View Full Version : Rate my somewhat crappy team? :/

Crystal king
04-23-2008, 10:42 PM
I've decided to raise six pokemon from my game into level 50 wi-fi battlers against my friends. I'd like a moveset that would go with the pokemon that I don't have to breed for :/(In other words i'd like my team to have moves it could learn with TMs and moves it learns by level up) And I like the nature just as they are too. (And I won't be EVing these either, it'll take to long for me :/)

Miltank Lv. 8 Female Pokerus @Focus Sash
Brave nature(meh, a speed lowerance but still decent)
Alert to sounds
Scrappy abillity

Hammer Arm

Chansey Female Lv. 7 Pokerus @Soothe Bell
Bold nature(Yay!)
Somewhat Vain
Natural cure abillity

Ice beam
Seismic Toss
Heal Bell
Attract(Might replace for T-wave)

Bulbasuar Male lv. 8 Pokerus @Miracle Seed(Might change for leftovers)
Bold nature(Yay?)
Often dozes off
Overgrow ablillity

Sludge bomb
Energy Ball
Leech Seed

Froslass Female Lv. 1 @---(Should I use EV raising items like Carbos and stuff like that?)
Modest nature(Oh yeah!)
Likes to thrash about
Snow Cloak ability

Powder Snow(Replacing for Ice beam)
Leer(Replacing for Water Pulse)
Double Team(Might replace for Hail)
Astonish(Replacing for T-wave)

Crainados Male lv. 20 @ Lucky Egg
Lax nature(Meh)
Likes to thrash about
Mold Breaker abillity

Focus Energy
Take Down
Scary Face

And I can't think of some thing to add as my 6th party member yet :/ I'll say so when my new egg hatches, but this is my crappy team so far. Please rate.