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05-11-2005, 07:36 PM
In March of 2004, I purchased what every Pokefan had been waiting for: Pokemon Colosseum. While I enjoyed the game, there are some serious shortfalls that seriously ticked me and some other Pokefans off. My main gripes: the graphic of the first 251 Pokemon were ported from previous Stadium games (and believe me, you can tell), some of the animations were flawed (Jumpluff being the worst), the move animations were lame, and there just wasn't enough depth to the Colosseum mode. Granted, this was done to make room for the average RPG mode (which I'm not going to discuss here... :tongue: ), but I was still majorly irked at Nintedo's laziness in the project. With top quality games like Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, etc., you would think that one of Nintendo's prime franchises would get the same treatment. Sadly, the primarily young consumer base of Pokemon prevents this: most buyers of the game are young children, who aren't necessarily looking for Halo or Half Life 2 caliber graphics or gameplay, and Nintendo is great at realizing this fact by realeasing bare-bones additions to the Pokemon lineup.

As an older player of Pokemon, I expect a little more innovation from my games than new ways to get the same old Pokes. I know that many of the older members of the Pokemon craze feel the same way. A simple question: what would you do to make the Stadium/Colosseum games better?

05-11-2005, 10:23 PM
Couldn't agree with you more. Aside from the previous 251 pokemon being imported to the system, the attack graphics and new pokemon graphics...well...sucked. =P I too expected a little more out of Nintendo.

Though pokemon is targeted at younger kids, Nintendo NEEDS to make a pokemon game for their older fans. =\ Most of us are sick of the happy go lucky atmosphere of the game. They're going to lose many older players, as if they haven't already, if they keep up this kiddy stuff. =\

There are still plenty of older players out there. Enough, IMO, to make money off of. Aside from just pokemon fans, RPGers would probably like it too, attracting new fans. That means for Nintendo...MORE MONEY! =P *hopes someone from nintendo sees that...the money hogs*

05-11-2005, 10:51 PM
Amen to that, brudda.

Here's some of the changes I was thinking of:

1) Move graphics: Spefic animations for every move that a Pokemon can learn for every single Pokemon. This includes all moves for Pokemon with Assist/Metronome. Exclusive moves (I.E. Blaze Kick, Frenzy Plant, etc.) used by their rightful learners should be extra special. Pokemon using a move through Metronome should look kinda confused when using it. When a Pokemon's attack misses, the dodging Poke should be shown dodging out of the way...I could go on, but you get the general point: more involved animations during move usage.

2) Better overall graphics: Completely reanimate ever single Pokemon. Have more Trainer interaction when battling. More overall movements.

I also have a new way of showing the battle...it's kind of a stop motion affair. The game functions in the exact same way as it does now, but with a twist. Let's say that I use Slash with my Zangoose against a Charizard. The Zangoose would actually run up to the 'Zard and Slash it. Then, while the Zangoose was still in its post-Slash movement, 'Zard would use Flamethrower and blast it at point blank range. Once the damage has been calculated....STOP! The actions stops and the normal move/other selection menu comes up. Once you've chosen moves, then the Pokemon use their next chosen moves from their current position. Say, Zangoose used Slash again...it would slash with its other arm, since the arm it used last time is still down from the last Slash. Then 'Zard would fly back and use Dragon Dance. Then....STOP, rinse, and repeat. At the end of the battle, you would be able to replay it without the stops, producing a seamless, well-animated battle that's more true to the spirit of the game. That's just a simple cosmetic change, but it could do wonders.

3)More Variety: Mainly, bring back some of the options that made the past Stadium games so great. Minigames, level battles, etc....more ways to test your Pokemon.

4) Better rewards: Better and more fufilling prizes, like the old Stadium games. New arenas, new challenges, new Pokemon, new items, etc.

5) More Utility: Again, again, like the old Stadium games. Combine Pokemon Box with the newly upgraded Colosseum and add item trading/storage.

Other possibilities include a live-action RPG mode (think Kingdom Hearts-lite), decorating your Pokemon and Trainer, and *gasp* ACTUAL online play.

05-12-2005, 11:54 PM
i gotta agree with smurf. as of now, the only reward 4 an older player enjoying pokemon games is the wonderful realisation that you play a game marketed at children. yah, there's something you want 2 list as one of your hobbies on a first date :confused:.

i like to think there's hope. nintendo is working on that new zelda game which has more of an OOT look to it as well as featuring an adult link. they woke up on the zelda franchise in that respect. the difference being that zelda became a kiddy game gradually- (a link 2 the past, ocarina of time, majora's mask, wind waker) where pokemon has always been one.

i'd love to see a serious pokemon game or even a decent movie with bloodshed and cussing and violence tangled into the role playing, but you know what would happen is lil 9 year olds mommies would be freaking.

don't forget the fact that nintendo has always been geared towards family gaming. if gamefreak had sold pokemon to say sony, we may very well have a different pokemon on our hands.

i LOVE your ideas Kan.