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04-26-2008, 08:30 AM
Chapter 1: Open Water

The small seahorse like Pokémon swam around in the big glass tank. The waters were clear and blue. The small Horse kept putting its head against the glass, in hoping to break it. But the only damage it left was little breath marks. A frown was bestowed upon the little Horsea’s saddening face, as he wished to break free from this glass prison. The small Horsea was panting because he was darting at the glass too much. His small, curled-up tail was a little bit bruised from the glass too. The Horsea swam back to the side of the glass towards his Dad, a big, strong Kingdra.

“Dad, why can’t we break free?” Horsea asked confusedly, knowing if his Dad hit the glass he would break it straight away.

“It’s because we just can’t. We were not meant to leave this tank. We can’t break the glass!” He replied harshly.

“You can! I know you can, I’ve seen you do it before and you could do it again.” The Horsea replied angrily.

“Sniper! That’s enough. I want you to stand at the naughty glass for five minutes for giving me cheek.” Sniper’s dad replied strictly.

“But Da- Dad!” Sniper cried, but his dad interrupted by shooting over to the glass windows. He put his azure head down, all around him; it wasn’t a pool, but a dark sea of sombre. Just once he’d like to get out of the glass, just once he’d like to be free. But he knew if his dad felt like that, he’d never live to see it.

“Hey, look, it’s a little Horsea!” A small human said from behind the glass. She pushed her small fingers against the glass and smudged it.

Sniper knew that he’d never get away from all this. He was used for the amusement of humans and nothing else. “I wish I was with mom…” Sniper murmured to himself, he knew he’d never find her, mainly because she was the only one out of his Dad and him who escaped from the net. He could still remember the moment; the big beige net dropped into the water, and dragged any Pokémon in sight right into its horror. Sniper and his dad were the only Pokémon in that big tank; all the others were lucky enough to use their noses to break the net open.

But Sniper’s dad decided he would rather stay with him then break free and leave him. “I was too small to break free…” He said to himself gently, with his round, deep jet-black eyes holding sadness inside of them. More than five minutes had gone by as Sniper thought to himself about this. He imagined what life would be like if he broke free. He could image the hassle free coral fields glowing bright from above the slick surface of the ocean’s water.

He then heard a thump, it was the feeder, he opened up a small vent in the rocks for the Sniper and his dad to go up, then they would get some small Pokéfood thrown in there at them. Sniper saw this as a very good opportunity. But he knew the bad thing was he’d have to leave his dad behind.

The moderately sized, silver ventilation tunnel opened up between the beige-coloured, rigid rocks in the tank. Sniper darted up the tunnel straight away, the water got a little colder as he went up, but he didn’t mind. As soon as he seen the opening, Sniper jumped up out of the water and onto the surface. He wobbled side to side, but then got a balance. He hopped along continuously through the now very slippery halls.

Horsea hopped through the pale white coloured halls with his sky blue coloured, moist skin was getting dryer. But Sniper knew that it was ok, mainly because this place of amusement was just beside the beach, which meant the ocean. But he knew he’d have to make it past the security guards and everything. Sniper fell over helplessly; he was lying on the ground like a wet rug. When a man was coming down the hall, he had a silver, metal trolley, which had a basin of water underneath it, as it went past him, Sniper jumped in. His skin began to moisten and become damp again.

The trolley in which he was in was heading straight for the large, automatic doors, also known as the exit. The large doors opened as the trolley was rushed out. Outside, Sniper seen the bright blue skies again, he seen the fluffy white clouds, and then he heard a noise. He looked over, and there it was, the crystal blue waters crashing smoothly along the smooth beech sand. Sniper, hopped out of the trolly, and dragged himself across the rich sand. He heard the gentle waves and was dying to get into the water.

Then, just when he was ready to enter the serene waters, he heard a noise. "Hey, get him!" a human shouted, but the thick, dim air blocked Sniper from viewing them. They were quite large figures, but that was all to be seen. But from where Sniper lay, he could see they were getting closer, they had long white suits on them, and they had a net. Sniper quickly stopped dragging himself and scurried to the water. Finally, the cold, calm waters washed along his lower body, as that was all that was in the water. He pulled himself under in the shallow waters. He quickly came across a bunch of lime coloured weeds.

"Hey, mate, you heading past the seaweed patch?" A small, dirty fish said to Sniper.

"Uh, I guess. If it's the way to the ocean." Sniper replied with a quirky tone.

"Well, you look like a Horsea, right? I bet you should be in Mikan Island." The fish said, as his thin pink lips went up and down as he talked.

"Mikan Island?" Sniper asked, wondering if it might contain family members, especially if Horsea were there. "Can you tell me a little bit about it?" Sniper added on.

"Well, I guess so. Mikan Island is a beautiful, majestic place filled with festivals and water Pokémon roaming the sea's around it." The small flounder babbled.

"Wow, it sounds beautiful. Oh, and whats your name?" Sniper asked politely.

"Well, I'm Feebas, but my friends call me 'Grace'." Feebas responded happily.

"Oh, hi Grace, and I'm now officially off to Mikan Island!" Sniper shouted happily, as jet-black smokescreen puffed out of his long, blue snout. Sniper stood over towards the seaweed and used his small bright yellow fins to push it apart. Sniper peaked through and seen the open water. Sure, it looked safe. But inside it was crawling with sea creatures and monsters that will gobble you all up.

Sniper shivered with a sudden burst of fear, his face saddened once again, as he had his doubts about if he was going to get through or not. He swam past the seaweed, and entered open water. For any Pokémon, this was too dangerous to be even compared to a risk. Sniper looked around carefully, and swam steadily out into the open. He seen the other side, but it got further away each time he blinked. Like a mirage or something. Either way Sniper had a lot of work to do. He watched all the other Pokémon swim carefully, but quickly across the open. But a lot of them were caught by the devious Carvahna and sometimes even Sharpedo.

It was a tragedy to watch all the blood and gore, but there was really no choice if you wanted to cross. Sniper went acros the open quickly, he began to look afraid and nervous, and just when he was a few feet away from the colorful, safe reef. He scurried across without hesitation. It wasn't exactly fun having to cross the open spaces, but Sniper was in the ocean now, and he was off to Mikan Island. He swam happily through the reef, watching small Pokémon play and laugh and live. Then, he came across a small clam. It was a bright orchid color, and it had small marks on it. Sniper tapped the clam with his snout and watched it open up. A small black face peered out, and it's long, strong pink tongue hung out wildly.

"Hello? Who are you? Can you hear me?" Sniper asked, with the volume of his voice increasing.

"Uh... Hi... I'm... Tharn," the small clam answered back nervously, while trembling as it talked, "Tharn the Shellder." It added clearly.

"Hi, Tharn. Why are you trembling?" Sniper asked Tharn confusedly, knowing that any ordinary Pokémon wouldn't really tremble or shiver when theres nothing to be afraid of.

"Well, it's the sea bullies." Tharn said, with a small shudder of fear.

"Sea bullies?" Sniper questioned, as he took a deep swallow.

"They're a bunch of mean guys who go around and hurt you and bully you." Tharn replied, finishing with a big sigh.

"Ugh, I hate people like that. Where are they now?" Sniper asked again, as he began to clench his tail.

"In the cove on the way to Mikan Island." Tharn replied helpfully.

"Mikan Island, eh? Okay, thanks. Seeya!" Sniper shouted to Tharn as Sniper was already a few feet away from him, Sniper knew he didn't want to run into the sea bullies, but if they were found on the way to Mikan Island, he wouldn't have much of a choice. Sniper began swimming on, he seen many types of seaweed and underwater plants. He even seen little rocks that were shaped like a lot of stuff. As Sniper kept on swimming, he began to fill with anxiety, thinking of how his father felt. But he knew if he made it to Mikan Island and found his mother, he could try and re-unite the whole family together again. As he swam on, he began to bring his small blue head above the water's slick surface. As he got up, he seen the beautiful orange sunset. The half that was viewable was shining so brightly.

"Wow... It's beautiful...." Sniper exclaimed with a gentle tone to his voice, as his eyes glistened in the warm rays of the sun. He knew that the pleasant atmosphere above the water was a place he couldn't stay for much longer.

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