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05-12-2008, 10:27 PM
this is the story of the team dauntless. Their world has been thrown in to darkness when the two most trusted rescue teams in the world, team skullcrush and team bonesnap, harnessed the powers of the newly mind wiped darkrai and captured the sun in a box. they then made it so only the moon was out, for it boosted their powers. Small teams have banded together with the secret army to fight back against the evil forces of the dark teams and return the sun to the sky. This is the story of one of the teams.

Team bios:
Shadow. He used to be a member of team skullcrush but quit when they turned evil. he is the leader of dauntless and is very friendly. He is the shiny cyndaquil.

Ronan. The non-sleeper. Nobody knows why ronan dosent sleep but they think it has to do with the fact that his brother leads team bonesnap. he is lighthearted and funny. He is the shiny riolu.

Star. Star is the light in the dark for the group. Both shadow and Ronan have major crushes on her. her sister was captured by the dark army.she is very kind. She is the shiny dratini

Zolo. He is the powerhouse of the group and has many powerful moves. His temper can get out of control though. he is very tempermental. his brother is MIA from the battle of celebi's island. He is the pikachu.

Raina. She is the funny one in the group. But you dont want to get her mad. Her parents were killed when the sun was captured because they resisted. She is extremely dangerous if angered. She is the squirtle.

Kazan. Kazan was found after the battle of celebi's ilsand and not much is known about him. He is scary at times. He is the bulbasaur.

Holan. Kazans cousin. He is really weird and is always talking about evolving. he never does though. He is the charmander.

I will be posting comics on here and nowhere else. They will be posted as soon as they are done. I will accapt guest stars after the first four issues are done because the will explain the story so far.

Hope you like it!!!


Here is issue 1. It looks bad because i saved it wrong.