View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [SPOILER Thread]

06-02-2005, 11:15 PM
As the title implies, this thread will have spoilers. Feel free to discuss and distribute information on the Movie which will be released in September. Here is a little info to start the thread:

-Sephiroth seems to be more than a Flashback character, and is known to be saying "I... won't be just a memory..." at the end of one of the trailers, and at the end of the 25-minute preview shown on 2 occasions by Square Enix.

-The WheelChair Man (WMC) is confirmed to be Rufus ShinRa, who was supposednly killed by Diamond Weapon after firing the Sister Ray in FFVII. He is known to suffer from Geostigma.

Those are just two interesting pieces of information I thought some might like to know. There's obviously much more information about Advent Children.

06-06-2005, 02:21 AM
Sorry if this is spam but I have to ask. I know you made it obvious in your post above, but I MUST ask. Is there a movie about Final Fantasy 7 coming? OMFG if there is. I'd commit murder to see that. It is actually my favourite game of all time. Sephiroth and Shinra Corp. = The two best villains in the FF series IMO.