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07-14-2008, 01:34 PM
Discussion thread in case anyone needs/wants it.
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It is the Middle Ages. Three warring castles have begun to lay siege to one another. None of these teams are good or evil, they fight for the common purpose of expansion. What none of the historians know is that these knights used pokemon first, swords and such second. The three ruling kings are King Mark the Wise, King Alexander the Strong, and King Sean the Swift. All of these kings rule in the area that will become Kanto, and they all seek to become sole rulers by taking each other out one at a time. you can either be a soldier in the army, or the pokemon of a soldier. All the castles are quite far away from each other, but the main battle field isd about the size of 5 footballs fields.

King Mark the Wise rules in the west of the Plainlands (where this takes place). His castle is by the sea, and is also defended by lots of mountains around him. His castle has a few miles of forest around it. His subjects farm a lot in order to survive. His castle is very large and extravagent, and he treats his subjects fairly and justly.

King Alexander the Strong rules to the north. His castle is surrounded by icy plains, and he has no water nearby. He is not as well defended, as there is naught but tundra in front of him. His castle relies on ice for water, and also does a lot of hunting for food. His castle is medium sized and is a little more rustic in appearance. He rules with an iron fist, but is not so much a tyrant. He just always shows he's boss.

King Sean the Swift rules in the east, on an island. His castle is surrounded by fresh water, and the island his castle is on is a fairly well sized one. His subjects do a lot of boating and fishing. He is usually very carefree, and does not hold to the traditional stature as king.

Any questions, comments, complaints, constructive criticisms?