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Super Subordinate
07-05-2008, 05:06 AM
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I just thought that I better make the Discussion thread, we seemed to be lacking one. Winged Charmander, if you want, I can delete the post and you can have the first post here, it's just, there are people online who may be a bit fuzzy on the low-down.

What's happened so far!

Tyr, the Leader of the Rebels, has escaped from the Council, and fled to the Rebel base. He gets confronted by Howler, Co-Leader of the Rebels, who nags at him for going out alone.

Meanwhile, Tolbin, the Royal Advisor for the Council, the one who, along with a pack of Skarmories, was after Tyr, kills off a Skarmory in anger. He orders the Skarmories to take him back to the Council Palace. When they reach the bridge seperating the town from the Palace, Tolbin drops the dead Skarmory, and it hits the bridge, landing in the river. When they land, Tolbin kills another Skarmory, throws it in the river, and knocks on the large marble doors of the Palace.

I hope that helped.