View Full Version : Konzai VS Rage 12.

04-22-2008, 04:29 PM
Anime Stlye Battle.
No weather conditions or Items.
Forest terrain.

Poochyena VS Wartortle.

Konzai stood at the edge of the grassy patch on which their battle would be started. Form here, he could see the whole terrain. The wind picked up slightly, catching his jacket in the wind and causing it to flap behind him. Calmly, he nodded to his Poochyena who stepped onto the grass, hackles up, red eyes gleaming in the moonlight and baying loudly, ready for battle. Konzai patiently waited for his oppponent to battle him with Wartortle, and as they were on the land, he had the upper hand already. Hovever, Wartortle was not the type to be taken lightly at all. A second stage evolution, this would be no walk in the park and both he and his Poochyena knew that well.

The grassy knoll was surrounded by dense forrest, tree trunks as wide as an Onix, and seemingly as tall too, blocked the stars from view, shafts of silver moonlight striking the thickets and various paths that covered the forrest floor.

"Well then. Lets begin."

04-22-2008, 11:42 PM
Rage stood across the forest, wich would soon be their battlefield. Rage didn't have such a great record, and was now determined more than ever to change that. Starting now. Though she hadn't won much, her Squirtle just evolved into a Wartortle, possibly giving her a much needed advantage.

"Alright Wartortle, let's show them how good we are," Rage started, "Get in there Wartortle, and use Hydro Pump."

04-24-2008, 09:14 PM
The jet of water burst forth from the impressive Wartortle, but Konzai was quick on his feet.

"Poochyena, to the trees!" Konzai yelled, pointing to the forest that surrounded them.

Poochyena's agility over the Wartortle was the only thing that in a one on one battle Konzai could utalise, that and Poochyena's darkness type meant that he could blend in easy in the forest.

The hulking blast of water skimmed Poochyena, taking off some fur. A close call and it wasn't going to be the only one in this battle. The little pooch dissapeared into the thickets of the trees, blending in and being careful not to stray into the light.

"Poochyena, sand attack!"

A plume of sand was kicked up from inside the trees, heading for the Wartortle.

04-29-2008, 02:44 AM
Wartortle swirled around when rustling was heard. Soon, the trainer and Pokemon saw the plume of sand heading for them.

"Withdraw Wartortle!" Rage yelled. Wartortle quickly fled into her shell as the sand headed for her. Wartortle was quickly engulfed in the sand, unseen by the naked eye. Wartortle wobbled to its leg and shook itself free of sand. Rage caught Wartortle rubbing her eye which meant, her accuracy was damaged.

"Alright Wartortle, use Rapid Spin and Hydro Pump to flush out Poochyena." Rage suggested. Rage knew it was a good idea, considering there was no aim invovled. Wartortle leaped inside its shell and began to spin rapidly while firing off blasts of water with tremendous force.

05-09-2008, 03:41 PM
Konzai smiled as he realised his opponents attack plan, however the smile soon twisted into a thin grin as his eyes narrowed, the cogs in his brain evidently working away furiously. An idea hit him, his eyes flashing in the moonlight as he clenched his fists.

"Poochyena, use Howl!"

Poochyena reared its head backwards, howling to the moon as the hydro pump slammed into its side, knocking it into a tree. There was a dull thud that was accompanied by the rustle of the high branches as leaves descended slowly landing on Poochyena's face. It stood up as the Hydropump slowed down and Wartortle stopped spinning.

"Now, Assurance!"

Poochyena growled as it began to glow a dull red, leaping out from the bushes and trees, soaring through the air at lightning speed that left an arcing trail of a faint red aura after it. It flew for the Wartortle that was a little dizzy from its Rapid-spin - Withdraw - Hydropump mix, and when they collided Poochyena's attack did extra damage as he had already been hit.