

“For my father,” Rayne said.

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Chapter 9: The legendary warrior
Two days later, Rayne was sweeping his training with ease. Archie had underestimated him, unknowing of the power his amulet held.

“Rayne, your skill is amazing! Never have I seen anyone pick up on combat as fast or easy as you,” Archie said with delight as Rayne dismantled a load of explosives within twelve seconds.

Rayne smiled and nodded. “I’m determined to win, Arch.” He got up and aimed his guns at the target dummy in the distance and shot off a full clip each.

An Aqua member returned with the results. Not a single bullet went lower than where the heart was. He was sniping with sub machine guns.

Archie laughed and clapped Rayne on his back, proud of his student.

“Amazing! You could probably do this yourself, Rayne!”

“Well, I was going to, before you guys showed up,” Rayne replied. He clicked a new clip into his guns and turned to the clear blue skies above. Nothing could go wrong now…

And as usual, this thought jinxed everything. A loud crash sounded from behind and people were yelling. Archie and Rayne rushed to the other side of the deck to see a large battle erupting as other sailors were boarding the ship.

An elderly looking man stepped off the plank that had just came crashing down, both his arms shining in the sunlight, and a wide smile on his face.

It was Hugo.

“Ah, Rayne! Long time no see! Beautiful day isn’t it?” he yelled to him and came closer. The battle continued to rage around them, and Rayne and Archie stood facing Hugo who was now a few feet away.

“And old Archie, too, what a delight. Last time we saw you, you were lying in the ocean yelling at us. Whatever was that for?” he asked.

Archie snorted in anger. “You stole my boat. The very ship you just came walking off of.”

“Ah yes, I remember now. Well, let’s not dwell on the past, and look to nothing but the future! My future of course, since you’re not going to be seeing much of it anymore,” he said.

He pulled Archie towards him, and Archie yelled. As Hugo pushed him towards the rails, Rayne could see a large bloodstain form on his shirt, and a knife in Hugo’s hand.

Archie spat some blood onto the ground and said to Rayne, “Fight… Rayne… be strong…” and he toppled backwards into the waters below to join his many team mates that had just been killed.

Rayne rushed to the edge, yelling. Hugo stood there and laughed.

“Well Rayne, since you’re already dead, or at least, you should be, I’ll be going to find your girlfriend now. She owes me a life for trying to end mine. And for destroying my helicopter,” he said and walked towards the stairs that would lead him downstairs.

“NO!” Rayne yelled and rushed after him, but was held up by Revo members. He was pinned to the ground, taking punches all over.

His mind was racing. Archie was gone, Hugo knew he was alive, and Jill was in danger. And suddenly, his mind went blank. This was the end, he thought…

His father’s words echoed in his head: “Don’t give up, Rayne. Fight. Be strong. Finish the battle I started! Like it was meant to be…”

And Rayne’s eyes came back into focus, and he sprung to his feet, throwing his attackers flying in a display of amazing strength.

The amulet around his neck kept completely still, even though Rayne was thrashing about. He was breaking everyone he could get his hands on, and people started to back off in fright. They turned their guns on him, and Rayne roared while rushing forwards, managing to dodge the bullets flying in his direction.

He broke through the Revo lines, and several more Aqua members joined in the battle. One managed to get to Rayne to say something.

“Your friend is on the bottom deck! I saw several of these Revo guys heading down the stairs at a quick pace! Hurry! Head to the far end of this deck and break through to the bottom, it’s the only way you’ll make it!” he said.

Rayne immediately headed to the other side of the deck, knocking people out of his way. When he arrived, he looked around for something heavy and sturdy he could use to break through. His eyes fell onto the pile of explosives he had dismantled earlier. He quickly hooked several wires back up, so as to create a small explosion. One that wouldn’t blast them all to Hell.

“Three… two… one…”


Rayne rushed through the smoke and jumped into the hole he had just created, landing on the floor below him.

“DAMN! I have to get through two more floors…” he moaned.

He dropped to his knees and began to bash the wood, in the hope of breaking it. The stairs were too far away, and who knew how many people he would have to fight when he made it down? He preferred to go the quick way: right through.

CRACK. The floor cracked, and Rayne gave another mighty blow and a hole appeared. He began to tear the wood apart so he could fit, and another thought crossed his mind.

He threw a red and white ball onto the floor and called his fox Pokémon, Ninetales.

“Ninetales, quickly, burn a hole through here! NOW!” he yelled.

Ninetales opened her mouth wide, and shot out a jet of searing flames, incinerating the floor beneath them. Rayne jumped down and Ninetales followed. He looked around and there they were, in a corner.

“JILL!” Rayne cried out.

Jill was curled up in a corner, crying, and five people were huddled over her, his grandfather among them. He was pointing a pistol to her head. He turned his head to look at Rayne and Ninetales.

“Ah, just in time for the grand finale. She deserves this Rayne. She attempted to murder me and more of my Revo members, and failed. I’m going to teach her how to do it properly,” he said.

“Kill me instead,” Rayne replied.

Hugo looked surprised. “The last time you chose to save her life by offering your own, you managed to come back. How do we know you won’t create another plan to escape death once again?”

“If you pull the trigger and thrust a bullet into my brain, that should be enough to assure I don’t. But… just you, me and Jill can be here. Send the others back up,” Rayne said.

Hugo waved his hand and the other four people left.

“You make tempting offers, Rayne. I guess I’ll kill you now, and let her be then…” Hugo sighed.

“It’s better this way,” Rayne said, more to himself than to anyone else.

Hugo Vallon stepped forward and raised a gun, pointing at Rayne’s head. He put his finger on the trigger, ready to pull. His lip trembled, and sweat rolled down his face.

“Do it,” Rayne said.

Hugo merely stared. He was frozen. He couldn’t do it.

“Do it, or I’ll pull the trigger myself.”

“You’ll have to, because I’m not going to,” Hugo said.

So Rayne stepped forward, placing his forehead right against the gun. He reached for the trigger and pulled, as Jill screamed and Hugo’s face turned pure white.

“I… can’t believe it… he pulled it…” Hugo said.

-click, click, click-

“I pulled it four times, to be exact,” Rayne said.

He smiled. Hugo stepped back. The clip was empty.

“But... how? I haven’t fire a single bullet from this gun! Did it jam?” Hugo said in surprise.

Rayne shook his head. “Why don’t you accept it, Hugo. I can’t be killed. Judging by the whiteness of your face, you realize it too.”

“Rayne... the amulet...” Jill whispered as she came closer to them.

Rayne looked down and realized Hugo’s face wasn’t white because he was scared, but because the amulet was shining brightly, reflecting off of his face.

Rayne laughed with glee. The amulet had gone to its final stage, the stage reached through a display of courage.

“No... NO! How could this happen?” Hugo yelled, as he stepped backwards.

“When it turned red, I cheated Death, showing a display of wisdom. And now, the courage needed to unleash the amulet’s full powers was received through pulling the trigger on the gun that was aimed at my head,” Rayne said.

“So courage is also known as suicide these days?” Hugo shrieked.

“No. You failed to kill me, so I offered to do it myself. You didn’t have the guts, I did. It’s that simple. And now, Hugo, it’s time we fight again. Just you and I. Call your lackeys back, and our battle on the upper deck can begin,” Rayne laughed as he pulled Jill towards the stairs.

Hugo followed them, and as they reached the top deck, everyone stopped fighting immediately. Who had won, they wondered?

“Revo, stand down. It’s between me and the boy now,” Hugo growled.

“Aqua, that goes for you too. This fight is mine,” Rayne said around him.

Everyone backed up against the railing to watch the scene before them. Jill joined the sidelines, and Rayne and Hugo turned to face each other, ready to fight to the death.

“Alright, grandpa, this is it. The battle of the leaders,” Rayne said.

He noticed Brack standing in the crowd, who nodded to him, ogling the amulet hanging from his neck. His lips curled into a smile.

“Yes Rayne. You must know, that you have no chance, but I accept your challenge,” Hugo said boldly, trying not to show his fear of the boy before him.

They both nodded and leapt forwards, fists raised. Rayne planted his hand into his grandfather’s face, as Hugo’s mechanical arm was thrust into Rayne’s stomach. Hugo flew back and crashed on the floor as Rayne lightly fell to the ground.

They got back up, and continued throwing punches with the same result. As Hugo received heavy blows and was thrown back by the might of the amulet, Rayne enjoyed a pleasant fight, having nothing to worry about but maybe a sprained ankle.

Hugo panted as he got back up. “You’d be no match for me without that amulet!” he yelled.

“I know, and you’d be more than happy to kill a defenceless boy over someone stronger than you, right?” Rayne snapped back.

Hugo roared and jumped forward, releasing a barrage of punches, and Rayne moved swiftly to dodge them. When he finally saw an opening, he threw his grandfather back, and ran to the railing. Once there, he smiled at Hugo, and ran with incredible speed towards the man, while throwing his full weight in a shoulder bash, sending the old man flying into the captain’s hut on the deck, which came crashing down. Rubble fell on top of Hugo, who seemed unconscious.

“It’s not over,” Rayne said to the crowd.

And indeed, rocks were sent flying everywhere as Hugo threw the pile of debris off of him.


He pulled back his massive arm, and with a blow that could cleave an elephant, he released his fury upon Rayne.

“No,” Rayne said, with a fist raised that had captured Hugo’s punch.

Everyone stared at this display of Rayne’s newfound power, and Hugo looked scared.

“No... I used 100% of my energy! You can’t be that strong!” He yelled.

Rayne smiled. “Well, looks like I am. And guess what, Hugo? I’m going to use it to stop you. I will avenge everyone you’ve killed.” Rayne punched him in the stomach, which sent him into the air. Rayne jumped, clasped his hands together above his head, and brought them down with a mighty blow, which sent Hugo crashing through the floor, to the bottom deck. Rayne landed neatly, and jumped down to join his grandfather.

“I am in possession of this amulet, Hugo. The amulet of the legendary warrior, Harm! A warrior of the Gods! One of the most powerful warriors the world has ever seen! Cliché, perhaps, but you have seen its power! You know it’s true!” Rayne yelled, and kicked his grandfather back into the wall on the other side of the deck.

Hugo gasped for breath, staring at Rayne who was advancing again.

“I’ll let you live, Hugo. I’ll finish you once you’ve realized the true power I possess. Good luck,” Rayne said, and he pulled himself up through the holes above, climbing back to the top deck.

Hugo could hear Rayne telling his team to take the other boat and set course for Sootopolis. He heard the ship sail away, and Brack came down to his master.

“Brack... that child will die,” Hugo said maliciously.

Brack nodded. “In time, he shall. You must recover, Hugo.”

Hugo spat onto the ground. “HE WILL DIE!”

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Chapter 10: The Duo Duel
“Come on, I want full power on this thing! There’s only three more days left before Revo ends it all, so get us to Sootopolis!” Rayne yelled around.

“Captain Rayne, we need to stop as soon as possible to restock! It will be at least another day or two before we arrive and we’re short on food, water and fuel! I suggest we stop in Mossdeep,” one of the crew said.

“We can’t waste any time, you know this,” Rayne replied.

The man sighed. “Just for a few hours, sir. We need the fuel at the very least.”

Rayne looked around and could tell that the crew did need a break from the sea. He nodded, and the ship changed course immediately.

“We’ll use whatever we have to get there as quick as we can, and then we’ll resupply and continue on,” another sailor said while going to the deck below.

Rayne looked around, and saw yet another sailor coming his way.

“Sir! Your presence is requested on the bottom floor. We found something you might find interesting,” he said.

Rayne and the sailor hurried down to the bottom deck, and what Rayne saw brightened his day: they had a prisoner from Revo.

“Our Pokémon caught him while he was trying to blow off the bottom of the ship, sir. We brought him in and made sure no one else knows of him but us and yourself,” one of the men said.

“Good job. Please, leave us be, I wish to talk to our friend here. Tell no one of this, and seal off this floor,” he replied as his crew left him and the prisoner.

Rayne walked over to the man who was tied and gagged. His face was covered in sweat, making his black hair stick to his head, giving him a sinister look together with his pale face and deep eyes.

“So, been busy chasing us, huh? I didn’t think my grandfather would try to attack again so soon, not after his little... incident,” Rayne said, while smirking. He removed the man’s gag so he could speak. “Who are you, and where is Hugo now?”

“I do not know,” the man replied.

Rayne struck him across the face with the back of his hand and repeated the question. The man stared blankly ahead of him.

“He’s lying” sounded in his head. The amulet was speaking to him. “Torture is the only way at this point. Beat him, then threaten to gouge out his eyes” Rayne heard.

“Alright. Torture it is,” Rayne said and snapped a chair in half, and slowly began to slide the broken wood into the man’s leg, making it tear as much flesh as he could get to.

The man yelled in pain, and screamed “OKAY” over and over. Rayne stopped and waited.

The man took a deep breath, before beginning his story. “All I know is that Hugo is somewhere between Sootopolis and Mossdeep, recovering from his injuries. Yes, he is following you, but only to track your progress,” he said.

“So why were you caught trying to blow up the ship?” Rayne said.

“Well...” Rayne slid the wood deeper into the man’s leg. He screamed in pain and Rayne stopped again. “We were supposed to stop you if we saw an opportunity.”

Rayne laughed. “He wishes to stop me with an explosive. You understand you were sent on a suicide mission, right? Thank you for the information, and farewell.”

The man’s eyes widened in shock and Rayne twisted his neck, ending his life.

“Rayne... what’re you doing?” he asked himself. He had become nothing but a brutal murderer. He had thrown away everything he was and replaced it with cold, emotionless feelings. He sighed and returned to the top deck.

“Dispose of the body before anyone notices,” Rayne said to the men that had captured the spy.

He looked around for Jill, but he realized they were already in Mossdeep, so she had probably left the ship. Ever since Rayne allied himself with team Aqua, she had been trying to stay away from him.

“Nice boat, mister!” a little boy called to Rayne after he stepped off. He ignored the child and continued on through the city, looking for something to kill the time.

“Sir, could you give us a hand here?” Rayne heard someone call to him.

He turned around and saw some fisherman having some trouble dragging their nets to the shore. He walked over to them to see what was wrong.

“They’re stuck for some reason, and we can’t get them loose, and we were wondering if you could see something we didn’t, if you don’t mind?” one of the men asked.

Rayne walked through the shallow water and looked carefully at the nets. It looked as though there was nothing wrong with them. He looked up at the men, who were now pointing guns to his head. Rayne put his hands in the air.

“Hugo sends his love,” the other man said, while smiling.

“That’s nice of him. I’ll give him some back when I next see him,” Rayne said, coldly.

“There won’t be a next time, boy.”


Two bodies crashed to the ground, and Rayne threw them straight into the water behind them, watching them get swept away by the currents. He turned to face Jill, who tossed her gun at his feet before turning and running off again.

“Jill...” he whispered to himself, before returning to the city streets.

With his thoughts on Jill, he wandered around, looking for something to kill the time. He couldn’t help but notice that the streets were in panic though. He stopped to ask someone what was going on.

“The Twosome struck again! Another eight people in the hospital because of those monsters! It’s an outrage!” a man yelled.

The Twosome? Rayne decided to look for the police station to get the best information around.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” an officer asked when Rayne asked about the Twosome.

“I came all the way from Petalburg, so I guess not,” he replied.

“Phew... that’s a long ways. Anyhow... the Twosome is nothing but a couple of criminals. They go around, hurting and pestering people for their own entertainment. The worst part is, they’re Pokémon, so it’s not like we can sentence them to do time or something,” the officer said.

“Pokémon? Criminal Pokémon? That’s... new,” Rayne said in surprise.

The officer nodded. “Yeah, and they’re so sneaky, we’re not sure what they are! We do have an idea of what they look like. One of them has a dark blue body, with a large flower on its head. A red flower with white dots. And the other one, well, he’s the real clown of the two. Hard to describe, but personally I think his body looks like a thick, yellow palm tree, with a large lily pad on his head. We have confirmed that one’s a water type, as it uses water based attacks and is an incredible swimmer.”

Rayne frowned. “And I heard you’re offering a reward to the one that brings them in?”

“Yeah. We need all the help we can get. But of course, the real reward is capturing those two, wouldn’t you say? Anyways, I got to get back to work. Keep an eye out for them, alright?” he said before leaving.

Rayne left the station, now with his thoughts on nothing but the Twosome. Criminal Pokémon that have evaded capture for quite some time, and even being properly identified! Those could come in handy while fighting Hugo.

Rayne tripped and fell flat on his face. He pushed himself back up and spat blood. What he saw made his day a lot better: Exploud. He had tackled Rayne out of happiness.

“Exploud! You’re okay! The currents must have brought you this way, huh?” Rayne said happily, and Exploud nodded. They embraced, and together they walked through the city, as Rayne explained what was going on, and what still had to be done. He also mentioned the Twosome, so they would have something to do before they were to leave again.

Exploud roared and flexed his muscles, showing he was ready for battle. Rayne laughed, and let Ninetales out, so he could fill her in as well.


Rayne looked up and saw a Pokémon in front of him, one he recognized: a Vileplume.

“Hi there,” he said and he and his own Pokémon continued to walk.

“Viiile... PLUME!” sounded from behind.

Rayne yelled as he was hit in the back by something sharp. He turned around and saw his blood dripping on the ground beneath him, and Ninetales and Exploud immediately got into position, awaiting Rayne’s orders.


Rayne whirled around again and was smacked in the face by two large hands, knocking him to the ground. He jumped to his feet again and recognized his second attacker as a Ludicolo, who had joined Vileplume. They were the Twosome!

“We just... ran into them? What are the odds on that?” Rayne said in surprise.

Rayne nodded and got behind his Pokémon, ready for a battle that didn’t involve him getting shot at. That was of course, if the Twosome left him alone from now on.

“Ninetales, use... umm... Damn. I don’t know anything about you guys!” Rayne yelled, and large sweat drops appeared at the back of their heads.

Ninetales opened her mouth, and a fiery jet erupted, flying in a perfect line towards the Vileplume, who jumped aside and began tossing petals around the battlefield, before bursting into dance.

The petals rose into the air, and started swirling around the flower Pokémon, and without warning, shot off towards Ninetales, who incinerated them with more flames, but was met by a cold jet of water that was fired by Ludicolo. Exploud jumped in front of Ninetales to take the hit, and the fox jumped over Exploud to fire off another searing attack at the dancing Vileplume. Vileplume was hit and was thrown off balance, but continued dancing, sending more petals in Ninetales’ direction, with Ludicolo right behind them. Ninetales wasn’t as quick this time, and took a few cuts before being rammed by Ludicolo’s head butt.

“COLO!” Ludicolo cheered, before Exploud came crashing in from the side, knocking the water Pokémon away from them.

Rayne felt so helpless. It was a battle and he could do nothing but watch. He didn’t have a clue as to what they could do!

“Roselia, use Toxic! Marill, Water Gun!” Rayne heard.

Another flower Pokémon came dashing towards the fight, while firing poison from the flowers on its’ hands, and a water rabbit came rolling in with its mouth wide open, pumping water towards its enemy.

“Rayne, stick to your mortal combat, leave Pokémon fights to the trainers!” Jill yelled as she approached him.

Rayne nodded and kept quiet. It was now four versus two. But Ludicolo and Vileplume were quite strong, and used to working together. Would they be able to win?

Vileplume turned towards Marill, thinking it was an easy opponent. It released another barrage of leaves, which went flying in a completely other direction.

“Is it stupid?” Rayne asked.

“It’s confused from its attack,” Jill replied.

Ludicolo rushed forward, ready to smack the newcomers around, but stopped to whine and cry. It looked sick.

“And that one’s poisoned,” Jill said. “Ninetales, use your Quick Attack on Ludicolo! Exploud, Hyper Voice the Ludi as well!”

Ninetales dashed forward while Exploud released a mighty sound wave which could be seen. It tore the ground apart close behind Ninetales, who swiftly bashed into the downed Ludicolo, and quickly jumped out of harm’s way as the sound blast gave Ludicolo another mighty blow.

“Wow, that was nice,” Rayne said.

“It’s not over yet,” Jill said grimly.

And indeed, the Vileplume quickly came to its senses, showering the area with a shiny powder, and Rayne yawned.

He turned to Jill and saw she had fallen asleep on the ground! He swept over to her and took her in his arms. He noticed that Marill, Roselia and Exploud were also asleep!

“Hmm... that move will definitely come in handy versus Revo,” Rayne said to himself, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out two Pokéballs he had just bought, specially for this occasion. He prepared himself to throw the ball, but Ninetales barked at him.

“Not yet. Pokémon usually have to be in a much weaker state to capture them. Wear them out, make it impossible for them to continue their fight” Rayne heard from the amulet.

“Alright Ninetales, it’s all up to you now then! I wish I could help, but I’m no trainer... Good luck!” Rayne called as Ninetales turned to face her opponents again.

She growled deeply, and let out a mighty roar before rushing forward again. She was aiming for Vileplume, but Ludicolo stepped in front of it, and slammed Ninetales back with a mighty blow.

But the lily pad Pokémon was also slammed forwards! Ninetales had come from behind, as well as the front?

“Oh, I know that move, that’s Double Team!” Rayne yelled.

Ninetales turned on the spot to face Vileplume, and released a jet of searing flames right in its face, making the flower turn and run for the water nearby.

Ludicolo had obviously gotten an idea, for he picked up Ninetales and dashed to the water as well.

“NO!” Rayne cried out.

Ludicolo threw in the fox, and dove in after her, with Vileplume on its back. The three of them continued on, leaving Rayne and the other behind.

Rayne got up, and laid Jill and the Pokémon together before dashing off after the Twosome and his father’s Ninetales.

He jumped into the water and swam after them, still able to see them ahead of him. He saw them jump onto another piece of land, and scurry into what looked like a cave. When Rayne reached this land, he saw an old man camped outside the entrance.

“G’day to you, lad. I’m guessing you’re following those Pokémon that just came running through here?” he asked Rayne.

He nodded and made to continue through the entrance, but the man spoke again.

“You’d be wise to take someone with you. Someone who knows what they’re doing, and someone who knows how to fight Pokémon,” he said while getting up from the ground.

“And who do you suggest? You?” Rayne snapped.

The old man laughed and shook his head. He pointed to something behind him and said, “Him.”

A large beetle with a massive horn on its head came dashing into Rayne’s arms. It was Heracross!

“Heracross! You’re alive, I knew it! Have you been out here with Exploud all this time?” Rayne asked.

Heracross nodded, and dashed into the cave, ready to help his friends.

“Thanks, mister, for looking after him!” Rayne said before following Heracross.

“It was my pleasure, Rayne Vallon,” the man whispered before laughing.

Once inside, Rayne could see the Ludicolo and Vileplume standing before him, looking angry. Ninetales lay unconscious on the ground behind them, and Heracross was ready to fight.

“Alright Heracross, it’s your turn. Show no mercy,” Rayne said.

Heracross roared and jumped forward, as did his two opponents. Rayne was amazed that Pokémon could fight like this. In flurries of fists and a variety of other attacks they went at each other, hoping for victory.

Heracross blocked Ludicolo’s attacks with his fists and dodged Vileplume’s grass moves. He was a natural at this.

“HERA!” he cried, and thrust his horn into Ludicolo’s belly, throwing him into the air. Heracross turned to Vileplume and raised a fist, and began to pound the flower’s tiny body to a pulp. When Ludicolo smacked back onto the ground again, Heracross turned to continue his fight with him. Vileplume quickly jumped up and pulled Heracross back while Ludicolo pushed him back with a well placed jet of water, which Heracross stopped with his hands. He was sliding backwards, however.

Rayne noticed that Vileplume was standing still, and a large ball of light was beginning to emerge on the top of its head. It looked like the Hyper Beam Gyarados used.

“Heracross, get out of there! Stay away from the beam!” Rayne yelled.

Heracross cried and stepped aside to let the water crash into the cave wall, which began to shake. He jumped forward and pounded Ludicolo again, before turning to Vileplume.

The cave shook again, and small pebbles and dust fell to the ground in front of Rayne. He looked up and saw an enormous crack appear in the ceiling, and it was growing by the second.

“Heracross, either finish it or get out of here! The place is going to collapse anytime now!” he yelled while rushing forward to get to Ninetales.

Heracross nodded and turned around, only to be blasted by a fully charge beam attack that Vileplume had fired. Heracross was sent flying, right into a wall, which came crashing down with the beetle Pokémon below it.

“NO! NINETALES, WAKE UP!” Rayne cried.

But Ninetales wouldn’t budge. Rayne had left her Pokéball back with Jill, so he had no choice but to carry her and Heracross. The task wasn’t easy, as Ludicolo and Vileplume had started to attack Rayne himself.

He laid down Ninetales, and when Ludicolo punched, Rayne blocked the attack and returned the blow, sending the Pokémon flying. Vileplume attempted its sharp leaf attack, but Rayne’s amulet created a small barrier to stop it. Rayne stepped forward, grabbed the flower and began to twirl it around, eventually letting it fly out the cave exit. He did the same to Ninetales (with regret), and ran to help Ludicolo and Heracross. The cave collapsed, and he ran towards the exit himself, only to find the rocks tumble down from above, right on top of him. He leapt backwards, and a few more rocks shifted, creating a small opening. He had mere seconds, so he took them. He jumped forwards and slid through the hole, getting his leg caught on something. Another rock fell onto his foot, and he flinched in pain. He was stuck.

“Need some help, lad?” the old man said.

Rayne looked up and saw him holding out a badge to him. He saw a large RI printed on the silver circle. The man was holding a large hammer, meaning he had been tricked into going into the cave!

“Don’t you guys ever stop? Or at least...”

The man laughed. “At least what?”

“Or at least realize it’s pointless to fight me?” he said and smiled.

With a mighty tug his leg came free, and Rayne toppled to the ground and stood up quickly, just as the man was going to run away. Rayne grabbed hold of his collar and pulled his face close to his own.

“Understand this. I’m only going to kill you because you attempted to kill me. I really hope you’re the last Revo I see for quite some time,” Rayne whispered, and he threw the man to the ground. He dragged him to the water, and pushed his head under water until he stopped thrashing about. Rayne was sick of it all.

07-06-2008, 01:02 PM
“Alright, who’s still alive?” he said while turning back to the Pokémon.

Ninetales had awoken, and was standing on her legs shakily. Heracross was cross-eyed for the moment, Vileplume was breathing heavily while lying on its back and Ludicolo was still poisoned, as Rayne could tell from the sick look it had.

“No one’s up to fighting anymore, huh?” he asked.

They all shook their heads. Rayne pulled out the two Pokéballs again. He made sure he had those with him. He looked at Ludicolo and Vileplume. They jumped to their feet, scared of becoming owned. They readied themselves, and Ninetales and Heracross jumped between them and Rayne.

Rayne sighed. “The fighting will never end, I see. Not with humans, nor any other breed. Alright then, carry on.”

Rayne thought for a second. Why didn’t he use the amulet for this?

“Wait. Heracross, let Ninetales on your horn. Ninetales, Heracross is going to throw you over there to any of those two, and I want you to release all the firepower you have! Understood, both of you?” he said, and they nodded.

Heracross bent over, and Ninetales jumped on. Heracross swung around and flung his head backwards, sending Ninetales flying, who had to flip in mid-air to get a proper aim at her target: Vileplume.

Ninetales opened her mouth wide and fired an enormous jet of flames while soaring on. Vileplume looked scared, but once again Ludicolo came to the rescue. He shot his a jet of water to match the fox’ attack, and they clashed, sending water and fire everywhere. Ninetales was still flying, and she pumped up the power, pushing the water back, right back into Ludicolo’s mouth.

He choked and fell over backwards. Ninetales landed behind Vileplume, who looked frightened. It was probably alone now...

The flower Pokémon stepped back in fear, and was stopped by Heracross. Vileplume whirled around to stare at the beetle, who waved. Ninetales inched closer, and Heracross pushed Vileplume her way. Eventually Rayne’s Pokémon were a few inches from Vileplume, who was now too scared to move or even look.

They were awaiting Rayne’s orders.

“Do it” the amulet said. Rayne nodded. “Go ahead.”

Heracross thrust his powerful fists forwards as Ninetales shot out another jet of flames. The poor Vileplume was caught between the impacts, and had no chance of escape.

The dust cleared, and Heracross and Ninetales were standing back, looking at what they had done to the Twosome.

Vileplume and Ludicolo were lying in a heap in the sand, not moving. Had they finally won? Was it over? Rayne wished to think so. But he learned something very important in his experiences so far: Make sure it’s over.

So he raised his hands which held the Balls, and tossed them at the Pokémon, and each was sucked into the sphere in a flash of bright, red light. The Balls fell to the ground, and Rayne turned to Ninetales and Heracross.

“You two did great. Let’s get back to Jill, and... What’s wrong?” Rayne said. The Pokémon weren’t listening or looking at him, but they were staring carefully at the place Rayne had just thrown the Pokéballs. He turned to look as well, and saw them shaking.

“Oh,” he said.

And so he waited patiently as the Balls shook once... and twice... and then a third time...


I believe it was 82.3k characters, and I'm going for Vileplume and Ludicolo.

07-09-2008, 09:59 PM

Story/Plot: Yay, an adventure romance! My favorite! And I must say...what a tale. You had me hooked from the beginning, and I couldn't stop staring at the screen; now my eyes are burning. @_@ But that is definitely a compliment.

I really loved how complex this story was. You took so many spin-offs from the main goal (Rayne confronting the entirety of the RI and releasing Kygore/saving the world and all that jazz), and to be honest, it really made this that much more captivating.

Before the amulet was introduced, I was wondering how this little boy (man) was going to possibly make any difference, but my! Talk about a power boost. And to make it even more awesome, it wasn't just a 'make you magic' device thrown into his hands, he had to earn it first, and now I get the feeling it is somehow possessed by some demon monster attempting to take control of his mind. Or maybe I'm just out there...

And in spite of all of the plot turns, you've still managed to stay true to your original idea, and it always comes back to that point. Everything is tied together in a nice ribbon and this story is working out great for you so far.

The team up with Team Aqua towards the end, though short lived, was a very interesting twist. Reminds me of X-Men and the Brotherhood facing Apocolypse...inspiration? A lot of surprises in here and if I tried to mention them all, I'd just be rambling for pages on how great I thought this was. D:

I would like to mention, however, that there are a few points in this story that seemed forced, or unrealistic. For example, when Rayne's father returned to Petalburg and revealed his identity, I expected some huge wave of emotion or a pause in the plot to give the two time to reunite and explain the process. But instead, what happened was the boy rain to embrace him, and then the joy was abruptly ended as the father proceeded to tell his tale. I realize time was in dire need, but it seemed a bit of an odd situation for a pair that hadn't seen each other for thirteen years. :P So I'd just suggest to keep an eye out for sketchy things like this. If something seems to far fetched, it would be cool to take the time to make it not so.

As an entirety, this story was incredibly action-packed and full of twists and turns to keep your mind ticking. The emotion really had a large impact, and the actual mood of this is just incredible; even though Jill seems to be constantly crying, and Raine constantly killing people, but hey, emotion is emotion and it's hard to capture.

So....good job.

Grammar/Spelling: I didn't notice anything, and I don't want to skim through this entire thing again just to nitpick something minor, so....X_X.

I guess I'll just put something in here to make myself feel special:

As Rayne was dragged deeper, his eyes started to bulge from the pressure, and it felt as though his longs were going to burst out of his chest.

Should be lungs, GOSH.

But seriously, this was great. :|

Detail/Description: Ah, more awesome. Everything was beautifully described: the characters, their personalities, the Pokemon, the moods...it made the story what it was and you did a fantastic job. But yes, I must throw a 'however' in. Everything beyond the actual focal point of the story was almost completely left out. By this I mean the surroundings/the atmosphere/the setting. A couple scenes got a nice description, but for the most part, it was hard to picture what was happening around your story. I saw the events taking place in some kind of haze, because I don't have a window to this world you've created.

It's really hard to add the backgrounds in without making it feel forced, and to be honest, it will always feel forced until you get so used to including it that it practically becomes your second nature. Have people read bits of your stories and give feedback. I have forced many. :cool: It really helps. I don't think they would be as enthused if you shoved a ten page piece of writing at them, but a page or so should be cool.

This was one of the most powerful scenes I remember, and it was easy to find, so:

Rayne’s eyes widened in shock and kicked as hard as he could, but missed. The man thrust the knife in Rayne’s direction, but slipped and jammed it into his leg instead. Rayne choked in the pain, and attempted another kick, and this time made contact. He heard a loud crack and together, he and the man crashed to the ground.

Rayne got up, panting, and clearly saw he had broken his attacker’s neck. He had just killed a man. He limped over to Jill’s bed, and ripped the knife from his leg, and began to hack away at her bindings.

Sickly intriguing. One of those things you don't want to watch/read, but you just can't look away. :x

That also reminds me, I wanted to compliment you on how you were able to include murder and death without making it some blood-thursty gore that so many people get enjoyment from this days. It was actually quite impressive.

So yes, besides the 'setting', you create a very vivid picture and I applaud you. :]

Length: I'm not even going to bother checking the difficulty of these two. o_o I'm going to guess you're fine by the limit.

Battle: Much longer than I expected, but that is certainly not a bad thing. I'll admit, the two Pokemon have this 'The Twosome' history, and being introduced moments after Rayne killed some members of the RI seemed extremely forced, but the battle itself was practically perfect.

I really enjoy reading double battles, instead of the typical 1v1's, and in addition to this, yours really seemed alive and unexpected to the point where I actually liked reading it. (Battles tend to get boring after you read so many).

So, more compliments to you, you've obviously come down this road before.

Outcome: If you didn't know already... Vileplume and Ludicolo captured!

I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this. <3

07-18-2008, 09:04 PM
Thanks Em for the grade. Sorry for putting you through the painful eyes, I once did that to Meg. Actually, twice. Anyways, thanks! =D


The Balls stopped shaking, and Rayne heard a click as both sealed shut. Heracross picked them up, and together with Ninetales, returned to Rayne. He gladly took the Pokéballs and put them into his pocket.

“Alright, I think it’s time for a rest. We should let everyone know that the ‘Twosome’ is done for,” Rayne said.


So meh, to be continued.