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06-13-2008, 12:18 PM
Swampert (NastyMan)
ITEM: Leftovers
NATURE: Impish
TRAIT: Torrent
EV'S: 252Hp/252Def/6Atk

Swampert makes an awesome lead. He sets up rocks which are a big part of my teams stratedgy, gets good type coverage, and makes an awesome physical tank.

Skarmory (DynaBird)
ITEM: Leftovers
NATURE: Impish
TRAIT: Keen Eye
EV'S: 252Hp/240Def/18Atk

Sets up spikes an phazes. Once I get a few spike layers up and rocks I can do a lot of damage just by whirlwinding. Bravebird over DrillPeck so I can actually hurt things. Also works well with Swampert since Swampert has electric imunity. I don't fear Magnezones much so I use leftovers.

Dusknoir (Blind)
ITEM: Leftovers
NATURE: Careful
TRAIT: Pressure
EV'S: 252Hp/76Def/180Sp.Def

Blocks rapid spin attempts and walls stuff.
Also takes out Hera and Gyarados which can cause a lot of trouble for my team.

NOTE: I don't have a rapid spinner because most of my pokemon have resistances to rock so Stealth Rock dosen't do much to them. 4/6th's of them are immune to ToxicSpikes and 2 of them are immune to spikes.

Breloom (Dinosaur)
ITEM: ToxicOrb
NATURE: Adamant
TRAIT: Poison Heal
EV'S: 44Hp/216Speed/252Atk
-Seed Bomb

This guy is my new favorite pokemon. When played correctly he can be very annoying and devastating. Forces switches with Spore and LeechSeed. Absorbs status with ToxicOrb and can easily make Sub shields since it has Poison Heal and LeechSeed. Also can do some good damage with it's STAB'd FocusPunches backed up with 130 base attack stat.

Heracross (StrongMad)
ITEM: ChoiceScarf
NATURE: Adamant
EV's: 252Atk/104Hp/152Speed

My physical sweeper and status absorber. With Toxic Spikes being so common now days Hera can very easilly get a Guts boost. Also works well with Swampert.
Heres a scenario I've been faced with several times.
I send out Swampert. Opponent sends out Gengar.
I switch to Heracross. Gengar uses EnergyBall.
Hera has x4 resistance then can KO it with Pursuit.

Azelf (Megadeth)
ITEM: LifeOrb
Trait: Levitate
EV'S: 220Speed/252Sp.Atk/36Hp

Special Sweeper. Once he gets in a NastyPlot he can cause big problems for the opponents team.

06-13-2008, 03:02 PM
So....I heard you liek to not battlez......