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06-18-2008, 05:44 PM
Ok, these are some characters I'm making up for, stuff. I wanna make video games when I get older, and here are the character's I've come up with for it.

I only have a few, but give me some time to get others up.

*Sorry about the quality. Their are all hand-drawn, and my scanner messed with them. Besides that, some of them are kind-of old.

I'll also post what the words say beside the link, and I'll post colored versions aswell as they come.

Duo the Dingo (http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa54/dottio123/FinalFrontier004.jpg)

Age- 17
Gender- Male
Height- 5.3 ft. w/Ears
Weight- 102 lbs.
Favorite Food- Strawberry Ice-Cream
Favorite Color- Orange
IQ- 150 pts.
Best Friend- Deon Hudson
Loved One- Athena the Dingo
Occupation- Secret Ops. Agent. Works for the government, Main Character!

Combat Info

Weapon of Choice- Aura Cuffs: controls his aura flow which emenate from his wrists and ankles. It focuses it into powerful blasts. Because it can also create a holographic map, and provide information on enemies and surroundings, it acts as a HUB in the game.
Abilities- High Speed legs, can run half the speed of light.
Rival- The Black Jester

Athena the Dingo (http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa54/dottio123/FinalFrontier.jpg)

Height- 5.2 w/ Ears
Weight- 97 lbs.
Favorite Food- Bosc Pears
Favorite Color- Light Blue
IQ- 245 pts.
Best Friend- Elizabeth
Loved One- Duo the Dingo
Occupation- Bounty Hunter

Combat Info

Weapon of Choice- Plasma Arm Cannon *V2 pictured
V1 Cannon- Fires Plasma Shots

Shoots Plasma Mines
Stun Gun

V2 Cannon- Fires Plasma Shots & Laser Blasts

Shoots Plasma Mines & Nukes
Stun Gun & Shock Cannon
Shoots Laser Beams

V3- Fires Plasma Shots & Laser Blasts

Shoots Plasma Mines
Stun Gun & Shock Cannon
Shoots Laser Beams
Charge Shot/Super Cannon

Abilities- Very Strong!
Rival- Lucy

Race against Duo and Orrion the Wind Dragon (http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa54/dottio123/FinalFrontier005.jpg) -Old Picture
-Orrion is the 40 mile long Wind Dragon, the largest creature in the world. He is also very fast, which is why he can keep up with Duo. Yes, 40 Miles long.....I'll make his bio later. Since it's an old picture, the tail is different on Duo, and so are his cuffs.

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