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06-01-2005, 12:05 AM
Basically any card in here MUST have the reversal mechanic in it. Here are some of the mechanics here. Feel free to submit cards that you think should be in with the reversal theme, such as cards that reverse benefits to other "nasty things" (oops, did your monster just drop to 0 ATK with that mage power?). ;) Note that the following mechanics shown here are guidelines, so have fun thinking up your own cards.

About 30 cards will be used for the set, and name your cards with regards to LOtR OR have brackets (or otherwise indicate!) around your cardname to indicate that you don't care (or you just don't want to name things). For me, I use these babies: <>. So if you happen to have a card like <something>, we can rename it/we will name it for you if you got writer's block. ;)


Essentially this does waht it says, it reflects an effect from something to something else that is legal. :) Here's an example:

<cardname> can only be normal summoned.
If a spell or a trap card targets <cardname>, you may have that spell or trap target a different target on the field as long as that card satisfies the conditions on the spell or trap.


Just as it says, this follows what magic jammer and 7 tools and the like. Since sometimes this is going to creatures, I thought this up:

Whenever a spell, trap, or monster effect target <Glasskiter> for the first time this turn, counter that spell, trap, or monster effect.


This is a variation on reflection, where basically instead of reflecting the effect, a DIFFERENT effect is "reflected", essentially it's more "refracted". ;)

<Babyface Eater>
Whenever <Babyface Eater> is targetted by a spell, trap, or monster effect, you may pay 500LP. If you do, negate that effect. You may destroy one monster with 500ATK or less on the field.

First of all, I have noted that ALL reflection cards MUST have a cost and/or chance involved. Since what I call "refraction" is essentially a variation on reflection, well a cost is a cost. Here since the monster itself is WEAKER, the cost is also lower. Generally speaking, a monster with higher value on the field should have higher costs with this mechanic.

06-01-2005, 12:31 PM
ermm what do you mean brackets? o_O

[Kira, Glass Spinner]
1000 ATK / 1000 DEF
Whenever a face-up monster you control becomes specifically the target of an effect from either a monster, spell or trap for the first time in a turn, negate it and destroy the source.

- situation 1
-- Opponent plays Brain Control on 1 of your monster, it's negated
-- opponent flips magician of faith, gets back brain control, then uses it again, it's successful

- situation 2
-- opponent activates sakuretsu armor on your turn, it's negated
-- opponent's turn, activates brain control; it's negated, because it's a different turn

is that what you mean by brackets? o_O

06-03-2005, 02:32 AM
In htat case, Kira could be named as something else more appropriate for the set itself. For example, I can't name anything at all. XD

<Frodo's Requilem>
Continuous Trap
Whenever an opponent plays a spell card, tribute a monster you control and counter that spell card. Then, if there are no monsters on your side of the field, destroy <Frodo's Requilem>

- This card can be activated like a normal continuous trap
- The effect is MANDITORY
- The destroying effect happens only as a part of the actual effect trigger, so technically speaking this can just sit on the field if you have no monsters to begin with, and it'll just sit there doing nothing. ;)

<Spirits of the Dead>
This card can only be special summoned.
If a token you own is destroyed through combat, you may have <Spirits of the Dead> deal damage to an opponent equal to the total amount of damage dealt to you this turn.

- a token means yes you can also abuse your crappy little sheep XD
- This monster cannot be tribute summoned
- This card is combo based yes, so be quiet about token generation. Sheesh you can easily even the entire field with this -_- (i.e. balancing the damage)

07-14-2005, 03:53 AM
Uhhh..i'll take a shot at this. I'm not really thinking well today, so correct me if I'm wrong. :hungry:

<Gollum's Shadow>
Normal Trap
Place 3 'Shadow Tokens' (DARK/1 Star, 1000ATK/100DEF) on the field. If a monster on your side of the field is attacked, you may direct the attack to a 'Shadow' token instead.