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Dog of Hellsing
05-16-2005, 05:14 AM
I am looking to do a fanime/fancomic based on the Hellsing anime series. BUT I need people who have animation knowlegde, can draw the chars good, audio people, that sorta thing. That's for the fanime. For the fancomic, just someone who can draw good.

More info on the fanime thing: If enough people in the right areas volunteer, we will do scripts in YIM as rp's. Once we are done with an "episode", myself and a few others will put various script prompts and the like into the rp itself, and it will be given to the drawers/animators to, well, animate. Once that's done, voice acting, audio, and recording will be done and then put into the animation. It will be tidied up by one or two people, and the final thing can either be posted on a website/group/forum/etc, or sent indivduallly to each person.

Of course, we could also do the voice acting, sound effects, and other such audio FIRST, then have the animation done. It depends on what would be easiest in any given situation. Read below to get an example.

Now then, to the audio. I wanted for this to be done all at once, with everyone recording the audio and saving it to their computer. The easiest to do this would be the second option from above: we do the audio, then have the animation done to fit it. That way, we wouldn't have to worry about lipflap or anything.

Now, this is going to continue from the original series, as I said earlier, so a lot of the original chars are going to be in this. That means we need people who can sound somewhat like the chars they intend to play. But hey, even if they don't, who cares? ^_^ But we can't have shy people doing voice acting who may be prone to speaking softly and thus being hard to hear.

Of course, this will take numerous people and a LOT of hard work and dedication. If you don't feel you can make that obligation, then, well, I'm sure you know.

NOW THEN: About the fancomic. It will be MUCH easier to do, considering there'd be much less work to be done. All I need for this are one or two people to help me come up with storylines, and one or two people to do the drawings.

If any of you are interested, please email me at sspichu@yahoo.com or send me an IM. My screenname is sspichu. Or you can leave a comment in the forum, or whatever. Just get into contact with me! ^_^

05-17-2005, 04:35 AM
Heh, that's a neat idea but I doubt there's enough talented people who'd put forth that much effort. >_< ::Curses self for being untalented:: XD

Anyway, I made this a long time ago by changing the words in different manga images and putting them together to illustrate this one skit someone made, don't remember who. Anyway, here it is:


.... I have too much friggin' time on my hands. XD

Dog of Hellsing
05-17-2005, 04:44 AM
Bwuahaha, I've seen a different version of this, but this one's funnier. Poor Alu lol. I can just see him on his side, twitching in pain:

Alu: "Why Master? Why?!" *Sobs.*
Integra: *Evil laugh.* Just because...

LOL. And you're not as untalented as you say you are, I bet. ^_^