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.quest of a lifetime.
.currently typing chapter one.
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Glued to a screen, not literally of course, a small figure shuffled about excitedly. The small screen had a few flashing images of various little monsters… obviously a childish show for those little brats. The televisions’ screen flickered from a dull grey back into the coloured show. Once it stopped flickering, it flashed to the grey blank screen again. Another figure stood at an open door, not far from the television. A long black cable was visible from the figures pale slender fingers. The small person was quick to jump up from the wooden floor and in front of the other at the doorway. Both were female, one in her late teens, and the other around eight. The smaller one had a soft looking skin, tan in colour, the older one had a pale complexion and it was hard to tell what she looked like through her hair over her face and the amounts of make-up she wore. Sighing, she dropped the cable and took the younger females hand in her own.

“You should be sleeping Hino. It’s a long journey back home to the gym. Plus we have been left with a stupid Magikarp! That won’t get us far!” The older female’s voice was sort of deep, yet soothing and beautiful when you heard it… apart from when she was mad. She started to drag the female through some long spiralling halls. The walls were a murky brown with the pale brown wallpaper cracked at the floor and the ceiling. A moan and a grunt escaped the young girls’ lips as she was thrust through an open door into a very dark looking room. The four-poster double bed, beautiful with a long line of stuffed-fake Pokémon, sat right in the middle of the room. The elder girl picked the younger one up and lifted her onto the bed. The pale one looked at the younger ones fear upon her face.

“Don’t worry,” the elder muttered, patting Hino’s head carefully, “I’ll stay with you tonight so the creepy scary Sableye won’t get you.” A smile wiped across both females faces as the lifted up the covers and dived under, huddling close together for warmth in the ice-cold room.

The elder remembered lying awake most of the night, fretting on how a Magikarp would help them get to the gym. Gym. It wasn’t much of a gym, just a heavenly place to go seek help from the gym leader. The leader didn’t battle often it was obvious at that. The teenager sighed lightly holding the younger one in her arms, close to her chest.

“Poor Hino…”


As dawn broke out, the little girl had awoken the elder female by hitting her thigh quite hard. With a yelp, the pale female quickly sprung herself up to a sitting position, allowing her short blonde hair to move itself over her face, as she looked at the younger tan female. A smile wept across the blondes face as she dived onto the little girl, tickling her rapidly until she had the girl in tears of laughter.

After that slight happy ordeal, the two quietly changed. Little words were spoken, just slight things such as; ‘do you have my clean panties’, ‘whoa this skirt is short’. The curtains lazily fell off the rack to reveal a lovely dawn, the sky laced with pinks, reds and oranges. The clouds at the top were a lovely murky blue, with every bump underneath coloured a soft pink with tints of orange. The elder female picked up a small Pokéball in her gloved hand. She stared at the red and white ball before pocketing it in her black jeans.

“Well, are you ready?”


The blonde took the younger ones hand in hers as they started to walk through the murky halls and down towards the front door. The rest of the building was the same to the halls and that one room that the two females slept in most nights. As they reached a large mahogany door, the blonde felt her hand on the golden knob, slowly turning it until the door opened. It was such a wonderful day. A wonderful start. She would go to the gym and seek help… but stranded in the middle of nowhere wasn’t really going to help her with directions. Moving away from the open door, it shut silently after them. A smile made its way through the troubles of the blonde as she thought of how great it was to have left that crappy abandoned building. Yes, this was a start for her and the little girl.