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04-20-2008, 10:59 PM
Codename: Jirachi


The Midnight Meeting

There was a knock on the wooden, brown door in front of the house. It was midnight; someone who was knocking the door must have something urgent to tell. The door was knocked twice again. Someone was coming from inside the house, the wooden floor creaked as the man stepped on it, walking toward the front door. He went through the dark chamber, only lightened by a yellow, dim table lamp. The man walked smoothly through the chamber without hitting anything; he had gotten used to walk in the chamber, even with a poor lightening. He looked outside through the small, circular glass on the door. He stopped for a second, gripping the circular glass, trying to see clearly who was it.

Another knock and the man from inside the house unlocked the door and opened it slowly, trying to make no sound. A refracted moonlight went into the house, giving a slightly more brightness to the chamber. It was a man who had been knocking the door. His face was too hard to see, but his shoulder-length, blonde hair could be easily recognised. The man outside the house bowed, he was, obviously, the landlord’s sidekick.

“I’m really sorry to disturb you, Disaster One, but I have something to report,” said the man with shoulder-length hair. “This report is very urgent and the report cannot be delayed, so I’m here to tell you the news.”

“I really don’t like being disturbed in my sleep, especially at night,” said the man who was apparently addressed as ‘Disaster One’ with a low voice. “But if it’s something very urgent to tell, then I’ll let you go inside my house and we shall talk. But if it’s not, I have to punish you accordingly, Dandelion Six.”

“This is very urgent, Disaster One, very urgent,” replied Dandelion Six entrusting.

“My parents said that it’s not good to talk in the door,” said Disaster One. “It will ruin your future. So, if you please, come in, and be quiet.” Dandelion Six went into the dim chamber and Disaster One looked outside, scanning everything around the dark street in front of his house before he closed the oak door and locked it with the gold key.

He turned to Dandelion Six. “We must not talk in this chamber, not because this chamber is dark, but I really think we need privacy. My wife and daughter are upstairs sleeping, but I don’t want to take risk and overheard, especially my daughter, she suspects everything she thinks is weird and suspicious. We shall talk in my private room in the underground. Please follow me.”

“Of course, Disaster One,” replied Dandelion Six. The twosome moved, led by Disaster One through the dark chamber. They met two stairs, upstairs and downstairs. Since Disaster One mentioned underground earlier, it was obvious which stairs he picked. They both went down the stairs, heading to a door in the end of the stairs. After reaching it, Disaster One searched something in his pajama pocket. But the thing didn’t seem to be there.

“I think I left the key upstairs,” said Disaster One. “Just wait here, I’ll be back in no time.” Disaster One went upstairs and turned right, to the upstairs. His footsteps were fading until a door was heard open. Dandelion Six waited. The door was opened and closed again, and the footsteps of Disaster One could be heard heading downward. He’s back with a silver key in his left hand. He choked the sparkly silver key into the keyhole, there was a click and the door opened. Both of them went into the room and Disaster One closed and locked the door. “I guess I forgot to turn off the lamp.”

The room was bright, the lamp was turned on, enlightened everything under it. The two men’s appearance was now could be seen clearly. Disaster One wore a white pajama with grey strips on it and Dandelion Six wore a formal, black suit with a shining badge on the lapel. The room was full of machines and bookcases in every edge of the room. Some Pokéball could be seen on top of the round desk in the center of the room. Unlike other rooms of the house, this room looked more sophisticated with ceramic floors, machines, bright enlightening, the white, puffy sofas at the left side of the room and the computer on the round desk. The two of them walked toward the white sofa and sat down.

“So, Dandelion Six, what have you got to tell? I believe this is about Starstruck,” proclaimed Disaster One, widening his hands on the sofa.

“Yes, you’re right, Disaster One. This news is about Starstruck,” replied Dandelion One. “So, as you know, our mission is really nowhere in the world now, we lacked of workers, and the fact that it was impossible to make. You know, Calamity Thirty-Eight’s ideas rarely did something useful for us. I really doubted if his idea is going to succeed. But as for today, just this evening, we’ve got something that might be able to make it possible.”

“Wait, wait, there are so many ideas given out by Calamity Thirty-Eight,” said Disaster One. “Do you mean Mission Seventy-Three?”

“That mission is abandoned; do you really think we could make an Airship with like only one hundred unskilled workers? No, this is not about Mission Seventy-Three, it’s Mission Seventy-Four about –”

“Yeah, yeah, I know Mission Seventy-Four, now go on.”

“Okay … so, we’ve got something that might be able to make it not impossible,” said Dandelion Six, repeating, “we’ve got news that says an old Scientist in Pacifidlog Island, about one thousand miles away from here, who is very brilliant. We was reported that he just made a potion that can enlarge Wurmple’s size to as big as Seviper. So, we’re thinking of recruiting him.”

“Pacifidlog? No way!” replied Disaster One in disagreement. “We, the true owner of the Land of Dirge have pride in ourselves; we don’t need anyone from outsiders! You know that we’re closed to outsiders? Hoenn, who had dumped us, we have proved them we can live without their aid! I really disagree if we have to recruit that douche. No, sorry, this is not going to happen!”

“But, Disaster One, please understand, he’s our only chance …”

“No, I said!” exclaimed Disaster One.

“But this order comes from Adversity One, our leader!”

“He’s only 1 year in Adversity position, while I had been an Adversity One for five years!”

“The rule clearly says that Adversity One has the strongest power in making decisions. Thus, we must do what Adversity One orders, Disaster One. And I’m here only to report, Adversity One thought that you, who were previously the leader of this group should be told about this, and he never mentioned that he needed your opi –”

“The rule clearly states that we are not dealing with outsiders in any way! Rule has more power than Adversity, I tell you! We’re not going to recruit him, he’s outsider, he’s a piece of ****, I believe we, Dirgerians have more talented young men than that old man you mentioned! So, just drop the mission and we shall think of another way to take over the Land of Dirge, and then world!”

“Adversity One has thought about him not being a Dirgerian, Disaster One. He said that all we need to do is persuade him, and then we convert him to a Dirgerian and his aid here will not go against the rules. Please, understand, Disaster One. You even have less power than Calamity Three … everyone agreed on this mission and we’re doing it no matter happens.”

“How dare you say such thing, Dandelion Six, you are my sidekick! You have no right to tell me what is right and what is wrong!”

“Disaster One, I’m sorry, but this is what I’m ordered to do,” said Dandelion Six, raising his voice. “I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry, maybe that’s all I have to tell, Disaster One, I’m leaving now.”

“I need to speak with Adversity One, how dare him!”

“Adversity One is in his disguise. He is in Pacifidlog now, so I don’t think you can argue with him about this mission, Disaster One. He will be back tomorrow with Dr Bloogdery, and we’re going to take over the world in no time.”

“Hey … I wonder, Dandelion Six,” said Disaster One with a low voice. “What did Adversity One ride to get to Pacifidlog?”

“Starstruck Cruise the second, Disaster One.”

“Which takes ten hours to reach Pacifidlog, yes,” said Disaster One. “Isn’t it weird if we just got the news this evening and Adversity One has reached Pacifidlog.”

“Where are you getting at, Disaster One?” asked Dandelion Six, his face was plain, like a lightning just struck it.

“You lied to me, Dandelion Six,” said Disaster One firmly, now Dandelion Six looked perplexed. Disaster One stopped talking, waiting for Dandelion Six to say it himself.

“Yeah … Adversity One ordered me to tell you late night, so when I tell you this, he’ll be in Pacifidlog already. He predicted that you will disagree strongly, seeing how you lead the group eight years ago.”

“I’m going to go to Pacifidlog as well, I will talk to him and we’ll be back without any Pacifidlog nerds!”

“No chance, Disaster One, no chance. The harbor is closed until Adversity One is back from Pacifidlog, and the airway is guarded by Air Polices,” elaborated Dandelion Six. “Adversity One has predicted every single move you would do, and yet, he succeeded. So, please Disaster One, let him do it, for the sake of Dirgerians …”

“Does he ever knew what Pokémon I have?” asked Disaster One.

“Eh, I don’t think so, Disaster One …”

Disaster One grinned, he walked toward the round desk at the center of the room and picked a Pokéball. He pushed the white button on the center of the Pokéball and the ball was enlarged. Disaster One tossed the white and red ball in the air, as the ball opened, sending a white, dazzling ray to the floor, shaping the Pokémon Alakazam. It had two long moustaches in the cheeks, yellow skin with brown armor-like things, Alakazam was holding two white spoons in its hands. It cried “Alakazam!” when he’s sent out of the ball.

“That is … Alakazam,” said Dandelion Six, shocked.

“Very true, Dandelion Six, now, please tell my wife that I’m going to Pacifidlog, see you, Teleport to Pacifidlog, Alakazam!” exclaimed Disaster One, holding Alakazam’s body. A white ray wrapped them up and quickly faded …

04-20-2008, 11:00 PM
One Morning

The blazing, red sun slowly climbed up the wide, dark blue sky. The ray radiated through the vacuum air, reaching every roof of the sleepy people, encouraging them to wake up. The Dodrio cried loudly from nowhere, trying to make people get out of their warm blankets. It was a peaceful, warm, Saturday morning, a perfect day to do family activities. It was the Island of Dirge, an island of freedom, without the grip of any regions. Though it was previously under Hoenn’s arm, but now Dirgerians – the name for people who live in Island of Dirge – has declared their freedom.

“Breakfast is ready!” shouted a woman firmly and suddenly there were footsteps from all over the house. A man appeared on the stairs, a boy went into the house, his shirt looked dirty, and ultimately, a teenage girl lazily walked toward the dinning table from her room. All four of them sat down on the dinning table, except the boy with dirty clothes. “Philip, what have you been doing?”

“Sorry, Mum, I was in the pond …”

“Now change your clothes or you won’t get any breakfast!” said Mum. Philip obeyed his mum’s order and went upstairs. Mum sat down, “honey, bread?”

“Sure, darling,” replied the man. “I want a peanut butter, by the way.”

“You got it,” said Mum, smiling, handing bread to the man, who started eating it mouthfully, while the teenage girl started playing with her omelet using the fork, she didn’t seem to be hungry, and she mustn’t feel any good at the moment. Mum made herself a strawberry jam bread and the boy went down with a new shirt, looking good. He joined the flock, and grabbed an omelet for himself. “What are you doing in the pond, Phil?”

“Oh, I dropped my Pokéball, so I had to pick it up,” answered Philip. “But I slipped and fell down to the pond.” Mum gave him an ‘Oh really’ expression on the face. The girl was still playing with her omelet, and the man started reading the newspaper, Philip ate his omelet. “Dad, I wonder if I can catch a Pokémon, my friend has got one …” Dad stopped reading to look at Philip’s begging face, he raised an eyebrow, and then covered himself with newspaper.

“Well … you are turning ten next month,” replied Dad from behind the newspaper. “So of course, you can catch a Pokémon … next month.”

“Oh, come on, dad … I can prove I can raise a Pokémon well! Come one, there’s no much difference if I between this month and next,” begged Philip. “Please Dad, I really want one …”

“Not right now, Philip, haven’t you heard the news?” asked Dad.

“News what?” asked Philip back.

“Pokémon are missing,” answered Dad. It’s been in the newspaper for two weeks, there’s always news about it everyday. Like last night, my friend lost his Jolteon after he left it for one minute. I’m afraid you can’t take care of your Pokémon well, you even dropped your Pokéball somehow.”

“But dad –”

“Listen to your father, Philip,” hissed Mum quickly. “Look, Sophie is thirteen and she hasn’t got any Pokémon yet, and you’re only nine turning ten!”

“Well, Mum,” said Sophie for the first time. “Just for your information, I just bought a Snorunt yesterday if you remember.”

“Yes you did, but it ran away two hours after, so it doesn’t count! So, just drop it, Philip, you’re not getting a Pokémon this month. You have to take the tuition first, and then next month, you will get to capture your first Pokémon.” Philip stunned, he didn’t say anything anymore. Mum ate the last piece of her bread and turned to Dad. “Darling … is the rumour right?”

“Rumour? What rumour?”

“That Team Starstruck caused this problem,” said Mum.

“Well, they are the most probable,” replied Dad, “though we still are not able to detect the location of their homebase yet.”

“In the underground, maybe? Dirge is not that big …”

“We have been searching all over the places, but unfortunately, till now, we still couldn’t find it.”

The conversation stopped, everyone was remained silent. Sophie got up, without saying anything, she went into her room nearby. “Mum, can I play at Tia’s?” asked Philip suddenly.

“Tia is Tiara?” asked Dad before Mum could even open her mouth. “The girl next door?”

“Yes,” answered Philip, his face turned to be more delighted as his Dad knew the girl he was mentioning.

“Let’s go there, I also have something to talk with Charles,” said Dad, folding his newspaper and put it on the dining table. He took another gulp of his coffee.

“Really? Thanks Dad!” Philip had become really delighted.

“But this early?” asked Mum, she didn’t seem to agree with Dad’s decision.

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to be long,” replied Dad, turning at Mum’s face, trying to entrust her.

“Oh … well … off you go,” replied Mum, she didn’t seem to agree Dad’s decision. “Well, I need to clean things up, away from the room now.” Dad and Philip got up from their chairs, Dad gave Mum a peck on the cheeks, Philip running out of the dining room to the front door, both of them went out of the house. The sun was now rising even higher, the red, blazing orb kept on climbing up the blue sky. Dad and Philip turned left, heading to the house next to them. The house was the same size of Philip’s, but with blue roof on top of it to protect the house and everything lied to them from the cold and heat. Dad and Phil arrived at the house’s entrance. Dad knocked the oak door with the steel, golden knocker three times. They both waited until there was a ‘click’ sound on the keyhole. The door opened, a guy with black, ponytail hair was behind the door.

“Sorry to bug you, Charles, but, can we have a little talk?” asked Dad kindly, the guy behind the door welcomed him cheerfully. “And also, my son Philip wants to play with your daughter, Tiara.”

“Oh, what a nice of you, David, just a second … Tia!” shouted Charles. “It’s your friend, Mr Muggles’ son!”

“Oh, it must be Phil! I’ll be there in a second!” replied a childish, girl voice from inside the house.

“Well, why would we talk here? Come in!” said Charles to Dad and Philip. Charles led them to go inside the house, the first room they met was the living room. The room wasn’t big, only small furniture like sofa and coffee table was there. In the left corner of the house was a shelf with almost no books placed there, an empty cupboard was in the right side and an ugly painting was hung in the wall – it looked like kindergartens’ painting. It was painted red and something unrecognisable was in the center of the painting.

“Please take a seat,” said Charles. David, Philip and Charles sat down on the brown sofa at once. A girl with black, shoulder-length hair came into the room from the passage; she seemed to be very happy. Philip rose. “Tia, it’s Philip.”

“I know, Daddy, Phil, come with me,” asked Tia. “Let’s play hide and seek!”

“Sure!” replied Phil delightfully, he rose and went further into the house with Tia. David and Charles left, Charles began to speak.

“So, David, what’s up, this early,” asked Charles.

“You read the newspaper?” asked David.

“Well, yes, about Team Starstruck, isn’t it?” asked Charles ensuring.

“Definitely,” replied David. “It’s been one year you are helping us, but we still couldn’t locate the position of Team Startstruck, if we can’t locate the position, the Island will be in a great danger. If now Pokémon is missing, then soon, people will disappear too. I’m just … afraid of my thought.”

“True, David, true,” replied Charles in agreement. “Well, I too can’t do much about it. Team Starstruck is nomad, I suppose. They move from one place to another place, though I don’t know how they do it. Remember last week when we were informed by our trustworthy scout that Team Starstruck’s base is located?”

“Yes, I do,” replied David. “So we went to the mentioned place and, just like magic, they are not there anymore.”

“They must have a really sophisticated machine to move that quick,” suggested Charles.

“Or,” said David, “we have a traitor in our team.”

“What do you mean?” asked Charles.

“Well, think, Charles, think,” said David. “It’s like, one second ago we were informed that out scout has found the location of Starstruck base, and in the next second we go to find it, and wooos, we got there and found nothing but an empty land.”

“That’s pretty logical,” said David. “But, what sophisticated machine are we talking about? I mean, yes, it can be accepted if there’s a traitor in our team, but, please imagine: Team Starstruck base is found, and the traitor in our team informs Team Starstruck if their location is detected and warns them to move their base. I mean, that fast they can move the base? It’s just so impossible.”

“Maybe they’re using Pokémon’s power or something!” said David. “Like Alakazam, it has the ability to teleport themselves and their trainer to a particular spot. One Alakazam is not enough, of course. But who knows if they have hundreds of them to teleport their base at once?”

“Well, David, I really don’t know,” replied Charles. “It has never been proved in history that Alakazam can teleport whole building and everything in it to another place. Maybe, like you said, the quantity might help, but we don’t have any proves to prove that, Dave, and Team Starstruck base mustn’t be any small!”

“On second thought, Charlie,” said David. “Maybe it’s the scout who lied to us.”

“Oh, David, it can’t be. You saw the video yourself, and the big building you see in it, it must be Team Starstruck’s base, how come you don’t trust the scout?”

“Well now, Charles,” said David, “tell me your idea.”

“To be honest … I’ve got nothing …” said Charles. Both of the silenced, the eyes met. They remained in their places, what’s in their heads, cannot be told. Both of them fell into their own mind. A gentle breeze of wind passed through the room from the opened, brown door. Then the silence was broken by a loud shriek from the underground. It was the childish, girl voice; Tiara’s.

04-20-2008, 11:00 PM
The First Battle

Everyone was warned, Charles and David got up from their seats, both of them ran through the passageway, arrived in a room with a TV on the right corner. They bumped into two stairs, one going up and the other one was the stairs going down to the underground. They ran down the stairs, with an opened door in the end of it. Before they could go into the room, two Pokémon was running away from the room. The first Pokémon shaped triangle, and the second one looked like a pink bear. The twosome ran up the stairs, and then, from the room, Philip and Tiara went out.

“Tiara, what happened, honey?” asked Charles, worried.

“No … no – it’s okay,” replied Tiara, gasping. “I – I was just surprised, that’s all … whose Pokémon are those, Dad? You never told me you have that …”

“It’s the company’s Pokémon, my friend left them here to be taken care of,” said Charles, looking back. “I shall go after them, I have to recapture them.” Charles ran up the stairs, followed by David, Philip and Tia. They got to the house’s terrace and found the two Pokémon there, who seemed to be confused.

“Daddy, lemme capture it! I want to battle!” asked Tiara.

“No, I need to be quick, Tia,” replied Dad in disagreement.

“Come on, Daddy, it was all my fault let me do it!” asked Tiara.

“No, Tia –”

“Why not let them have their first battle?” said David suddenly.

“Them? You mean Tia and Philip?”

“Yeah …”

“Er … okay, okay, but please make it quick, I’ll lend you my Pokémon,” said Charles. Searching something in his pocket and found 2 Pokéball in it. He handed the first Pokéball to Tiara, and the second to Philip. “Use them effectively!” Tiara tossed her Pokéball in the air, and a Machop was sent out of the ball, while Philip got a Nuzleaf.

“Phil, you fight Snorunt, I’ll take care of Slowpoke!” commanded Tiara, Philip agreed. Both of them stepped into the battle, thinking they’re challenged, both Snorunt and Slowpoke turned to Tia and Phil, facing them with passion. David and Charles were remained silent behind of them, though their expression was sour.

“Machop, use Low Kick!” commanded Tiara.

“Um, Nuzleaf, go use Razor Leaf!” commanded Philip.

Nuzleaf went first, spinning its head and the leaf on it spun. From the spinning leaf, Nuzleaf shot a piercing, twirling leaves toward Snorunt, who was waiting for an attack. The twirling leaves pierced Snorunt’s body, it cried softly and bashed the leaves away with its body. Snorunt then prepared for a counter-attack while Machop slowly walked toward Slowpoke. Snorunt was now blowing a gentle, freezing wind from the mouth toward Nuzleaf, covering its body with shards of ice, effectively damaged Nuzleaf, it cried in harm.

Now Machoke retracted its right leg and forcefully kicked Slowpoke, sending it flying and landed harshly on the ground. But Slowpoke quickly got up, the move didn’t do much damage to Slowpoke. Now, Slowpoke glared at Machop. Slowpoke focused its mind and sent a weak wave of psychic toward Machop, and hurt Machop greatly, it fell down at once, Machop’s body shuddered for a while before he got up. Both Tiara’s and Philip’s choice of moves didn’t seem to be brilliant, because none of them did a notable damage on either Snorunt or Slowpoke.

“Tia –” said Charles.

“Let them enjoy their battle, Charlie!” said David, cutting Charles’ words. Charles, who didn’t seem to agree on what David suggested, was silenced anyway.

“Look, Tia, our moves didn’t do great damage on them,” said Philip. “I remember something I heard from watching TV about type effectiveness, it is said that you can beat certain types of Pokémon easily with the right type. Do you something about it, Tia?”

“Not much, Phil,” replied Tia. “But our moves didn’t seem to be effective, why not try another move?”

“Good idea, I think. Nuzleaf, use Nature Power!” commanded Philip.

“Machop, use Focus Energy!” commanded Tiara.

Nuzleaf closed its eyes, focusing its power in its mind. The next second, a gentle wind blew, and there were glowing orbs around Nuzleaf. The orb was becoming larger and larger by the time and glowing even brighter. The orb was now as big as Nuzleaf’s head when, it floated some inches above the ground, then the orbs blasted toward Snorunt, bursting out every time it hit Snorunt; who cried loudly taking the damage. Snorunt fell down to the ground for the first time, and got up again quickly, gasping.

In the other side, Machop was collecting its power in silence. It’s closing its eyes, and its body glowed, while Slowpoke, with its best, running toward Machop with a shining forehead. Detecting that something’s coming to it, Machop opened its eye and found out that Slowpoke was just some inches near him, ready to knock Machop out in one, powerful attack. Without any command from Tia, Machop jumped to the air, avoiding Slowpoke’s attack, landing smoothly in the other side of the field.

Not far from them, Snorunt was building up its power, as an azure haze spun around it, then disappear at once. At first, it didn’t seem that something’s happening, but the atmosphere quickly changed. Black clouds were gathering together in the sky, the temperature became colder, and surprisingly, tiny pieces of ice were falling down to the ground from the black sky, harming everything that came into contact with them. But not for Snorunt, the wounds caused by Nuzleaf’s Nature Power were recovered gradually as the pieces of ice hit it, giving Snorunt more strength for the battle.

“Ouch!” shouted Tiara, as a piece of ice hit her on the head.

“Tia, are you okay?” asked Phil.

“Uh, yeah, pretty much,” answered Tiara. “We need to get rid of this hail, you shall command Nuzleaf to make it sunny again!”

“Okay, Nuzleaf, use Sunny Day!” commanded Philip.

“Machop, with full power, use Dynamic Punch!” commanded Tiara.

Nuzleaf raised its hand, transferring its power to the sky, pleading the sky to stop hailing and tried to re-summon the blazing sun. The sky became a bit brighter, the sun kept on appearing and reappearing, until the sky became totally brightly blue and the sun could be completely seen and the hail was stopped. While Snorunt seemed to be unpleased, as it summoned a twirling wind of azure snow, and with great power, Snorunt blowed a cannon of snowballs toward Nuzleaf, but the snowballs were melted on their way to reach Nuzleaf, most probably because of the heat raised by Nuzleaf’s Sunny Day.

Machop was now running toward Slowpoke, putting its right hand behind its body. As it arrived nearby Slowpoke, Machop withdrew its hand, which glowed brightly. It jabbed its shining hand as Slowpoke, hastily pointed its right, chubby hand at Machop, shooting a rapid black ray which wrapped Machop’s body, locking its movement. Machop was now immobilised, it looked like a statue. Slowpoke moved back slowly, and started to do a silly dance. It whipped its tail, and raising its hands. Slowpoke kept on doing that until the sky was blackened again, and the sun was covered by the black clouds. In the next second, the rain started to drop heavily, making wet everything under it, Slowpoke seemed to be very happy, it kept dancing like idiot.

“Tiara, Philip, switch your target!” shouted Charles suddenly. “Machop could easily kill Snorunt with Fighting moves while Nuzleaf can beat Slowpoke with Grass type moves! I think we need to tell them about effectiveness, David.”

“You seem to be right, Charlie,” replied David.

“Tia, you hear that?” asked Philip.

“Yep, so we switch now?” replied Tiara.

“Yeah, I have to attack Slowpoke with Grass-type moves … ok, Nuzleaf, switch target to Slowpoke and weaken it with Nature Power!”

“Machop, pass on Slowpoke, switch target to Snorunt, and do a Cross Chop to it!”

Still raining, Nuzleaf gathered its power, and the green, glowing orbs appeared around him, floating some inches on the sky. Machop had recovered from its immobility and running toward Snorunt, who was gathering blue haze around it, it’s trying to change the weather again, what a world they live in! Slowpoke was still dancing in its excitement, but it cheated anyway, it moved twice last turn. The glowing orbs around Nuzleaf were getting bigger, and they glided toward the dancing Slowpoke, the orbs smacked Slowpoke on the belly, causing it to fell to the ground, not moving at all. The move must be very effective. The rain stopped, and when the hail almost summoned, Machop hit Snorunt powerfully with both of its hands, sending it flying toward the hexed weather, falling down to the emerald grass on the ground, landing with harsh, like Slowpoke, Snorunt couldn’t move any single muscle after it’s hit by Machop’s move.

“Great, now you two, take these Pokéball!” said Charles, throwing two Pokéball to Philip and Tiara. Both of them took the red and white orb, tossing them to the air, the balls fell down to the fainted Slowpoke and Snorunt, sucking them with a red ray, and the orbs fell down to the ground, wiggling.