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05-06-2008, 01:31 AM
The Triplet Stories

Quick Prologue: The Problem

I had never been the more popular sibling. Through time; the kids of our house had turned to become one of the most successful Pokémon out in the world. It came to the time where our parents could have three kids; the final three siblings of our family. The last three were us triplets: Chris, Sierra, and I.

Sierra’s talent had been the first known. Her brains had been spectacular in our house; outwitting our wise grandmother. She was the youngest of us triplets; though she indeed was the smartest. Our mother had given her this gene; which was spectacular.

Then there had been Chris, the eldest of us triplets. He had been known for being just the strongest of us; having the best physical grades in our classes in school. He had been tough; like our father, giving him the gene, where Sierra got her own gene from our father. Both of our parents had been like them; but what did that leave me with?

I had no real genes; I wasn’t smart at all, and I was just about the biggest coward. I worked hard to stand out in several things; but I was taken out by the seven of us kids. If I worked hard on it so much; someone would beat me with just little effort. I was ashamed of it; and I tried to be the best for just one special person.

The biggest inspirations in my life were my parents. They had done so much for me; and the only thing I’ve wanted to do was make them proud by doing one special thing for them. But if I had no talent; I couldn’t, which had been the worst idea ever.

Author’s Notes: Here is the first part of The Triplet Stories, featuring Alex first and his problems. He will be the first of three Ralts captures; and the written prologue is just quick to update what the story will be about. I will either capture it all in this story; or otherwise do it one by one.