View Full Version : My first RMT, technically.

Deoxys Ribonuke
04-29-2008, 05:32 PM
Okay, I think I'm deciding to take a bash at my first self-made team. The theme? Sandstorm! ^^

(I credit Smogon for offering up assistance with the bare movesets.)

Tyranitar @Leftovers
Quiet (Sandstream)
252 HP / 64 Atk / 168 SpA / 24 Spe
~ Substitute
~ Focus Punch
~ Dark Pulse / Crunch
~ Ice Beam / Thunderbolt

Lead-off to activate Sand Storm. Possible surprise factor with this moveset?

Garchomp @Choice Band
Jolly? (Sand Veil)
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
~ Earthquake
~ Outrage
~ Crunch
~ Fire Blast

Choice Band moveset that takes advantage of its boosted evasiveness to allow more possible opportunities to switch in?

Swampert @Leftovers
Relaxed (Torrent)
240 HP / 216 Def / 52 SpA
~ Earthquake
~ Ice Beam
~ Surf
~ Roar

Typical Mixpert. Roar chosen to take advantage of Stealth Rock support by Gliscor.

Gliscor @Leftovers
Impish (Sand Veil)
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
~ Earthquake
~ Aerial Ace
~ Stealth Rock
~ Roost

Stealth Rock support.

Scizor @Life Orb
Adamant (Technician)
232 HP / 252 Atk / 24 Def
~ Swords Dance
~ Quick Attack
~ Roost
~ Iron Head

For late-game sweeping.

And I left one spot open for any of these Pokemon resistant to Ice attacks: Metagross, Magneton, Empoleon, Lucario, Heatran.

Any suggestions for me?

05-02-2008, 01:42 PM
For your open slot you might want to try the penguin. It's worked wonders on mine with Surf, Ice Beam, Yawn, Stealth Rock. The first 2 moves give decent enough coverage, and the latter pair obviously complement each other, forcing opponents to either fall asleep or take SR damage. If you want to be more offensive you can swap a utility move for Grass Knot.

05-03-2008, 03:39 AM
I also suggest Empoleon, my one has Grass Knot>Yawn to make it a Water type counter. Flash Cannon is actually acceptable in this team as the unexpected Abomasnow can worry you. Also, you shouldn't be choosing for Ice resistance, but rather Water, this is probably the best Pokemon who has both a Water Resistance and Sandstorm immunity (the others being Cacturne, Dialga and Quagsire).