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Saraibre Ryu
05-05-2008, 06:06 PM
Eeveeking (Khajmer)

Time isn't much of an issue anymore. The comparison between the Real World and the Digital world is almost irrelivant now a days. Everything has been so quiet, there has been harmony between the two worlds, so much in fact, the creation on an intermost nexus of the amazing sort was created. Just known simply as the Nexus, its a place where humans and Digimon, whether you've been a Digidestined at some point or another or not, can just hang out liesurely without a care in the world. There is more power to the Nexus as most realize, and very few know of it. Those few didn't turn out to make it for a good cause.

That was a few months ago. The events of the present Nexus have been masked by the child who has jumped through time itself, the one who started the idea of the nexus. But, first, we must backtrack a bit.

Before the Nexus, the child was as any child was, given a Digimon partner for reasons unable to put into a list. But, it was a digimon, much like Guilmon; Created from a innocent imagination. The Digimon was called Kondomon, by the child, who is still to this day, unable to identify. This Digimon was able to travel through time itself, but only to the past, to the present day of where that child may be. Never did he use this power, until some time later when the Nexus was starting to be built. Then the child started to use Kondomon's power.

First, was the time where the Digimentals (Digimon 02 season) were in the real world. As a scared observer, the child kept far from harms way, but it wasn't enough to get a dark spore into the childs body. Kondomon was too late in moving back to their own time, where the Digimon was corrupted by the child and the spore. No one knew for the child acted completely normal on the outside, but things started to be noticed after awhile by a working Wizardmon.

Time passed however, and the child was rarely seen. In all knowing truth, that child was jumping through time, trying to collect all the data from the Dark Masters (Digimon Adventure 01) The Emperor from the time in which the spore corrupted the child and the corrupted Cherubimon and Diaoboromon later afterwards, (Digimon 02) the D-Reaper (Tamers) and Lucemon and the Royal Knights (Frontier), Dexmon(Digimon X-Evolution Movie) and various other corrupted and evil viruses that had tried to destroy, corrupt, ahnililate either the Real World, the Digital World or both. Why? In order to DNA digivolve the most powerful Digimon using the newly discovered but secret evolution method, known as the Glitch Drive.

No one knew of what was really going on, but with the past arising in the present, nothing was going well. Wizardmon, and a Reapermon, knew what was going on, but nothing could be done with just the two of them. To try and figure out how to free the worlds of this on coming apocolyptic event, Kondomon appeared by chance and circumstance. Kondomon had fled the child, but had no time as he was being chased by the first glitch Digimon, but was accompanied by a Dorimon who was held captive there.

The Wizardmon and his allies, and with the help of Kondomon, sent special pieces of data, in the form of video games to CD's to even cell phones to any Digiedstined in each of the time zones the child had been to to collect the data, including the present time where the data that needed to be collected was from an unknown source.

Now, its only up to those who answer the call. Rumors are about, including that the child is now part Digimon, and that of a Sorcerymon who came from the Real World.

Info you need to read!

The Glitch Drive, is only usable by any Glitch Matrix, which can be used to upgrade and Digivice, D-Tector, etc that one may have, into a Trini-D-Vice. The Trini-D-Vice allows any type of Digital Evolution, as long as the Human in ownership of one has a Digimon partner, or Spirit with them. Everything from Regular Evolution, to Armor, to Spirit and everything in between.

The phrase needed to be said to activate Glitch Drive is as simple as this:

Activate: Glitch Drive-______

The blank is filled in with what type of evcolution you wish to use. All the type of evolution are:

Digi-Evo (The regular one)
Fusion (Digimon and Partner become one Digimon)
Spirit (Used on human characters only)
Alternate Type

Alternate Type Glitch Drive is to glitch the data of your Digimon with another Digimon type to alter its next evolution slightly. For example, this would be said as:

'Dorumon, Glitch Drive: Alternate Type: Metal!'

Thats just an example to change Dorumon into a Digimon of the Metal type such as MetalGreymon, MetalGarurumon, but it will not change into that exact Digimon, but a different type of your current Digimon. It can be made up, well, most of the time it has to be made up, unless you're using the 'Black type'.

Time Spaces
Digimon Adventure 01/02 are in the same time space. Regular, DNA and Armor Digivolving are automatically equipped into a Trini-D-Vice when you get the Glitch Matrix.

Digimon Tamers is in another time space. Regular Digivolving, DNA and Fusion are automatically available when you get the Glitch Matrix.

Digimon Frontier is again, another time and space, starters will only have Spirit and Fusion to start with when they get their Glitch Matrix, but will get an actual digimon partner that is a semi-solid spirit in champion level only, and cannot degenerate or digivolve unless turned into a solid Digimon.

Digimon Savers is the current time, and all are available, but you only get to choose Three types aside from Alternate type to go onto your Glitch Matrix when you get it.

Rules: Read, or be doomed.
-No swearing, spamming, flamming, bunnying without permission etc.
-TyPe lyke ths AND I WiL drop U OuT of teh RP SO FaSt IT WOnt B Funni
-Use proper punctiation and grammar. You know, capitals and quotation marks.
-You must have had experience in Role Playing before, or this will be very hard for you to join.
-You get one, only one Digimon as a good guy if you play a human. you may also play as just a Digimon too. Human bad guys may be in the RP.
-I'm looking for Co-RPM's, and whatever I say, or they say goes, but I got the final word on everything.
-You can be any character from any series, including doing NPC's from the show, but no one is the child of any character that already exsists, but they can be distantly related.
-Answer the following question to prove you've read the rules: What is the new type of Digivolving I made up for the RP?
- No one can have the same two Digimon. More variety I say.
-Have fun!
-I'll add anything if I forgot, or I have to.

Characters &Digimon Taken:
Dorumon&Shani/Wizardmon/Phantomon/Flymon/Ryudamon: Sabi(Me): Accepted
Tsukaimon&Cole/ShadowLopmon/DarkTerriermon: Eeveeking: Accepted
Leomon&Devon: Draconic Espeon: Accepted
BlackGuilmon&Ryan: KFT: Reserved
Agumon/Impmon: sir Aaron: Accepted
Guilmon: Firball Latios: Reserved
????: Chaos Dude: Reserved
???&Nick: SlightlyAirbourne: Reserved

Here is the official Disuccsion thread. It only took me three days to make. Anyway, before anyone asks...

We are starting when we have a decent amount of people with complete SU's that have been accepted!

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