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05-16-2008, 09:29 PM

Name: Lati-Chan, Sarah.
MSN: Waffle@live.ie
AIM: SexyLatiasChan
Cash: 10,600$ (650, but I don't want the 50)
Record: 15 | 0 | 2 [reset 1/6/08]
Current Streak: 1 -
FFA's participated in: 1
Position: Trainer | Grader

Pokémon Party

Battles: 27
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Earthquake] [TM Psychic]
Obtained: Starter

[Sand Veil]Garchomp[Male]
Battles: 17
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Earthquake]
Obtained: Pokémart

[Inner Focus]Crobat[Male]
Battles: 4
TM's/HM's/BM's: [EM Nasty Plot] [TM Shadowball] [BM Hypnosis]
Obtained: Trade with May

[Shed Skin]Dragonite[Male]
Battles: 13
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Earthquake]
Obtained: PokéMart

Battles: 5
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Calm Mind] [TM Trick Room]
[B]Obtained: Trade with The Jr Trainer

[Damp/Cloud Nine]Golduck[Male]
Battles: 7
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Ice Beam]
Obtained: Story

[Chlorophyll]Eggggy <3[Male]
Battles: 8
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Energy Ball]
Obtained: Pokémart

[Flame Body]Magmortar[Male]
Battles: 0
TM/HM: [TM Thunderbolt] [TM Psychic]
Obtained: Gift from Canis Lupis <3

Battles: 0
[B]TM/HM: [TM Earthquake] [BM Synthesis]
Obtained: Pokémart

Battles: 0
Obtained: Trade with Noan

Name: Lunara
OT: Tyranitar Trainer
Gender: Female
Type: Dark
Ability: Synchronize: When Umbreon becomes PSN, PRZ or BRN, so does Enemy Pokemon.
Battles: 1
Obtained: Traded from Bryce with Zangoose
Special Moves: TM Attract, TM Psych Up, TM Substitute, TM Toxic




Completed: 0

Boulder Badge (Pewter)
Cascade Badge (Cerulean)
Thunder Badge (Vermilion)
Rainbow Badge (Celadon)
Marsh Badge (Saffron)
Soulbadge (Fuchsia)
Volcanobadge (Cinnabar)
Earth Badge (Viridian)


Completed: 0

Zephyr Badge (Violet)
Hive Badge (Azalea)
Plain Badge (Goldenrod)
Fog Badge (Ecruteak)
Storm Badge (Cianwood)
Mineral Badge (Olivine)
Glacier Badge (Mahogany)
Rising Badge (Blackthorn)


Completed: 0

Stone Badge (Rustboro)
Knuckle Badge (Dewford)
Dynamobadge (Mauville)
Heat Badge (Lavaridge)
Balance Badge (Petalburg)
Feather Badge (Fortree)
Mind Badge (Mossdeep)
Rain Badge (Sootopolis)


Completed: 1

Coal Badge (Oreburgh)
Forest Badge (Eterna)
Cobal Badge (Veilstone)
Fen Badge (Pastoria)
Relic Badge (Hearthome)
Mine Badge (Canalave)
Icicle Badge (Snowpoint)
Beacon Badge (Sunnyshore)



Items: Soothe Bell


Used TM's/HM's: [TM Earthquake x3] [TM Steel Wing] [TM Aerial Ace] [TM Psychic] [TM Energy Ball]



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Layout: Me

05-16-2008, 09:30 PM

Total stories written: 3
Captures: 1

Key: [Captured] [Failed] [Awaiting a grade]

Once was lost, but now am found (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79315)
A young girl named Amy is on the way to Pewter City to visit her aunt. On the way she runs into a smal Weedle, which pokes her in the head and it angers her. She storms off, and then feels sorry for the Weedle, seeing him all alone. She comes across a wise old lady who tells her the story of the Weedle, and then Amy ends up saving it and goes for the capture.
Weedle - Captured!

Daycare Chronicles (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80345)
Sarah, a laid-back teenager wakes up early one morning only to get a call from her aunt Karen. Apparently she has to go and watch over the daycare for a week while Karen goes away. Sarah thinks it's all going well untill she notices none of the Pokémon are there anymore. Can she find them all before Karen get's back?
Ch.1; Psyduck - Captured!

Machop the Runaway (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81127)
A load of vans come into Slateport City and they're hosting a new show, starring a very shy Machop. The fans start cheering and the poor thing is frightened away. He then befriends a boy named Alex. After that, they run into a drunken man who battles Alex and his new Machop, only to try and capture it.
Machop - Captured!