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05-04-2008, 09:58 PM
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Sandshrew - 5k min.

"There we have it! Sandshrew wins the match!" The deep voice of the referee shouted. As he stood up in the stand watching as I demolished each opponent. Those words would go through my head non-stop everyday. I couldn't tell why, maybe it was because it was probably the words I hear most. I put myself up to so many battles each day and the most rewarding thing I've ever got for them is a pat on the head. In my opinion; I believe I deserve more than that, I try my best too, so that's a bonus. But since I have no choice, I guess I'll wave to the small crowd, again. I watched as I waved my scaly arms in the air.

"Come along, Sandshrew." Said the strict, yet gentle voice of my master. I didn't bother turning around because to my master it was a sign of disrespect. I felt his cold appearance around me without seeing him. With that, my short arms were pulled out of the air and put down. I walked back through the dark, jet-black tunnel as I once again said goodbye to the rough, desert orange coloured battle terrain. As I walked on beside my master I began to think about the small lavender coloured monkey I just beat. Ape- No, Aipom it was. Yeah, I can remember hitting him. Man, that must have hurt. My focus punches are known to be dangerous, according to my master.

My master used to be so kind, I remember every day after we trained I could see his slightly tanned face and emerald green eyes glaring at me with joy. But after the day he seen me take out that terrible orange giant, Charizard, he recognized my true power. Just because of that, I'm not considered a partner anymore, I believe I'm now considered a heart-less winning machine. Each battle I participate in, everyone single one is no different to the other, I have to give hundred and ten percent. As we walked through the tunnel, I glanced a bit ahead to see if I was actually going to be congratulated by anyone. Turns out a man was there.

"Hello there!" The moderately large figures enthusiastic voice cried happily. As his sapphire blue eyes gave him a look of innocence. As they came to the end of the tunnel, the man was waiting there in his dark navy genes. The small polka-dotted shirt he was wearing made me a little dizzy, but I was okay. I glanced up at him and his pale hand shook my masters hand. The stranger handed over some crippled green paper to my master. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew it wasn't good from where I was looking at it. Was he, selling me? I can't believe it. After all this time, was he selling me? I'd just have to wait and see.


I watched as the tall man bent down to pat me on the head, his bony fingers were a little scary in my opinion. You could hear some silent cracks anytime he moved them. But he didn't look that old when you saw his face. Just a few slight wrinkles of him rough forehead. "Hey little fella," his shrill voice spoke to me, I couldn't really speak to him, mainly because I was a Pokémon. I was just too scared, "come with me for awhile, come on now." He added softly. He picked me up and help me tightly against his soft shirt, I felt somewhat loved. But I didn't want to go with him, I watched as my masters emerald green eyes glared at me as I stared at him sadly. I wasn't happy about this, no, not at all. I watched as he brought me towards a large metal truck. He put me on a small, Velcro-like step to get into the truck and I sat down. I put my small hands on my stubby knee's and kicked up my heels a bit.

I watched as he took out of his pocket a small, expensive looking device. The small 3-D buttons all had a luminous lime coloured glow underneath them. He pushed each one of them very quickly without hesitation, the glass screen of it was put up to his ear and he began to talk into the device. "Derran, I have that little ratty armadillow you wanted, where will I leave him?" The man who's innocence would've fooled anyone said with a sly tone to his once gentle voice. The man waited with his eyes glaring into mid-air, for some reason, humans had a habit of doing that. Then after about twenty seconds a murmured reply came.