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05-01-2008, 11:37 PM
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The Ghost of the Night

Lotad thumped on the wall of his bedroom; with the gas of a Pokemon trickling down him. The second time this month; he was 'killed'. The ghost ruffled through his closet like the last time; and got out the bat he had. Lotad woke up just in time; he didn't have to see the outcome another time.

He must've thumped hard on the floor; as when he saw himself down on the floor through the mirror; his parents, two Ludicolo, were there also. The midnight lightning struck; startling Lotad as he pulled on the covers. Father Ludicolo stood beside his bed; disturbed his son, almost Lombre, was still afraid of ghosts.

Lotad's father was known to be the strongest and most brave creature of the village; he even fought King Gengar, stopping the little Haunter and Gastly from getting the little Lotad and Lombre. The rival between the species heated up even more since last time.

Lotad knew his father didn't get them before he was haunted; and now he had nightmares of them. He didn't see one in real life; but he still had the biggest fears of them. Even the sign of them coming; or hearing it struck Lotad, he would hate to even see one. He whimpered; not grasping the words coming from his father's mouth.

"... don't be afraid."

His mother slammed the door; as he startled again. Lotad stuffed himself into pillows and blankets; and feel into a dark sleep. Here it would go again; he hoped it wouldn't scare him too much.


Morning stoke, and Lotad was stuffed - sweating and all. He knew he didn't do nothing; he didn't awake, and his father hadn't come. He shook, and jumped off the rugged green bed he had. The water weed ran off to his kitchen; skipping brushing his teeth, changing, or making the bed.

His mother, father, and brother had been in the kitchen, fixing themselves to pancakes. His brother must've complained for waffles, because he had one put to himself.

As he was passed the syrup; and mustered it all over his pancake like his father did, his brother made scared faces. Lotad tried to ignore it; and began eating the first pieces of his pancake. His brother continued, and Lotad was kicking him under the table. He had made sure his father had not been looking; before he made a big lecture of the other brother taking responsibility.

There had been no talking between breakfast; but Lotad just wanted to scream at his little brother. He dashed off quick after cleaning his dish; where he hopped up the staircase.

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