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03-25-2004, 12:44 AM
I wont neccessarily make this fic Rated R for its just words but I can say it will have bad battle scenes, torturing scenes, and very cruel war punishment. I will love any kind of criticism you have towards this fic. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1- The Cruelity of War

War is poison. A poison that inflicts the mind and destroys the soul. I hate war with a passion.

Men weren’t made to die from a sword or arrow. Men were made to die from natural causes on their death bed. Not by their follow men. Honestly, this war should of never began. We are all the same, but this war has turned us into monsters that could of raised up from hell itself. We are now all cold enough inside to ice over molting lava. Sadly, I am one of those people.

The Johto Empire had taken over the most western part of Kanto, but not stopping there and hoping to soon take over more until it has the whole world. That’s when Johto split up into a Northern and Southern parts. The Johto Empire owns the north where the Rebellion takes the south. Johto Empire wont stand for the Rebellion’s actions.

Those actions would be moving away from the Johto Empire and then thinking we could stop them from taking over the world. Now the Rebellion is stuck in a war that they don’t want, but do they really have a choice?

Johto Empire has more soldiers and more supplies then the Rebellion will ever have, but I still stick with the Rebellion cause I will only fight for what is right.

Afterall, A better world shall live on faith and understanding.

My dearest, Rapidash, slowly shifted its hooves which made me move back and forth from the constant movement. I rode on Rapidash cause it was given to me from being a high ranked soldier, which I got for my courage and bravery in battle. That’s what they said anyways, what I did wasn’t courage-able or very brave... but must I never remind myself of that day again.

I jumped off of my Rapidash and the main guy in charge of our small army approaching death, Peyton, looked at me in an awkward manner. “What’s going on?” he questioned. “I wish to fight the same way as my fellow soldiers shall. I may be one of the top men here but that doesn’t make me have a reason to not die with them,” I whispered to him. His Tauros stopped and he looked at me as I returned my Rapidash to its pokeball. I then looked up to my best buddy.

“Jackel, Ready for the battle?” I questioned my best friend as well as my best pokemon. Its giant Ursaring head shifted back and forth in a ‘yes’ motion. Now this wasn’t any kind of Ursaring. This was one bad ass Ursaring that no one dared to mess with. It stood seven feet into the air and held no sword, but a bow and arrows attached to a bag that hung behind him. His main weapon was the 1 ½ inch thick fingernails that could carve a piece of maple wood in a heartbeat.

“Julik, don’t be so crazy” Peyton said. I knew why he said this, he wasn’t just the general in this group of soldiers but he was also one my closest friends. I knew I had a better chance being above the other soldiers on my Rapidash which we were about to come upon.

I made sure my bow was secure around my shoulder and then I got my knife ready in my pocket. Slowly I withdrew my sword and watched the shiny metal sword. My arms burned as the heavy sword wanted to over weigh my strength but I did not let it. My great Ursaring, Jackel, by my side... slowly walked with me to the front of our line.

This was it. The battle I feared every night. The battle I always knew would be here waiting on the outskirts of Goldenrod, one of the biggest cities at the time. This battle wasn’t any different from the other battles I have fought in, but I still feared it. And after this has ended, I will fear the next battle. As long as my heart is strong and with me, I won’t run and hide. I will take the challenge and die with my men.

None of us even barely thought that this battle would go into history for our bravery, this battle would cost lives and not for a lot in return. But if we didn’t go into this battle, they would go down in history... and that’s something that couldn’t happen.

We now stood on the outskirts of tree lines. A open field with the Johto Empire soldiers stood waiting with flaming arrows and swords men. Trebuchet’s, small wooden machines that levered boulders up into the air to come crashing down on the enemy, were ready as we ran towards our own deaths. Long-sword’s men waited with shields and swords and were ready to come slashing at us after we finished getting hammered by the flaming arrows and the falling boulders.

This battle was suicide, but my heart was ready for it. I would take revenge on them for killing my parents, my brother and sister, my fiancé. I levered my sword up into the air and gave my men the sign, “Dieing is Liberty! BE STRONG MEN!” I said with wise words from previous high ranked generals. I took a deep breath and slowly began my walk towards the Johto Empire

03-27-2004, 07:39 AM
MY men ran towards their deaths. The Johto Empire started on their first defense with flaming arrows slicing the wind. The arrows came staggering down and into the hearts of the Rebellion soldiers. The arrows were so sharp they would slice even through the metal armor the Rebellion wore. Unluckily for us, we had a low budget for this war and couldn’t afford very thick armor so they were pretty thin layered.

I grasped my sword and looked up at my right hand companion. “Let’s do this Jackel” I said to my Ursaring. Jackel outstretched its long claws and drew up its bow and arrow.

We went into the battle running at top speed, trying to dodge any incoming flaming arrows. It seemed as if every soldier I passed while running was hit with an arrow. I knew that I was a lucky one to even get ¼ of the way into the battle field. As hundreds of flaming arrows disappeared from trying to eliminate the opponent, they decided to unleash the mighty rocketing boulders that flew up into the air with a heavy pace.

The boulders dropped everywhere around me and I found myself alone to dodge these boulders and get to their men. We were coming into to close and the boulders stopped flying shortly. They knew this was going to have to be a foot on foot battle.

They came out with swords in their hands and ready to go slashing away. I found my first victim and prayed to the lord not to take me for granted upon my actions that would happen within just a few seconds. I dug my fingernails into the leather handle of the sword.


I cut an unarmored soldier along the belly line and was forced to make sure his guts came spewing out for I was to leave no one alive, guilty or not.

I took my sword and dug it into someone’s shoulder and then yanked it out with all my might. I turned around and saw Jackel struggling with a big soldier. I took my sword and slit his throat and decided not to wait around for a Thank You from Jackel for I needed to do what I was there for and get the hell out.

I threw my sword up into the air to block another incoming sword. The two swords clattered together and let sparks fly. I reached from my little knife and swept it out of its case. I held it up and stuck it into the gut of the soldier. He fell with pity and I left with no soul. I put my knife back in its case next to my side and I took his sword.

I clattered my two swords together and went running at full speed, trying to slash away at anything that came near.

I noticed Jackel sticking his claws into another man’s eye. I then heard a buzzing noise approaching me. I rose up the sword in my left hand for defense. A green mantis pokemon called a Scyther came flying towards me. It flapped its wings furiously and slashed the air with its two sword blades it had for arms.

I blocked on of its bladed arms and with the other sword I had in my right hand, I took that arm off. The Scyther stopped flying and fell to the ground in agony. I stuck my sword into its heart to make sure it wouldn’t come back to haunt me.

It sadden me to do that more then anything. Afterall, this wasn’t a pokemon’s fight. It was a man fight, Men brought this fight here today and only Men. It’s a damn shame.

I wasn’t watching closely enough for incoming attackers and I paid for it. A 2-inch deep slash into my arm was made by a Johto Empire soldier slashing away at everyone in sight. Lucky for me he passed right on by. I dropped the sword I held in the gashed right arm for the wound wouldn’t hold the heavy weighted sword any longer.

I grabbed my arm from the throbbing pain. I could take it, a little scratch never stopped me before. Keep going Julik! For all that is right!

I started to stumble along, trying to keep my only sword left in my hand. Then, I felt a throbbing pain reek along my neck and back. The hit was so intense, it made everything in sight go to a numbing blackness. I stumbled to the ground and searched for some sense of eye sight.

I then remember hearing screams of war. The poison’s that were inflicting everyone’s minds as they cut into human flesh with their weapons. I heard a Machoke yelling out in pain beside me.

Then… everything went away.

Neo Emolga
03-27-2004, 04:35 PM
KCash, the amount of description and depth you instill into this story is beyond amazing. When I read this, I know exactly how the main character is feeling, as if I were in his place. Saying this is fantastic is an understatement. This is far more greater than that.

Needless to say, I would love to see more. You have a remarkable story developing here, keep it going.

03-31-2004, 01:46 AM
Chapter 2- Torture from the Unspoken

My eyes hurt to even open them. Its as if my eyes had hundreds of pounds piled up on them, allowing me to not open them. I used all the force I had and had awoken to the real world.

I looked to the left side of me, then to the right side. Both my hands were in chains that held me up. I tried to push my strength to my legs so I could stand up, making the pain in my wrist go away. I looked down at my clothes. This wasn’t my usual armor that I wore everyday. The only clothing I had was tiny white shorts with a small white shirt that somehow edged its way on me.

“Finally, the little demon has awoken” laughed a guard that wore full armor and stood by the door to the tiny room. I ignored him fully and continued to look around the room. In the far corner from me stood a 4 foot high desk. On it was things such as a wooden club with nails in it, long weeds for whipping, leather straps, rope, knives, and other evil things– probably for torturing reasons.

“You want some water?” asked the guard. My head throbbed from the back, remembering the battle made me realize I had last seen daylight when something or someone hit me over the head with something. They must of won that war, found me alive, and brought me back here. Damn these stupid Johto Empire Soldiers, if they got Jackel... well then they would get pay back for that by going straight to hell– I would personally make sure of that. I had to think good thoughts though, Jackel could still be alive.

I looked at my wound where a soldier had cut my shoulder. The cut was deep and still bleeding a bit. Some kind of powder filled the wound however to must likely keep it from getting infected.

“Here ya go” the soldier said while holding a small metal cup of water, “You like that?”.

He held the water right up to my face and with one quick motion, he threw the water in my face... catching the wounds that swelled up from the battle on my face, as well as the wound on my shoulder.

The water burned. I wanted to rip my face and shoulder off. Salt Water.

I tried to jerk myself at him and the chains clinked together, making a loud noise and scaring the soldier enough to make it step back a few extra inches.

“Buron, have I ordered you to do anything to this high ranked general of the poor and helpless Rebellion?” questioned a large guy as he stepped into the room. He wore the best of armor, probably a high ranked soldier or general like myself.

“Malone has ordered for us to make sure and get whatever we can out of these soldiers we have captured” the general said. So there was others. Malone was the leader, king if you will, of the Johto Empire. Evil man with evil intentions among society.

“Do you have any pokemon captives?” I questioned him. “So, he can talk” grunted the soldier that threw salt water on me.

“A Machoke and a Rydon, well we did have them. They were to powerful for us to handle so we had ‘dispose’ of them quite quickly” laughed the general. He acted as if it was nothing.

“So I will make this easy,” great... here goes the lecture, he continued on, “We haven’t got a lot out of the other captives so we have had no choice but to brutally torture them”. He stopped to look over at the table that held a bunch of nasty ‘play toys’.

“Lately the Rebellion has been moving forward to a small town that isn’t that old called Ecrutek. It has a valuable tower and great resources so that is obviously something we don’t want to lose. Only one problem, we are afraid we will lose it. The reason being is that its told new kinds of weapons have been developed on the Rebellion side and could end this war by next autumn. Now its your job to tell us what these new plans are for this weapon-”

“I don’t know!” I stopped him, nothing could of pissed him off more. He gave me a quick jab with his hand and slapped my full faced. The slap burnt my face for a few seconds but a girl could of hit harder. Guess I shouldn’t of told him that, the next blow was with a full rounded fist to the nose.

“I don’t have time for this pitiful fool. Bring it in and MAKE him tell you. He is a high ranked general so if any one of our captives would know about it, this would be the one” the guy said, leaving the room. He grabbed the guards armor and pulled him in close, “And don’t kill him”.

He went racing out the door and continued making loud noises as his big boots clicked the stone floors in the hallway. Just seconds later a Sneasel and another Soldier came in.

The two soldiers unchained me and instead chained me up to a small rock, belly first. My back was now exposed and for reasons I did not know. Was I really strong enough to take this? I had my whole life ahead of me, should I tell them what I know? As if they didn’t know what I knew already. I heard rumors about the new weapon but nothing more. Would they believe me that all I know is a few rumors? Of course not, maybe this was my fate afterall.

“Acck!” the guard said as if he was talking in a different language.

The Sneasel drew back its arm and let its claw come slicing down with impact. It stunned me like jumping into a lake filled with ice cubes. I didn’t see it coming and it shocked me all at once. The Sneasel was just making little scrapes but if I didn’t speak up soon then it would be more like chunks of skin coming from my helpless body.

What was my life to come about now? Would I be here forever? The Sneasel continued to take the only thing I had away... my dignity.

04-09-2004, 07:17 AM
Chapter 2 continued...

I was sitting in a corner, with my back not touching the wall of course. The shirt I had on was soaked with blood and my back stung every time it touched something. My very own human flesh was ripped off of my back and for what? Because they thought I was important enough to know everything the Rebellion was doing. Wrong.

My head bleed over my right eye, where the Sneasel decided to hit me with a club filled with nails sticking out of it. The wound felt like the nail was still there and I honestly didn’t know how much longer I could take this kind of pain.

Luckily for me, they didn’t care about me. Didn’t care if I were to live, or to die. They threw me into the showers, which was just a small bucket of water, like I was nothing. The water was a stunning cold that quickly washed all my blood away. The bucket was small so not a lot of water was there to spare.

They then pushed me along into a small base area that seemed to be a prisoner of war base. Barbed wire surrounded the walls of the base and then there was also a Empirian Soldier on the post to make sure no one escaped, holding a bow and arrow at all times.

They shoved me into a food court where hundreds, possibly thousands were sitting at tables while eating the small amount of food given to them– soup and a small fruit. Most of them looked like skeletons, probably from lack of food. Is this what would come of me? Maybe it would of been better to act like I knew something and told them a lie. Probably would of ended up in here anyways.

I found a small seat next to a dark skinned guy. “What is this place? Some prison for captives of war?” I asked him. He stared at me with giant blue eyes, it scared me half to death.

“This is a graveyard, the bodies just aren’t buried yet,” the guy answered back. I didn’t say another word and eat my apple and soup with total silence. A Death Camp.

I heard about these but I had never seen it. Who knows what laid ahead of me. I ended up having to turn in early and had to sleep on the ground... outside in the 30 degree weather. Wish I had more then a bloody shirt and shorts on.

I spent two weeks there, minding my own business and doing what I was ordered to do. Didn’t want to fall out of line and be hung. During the day, all the prisoners would go out into the fields and work our ass’s off until lunch break. After that it was running time and that wasn’t any fun.

I woke up one morning, the sun shining in my face and waking up this part of the big world. I felt a sharp pain in my left side and I turned over to see a Johto Empire soldier poking me with his sword. He ordered us to get up and grab our supplies needed for the work of the day.

I grabbed a small hoe, ready to go mess up the dirt so they could plant their crops. Three hours of working and that’s all. After that we could go into lunch, but today was different. The soldier was pissed off about something and did not take anything lightly that day. This guy would’ve had his own mother slayed right there for acting up the slightest bit.

So he ended up making us miss lunch and work 2 extra hours. I didn’t take this to kindly and so what if I took my actions a little to far. No one bossed around Julik of the Rebellion’s.

As he came prompting across on his horse, I felt a cramp in my arm.. And decided to swing a little. I swung my arm over my back and slapped the soldier right in the face with the hoe I was using. He went flying off his Tauros and did a full back flip off the big brown fella.

And so here I am, a rope around my neck and waiting to be dropped down off this brown box with all my fellow captive soldiers watching in agony. And for what? For ‘stretching’ my arms so to say...

Neo Emolga
04-09-2004, 03:48 PM
Geez, what a cliffhanger... This story is amazing, and the amount of description that goes into it makes it seem so lifelike. Nice job, KCash, you're doing a fantastic job! I love this story, even though it's pretty brutal.

04-12-2004, 11:34 PM
Chapter 3- Stomach’s Exploding

The rope snapped and I fell to the ground knees first. A soldier came up from behind me on a Rapidash.

“Soldier! What right do you have by hanging this man?” yelled the guy that cut me down. I hurried and got the knot out and threw the rope on the ground in the act of quickly stoanding up.

“Sir, he tried to attack me with a shovel or rake or something of that sort,” explained the soldier in a very shaky voice.

“You are threatened by a man with a shovel? Then you should go ahead and give me your whip, and arrows, and sword, and knife, and every other weapon you have. That way I can give it to a soldier that will actually use it,” the high ranked soldier screamed out, turning his head towards me now, “Get back to the fields and start working”. Boy did I get back there, I ran like there was a hundred Tauros’ behind me.

I almost thought it was over right there, sadly... it didn’t end right there.

The morning was cold and the ground started to freeze over with frost. A rush of wind came slicing at my face with every step I took. I didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going but I knew for a fact that if I stopped then was a dead man.

Thousands of Rebellion soldiers were on our getting their ass’s stomped on my Johto Empire Soldiers on their pokemon. They had small pokemon such as Sneasel, Absol, Teddiursa, Tailow, and other pokemon’s that were making sure we didn’t try to run away unnoticed. Every once in awhile some of the pokemon would even decide that we needed a little beating. A Murkrow gave me a peck to the head and it started bleeding. I just kept looking up into the air after that, waiting until I could jam a stick I found on the ground right into the Murkrow’s devilish eyes.

We were all running. We ran miles and miles, god only knows how far. Apparently there was a threat from the Rebellion’s to release one of us and the Empire refused. That’s were the threat came in and scared the Empire into moving us to avoid a raid from the Empire to come and get the soldier they wanted back themselves.

So now we prisoners had to go out ourselves, running until our stomach’s exploded.

What a funny term, stomach’s exploding. Never thought that could really happen but you run for 15 miles without stopping and still going. We still had lots of daylight left and if we ended up having to run until the sunset then soon we would all be goners. The guy next to me started to slow down so I tapped him on the shoulder to tell him to keep up. Just lifting my arm up sent a sharp pain to my right lung, I was afraid I would soon be giving out as well.

The guy still started to slow down and he quietly said to me, “My stomach, lungs, my body.. has exploded. I’m finished, may God be with you son”. He fell to the ground and brought along 15 other soldiers tumbling down with him.

I looked straight ahead and tried to think of something else then running. Soon we would arrive though, at least that’s what I told myself everytime I thought about it.

I couldn’t believe what they were putting us through. I hadn’t gotten my part of soup or bread in days and now I was wishing I killed for a slice of bread before we left. I was in no condition to fight though, it had been 2 long years since I had first been brought to the prisoner camp. 2 years of my life... gone forever.

A solider rode up beside me and yelled at us to run faster, like that was going to happen. We could all walk and they wouldn’t do nothing, there was to many people here for us to obey them the whole way. I was on the side of the big crunched in soldiers running because the first chance I got I was running into the thick trees that covered the area. They would never find me there, only problem was... could I survive there until I got to Rebellion safe zone territory.

The Empirian still continued to yell at us to keep moving forward. His fat Miltank he rode on made him look like a clown more then anything, especially with the goofy clothing he had.

“Geez, that armor is out of date man. If I was you I would stop yelling at us cause your just wasting your voice,” I couldn’t resist. The soldier just looked at me in an awkward way.

“You look like a da*n house pet Skitty with those ridiculous clothings you have on, not including your riding on a Miltank. Like anyone is going to take you seriously?” Dang it Julik! Why do you have to have such a big mouth! The soldier drew back his hand to grab probably a whip when an arrow when right thru his shoulder which was armored. That’s when all hell broke out...