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A Time a Pain
[Series 2 – Part 1]

It was dark and a thunderstorm had just rolled in from the north, and with it rain, wind and lighting. The downpour had already started drenching the city, that plus the wind pushed everyone indoors except for the evildoers and me.

While the wind whipped around me I peered over the ledge of the building’s roof that I was currently on. I glanced down at the street blow with my binoculars. The binoculars looked past the rain and the dimly light neon lights to the three black sedans that had pulled up to the next building’s door.

The doors to the sedans opened up and nine men got out. After giving the area a look through they signaled to some one inside the middle sedan, and a tall man with a tough build climbed out of the car. He and the other eight entered the building while three others stayed in the sedans.

Seeing that my prey was here I flipped open a projector and sent a message to my handler that the target was in my sights. Once the message was sent I checked my Pokeballs and made ready to move to the other building, I walked backwards until I was about twenty feet from the ledge, and ran towards when I reached the ledge I pushed off sending my body across the thirty feet separating the two buildings. As I reached the opposite building I curled into a ball and rolled onto the building and coming to a stop on my feet.

And a nanosecond later I was racing off the roof to the roof access. And with my super speed I reached it in less than two seconds. As I grabbed the doorknob I heard to voices approaching the door. I steeped to the side of the access, which was a small square building made out of bricks and sheltered the stairs leading down. Pushing myself against the bricks and in the shadows, the door opened and two men stepped out side. They were wearing grey fatigues and each had a Pokeball on their belt and a Rifle slung across their shoulders. As they stepped past I edged out of the shadows and behind them. Before they knew what had happened, I smashed their heads together and their bodies crumpled to the ground.

As I walked towards the door I reached into a pocket and withdrew and body cap that I flung around my body, instantly cloaking myself to all observers except for the special legion officers and my own task group. The stairs were lightly lit as only a few lanterns were placed along the stairs, and the stairs were constructed of wood that squeaked when walked upon. Knowing that stealth was the key I grabbed a rail jumped off stairway. As I dropped thirty stories to the ground floor I noticed cameras and men everywhere, but not the people I was looking for.

I noiselessly hit the bottom floor and glanced around. The door leading outside was closed and two of the guards that exited the sedan were guarding them along with two Crobat. On my waist I could fell my Pokemon vibrating in anticipation of a fight as the sensed the Crobat.

“Not now guys, later,” I whispered softly to them.

“Did you hear that?” one of the guards asked as he and his partner became even more alert than they had been, as they scanned the room with their weapons.

“I can solve this,” the other whispered as he pulled a Pokeball off his belt. My instinct warned me that what was coming was probably not good from room I exited the room and ran in the adjacent hallway. Behind me a flash illumated the room for a brief second and I could hear the growl of a Mightyena and the trainer issuing a command that the Pokemon use an Oder Sleuth attack, which would enable them to see past my cloak, blowing my cover. As I moved away from the door I used my super hearing to search for my target. Hearing nothing I approached the first door straight ahead of me and entered its confines.

“Just in time,” a voice ahead of me said. I glanced up and saw a legionnaire standing in front of me. He was dressed completely in black and he held a Pokeball in each hand. I took off me cloak and placed it back into my pocket as it shrunk. The cloak was useless as he could see past my cloaking device.

“I’ve been waiting for you. My Lord Isaiah is most displeased with you,” he said, as we circled each other.

I reached to my wait and grabbed a Pokeball in each hand, “Your master is foolish if he thinks you can stop me,” I spat.

“I don’t think so. I am a master legionnaire as you are a master Foggain. This fight will be the end of you,” he said darkly.

“I think not. Why don’t you join me and we can take him down together,”

He laughed, “Don’t try that on me, I know what your kind does. You will never sway me.” As we were talking the distance between us got less and less.

“Have it your way,” I snarled at him. “Infernape, Magnezone, out,” I said to my Pokemon. The two Pokeballs in my hand opened and a red light shot to the middle of the room, leaving Infernape, a monkey Pokemon known for its brutality, and a floating magnet that could take down most Pokemon with a single attack. Meeting them were Charizard and Dusknoir, both of whom ere powerful and would take a lot to defeat.

As my Pokemon stood before me, I reached behind my back and pulled to katanas from their hidden sheaths. The legionnaire likewise withdrew a sword. But his was a broad sword. And did I mention it was double bladed?

He lust have sensed my dismay over his sword because he crouched slightly and bared his fangs in a snarl. I did not give him anymore time. As I jumped towards my foe I sent out commands to my Pokemon via my Psychic abilities. "Infernape Stone Edge on Charizard, Magnezone use Magnet Rise!" As I came towards him he also jumped and called out commands to his Pokemon,

"Dusnoir use Fire Punch on Magnezone and Charizard use EQ!" the legionnaire hissed as our swords collided in a crash of steel and bronze. His greater strength pushed me back slightly as he pressed his advantage as tried to decapitate me with a downward slash. I brought my swords upward to meet his. As the weapons collided I brought one arm down and did a sideways attack at his stomach. He playfully batted it aside and leapt backwards away from, be fore he charged again, this time for my neck. As he came forward I used a small psychic blast which caused him to me by a millimeter. As he sailed past I swept my swords towards his legs. He blocked the attack and over the next twenty minutes we battled it out. When the battle was over we were each on a side of the room and both of us exhausted as we leaned on our swords and glared at each other. I let my mind to my Pokemon who had also been fighting. Both my Pokemon were knocked out. While his Dusknoir remained.

I turned back to him and bared my fangs. “You have one this round, but next time will be mine.”

“Maybe,” the legionnaire said; “I will look forward to meeting you again.” And with that he disappeared with his Pokemon. I stood up straight and recalled my Pokemon into their humble enclosures. “We will win next time,” I whispered softly. As I hooked the Pokeballs onto my belt, a group of soldiers busted in the room through the door behind me.

“Don’t move!” one of them yelled. I slowly raised my hand, all the while keeping my sword in my hand but pointing downwards so they couldn’t see it. Using my Psychic powers I scanned the room and found only twenty of them. The man who I took to be the leader started to use hand signals and his men started to surround me.

“I hope you realize who I am,” I said to the man behind me.

He cocked his gun, “Don’t say another word.”

“Okay,” I spun around with my arm extended and cut his gun in half. As ducked around him and was behind three of his men. A quick slash of my sword and all three fell to the ground, with their heads rolling across the floor. I then jumped among the soldiers. Can fire and the sounds of scream filled the room for a full twenty seconds as I spilled their blood. When the scream died down the lights in the room sprang to life. I stood in the center of the room drenched in blood, while body parts and men lay around me.

I calmly wiped the blood of my weapons, returned them to their sheaths and exited the room. As I rain outside the rain from the storm washed away the blood. I walked to my car parked three blocks down the street and drove to my headquarters.

My headquarters was twenty miles out side town and was in a vast network of caves. I parked my car in hidden grove of trees ten miles away from the entrance and walked the rest of the way. The cave entrance blended into the landscape and unless you knew what you were looking for it was almost impossible to find. I nimbly passed all the barriers that looked natural but were actually man-made. The cave entrance was hidden behind some trees and was carefully covered by a net that looked like the background.

I pulled back the camouflage and stepped inside the cave. My eyes adjusted to the dark and standing in front of me were to Werewolves with weapons aiming at my heart.

“No6,” I said to the guards. One of them nodded and they lowered their weapons. As I walked past they blended back in to the shadows. I continued down the path until I came to a large cavern that was split into twenty different paths. I immediately walked to the path three from the right. As I walked down the new path I started to come across more Pokemon such as Crobat and Sableye. About forty meters into the path I stepped into a well lit cavern. Inside this chamber was a circle of chairs and behind those chairs was even more chairs. The circle of inner chairs already held people.

I walked over to the only chair not taking and sat down. I let me eyes wander to the other nineteen seated beside me. I nodded to my second and third in command, Dude – as called by everyone – and Michael respectfully.

I looked each of them in the eye. “Isaiah got away. It was a trap, and I fought a powerful legionnaire. It ended in a draw. Where should we go from here?”

The other members exchanged a glance before they looked back to me. "We've learned of a clan of outcasts residing in the hills north of here. They are made of people from all groups. Rumor is that the will team with one of our rival groups to Annihilate us.”

I nodded my head, ”I will deal with this at once. I will send four scouts to recon and then I will lead a team of twenty to clear them out.”

“Agreed, but you might not go. Our intelligence has learned that Isaiah is up to something. We believe it relates to the fairy May. We might need you to deal with that,” said Micheal.

“Another thing, some of our scouts and their Pokemon have been disappearing around and deeper in the caves. We would like you to clear them out,” stated Dude.

“Fine, I will take a team of five and find out what is happening.”

“No, we do not have enough people to take of everything. This job is your task, you and only you will deal with it.”

A frown covered my face,” Just because I’m in command of our forces doesn’t mean I don’t get to make decisions. Which one of you delegated this job to me?” My eyes swept across the members.

Dude cleared his throat, “We all decided you were the best choice for this mission as you have the most experience.”

“It is settled then. You guys can take of the outcasts until I get back from this disturbance. I will leave tomorrow night.” With that the council exited the cavern. I walked the short distance to my room, where I changed and fell asleep on my bed.

I gently placed a hand on my back and head, both of which hurt. My head from a headache, and my body from the fight. I glanced at a clock mounted on my all and saw that the time was two in the afternoon. I had slept around twenty four hours. I staggered in the shower and put the water on boiling hot. As the hot water washed over me I contemplated my plan for the day.

I dressed in cool, black robes and walked to my kitchen. I was sparse with just an oven, sink and refrigerator. If I need anything else I would walk down to the cafeteria. I opened up my refrigerator and removed some sausage and eggs. After I had cooked the two ingredients and ate them I exited my house cave and walked to the storage facility.