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The Blazing Skies is the third and final installment in the three part trilogy The Trial Of Juno. This third part is the sequel to The Gray Battlegrounds (http://www.empireirc.net/pokemonelite2000/showthread.php?t=15&page=1) and The Twisted Fields (http://www.empireirc.net/pokemonelite2000/showthread.php?t=62&page=1). I highly recommend reading both of them before reading this part, otherwise chances are extremely good you won't know what's going on (Pretty much like watching Return of the King without seeing the Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers). Both of these parts are located on this board.

With that said, enjoy the final installment of this epic journey...

Neo Emolga
03-25-2004, 04:43 PM
Chapter 1
The Binding

I was wrong, at least for some time. I had been thrown in a small metal cell with only one barred window and a rickety bed. Unlike the jails I had seen, this only had a single metal door with another barred window. That was my own way to look out into the hallway. When I had looked out the window, all I could see was a metal wall of the building next to the one I was in. I wasn’t sure if it was still the prison or another building altogether, but the window was good for nothing.

I was pretty sure a few days had passed, but I had lost all track of time. During the beginning, Sita, Randy and Alex had come to visit, but the only way I knew it was them was through their voices. They kept telling me I would be out soon, but that crept further and further away.

As time passed on, they started to visit less and I found myself more alone than ever before. During those days, I tried to remember the family I left behind, but now I couldn’t even remember their faces. I wanted to go back to that place, even though I would have difficulty in trying to adjust to what had happened.

I could have sworn a year had passed. How long was I going to be kept in here? Would this be the place where I die? If it was, there was no point in me living. Sita only came once every few months, telling me the situation was only getting worse. Jamac had gotten power-hungry, demanding more money from the people for a dying war effort.

Three years later, I had gotten a hideous shock. I had heard an explosion, and then rounds and rounds of gunfire. I heard shouting and screaming from outside. More shots were fired, blasting loudly all around me. Then, I had realized something…

Symarix was under attack…

But, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. All I could do was just listen and try to assume what was happening. All I could think about was Randy, Alex and Sita. Were they okay? Still, until I heard from them again, anything could be happening. They could have already been dead for all I knew.

It took several days for the carnage to finally stop. I could only imagine what happened, but for now it seemed like the city was safe. But I knew that only in time the city would fall.

I had later learned that Sita, Randy and Alex were okay, but they had told me about the gruesome battle, and how hundreds of lives were lost. But still, there was nothing they could do. Jamac had become corrupted, as well as Antilles. Symarix needed new leaders now or the Silver Rebellion would be torn to ribbons. Already the citizens of Symarix had protested against the two of them, but Jamac silenced them with constant threats, threats that he kept as well…

And then one day, the impossible happened. I never thought in a million years that it would come to this, but it had. Down the hallway, I had heard the sound of what seemed to be someone collapsing, but with no shout or anything. I knew there were guards on patrol, but wouldn’t have someone noticed something…?

And then, I had heard a metal clanging sound in my door, and with a click, the door was unlocked, and it was finally opened. In the doorway I saw a face I had not laid eyes on for a very long time. And I was surprised to see him, most of all…

In the doorway stood none other than Sinis, the Zangoose I once had a bitter contempt for. In his hands he was holding a large tattered book with a key in the other. He looked at me, and then sighed.

“We’re very fortunate you’re still alive.” Sinis told me, looking straight into my eyes, “We need your help, more than ever…”
“This command is from Antilles?” I asked Sinis, knowing that if it was, it wouldn’t be long before I would end up right back in here again.
“No, this is from me and me alone.” Sinis said seriously, “And there was something Antilles and Jamac have been keeping from you in the first place.”
“The Divine Prophecy…” I realized the book he was carrying.

There was silence. Obviously, Sinis had already killed ruthlessly to even get in here. I needed the answers now.

Neo Emolga
03-25-2004, 05:58 PM
Chapter 2
True Betrayal

For eons I had wondered what The Divine Prophecy spoke about. How much of it was about me, and why had Achilles and Jamac kept it away from me for so long? What was inside of it that they didn’t want me to see?

Sinis stood before me, holding the brown, tattered book. I could already tell that what he was doing could lead to serious punishment. He was breaking boundaries just to do this for me. While I knew I couldn’t trust Achilles anymore, maybe Sinis was different now. Or even then, maybe he had never changed at all.

“Read it, and read it carefully.” Sinis told me, handing the book over, “I’ve marked the area in the book where it describes you…”

When I had taken the book from him, I found a metal clip between some of the pages. I opened the book to where the clip was, and began reading the first page…

There will be a time when all hope has faded. There will be a time when fire rushes from the sky and pain and desperation will be closer to your heart than ever. When it seems at the moment that everything is lost and destroyed at the hands of your enemies and your merciless oppressors, there will be one last source of hope that you can rely on.

He will be like the rest of you, no different from the ones in your ranks. He will fight with you, and risk his life for you to ensure your victory. And he will come at your most dire time of need. He will arrive on a bird as red as blood and as white as lightning. When the skies turn into fire and the land is burnt into ash, he will come. When you have endured the restless masses, the battles, and the nightmares, he will arrive. When the night seems endless and all hope has faded, he will come, and he will go by the name of Juno.

He will lead your people into their darkest battles, but you shall have no fear, for your victory is ensured by his presence. Never once will he betray you, and he will be by your side until you have established a new order.

You will fight on the harshest, twisted fields and with fire and storm thunder you will bring down the enemy. Though courage and determination you will prevail.

And to prove his loyalty to you, he will destroy the worst of your foes. He will fight until the bitter end. The battle will claim his life, but it shall be the same for oppressors. And when the last of the enemy’s blood has been shed, a new light will be revealed.

“Claim my life?” I asked, still looking anxiously at the words.
“That was the part Jamac and Achilles didn’t want you to see.” Sinis told me, looking at the book as well, “Why do you think every time you asked to see it, you were denied the right? They thought that if you knew you were going to die in the end, you wouldn’t have bothered. They felt you would be too afraid of death to carry forward.”

I was silent. While it did seem to be quite a shock to read it, for some reason I was able to cast the fact aside.

“Hundreds of our soldiers march into battle knowing they might not survive the onslaught either.” I told Sinis with a firm voice, “Why do they feel I will be any different?”
“They don’t usually go into battle thinking they’re going to die. They all feel they’re going to come out of it somehow.” Sinis said to me, “That’s what makes them different from you…”

I always thought that’s the way it would be in the end as well. And then again, I began to think maybe I wasn’t meant to go home. After I had realized that, I had completely abandoned any hope of ever reaching my family again. But for once, I wasn’t sad about it either. For the longest time… it had almost seemed like this was meant to happen at some point in time. I had begun to think harder around what the Prophecy had expected me to do. And then, another question had come to mind.

“I can see in your eyes that you didn’t expect this to happen.” Sinis told me, “But I don’t believe in prophecies. In fact, I’m about to prove The Candle of Enlightment wrong.”
“Candle of Enlightment?” I had asked, never hearing it before.

Sinis had looked down toward me, and he realized Jamac and Achilles had truly told me nothing about what was going on.

“It ties very closely with the prophecy, they both rely on each other.” Sinis told me seriously, “It has foretold that Jamac and his descendants will be the future rulers of the Silver Rebellion. It has also predicted that you will come and defeat Zander and bring peace. Again, it says that you will die in the process, but I wouldn’t worry about that. It even states that you will always be loyal to Jamac and his cause. I like to think of it more as, only loyal to the cause alone. Jamac was never loyal to you.”
“You’re going to kill him…” I said, realizing how he was going to break the prophecy.
“And you’re going to help me…”

03-25-2004, 09:54 PM
Wow. I dont know what words to describe my feelings about this fic is. Its so effectful, just draws my attention right away. I could read this for hours and never get bored. When I first saw this i jumped up in the air about 5 feet from excitement. What a great series you have going here. I just cant wait to read more, keep up the excellent work NeoPika!

Neo Emolga
03-25-2004, 10:03 PM
Wow. I dont know what words to describe my feelings about this fic is. Its so effectful, just draws my attention right away. I could read this for hours and never get bored. When I first saw this i jumped up in the air about 5 feet from excitement. What a great series you have going here. I just cant wait to read more, keep up the excellent work NeoPika!

Thanks KCash, I hadn't gotten a response about this fic in awhile, so seeing this got me excited as well. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I'm having a blast writing it. Stay tuned for more coming up soon!

Neo Emolga
03-25-2004, 10:51 PM
Chapter 3
Breaking the Threshold

I had seen Sinis had made quick work of the guards. I never pictured myself fighting my own comrades, but something needed to be done, for the honor of the Rebellion. Upon passing a dead guard, I bent over and picked up his caliber rifle. I had looked over the steel casing of the rifle, and I could feel a cold chill, knowing this same rifle was going to end lives.

Sinis and I had made it to the streets, and I could only guess what was going to happen next. We had traveled through the streets, mostly unseen. I hadn’t seen the streets in years, and it made a world of difference. Nothing looked familiar now, and I had also seen some of the damage the recent battle had done. Some of the buildings were lying in ruins, something I thought I would never see in Symarix…

We had arrived at the tallest building in the city, the same place where I had been accepted long ago. Today, I was entering for a whole different reason. I wasn’t going to let compassion get in the way of justice. Not today…

Sinis and I had made it through the front door, and we headed for the elevator. I couldn’t help but notice the bronze statue of me again. Betraying the Silver Rebellion? No, it had betrayed me, and Sinis and I were going to set things straight. Today, we were going to shatter corruption, as well as a false prophecy. Sinis was right, more than I could ever imagine. Rank didn’t make one soldier’s life more important than the other. Everyone has their own dreams, goals and experiences. But right now, Achilles felt those of oblivious Generals like Vexcel were more valuable than the common soldier that would honorably risk his life for this nation.

We had approached the elevator, and I hammered in the security code on the keypad. I still never forgot since it was told to me a long time ago. Once the doors were opened, we entered and pressed the button for the top floor, and soon the doors shut we began ascending. We were just about the only ones who knew that code besides the head guards as well as Jamac and Achilles themselves. When he had arrived at the top floor, the doors opened, and I laid eyes on that familiar hallway. At the end of the hallway was Sever, as well as two other guards, a Magmar and a Breloom. Sinis and I had approached them, still keeping our intentions. I had no idea how they were going to react to this.

“Juno… Is that you?” Sever asked me, looking at me strangely.

I looked at Sever and the two other guards seriously. He knew and I knew what I was capable of.

“I will give you one choice, Sever.” I told him seriously, “You’re a good soldier, an honest and a valuable asset to the Silver Rebellion. But you have witnessed first-hand the mistakes of those who rule this dying country. Sinis and I have decided that something needs to be done. Either you let us through, or we will find our own way in there, but either way, we are going to change the way things are done around here.”

Sever was struck silent, as well as the other two guards. Sever looked into my eyes, and I could see with his own soul that we were about to break a prophecy that no one would believe in anymore. Yes, the prophecy was right in the fact that I would come to this nation, but it was dead wrong on how it would be resolved. Someone was going to die today…

“I never thought it would come to this…” Sever replied to the two of us, “I never expected Jamac and Antilles to abuse their power, but is that really punishable by death?”
“We believe it is.” Sinis told him firmly, “And that’s why we are here.”

But it didn’t take long before I saw Sever make his final choice. It was quite different from what I had expected…

“I never thought you would do this, Juno.” Sever growled at me, “I never thought in a million years you of all people would betray the Silver Rebellion. Sinis… you were a different story. I never trusted you right from the beginning…”
“I didn’t betray the Silver Rebellion, Sever.” I told him angrily, “It was Jamac and Antilles who did that. They betrayed all of us, especially me. They betrayed the citizens of this city and its loyal army. Sever, if you and your cohorts don’t move aside, I won’t be afraid to take you life.”

I could see Sever quiver with fear. He looked very unsteady, and meanwhile the two other guards turned toward him for an initiative. Then, grabbing his caliber rifle, he made his choice.

“Kill them…” Sever said in a firm, soft voice.

03-26-2004, 07:28 AM
This trilogy will be one of the few classics. I can;t wait when I read TTF I hoped there would be more and there is. All I can say about this story is strong, powerful and there are many other words. I can't wait for more.

03-26-2004, 03:26 PM
Words cannot describe how brilliant this story is NP, I can't wait to read more! It just gets better and better with every post. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that this fic is one of the best on here. I just know this fic is going to be as good as, if not better, than the last two.

Neo Emolga
03-26-2004, 11:19 PM
I can't help but smile from reading your comments. Thank you everyone for the great inspiration you're giving me, you guys are the best. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. I already know its going to be even better than the last two parts.

Neo Emolga
03-26-2004, 11:23 PM
Chapter 4
Duties and Desires

Those last few seconds seemed to slow down to a stasis. I had watched Sever take his rifle, and slowly raise it to aim the long barrel at us. But even in those dark moments, I wasn’t going to let him stop me, I couldn’t. I could see he was not acting upon his personal beliefs, he was acting upon the realm of responsibility. I had raised my caliber rifle before he had the chance to fire, but then something stopped me from firing. The Breloom guard had reached out at Sever, and he placed his hand on the hull of the rifle. Just milliseconds before Sever had pressed the trigger, the Breloom swiftly tore the rifle away from Sever’s grasp. I then dropped my firearm, knowing neither one of us was going to die. The caliber rifle had left my hands, and slowly fell toward the ground, and fell over as it hit the floor. I could only watch as the Breloom now held Sever’s gun, away from his grasp.

“Do you know what you’re doing!?” The Breloom exclaimed at Sever, “You’re blind Sever. You know why they’re here. They’re here on behalf of everyone in Symarix…”
“Give me my weapon, Lezales!” Sever shouted angrily, “Are you betraying the Silver Rebellion as well?”

But it evident he wasn’t going to give Sever his rifle back. The Magmar had grabbed Sever from behind, restraining him from trying to grab the rifle. Sever struggled to break free, but to no prevail…

“Sever, think carefully.” The Magmar told him, “Think about what Jamac and Antilles have done to everyone. Think about what they have done to Juno, your family, and even you. Sever, someone needs to stop them, and now. Otherwise we will lose everything.”
“Let me go, now!” Sever said angrily, struggling and squirming to break free from the Magmar’s grasp.
“Sever, they tortured your brother Avin on a false claim.” Lezales said to Sever in a firm voice, “Never in the past have we ever tortured a soldier, not even ones from the Crimson Stars. Don’t you see that something is wrong here!?”

Sever froze, and he no longer tried to break free. He stood there, very still now.

“What did… you say…?” Sever asked in a soft and fearful voice.

I then saw it again. Jamac had kept something from him, just like me and the prophecy. I didn’t know who Avin was, but it already seemed like something had gone terribly wrong in my absence…

“Sever, they killed your brother.” Lezales told Sever seriously, “They thought he was hiding something, so they tortured him. And because he wasn’t hiding anything, there was nothing he could say. So they killed him…”

I could see a dark, hideous fear come into Sever’s expression. He began to quiver with fear and anger, not knowing what to think at that moment.

“Sever, Jamac told the two of us that he would kill us if we ever told you, but I don’t care anymore.” Lezales spoke seriously to Sever, “This is unacceptable, and it cannot be allowed to continue.”

But nothing had come from Sever’s mouth but silence. I could see his eye was beginning to water with a tear of bitterness and hatred.

“Antilles told me…” Sever said softly, “That he had died in combat… He… showed me where he was buried. He even…”
“The medal he gave to you was a fake, Sever.” The Magmar told him, “Avin was never given any actual recognition for fighting. He died the worst death possible, at the hands of the ones he trusted with his life. Juno and Sinis never betrayed the Silver Rebellion, it was Antilles and Jamac who did that.”

I could only thank God that Lezales had been able to stop Sever before he fired upon the two of us. If Sever had ever found that out after he killed the two of us, he would regret it to the point of suicide. But even after hearing this, it gave me even more reason to act upon my intentions…

“Juno… Sinis…” Sever said in soft voice, “I’m so damn sorry. I just… didn’t know…”
“Sever, it’s not over yet.” I told him firmly, “There’s still time to correct the wrong that had been done here. Symarix is still standing. The Silver Rebellion is still alive, and that flame of hope that searches for a way to stop Zander is still burning brightly. No one can blame you for the ways you feel given your circumstances.”

“This can’t be allowed to continue.” Sever said, picking his head up from the ground, “There must be no more like Avin. I’ve served Antilles and Jamac with all my heart and soul… but no longer!”

And then, he bent over and picked up the caliber rifle. No long did he show his contempt for us. His mind was now sent in a new direction. It had appeared the five of us were prepared to do that last right.

The sword of justice was about to be unsheathed…

Neo Emolga
03-27-2004, 04:21 PM
Chapter 5
Tattered Trust

It would only be moments until it was all over. It would only be moments before the next hour would determine the fate of the Silver Rebellion. But I saw something that Sinis and Sever as well as the other two guards were showing on their eyes. If we were going to die, we wanted to die knowing we tried everything in our power to stop the evil that was being done. I didn’t want to die knowing I didn’t do anything to try and stop this corruption. There was a reason why were still fought and shed blood. When words alone weren’t enough to change intentions, then it had to be done through action. It had to be done through pain and death. There was no other choice.

Putting a dead soldier in the ground didn’t mean we had to forget about them. Seeing an entire race oppressed and discouraged didn’t mean we could turn our back on them or take advantage of them. But at the moment, it seemed there were others who didn’t share these beliefs. Others like Jamac and Antilles…

We had gathered behind the door, claws sharp and weapons drawn. One the count of three, we charged into the door, and it burst open, blasting the two doors aside and slamming them against the wall. We then charged in furiously, gathering in the back of the room with our weapons ready to fire.

Jamac had been in his throne, while Antilles stood out of his chair. Vexcel had been there as well, along with three other guards. Only seconds later, they had drawn weapons of their own. I didn’t expect to see anyone else in the room besides Jamac and Antilles…

We stood there for a few seconds, weapons pointed at each other, ready to begin unleashing hell at any moment. Nothing was going to stand in our way…

“Well isn’t this a surprise…” Antilles said to all of us with contempt, with his own caliber rifle ready to fire, “I never expected any of you would be one day pointing a weapon at your own leader…”
“Enough of the crap, Antilles.” Sinis growled in anger, his claw already set on the trigger of his rifle, “All that was pure in your heart was lost in the bloodshed of your comrades.”

I could see Vexcel was looking right toward me. I didn’t care who he was looking at, my aim was right on Antilles, right between the eyes. However, I wouldn’t be able to kill all of them by myself. I didn’t know who everyone else was aiming at…

“You never knew anything, did you?” Antilles asked Sinis, “Sinis, whenever you lead an army, you have to know that lives are cheap. You can’t mourn the death of every soldier. There are far too many. Soldiers have to know that when they are going into combat, they might not make it out alive. In fact, chances are very good they won’t.”

I grew furious at that comment. I would have shot him right then and there but I was concerned about Sinis and the others. If anyone shot a single bullet, a whole firefight was going to break out, and chances are good someone was going to die on our side. Not one of us deserved to die, it was everyone on the other side.

“Our soldiers go into battle to fight for the liberty and in the name of justice they risk their lives for this country!” I shouted angrily, “But I can already hear in your words that something like that doesn’t matter to you. Antilles, I ask you, if you don’t believe in fighting for this country, then what the hell is your purpose!?”

He had turned toward me, somewhat shocked to see I had made it out of my cell. Regardless, he wasn’t going to ask why. I could already tell in his angry, flaring eyes, he was having difficulty answering that question…

“And so I ask, who are you?” Antilles asked me, “You’re obviously not the real Juno, you’re clearly an imposter. But, I would have to admit, the way you killed Vorox as well as destroying Macomb, you had us all believing you for a minute. But you’re not the real Juno that the prophecy mentions. The real Juno wouldn’t betray his own commanders. He would know his place in the Silver Rebellion Army.”
“I’m not your killing tool, Antilles.” I said to him firmly, “I’m not a resource like the way you think of these soldiers. We have lives, Antilles, just like you and Jamac. That doesn’t make any of us less important than the two of you…”

Antilles had let out a chuckle, and I was incredibly insulted. I had looked past his eyes, and I could see a soul shaded in darkness. I could see a commander that had lost the ideals of leadership. One that had lost all the virtues of interest of the people of his country.

“You don’t know your duty as a part of this army, Juno.” Antilles laughed, “You duty is to respect your superiors. I am… your superior…”
“I know my duty, Antilles.” I told him in a firm, harsh voice, “My duty is to protect the people of this country from all enemies, foreign… and domestic…”

There was a short silence, and then I saw in his eyes he had reached his limit.

“Today, the legends and everything we have ever believed in will die.” Antilles said to all of us, “All the foundations we have set in stone, all the journeys we have taken and all the praises we have ever given will kiss the darkness. Everything the Silver Rebellion has ever believed in will be shattered like glass smashed against a stone. Juno, Sinis, and all you others… I don’t know you anymore…”

It was him who fired the first shot…

Neo Emolga
03-30-2004, 07:48 PM
Chapter 6
Scorn and Anarchy

Antilles was never one to negotiate. Not even with his comrades or even me. In fact, it was him who threw me in a tiny cell to forget about me. To him I had no purpose and didn’t have any use. I was only a tool to him.

I didn’t see who he had fired at, but the next thing I knew the room was shattered by the blasting of rifles. I had focused hard and could see bullets streaking across the room in all directions. I pulled furiously on the trigger of my firearm, firing furiously at Antilles. If I could only kill one of them, it was going to be Antilles. I fired multiple rounds just to make sure there was no chance of him not getting hit.

I had realized I wasn’t the only one firing at Antilles. Among the countless screams and ear-piercing blasts of firearms, I could see Antilles had already been shot several times, and was collapsing onto the floor. On his way down, he still had been pulling down on the trigger, now spraying bullets in random directions. It wasn’t long before he was lying down, and the arm that was holding his rifle had hit the ground, and completely stopped firing. Even though a side of me felt like rejoicing at that moment, there was still opposition, and they were still firing upon us.

Vexcel had been firing at me, but not only was I too small for him to hit but too fast as well. I then started returning fire on him, blasting him furiously with as many shots as possible. The only good thing about fatso was he was a nice wide target, which was good considering the fact it was going to take a whole lot of shots to bring him down. Regardless, all I could do was inhale, kill, and exhale. Any hesitation could mean the difference between life and death.

Bullets blasted right past my head, only within inches of hitting me. I didn’t know who else was trying to shoot me, but I wasn’t going to waste time to try and find out. I needed to kill Vexcel, and now.

The more and more I shot him, the less and less he was able to get his aim back on me. I tried to aim for more fragile and sensitive targets, but he was constantly shifting back and forward. Soon enough, he was no longer able to support his own weight, and he collapsed to the floor as well.

There were less and less people firing now, and just as I heard a long round of bullets fire from Sinis’s gun, I turned and saw the last Machop guard fall backward and lack on his back, his arms lying limply on the floor.

Suddenly the insane carnage had ended. Antilles was lying in a pool of his own blood and Vexcel had just started bleeding uncontrollably, lying on the floor and not making a single move. I had seen Jamac lying on the floor face-down with his arms laid out also in his own blood. All the guards were dead as well. I dropped my rifle and the metal clanging sound of it hitting the floor shattered the sudden silence. Then there was nothing but the still air of death. No one made a sound now.

And then, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. It wasn’t about feeling guilty about what I had done, no. This needed to be done, or everyone would die. It wasn’t that which was bothering me…

I had slowly turned to face the ones who had fought with me. I felt incredibly sick at that moment. The Magmar and the Breloom named Lezales were dead, having taken far too many shots to continue living. I saw Sinis holding on to his bleeding knee, gritting his teeth in pain but still holding furiously onto his rifle, just in case someone on the other side wasn’t dead and needed one last shot to finish the process.

And to further my misery, I saw Sever, lying on the floor. I had rushed to him and I was relieved seeing he was still alive, but seriously wounded. I couldn’t believe the amount of blood that had pooled around him. I stood over him, just praying he was going to make it.

“Sever…” I said to him with a harsh, dry feeling in my throat, “I’m sorry…”

He struggled to try and say something, but after a few moments, he was able to speak.

“What… are you… sorry about…?” Sever asked, looking at me with his sorrowful eyes, “How can you… say you’re… sorry when you’ve… done so much…?”

I shut my eyes tightly for a moment, trying to fight off my anger and misery. I wanted to know who killed Sever. Who thought he was higher than him, because I would take their last ounce of blood and smear it all over this room. I was so angry, never before have I been so furious.

“Juno…” Sever said softly, “It’s over… They’re gone now… You become… a leader for them now…”
“Sever…” I said softly.
“Lead them to victory…” He whispered, “Do it… for me…”

After he said that, his head had hit the floor, and he lay limply on the hard ground. He didn’t move or say anything after that. All I could do was look at him for a few seconds, and I realized he was gone…

“DAMN IT!!!” I shouted furiously, pounding the ground in rage.

I covered my eyes in my hands, wishing there was some way I could bring him back or go back in time and stop it from happening. He believed in me, right from the beginning. Right when I had rescued him from Black Bay Prison. He was the first… to even know who I was. He made me believe I had a purpose in this army. He knew who I was…

Neo Emolga
04-03-2004, 01:07 PM
Chapter 7

What choice did I have but to carry on? It wasn’t long before everyone had figured out what we did. It had appeared the general population had cried out in celebration that Jamac and the others had been eliminated. I knew he was bad from what I had been told, but what had been going on since I was in that prison for so many years? I could only wonder what they had done that was so terrible. I wondered if it had anything to do with that battle that had occurred right at Symarix while I was in prison…

I had finally met up with Randy and Alex, and it seemed like forever since I last saw them. To my surprise, they weren’t shocked one bit at what we had done to Jamac and Antilles. Still, I could see in their eyes that they appeared to have stayed here too long. Five more years we had been gone. Surely we were given up for dead now, wherever we were…

I had also gone to see Sita, and upon seeing me, she had gone up to hug me with tears in her eyes. We stood there for a good two minutes just hugging each other. It seemed like it had been forever since I last saw her, only being able to know she was there by the sound of her voice. She wasn’t angry at all from what I had done. If fact, she said she wished she could have been up there fighting with us, but I quickly told her that we barely made it out alive…

After Sever’s depressing funeral, Sinis and I decided that we needed to pick up the pieces and figure out how to get us back on our feet again. Not a whole lot of people were familiar on who Sinis was, but he was accepted as the ruler of Symarix, taking over Jamac’s position. During his time as leader, he never made assumptions, stood firm in his beliefs and refused to let anything set him back from accomplishing his goals for the citizens of Symarix.

With Sinis in command, he felt it was only right I be given the High General position, something that would cause Antilles to twist and turn in his grave. Once that had happened, I had realized there were no Generals except for me in the entire army. I had looked through the documents Antilles had left behind, and Vexcel and myself were the only ones. And as I thought about it, Antilles was never the one doing the fighting. And if I had been locked up all these years, who was left, just Vexcel? This was a crying shame. I was going to have to come up with someone to replace their positions.

When I had finally returned to the command center to discuss tactics among the few that were left, I had already received the nickname of “Suicide Runner,” which I didn’t look highly upon.

“I really don’t think ruthlessly slaughtering Jamac and Antilles should reward you with the High General Position.” The Charizard Colonel told me, not looking very highly toward me.
“I don’t think Antilles’s method of ruthlessly slaughtering our soldiers should have retained him that position.” I responded to his complaint, “I ask you one question. Are you going to support me, because if you’re not, I don’t even want to see you here.”

The Charizard and two other Colonels had just gotten up and left, just like that. I didn’t care, in fact I could have laughed about it. After all, they were the same idiots promoted by Antilles in the first place. What credibility did they have after all?

All I was left with for commanding officers was a Tyranitar named Baladax and a Rhydon named Namdor. I was happy at least to have someone on my side…

“So you two are going to support me?” I asked them both.
“Antilles was a fool with power.” Baladax responded, looking directly at me, “He was known for throwing out officers that didn’t agree with him. But why am I bothering to tell you that, you of all people already know…”
“No one ever said anything, unless it agreed with his plans.” Namdor continued, “Likewise, the entire Silver Rebellion relied on him alone to bring us to victory. But that was never going to happen.”

It wasn’t long before I had promoted both of them to General status. Already they were in charge of commanding forces with Armadillo tanks as well as Land Splitters. I could already see modifications to these machines. The Land Splitters now were adjusted to fit two riders, one driver and one gunner. As far as ground command had gone, we were set.

“What do you plan on doing for the Storm Riders?” Baladax asked me, knowing there was no way I could command such a huge force just by myself, “You can’t be the only one to command them. It’s far too impossible.”
“You’re going to need someone else to act as support.” Namdor advised me, “Only problem is we don’t have any Colonels left, and there’s no way we could ever ride one of those Pidgeots…”
“Don’t worry about it.” I told them both, “I know just who to pick for those positions…”

04-03-2004, 05:32 PM
Cliffhangers-- as Phoenix says, Love to write them, Hate to read them.

Great work on the fic NeoPika! I can't wait to see how everything turns out with Juno in command. Keep up the great work!

04-03-2004, 09:07 PM
Once again my words of wisdom have been proven correct. Okay maybe not "again" this is the first time but you get my point.
Great work NP, things are finally looking up for Jake/Juno and the Silver Rebellion. I wonder who will take charge of the Storm Riders? (being sarcastic). I can think of a few ideas...

Neo Emolga
04-05-2004, 01:33 PM
Well, if you've thought long and hard enough, chances are you would have guessed who...
Thanks guys for reading and your supportive comments. I really appreciate feedback...

Neo Emolga
04-05-2004, 01:34 PM
Chapter 8
Comrades and Commanders

I really couldn’t discuss any plans until I had at least most of my major commanders ready to go, which meant finding the people I needed to fill those commanding positions. I already knew who I wanted for those General positions. They had been with me since the first day we were here…

“You want us to do what!?” Randy exclaimed in shock, “Are you serious about this?”
“I need two Generals that can be Storm Riders.” I told Randy and Alex, “You two fit that criteria. You’re already a Captain and Alex is already a Major…”
“That’s besides the point.” Alex responded, “The only commanding I’ve ever done was through playing Battle Hammer Elite. There’s a whole hell of a lot of difference between this and a computer game…”

Still, there wasn’t anyone else who I trusted more than Randy and Alex. I could trust Baladax and Namdor since they didn’t turn their back on me, but it was really Randy and Alex that I could trust the most, above everyone else who was here.

“You are Storm Riders, aren’t you?” I asked the two of them, “You do have your own Pidgeots, right?”
“Well… yeah.” Randy replied, looking at the Pokéball that contained his Pidgeot, “They force you to raise them from being a Pidgey to a Pidgeot so it trusts you more. I named him Fire Blaze, and we get along pretty well.”
“Considering how you led that attack on Macomb five years ago,” I told Randy, “and how far you gotten since then, you’d make a very good commander.”

Randy had just stood there, not really sure if this is what he wanted to do. Meanwhile, Alex just kept looking around, still searching for an answer.

“Look, I have an obvious question.” I told Randy and Alex, “Even after five years and then some of the three of us being stuck here, are you still intending to go home?”

There was some silence before they had decided to say anything. While five years was a long time, I was hoping it wasn’t long enough…

“It has been awhile since I ever saw home…” Randy replied looking a little depressed with his ears drooping down, “I’ve tried to look out the window and picture what everything had looked like before this happened, but it gets harder and harder as the months pass by.”
“Look, as much as I appreciate everything the Silver Rebellion has done for us, I really have no intention of staying here for the rest of my life.” Alex replied, looking away for a small moment, “Once Zander is gone, if there’s a way to get out of here, I’m going to take it…”

It was strange, but I felt exactly the same way. Despite how much these people respected me, I felt like I really didn’t belong here after all these years. They could make a million gold statutes of Latias and I, but inside, I was still Jake Kossak, and there was a life outside of this one…

“The best way for us to get out of here is to work closely together.” I told Randy and Alex, “You may not like it but I’m appointing the both of you as Generals. The closer we work together, the better the chances we have of getting close to Zander and getting rid of him forever. Between the three of us, I know I call the two of you Blitz and Tek and you call me Juno, but you’re still Alex Davidson, Randy Ferguson, and I’m still Jake Kossak. We’re not going to stay here much longer…”
“But what about…?” Randy asked with some hesitation.
“The prophecy?” I asked Randy, figuring that’s what he would be asking about, “It means nothing. Sinis and I already proved it wrong by overthrowing Jamac and Antilles. Technically we betrayed a piece of the Silver Rebellion, so it can’t possibly be true…”

Regardless, there wasn’t much else to say after that. After some time, Randy and Alex had agreed to becoming Generals, and it wasn’t long before the five of us had sat down to discuss what we were going to do next. Surprisingly, Baladax and Namdor didn’t even ask as to why I had selected two Pichus as Generals. I was glad there were at least some people here who trusted me.

I had looked at the map and I could already tell we had been fighting very defensively, after what I could easily assume had been a very poor offensive. I could already see we had lost Black Rock for all that it was worth, along with many other areas. Regardless, my idea was still possible, even though it would be difficult to act upon…

As I looked over all the locations on the map, I tried to figure out what would be the best approach. Going after locations like Black Rock were worthless. Supply routes meant nothing to me, there were other ways around them. What I was concerned about was reinforcements. If we were to lead an assault on Jasandax directly, what were the chances of reinforcements arriving in time?

And even through all the scribbling that Antilles had left on the map, I realized Zander or whoever was in control of that base believed one thing. We were being attacked from the east and west of Symarix, I could already see that’s where they were leading troops, and from what I saw in Symarix, the east and west walls were where most of the damage was done.

It was shameful that the entire Crimson Stars army felt having one outpost called Lorenza would be enough to stop an attack coming from the south. While it was bigger than most outposts, it wouldn’t be enough to stop us. It certainly wasn’t as big as Macomb was…

“Who agrees with me that Lorenza should be our next target?” I asked the four of them.
“You’re not going to attack their military camps or their production facilities?” Namdor asked, “They could supply reinforcements to that area if we don’t get rid of their camps first…”
“Not if we strike fast and hard enough…” I told Namdor with a firm voice.

Neo Emolga
04-08-2004, 02:09 PM
Chapter 8

I kept thinking of the ways we could take apart Lorenza without difficultly. If we attacked that outpost and ended up failing, it would be a very costly mistake. I needed to be sure that outpost was demolished so we could move on to Jasandax and hopefully rip past their defenses.

“Just how many soldiers are you going to take to attack Lorenza?” Namdor asked, looking at me in question.
“I planned on attacking Jasandax quickly after Lorenza has been leveled to the ground.” I told the four of them, “That would mean we would need every soldier possible to come with us.”

Baladax looked strangely at me, but then he realized what I was planning. To put it short, we wanted this seemingly endless war to be over with.

“This is our last chance.” I told the four of them, “Either we try our ultimate best to bring destruction to Jasandax and the rest of the Crimson Stars army, or we die trying. I want every possible soldier available to be in that attack.”
“While we are suffering from considerable losses,” Namdor told me, looking away for a moment, “Having the entire Silver Rebellion attack force in one assault will be extremely devastating. Lorenza will be unprepared for the assault and will have no chance of survival but I’m not sure how the battle between the Silver Rebellion army and Jasandax will turn out.”

Hearing that Lorenza was going to be toast was something good to hear, but then again, if we were going to lose at Jasandax, we would end up losing the entire war. But from the way I felt about it, we really had no other choice…

“It’s this or nothing.” I told Namdor and the others, “While the Crimson Stars have a bigger attack force overall, they’re not all in the same area, and there should be certainly less of them at Jasandax then we have here. The final outcome of this war will be determined in this one last battle.”
“If Jasandax falls,” Baladax told the four of us, “The war is over. You don’t know how sick I am of fighting endlessly for years and years. You’re right Juno. Achilles was wrong this entire time. We don’t have any more time for nonsense and attacking outposts when our real target should be the home of our enemy.”

It wasn’t very long after that when we made it very clear what we were going to do next. In very little time, the whole city of Symarix knew of our plan. This was our only chance to pull through in this seemingly endless onslaught. I knew we had a chance to win if the entire army fought as one overwhelming force. But, it wasn’t that which was bothering me. If anything was, I already knew that the battle between us and Jasandax was going to be an extremely bloody one.

In only a week, we would already be preparing to leave for an onslaught I knew I would never forget. Already, the troops we had deployed were returning to Symarix to gather as one, overwhelming force. Then, after five days worth of time of organizing, planning, and preparing our method of attack and what weapons we were going to use, I had been given a head count of how many soldiers we have available for this gruesome attack. I couldn’t believe the number, being only a little above two hundred thousand soldiers. It didn’t take me very long to realize that we were indeed a force to be reckoned with. Despite all the fear and terror we would embrace, we were not going to be an easy enemy for the Crimson Stars to destroy.

With our weapons loaded, our machines of war ready to be released to render terror, we were ready for a battle neither side would ever forget. Luckily, we were ready for it first.

04-09-2004, 02:05 PM
I'm not going to say I'm glad this is the last one, but I will say that you are the BEST FANFIC WRITER IN THE WORLD! The whole trilogy is awesome!

Neo Emolga
04-09-2004, 03:41 PM
I'm glad you're enjoying it, Cody, because it's been a great experience writing it. I know you don't want it to end, but it needs to at some point. There will be other fics I'll write, so don't think this will be the last one I'm writing. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

Chapter 9
The Farewell

It wasn’t long before that day of departure had come. We were going to try and do our ultimate best to give the people of Symarix and the few others of the Silver Rebellion one last chance at peace and prosperity. Something inside of me told me very strongly that this was the best way to resolve the fighting as soon as possible, if not the only way…

It was then that Sinis told me that we should get moving along, but there was something I wanted to do before we had left. I wanted to say something to each and every soldier about the seriousness of this battle. Something that would inspire them that this wasn’t about purpose, it was about hope… about believing…

I was surprised it actually wasn’t customary for a General to give a speech to his soldiers before they had set off to battle. I knew I had never seen Achilles do it or anyone else for that matter, but I decided I was going to do it. Somehow they would be broadcasting it through radio, even then when I looked at the equipment they used, it looked much different from what we used long ago, when we were back home. Regardless, they assured me every soldier would hear it, since I would be talking through microphone to a large group of soldiers, but their speakers would assist me in reaching the rest of them. Soon enough, they had all gathered in front of me…

“Today you embark on the final journey that this country will ever have to embrace.” I began, looking into each of their eyes, “For the longest time, there was doubt among the many liberty-loving people of this nation that it would be possible to break free from these chains that keep us bound to our enemy. But I’m going to tell you that if we prove successful in these upcoming tribulations, the rock of the Crimson Stars will be shattered, and we will be able to come home to remember that which matters most…”

There was silence among them, and I could already see that this was unexpected. It was strange to see a custom so widely practiced elsewhere to be completely unheard of here.

“Through courage and bravery, we have been able to defend our homeland to the best of our ability, but now is the time to strike back. Now it is time for us to put an end to the injustice that we’ve faced for so many years. Too many times I’ve seen the endless fear bring more desperation than actual physical wounds. Too many times I’ve seen a sense of hopelessness dwell in these streets. But those days of misery will soon be over with. There will be a time when the common citizen of Symarix will have nothing to fear. They will see no desperation, and no longer will children be drafted as soldiers before they are even born. Those days of desolation… will be over soon…”

And then, came a feeling that I have never felt before. Never before have I felt a feeling of such strong belonging…

“Though I’ve never said this to anyone,” I began again, “But from where I came before arriving here, we didn’t have a sky that shook and trembled with anguish, one that didn’t rain impurity itself among its people below. We didn’t have fields and fields of tortured land, and endless deserts of despair. We lived under a shining blue sky with a bright sun that illuminated the world around us, rather than kept us bound to darkness. We had fields of fertile grass and forests that stretched beyond what the eye could see. I believe that we can make that possible. I already know that many of you don’t think such a thing is even possible, but I want to believe otherwise.”

I had gotten a strange reaction, and then something stopped me for a moment. I then felt a presence that told me that it wasn’t always like this. No, because I had remembered…

There will be a time when fire rushes from the sky and pain and desperation will be closer to your heart than ever...

No, the skies didn’t always scream terror like I once had thought. I could see in their eyes that some of them had seen brighter days, ones without the torment or suffering. I had realized… there was a time that everything was once bright like we always had. Still, we weren't there yet…

“I will be fighting alongside you.” I said to them, beginning to close off, “I will be your leader, as well as your fellow soldier, your ally. I will be someone you can trust in, as I always have. Because we believe in each other, we will not fail. I promise you…”

It was over. My speech was greeted with silence, but that didn’t matter. We marched proudly through the streets as we headed toward the gate, but I’ll never forget the sights of how supportive the citizens of Symarix were as we made those last paces through the city. Many of them were throwing flower petals outside their window. I had picked one up and realized there was a way for something to flourish here. It was no different from the petal of any other flower I have seen, regardless of how long ago it was. I tried for one moment to visualize the barren desert fields of Kivistal as bright and green, rather than the wasteland that it was. At a time like this, it seemed so possible… so near.

For one moment, I had seen someone rushing through the crowds, and I stopped to see who it was. Then, I realized it was Sita. She had rushed up to me and greeted me with a hug.

“Please promise me you’ll come back.” Sita said, nearly crying, “Please promise me…”

I had hugged her in return, but then a dark feeling had overcome me. After this fight had concluded, there was no way I could return. For as much as I loved Sita and this great city of Symarix, it wasn’t home. And then, there was something else…

“Sita, please understand that as I fight alongside my brethren in battle,” I told her firmly, “I am still at risk. I can’t promise anything.”

She had begun to cry, but I really couldn’t lie to her.

“Sita, just remember that I love you.” I said to her, just before leaving her, “No matter what happens. No matter what…”

Then, I had to leave her behind. It felt hard to do something like that, but I couldn’t promise anything regarding my return. I just couldn’t…

We embarked on one, last great crusade that I would never forget. We left with the ringing of cheers and jubilee in our ears. As we headed out of the gates, we made our way toward Lorenza as one, massive force, tied as a brotherhood of bravery and steel.

I will never forget…

04-09-2004, 04:49 PM
What an effectful post. Your doing a great job and even though this trilogy is coming to an end, I know you wont disappoint us with this battle. I look forward to reading it, awesome job Neo!

Neo Emolga
04-10-2004, 05:43 AM
Yes, I'm hoping you will find the final battle between the Silver Rebellion and the Crimson Stars a very exciting one. I hope it goes above and beyond all of your expectations. Thanks for your comments, KCash! I'm glad you enjoy reading this story.

Chapter 10
A Call to Arms

Like great, massive bulldozers, the Armadillo tanks rolled across the land, crushing every rock that they rolled over. The much smaller Land Splitter dragsters traveled alongside, kicking up dust and dirt as they traveled at the same speed we were marching.

Regardless of the fact I could use a Zephyr-E with ease, Sinis insisted that I take a caliber rifle instead. Of all the countless drawings and sculptures that depicted me, it always depicted me using a caliber rifle instead, so I was given one that had been highly enhanced with more power and less recoil. I don’t know why anyone felt that just because I was a higher rank meant I should be getting a more powerful weapon. But if this was the way he wanted it, it wasn’t going to be a problem to me.

Slowly we crept toward Lorenza, as one massive force they would never suspect would be coming right toward them. We moved like one massive wave, ready to swallow up anything that stood in our way, just before we crashed against the massive rock of Jasandax…

My plan was simple. We slept at night, marched in the morning, take a break around noon, and continue until it got late. I felt there was no point in overworking the same comrades you expect to fight to the death. There was nothing I needed more than for them to perform their best even under the intense fear and pressure of battle. That was what I called courage.

Unlike what I had seen many times before, there was no wave of chilling air, or sense of doubt that I had witnessed during Achilles’s command. There was no reconsideration or disrespect, no disbelief in the one who led them to battle. They were with someone who they could trust. And as I realized that powerful feeling, I knew I could give them nothing less than absolute victory… no matter what the price…

Still, I didn’t fly in the air riding on top of Latias, but instead stayed on the ground, walking alongside the ones I trusted the most. And unlike the many military leaders that cowered behind their own troops, using them as a shield, I joined the ranks of those in the frontline. Even when they tried to make me aware of the danger that was presented with being there, I insisted on leading them into combat first, something I knew that many leaders both here on Kivistal and back on Earth would never even think about doing.

It wasn’t long before we had seen the fortress of Lorenza in the distance, and I realized it was much smaller than Macomb, simply nothing more than a shield to prevent an outright direct attack against Jasandax. Once we were only two miles away from the fortress, I was already aware of how I wanted this to be handled. We stood there before the fortress, ranks upon ranks of soldiers ready to destroy the one obstacle that stood in the way of our true target. While the fortress was lying asleep, we were going to give them a loud awakening.

“Bring forward the tanks!” I shouted loudly, enough so they could hear me.

Baladax, Namdor and I had already planned that we would attack the small fortress with our heavy artillery at first, inflicting as much damage as possible. When the tanks had fully crept forward, they readied their cannons, prepared to blast apart the wall the surrounded the fortress.

“That’s strange,” A Totodile had said nearby, “We used to always attack first with the Storm Riders…”

I couldn’t believe that when I heard it, and then I realized why it was all so clear our military progress had been so shameful in the past. Attacking with Storm Riders first would be suicide. How could anyone expect them to survive the anti-air defense so many of these fortresses had been armed with?

When I saw the cannons where ready, I looked forward firmly and strongly. I then raised my arm into the air.

“Fire!” I shouted as loud as I could.

And suddenly, the ground shook with the massive blasting of heavy artillery, firing flaming tank shells directed toward the southern wall. The shells had slammed into the wall, dealing serious damage in very little time. In only seconds, the entire southern wall had been unable to withstand the blasting of tank shells from every Armadillo tank the Silver Rebellion could produce for this assault.

Still, even after we shattered the wall into rubble, we were now prepared to deliver serious damage to the one building that the fortress consisted of. It honestly looked like it could withstand even less than Macomb’s prison. I had heard an alarm ring out, so I knew we had to act fast.

Once the tanks had reloaded, they fired again, sending another trembling blast through the ground, shaking the earth below us. The shells had hit the wall of the fortress itself, ripping apart the wall until the hollow interior was exposed.

And then, I had looked up into the sky and saw swarms and swarms of Wind Strikers, heading right toward us. We didn’t have a single Storm Rider in the sky, but that was my whole intention. This was going to be something they weren’t prepared for.

And it was going to cost them everything…

04-10-2004, 01:27 PM
Words can't describe how great this fic is. It's so descriptive and detailed, which makes it sound so real. Keep up the great work NP!

Neo Emolga
04-11-2004, 02:33 PM
I'm glad you guys are liking it! Stay tuned, the battle you've been waiting for will soon arrive...

Chapter 11
Evolved Tactics

They came closer and closer. Still, the tanks continued pounding the already crumbling fortress with heavy rounds of ammunition. Still, their fleets of Wind Strikers were homing in, and I already knew what they were capable of.

“Draw arms.” I commanded the soldiers around me.

At that moment, as I drew my caliber rifle, so did everyone else around me, sending a wave of locking rifles through the field of soldiers behind me.

“Shouldn’t we send up some Storm Riders?” The Totodile asked me.
“That’s just what they expect to see when they come down here.” I silently told him as the Wind Strikers drew closer, “And normally, they would go after them. But what if they aren’t there?”

Those Wind Strikers must have been very brave or very insane, for their chances of defeating us were next to nothing. No, they were nothing. They had no chance…

“FIRE!” I shouted to all the soldiers around me.

And then, the air around us had exploded with gunfire, and every one of us had targeted the Wind Strikers. Despite the fact there were nearly a hundred of them in the sky, they dropped like flies sprayed with a poisonous gas. The machine guns attached to the back of the Land Splitters were especially loud and lethal, ripping apart the underside of the Skarmories like a knife through paper. Within just ten seconds, the entire group was falling a very long way down toward the ground. Each of them hit the ground hard, rolling over from the intense impact completely lifeless.

Some of the soldiers inside the base had managed to make their way out, only to be instantly overwhelmed at the size of the attacking force, and were shot to ribbons in an instant. The tanks had nearly shot their way through the fortress, killing plenty of soldiers inside before they even had a chance to fight back. Pieces of the fortress were flying everywhere during each successful blast, and levels were crumbling on top of each other.

When I saw the top level completely crumble on top of the third, I knew it was over. It wasn’t long before the entire fortress collapsed, leaving only pieces of the west and east walls still standing. Still, we had already predicted this battle wouldn’t be a problem. I was surprised that Lorenza had been made as one critical outpost for Jasandax. We had moved it down to the ground, with very little problem.

“Achilles never would have thought of this…” The Totodile said to me, baffled at the amazing success of the battle, “Bringing the entire Silver Rebellion army to the outpost of Lorenza? Never in a million years.”
“This is only an example of the potential that we have.” I said to the Totodile, “This wasn’t the real battle. Unfortunately, our presence hasn’t likely gone undetected. Jasandax will be ready, but so will we, more than we have ever been before.”

All that lay before us now was the ruins of the single fortress that stopped us from moving toward Jasandax. Already, I could tell Zander and his leaders were going to be shocked at how fast we ripped Lorenza to pieces, thinking we would have never made it this far considering it was only days ago that the Crimson Stars were attacking the beloved city of Symarix. Now, it would be us who would be attacking their way of life, their tyranny over the innocent.

Today, we were able to win because of our overwhelming number and our unexpected strike. But I knew in the battle ahead, everything was going to be different. It was going to be evenly matched, and this time Jasandax was going to prepared for our attack. But would they be prepared enough…?

Regardless, we made our way past the fortress and drew ever so closer to the massive city of Jasandax, the beating heart of the Crimson Stars. The battle with Lorenza had been short-lived, but only because they weren’t prepared to deal with our entire army. But this upcoming onslaught was going to be something far more different than that. Many lives were going to be lost on both sides, no matter how I approached the situation.

I could only hope and fight for the best at a time like this…

Neo Emolga
04-12-2004, 03:27 PM
Chapter 12
Defiant Stand

We had left the ruined fortress of Lorenza behind us, still smoking from the blasting. The only loses we suffered in that battle were the expired tank shells and a few rounds of ammunition. Not a single casualty resulted because of the attack, which I found remarkable. Still, we crept toward the massive city of Jasandax, which lasted another three days. Then, just ahead, we had seen the massive city in the distance. Closer and closer we drew, like silent killers in the night. But it wasn’t going to be a silent battle, and it wasn’t going to be painless either.

Along with the massive size of Jasandax came the overwhelming power of its fortification. Large cannons were placed on the towering metal walls that shielded the city. It was larger than even Symarix, and I thought the city of the Silver Rebellion was massive. But, before we could even think about tearing our way into the city, we had to remove the defenses, and that was going to be much easier said than done.

Once we were in attacking range, I had grown cold seeing at least some sort of distress call had reached Jasandax, giving them enough time to prepare for our attack. Still, I could only predict that this city was attempting to pull back as many reinforcements, but it was already too late. None of them would reach the city in time…

Fields and fields of Wind Strikers were before us, as well as plenty of infantry troops and three massive VATS just waiting to attempt to run over our troops. I could make out more Talons, and then some other machines of war I hadn’t even recognized. Some of them looked like tanks, only there were plenty of variations, from large, flat ones to smaller ones obviously designed for more maneuverability. And then there were others the size of a small house with more large weapons placed on top of it, anything from guns to steamrollers covered by sharp knifes, meant just for running over troops.

“Oh no…” Said a voice only a few feet away from me, “We’re going to have to take down all of that? How are we going to do this?”
“With speed, courage, and bravery.” I responded, not even knowing who had said it among us.

It was then that I had ordered my fellow Strom Riders to release their mounts. The storms were growing stronger and brighter now, more than they had ever done before. A cold rush of wind had encircled us. I let the tanks move forward first, with one simple order to destroy as much of their heavy artillery as possible, and to stay as far away from the cannons on the walls as much as possible. I made the job of the infantry quite clear. Their job was to protect our machines from the Wind Strikers, because I already knew that once they had landed near them, it wouldn’t be very hard to disable them. And if the infantry led a charge against them, their job was to shoot them dead.

However, the job of the Storm Riders was different. Each of us had been armed with Inferno Grenades, set aside for using against the tanks of the Crimson Stars. Smothering their great machines with fire was a sure way of disabling them, but it was also extremely risky. I knew there was no chance I was going to lead such an attack until their infantry was in a charge, or we would be shot down the same way we would be shooting their Wind Strikers. Our mission was to remove the Wind Strikers, then destroy the machines, both on the walls and on the ground. And somewhere along the line, it was going to take Storm Riders to destroy the VATS. They were the only ones who could do it and avoid being shot due to the speed.

All of the Storm Riders had gathered behind the tanks. I wasn’t going to wait for the Crimson Stars to fire first, that would be ridiculous. We came here with every intention to fight, and there was no turning back now.

Sand, dust and dirt was kicked around as the lowly wind blew past us, whipping the colored crests and the feathers of the Pidgeots in its wake. Even though no one said it, we were all united, and we were all aware of it. Today there was going to be a great sacrifice, but it had to be done. We stood there under a sky of fire and anguish as we prepared for our final battle with the Crimson Stars. We stared at our enemy, and they stared back at us. We readied our weapons, and so did they.

The time for words was gone. There is always a time when mere words cannot stop the pain and suffering that one must go through because of others. There is always a time when words cannot stop the iron will of those oppressed. There is always a time when the only solution is through action, and I finally realized why war does exist…

Jake, Randy, and Alex. We were no longer trainers trying to catch a new Pokémon or trying to get the next badge. We were no longer traveled on a journey to be the best trainer we could be. Not anymore. We were no longer trainers…

We were soldiers…

Neo Emolga
04-17-2004, 01:30 PM
Chapter 13
The Battle of Fire

It would only be moments now until I decided to unleash hell upon the Crimson Stars. I knew what I wanted to attack first. If we disabled all of their machines, then we would be on the upper hand. It would bring us one step closer to winning.

The waiting was over. The Armadillo tanks were obviously ready, so now it was up to me to begin this final battle, this last conflict to end all the shame and disgrace of this long, bloody war. Then, I grabbed the breath that would cause the end of many lives. It wasn’t easy to do…

“FIRE!” I screamed as loud as I could.

And then, the ground shook with the heavy blasting of artillery, rocking everything and filling the air with the deafening sound of blasting. I had looked ahead to see we had done considerable damage to their tanks and artillery, but it wasn’t over yet. Now it was my turn. We had plenty of anti-air support, but still, every Storm Rider we had needed to be up in the air, including me. I had signaled every Storm Rider to take flight, with me getting off the ground first. I headed high into the air, and down below I could already see that the Crimson Stars were returning fire. The heavy roaring of machine guns could be heard from everywhere.

And then, while I had told everyone to stay as far away from the cannons as much as possible, they had opened fire as well, releasing gigantic flaming shells that looked like fireballs. Their range was so massive it didn’t even matter. Down below, the Wind Strikers were preparing to take flight, but it wasn’t long before we had opened fire on them, trying to prevent as many of them reaching the skies as possible. I didn’t aim for their riders, and neither did anyone else. We didn’t need to shoot of them, each of their Skarmories was a bigger target to shoot, and so we shot them instead.

Only a few seconds later, they had opened fire upon us, and the bullets flew toward us like hail. Regardless, I kept firing furiously upon the group of them, not caring about my personal safety, I was only concerned about where the bullets were headed, and who they were going to kill.

And then, I heard the sounds of screaming that I would never forget. Those who were behind me, flying besides me were getting hit from the vicious oncoming fire. Still, I flew closer and closer to their machines, using all of my concentration as possible. I had only just begun to fight.

I had seen another wave of incoming fire from the Armadillos slam into the defending Crimson Stars, ripping away their machinery and blasting any infantry besides them to pieces, letting loose many unanswered cries of misery and pain. I ripped out one of my Inferno Grenades and yanked out the pin, and tossed it among the masses of Crimson Stars. The grenade fell until it almost seemed to disappear, and then I had seen it explode, covering a large group of their soldiers with consuming fire. Still, even from this high point in the sky, we were still being pounded with ammunition.

Then, even when we knew it was inevitable, the Wind Strikers had entered the sky, and then I focused on trying to kill as many of them as possible, even while we were still being shot from below. I could only wonder how Randy and Alex were getting through this. I had never seen so much devastation in front of my eyes. Never before…

The Wind Strikers ripped at us furiously, killing Storm Riders that were only feet away from me, and sending their riders, my comrades, screaming as they fell upon the world below, with nothing to save them from death…

Many of them had tried to aim at me, only I was the one to fire first. They had tried to aim for me rather than Latias, but I only turned around and shot directly at their Skarmory, ripping away their abdomen with my rifle and sending them plummeting to their doom. Even when they knew they were going to die, they still tried to fire upon me even while they fell, but it yielded very little success.

The fireball blasts from the cannons on the walls were no longer able to hit our attacking tanks from below, but instead hit our Storm Riders, immediately smothering them with flame and killing them instantly. I had looked around me and saw we were doing pretty poorly. Everywhere I looked, another Pidgeot was shot to death, or either the rider was shot right off their mount. I could only pray that Alex, Randy and I would make it through this hell alive…

Neo Emolga
04-19-2004, 04:06 PM
Chapter 14
Losing Belief

It had looked like the sky itself was in flames. So many flaming shells were flying into us as we tried to mow down as many Wind Strikers as we could. Still, I knew that every second that passed, another good, noble warrior to the Silver Rebellion cause was passing away. As much as we tried to keep our edge in the conflict, we were being struck by a force just as rigid and determined as we were. Regardless, we were both losing…

I could feel the heat. Latias had been shot once but she was able to keep going. My mouth was dry as hell and my eyes were burning from the fire. We kept trying and trying, keeping at least some sort of hope alive in our hearts that something beneficial would arise from all this pain. But as each of us were feeling the pain ourselves, and watching our brothers die such painful and cruel deaths, we began to believe there wasn’t a chance anything good could come from this.

I must have killed hundreds by now, but I lost count. Down below we were winning, but up in the air, our performance was entirely shameful. But if we didn’t keep fighting up here, then everything was going to go wrong.

Down below, the Crimson Stars ground forces were being ripped to pieces. I had realized we gained a serious edge from removing their tanks first. All they had was charging infantry, and they were being cut down like grass. In only moments they would begin their attack on the wall, and they would start losing their defensive cannons once the wall began to crumble.

I had looked to my side, and I could have sworn I saw Randy through the entire conflict. He was surrounded, and I tried to help him by attacking his oppressors. He had tried to get away from the other four Wind Strikers until they had opened fire. I then watched in complete horror as Randy’s Pidgeot Fire Blaze was struck with seven bullets. The lifeless Pidgeot began to fall, taking Randy with him…

With all my energy, I tried to drive Latias as fast as she could toward Randy, who was quickly falling faster and faster. The four Wind Strikers were closing in after me, but I didn’t care for them. I knew Fire Blaze was gone, but I couldn’t let Randy die. I would never forgive myself if he did…

We were surging toward him as fast as we could, and slowly we began to catch up with him. The ground was coming closer now, but I wasn’t going to let him die. I was within only five feet of him, and he began to call me. I couldn’t make out what he said, but then six seconds later, I reached out and grabbed his hand. Once I got a grip on it, and threw him in back of me, and he had been able to hold on. I then tried to pull up Latias before we struck the ground. It was going to be too late…

Latias had slammed into the ground forcefully, throwing both Randy and I forward, and we hit the ground hard. I rolled over at least five times on the rocky ground before I stopped on my back, and I could see the battle in the sky. Randy had landed right next to me, and while he seemed he had taken some painful blows, he looked okay for the moment. I was aching all over.

The ground forces were in front of us, since we had landed behind them. One of the soldiers from the attacking force had seen us, and he had rushed over. It was a Marowak, and already I could sense his feeling that he thought we were dead…

“Say something… please…” He pleaded with us.
“I’m okay,” I said to him, trying to get up.

I then turned to Randy, and he had already been standing up. I then slowly walked over to Latias, who had still been lying on the ground. I realized the blow must have been hard for her as well…

I had put my hand over her, and suddenly she began to feel cold, like the warmth was leaving her body. She had been so still, never moving once. Then, I realized she wasn’t wounded or unconscious…

She was gone…

04-19-2004, 06:22 PM
In Memory of Latias... R.I.P my friend... :sad: ... :sleepy: ... :eek:

A great chapter Neo, your doing excellent work here. I never expected Latias to die.. I have a feeling after reading that post that you will have lots of surprises for us in this epic battle. Awesome job... Awesomely Fantastic Job!

04-20-2004, 05:14 PM
:sad: :sad: :sad:


This story gets better every time you post. I really think the Trial of Juno series should be Stickied.

Neo Emolga
04-20-2004, 06:23 PM
I'm glad both of you are really liking it, but there's a lot more that needs to happen before the end, so I hope you keep enjoying the story for as long as it lasts.

Chapter 15
The Longest Walk

Even among the restless shouting and blasting, I couldn’t help but think of how much I had just lost in those few seconds. Latias had been with me since the beginning. Without her, I never would have reached home. Even after the shedding of her own blood during my battle with Vorox and the bitter fight that was still raging on, she had been a faithful supporter. I would never forget the sacrifice she made that day to save my friend Randy.

“She isn’t…” The Marowak questioned.
“She’s dead.” I told him, still looking at her tightly shut eyes.

He was silent, and the only thing Randy did was just look on. Then, he came closer to me.

“I’m sorry…” He told me, looking depressed.
“This wasn’t your fault.” I told him, still looking at the fallen body of Latias, “Don’t ever think it is. You’ve done more than I’ve asked for this entire time. She did this… for both of us…”

I couldn’t help but shed a tear for her. Nothing else mattered at that moment, but then I was interrupted.

“Juno, I’m sorry but we must press on.” The Marowak told me, looking somewhat ashamed, “We’re getting closer to the wall.”

I felt horribly sick that I had to leave her behind, but I had no choice. I followed the Marowak back to our attacking force. Up in the air, I could see we were still losing. It was then that I saw one Storm Rider leading the force away from the Wind Strikers. As that one Storm Rider headed down to regroup with the rest of the ground forces, I could see the rest of the Storm Riders were following him, and soon they had retreated away from the skies. I then realized that one Storm Rider was none other than Alex. He had seen me and he directed his Pidgeot to land. Once she did, he dismounted, and then he approached us.

“The sky is a slaughterhouse.” He told me, telling me that it was time to give up, “Let’s just hope we can get through the wall before reinforcements arrive.”
“She’s gone.” I told him, letting him know why I was alone.

There was some silence, and then he looked at me seriously.

“She can’t be.” He remarked, looking somewhat sick, “No, that’s not possible...”
“Latias hit the ground like a bullet.” Randy told him, letting him know exactly what happened, “It would have been better if she just fell the entire length.”

Just before I could say anything, the Wind Strikers that were still above had begun to attack the ground force. There was nothing we could do but just continue, at least make this last tribulation worth the loss.

I found the rifle that I had dropped, and I simply picked it up and continued moving forward. I didn’t care if they attempted to open fire on me, I wanted them dead for what they had done. Never before had I known such bitterness and hatred inside of me. I just looked at them and told myself not one of them would be going home, for after this last slaughter was finished there would be no home for them. There would be no place they could retreat to for security. Just like me…

The anti-air guns were the key force in eliminating the rest of the Wind Strikers. They had crept far too close and ended up getting round after round of heavy caliber ammunition shot through them. Almost every single bullet had ripped in and out of the Wind Strikers, sending their bodies into the masses of our soldiers. It wasn’t long before the only thing we faced was a retreating infantry, attempting to hold back the walls for as long as they could. They were waiting for reinforcements. I could tell that’s what they were waiting for. We were going to have to beat time itself with the little that we had left…

Still, we had many ranks of soldiers and plenty of Armadillo tanks left. Once they were in firing range, we had begun to fire upon the wall. The first blasts had rocked the ground, and each of the shots were directed to a point in the wall were there were cannons above. After two sections had been blasted furiously, the walls began to crumble, taking the cannon and the soldiers above it tumbling down in the mass of rubble and dust that fell. I could only hear faint screaming. All I wanted was enough to be able to enter the city, and torch everything that was inside. Still, it was going to take more time, something that we were quickly running out of.

Neo Emolga
04-21-2004, 07:34 PM
Chapter 16
The Home of the Enemy

Again, the tanks had blasted again at the wall, and another vast section of it had begun to crumble. Still, reloading was taking too long, and the delays between blasts were costing us serious time. We needed to have the city destroyed before any reinforcements arrived, or we might not be able to fight them off. And if I knew correctly, I could already feel they were coming from all directions. It would be hopeless if they had arrived in time to stop us. There would be no chance of escape, let alone victory…

After the tanks had ripped another hole in the wall, a large gap of at least three hundred feet had been torn from the wall, and it was then that I declared the charge. Since the pile of rubble had been too high for the tanks to cross over it, they were to stay behind until the path had been clear. The only machines that could enter the city now were the Land Splitters.

There had been a few Crimson Stars soldiers trying to prevent us from entering the city, but they had very little success. The machine gun rounds from the guns mounted on top of the Land Splitters were powerful enough to rip through flesh and bone. We then had to climb a massive pile of rubble to get beyond the wall. Everywhere around me, there were still plenty of Silver Rebellion forces left. But we were faced with a problem…

The city was so massive that it would take us forever to completely destroy it. Since we didn’t have the tanks to use, there was only one thing I could think of. If the city of Jasandax wasn’t going to crumble to the ground, then it was going to have to go up in flames. I couldn’t imagine what a city this size would look like completely on fire, but it was going to have to be done. They could stop us from attacking the city with tank shells, but they would have a hell of a time trying to extinguish a fire raging out of control. Especially if they didn’t have any water…

“We need to destroy and water pumps that you can find.” I told the troops around me, knowing I couldn’t reach the entire army.
“Why the water pumps?” One of them asked me, staring at me with an odd look in his eyes.
“Tell everyone we’re going to set the entire city on fire.” I said to them, looking at the vast amount of buildings ahead of us, “If we destroy the pumps, there’s no way they’re going to be able to put out the fire.”

Still, they were somewhat doubtful. I could tell there was something else.

“They still might have water Pokémon they can use.” One of them told me.
“Then you have no choice but to kill them.” I responded, looking into his eyes, “Do whatever it takes to make sure this city is smothered by fire. Use Inferno Grenades, Fire Pokémon or whatever. And another thing – don’t enter any buildings unless you want to cook yourself.”

I don’t know who they were, but they took forever to get the word passed around. It seemed like an hour had passed before I saw even just one building starting to burn. I had been throwing Inferno Grenades through the windows until I had completely run out of them, but that was the most I could do. I told others around me to start setting the city on fire, but either they didn’t listen or they didn’t hear me. Plus having each building made of metal didn’t exactly help the fire spread around. On top of that, I was on the last reload of my rifle. After this I was going to have to find someone else’s if I wanted to get out of here alive.

Thirty minutes later, we were doing a little better, and a least thirty blocks buildings were burning brightly, covering the streets and the other buildings around them with a deep red, flickering glow. The streets were very wide, so avoiding the flaming buildings wasn’t hard. Still, being out in the open was very dangerous, since there were still enemy soldiers running around. But they were very limited now.

And above all other things, I had to force civilians of the city out of their home so we could set it on fire. I never thought once I would be inheriting such a cruelty utilized by so many war leaders before me, but I had no choice. They had to leave, or they were going to get killed. It twisted my soul to see them run away in tears, but there was no other choice.

As we moved further into the depths of the city, I began to see one building in particular stand out from the rest. It was massive, and I was shocked I hadn’t seen the building before, but now there it was, standing before us. I had a feeling that was where I wanted to go. That would be the place where it would all end…

“That has to be where Zander is.” I heard Randy say behind me.

I turned around, and I was surprised to see he had followed me this whole way. Along with him was Alex, standing only a short distance away. We were pretty much alone now. The rest of the Silver Rebellion army was behind us, slowly setting the rest of the city with consuming fire. Slowly they were drawing closer…

But so was the rest of the Crimson Stars. If we were still here when they arrived, the losses were only going to be greater. We had to press on.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” I said to the two of them, “I say we go there now, and see if we can find him.”
“Whatever it takes…” Alex said softly, looking up at the massive building.

Neo Emolga
04-25-2004, 02:19 PM
Chapter 17
Night Shifting

The three of us had run towards the tower, with a slowly burning city behind us. We knew if we killed Zander, there would at least be some way of bringing the world of Kivistal back to the way it used to be. I could already see the night was beginning to fall, but it wouldn’t be long now until the last stand of the Crimson Stars was going to take place.

Closer and closer we approached the massive tower, and I had begun to realize that one moment ago, I thought it was made of metal, but now it looked like it was made of black stone. I merely passed aside the thought and thought my eyes deceived me, but that was no big deal. It was strange, but when we arrived at the tower, there was no one even near the two heavy oak doors. We pushed them open, and once the doors moved aside, we stepped inside.

I then felt like we were in a paradox, a complete opposite of what the tower in Symarix was supposed to be. Instead of the regal looking halls with all its glorious statues, the walls were black stone, and the only light came from the candles in their crimson glass holders, casting a red, flicking glow about the room, making every shadow seem alive. I had never been so freaked out in my life.

It was strange that the exact shape and size of the room had been exactly the same as the one in Symarix. All the statues were almost like the ones in the hall, only they too were twisted and misshapen. Their expressions were gaunt and withered, and their bodies were frail and twisted. We slowly moved along the room, unable to keep our eyes off of it.

I then caught a sight that filled me with so much fear I could vomit. There it was, same shape and size, only it wasn’t the same at all. Even the marble mount had been chipped and worn from age, but it wasn’t that which scared me the most, it was what was on top of it…

There we were, Latias and I, lying on the ground dead. I could have sworn Latias’s tightly shut eyes were stunningly familiar, but then when I saw there was a bullet wound in the exact place where Latias had shot been only a few hours ago, I could have screamed with fear from the accuracy. And there I was, lying on top of her and reaching out, also dead. Only I was different…

I had been blasted with burns all over my body…

I caught sight of the tiny, dented plaque on the mount, and I couldn’t help but bend down to read it. Only after I wiped away the dust that had coated the plaque, could I read the slab of dented metal. It truly was twisted…

The battle will claim his life…

“It is prophecy…” Says the Gold Rider…

I tried to remember where exactly I had said something like that, and then I remembered it was during my battle with Vorox and Tychal. I had remembered telling him that we couldn’t fail because the prophecy said we would win. But at that point I never knew it said I would have to die because of it. Truly twisted, I never would have even mentioned the stupid prophecy at that point if I knew it would have resulted in something like this…

“Good God…” Alex replied, looking at the statue with a strange look in his eyes, “Is that what he thinks is going to happen to you?”
“He was right about Latias…” I told him, feeling sick with fear, “She was shot in the side, and her eyes were shut tight exactly the same way…”

Then, for one dark moment I heard Randy laughing. We had immediately turned toward him, and honestly I found nothing funny about it…

“Give me a break.” Randy snickered, “Does he really expect that to really happen? Come on, Juno, he instinctively put that there to freak you out. Just forget about the stupid thing, we know how to handle this guy…”

Only thing I could do was just follow Randy to the rather ugly looking elevator, which looked like it was made of crude steel with thorns reaching out of it. It looked more like a torture machine, probably used to pull people apart piece by piece. Instead of pressing a button, he lowered down a metal lever, and the massive steel cage had opened, revealing the elevator inside. All we could do was step in, and lower the lever inside. I got a sick jump in my stomach when the doors shut much more loudly than they opened, and slowly we heard the rattling of chains as we slowly made our way up.

I could only hope you’re right Randy…

We slowly headed upward, all the way to the top floor, as if the rest of the building was just solid rock that meant nothing. It had seemed to take forever, and I got a sick and twisted feeling that maybe Zander was doing something that might make this sickening elevator ride last forever. For some reason I already had the twisted feeling that he already knew we were here…

Neo Emolga
04-26-2004, 12:37 PM
Chapter 18
No Answer

At last, we had finally arrived at the final stop of the elevator, an event I didn’t know whether to be satisfied about or to be freaked out of my mind considering what I had just seen. Regardless, we didn’t have a choice, and we didn’t come here for nothing.

There were no windows, and I couldn’t tell the difference if we were two hundred stories up in the air or five hundred miles under the ground. It was definitely a paradox, the hallway was exactly the same as the one in the Symarix tower, only the walls were pure black stone along with more candles in red holders, sending more eerie shadows dancing along the walls. Slowly, we had left the elevator and headed toward the two large doors. Both of them were made of oak, with metal pentagrams and other demonic looking designs mounted into both of them. Even the doorknobs were skulls with glowing red eyes.

“Well isn’t that a nice, warm welcome.” Alex remarked, looking at the doors.
“You’re right, Randy…” I said to him, even grabbing the doorknob without fear, “This is only meant to scare us. Other than that, it serves no purpose. It means nothing…”

I grabbed the door knob and pulled the heavy door open, and we were greeted by a sight that should have only been possible in Hell. Instead of the throne room, it was a cathedral, one obviously dedicated to pain and suffering. I could hear sickening, taunting whispers in the vapor around me. There was a faint, crimson fog in the air, and I could see there was blood dashed upon the stone walls, and an altar made of marrow and bone. Black chandeliers in the shape of a pentagram hung from the ceiling with more red, flickering candles on them. All the pews were made of black slate, and looked awfully misshapen. Along the walls were stained glass windows, with broken glass with would have been depicting scenes of suffering and madness.

In the center stood Zander, the same dark, menacing image we had remembered from several years ago. He was dressed in a black cloak, with only his head and his hands revealed. I recognized his brown hair and his overly serious expression. Besides him were a Pikachu and a Charmander, both with a lethal looking pistol drawn to each of their heads. Only thing we could do was just further step inside the cathedral devoted to pain...

“Glad you could join us, Juno.” Laughed Zander, looking at me and causing my own soul to quake, “I’m going to give you a special privilege…”
“And what’s this…?”

I could see the other Pikachu was looking directly at me, and then I felt like vomiting once I realized who exactly it was. It was Sita, the one who I thought was left behind back in the safety of Symarix…

“Juno!” Sita shouted with sickening fear.

I was furious. This had nothing to do with her, this was supposed to be between us. This was a sick, demented way of trying to get the upper hand by threatening the life of the one I loved the most…

“Damn you, Zander!” I shouted at him, completely consumed by rage “This has nothing to do with her! Leave her out of this!”
“That can always be possible…” Zander replied casually, feeling like nothing was wrong, “But then the other one has to die…”

I had looked toward the Charmander, but I didn’t realize who he was. I tried to stare into his eyes, but he didn’t look familiar.

“Who is this…?” I asked Zander, looking at the desperate Charmander.
“Why, that’s none other than your best friend David!” Shouted Zander in glee, “And today I’m giving you a choice.”
“And what choice is that!?” I shouted at him.

“You get to decide which one of them gets to die!!!”

I could have sworn the devil himself screamed those words into my head at that moment. They echoed like the memory of a nightmare made of sin and destruction. I looked into the eyes of both of them, and there was no way I could choose. I hadn’t seen David for years, and in fact I had no idea that he had even been sent into the world of Kivistal. Regardless, I still remembered who he was, and the fact we had been through so much together. To have him die here…no… I couldn’t imagine all that suffering and torment would be for nothing.

And then there was Sita, the one who I had trusted with all my heart and soul. I couldn’t deny the fact I loved her, even though I wasn’t supposed to. She had been the only one to restore my faith in the purpose of the Silver Rebellion, even when everything else had gone wrong. There was no way I could let her die, after she loved me and I loved her. I could recall the days she was at my side, by my jail cell just trying to keep in contact with me, and then the last time I saw her, just when we were leaving for the final battle, one last battle that was almost done.

It came down to one simple fact. There was no way I could ever decide, even in a million years. I couldn’t believe Zander actually expected me to make a choice here. There was no way I could decide on who to spare, and who to leave behind.

“Come on…” Zander replied, growling with anger, “Make up your mind, for my patience is quickly ending…”
“There is no way I could ever make that kind of choice.” I told Zander, letting him know I would never abandon my friends, “I’m surprised that you would even think I could.”

Then, there was a dark silence, a stillness in the air comparable to death itself. I felt a dark eerie chill in the air, and then what Zander said could have torn a soul to ribbons.

“I guess I’ll just have to decide for you…” He remarked casually.

The dark silence was then torn to pieces with the ear shattering blast from one of Zander’s handguns…

04-26-2004, 07:55 PM
Just read the last chap, and it was really good.
I'll make sure to carry on reading this.

04-26-2004, 09:41 PM
What a cliffhanger! That has to be the best one ever! I cant wait to see which one it was... or if it was even one of them, on the count that you work with your fics in mysterious ways like that.

This last chapter was probably the best ever written by you. You went into great detail on the surroundings and really made me feel like I was there with Juno. Overall: 105/100

Neo Emolga
04-27-2004, 12:29 PM
Yes, you can suspect all sorts of surprises from me. Regardless, this outcome has been thought of for a pretty long time, and I already have the ending all thought out, it just needs to be typed.

Chapter 19
Instillation of Sorrow

Once the blast had ended, I had opened my eyes and looked toward Zander. I was filled with desperation and agony, and then I had realized who he had just shot. I could have sworn I lost a piece of myself at that horrific moment…

“No!” I shouted loudly, my voice filling the entire cathedral.

I had seen Sita, collapse to the floor and then lie there lifeless. Zander had moved away, and all I could do was run up to her, my eyes beginning to fill with hot tears. Once I had approached her body, I couldn’t help but cry. I kept looking over her and telling myself this never should have happened.

“This is too cruel…” I said softly, placing my hands on her, “It’s not right… not right…”
“It means nothing…” Zander interrupted my pleas, “This is my world, and it cannot be affected by something as pathetic as yourself.”

I was silent, my eyes still saturated with tears. I tried not to let what Zander said bother me, but it had only caused me to tremble further. I had looked up to Zander with sorrowful eyes, and then looked back to Sita, knowing never again would I be able to be by her side. Everything that I loved about her was gone. Never before had I known such cruelty…

“My eyes are burning with tears…” I said softly to Sita, even though I knew she couldn’t hear me now, “My mouth is dry, and my hands shake with fear, but I will never forget you, no matter what happens. No matter what happens…”
“You are nothing.” Zander taunted me, “You never had a courage or a will to fight on. You only believed you did… I look at you now and only realize how weak you are.”

All I could do was bent down and hold Sita carefully in my arms. Her eyes were closed now, and a small amount of blood had begun to trickle on my arm. But I ignored it.

“Sita will never laugh, talk, cry, or ever be able to love again.” I said mournfully to Zander with a dry voice, still looking at Sita’s shut eyes, “Even after all we had come through, you never once gave us the chance to say goodbye. I only wished you had a heart, Zander…”
“I find it surprising that a Pokémon like you could ever possibly feel emotion.” Zander replied, looking at me holding Sita, “Regardless, she is gone now, and she never will speak to you again, and never again will you speak to her. Even when I kill you, I will personally make sure your spirit will never make contact with hers.”

Everyone was looking toward me as I turned around, walked a few paces and laid her gently on the floor, still looking at her face. I knew there was no going back, and that I would have to fight once more. But if all the hope, support and prayers of the ones that were my allies here and the ones who beckoned me for so long to return to the home where I was supposed to be, I knew I could endure this one last suffering. Still, all I could do was stand over her, unable to hold back my tears.

“You’ve taken away everything from me…” I said to Zander with an angry voice, my eyes tearing with rage, “You’ve taken away from freedom, my family, and now you’ve taken the lives of my greatest supporters. For this twisted cruelty, I can give you nothing less than ultimate death!”

He laughed, but I was too enraged to care. He had thrown David forward, and sent him crashing into Randy and Alex. Then, I watched in horror as with the wave of his hand, he threw them against the bloody walls, where metal links leaped out from the stone to keep them bound to the wall. Then, a metal plate was fastened over their mouths so they couldn’t speak. He had left me alone, and we stood there, looking into each other’s eyes.

“You’re going to die the most painful death possible.” Zander taunted me, looking into my eyes, “A death by fire. I shall make your corpse a fiery holocaust of destruction.”
“No, you’re wrong Zander.” I told him, even against the sorrow I was facing, “For once I kill you and this long, cruel war of yours is gone, there will be miracles. I’ve already seen you drown them with shadow and darkness, but once you’re gone and the blood that once drove your body to madness seeps into the darkness and is never seen again, a new dawn will begin.”

It had seemed like everything around us had begun to fade into darkness, and soon enough, it was just the two of us, standing among a black void. I couldn’t even see Randy, Alex or David now. They had been swallowed by the darkness…

“I will kill you Zander…” I told him with all my aggression, “Even if I have to die myself…”

Neo Emolga
04-28-2004, 11:39 PM
Chapter 20
Beyond the Shadow of the Nightmare

Suddenly, I felt ground. Suddenly, a massive, gray circular arena had begun to take shape and form around us. Around us was a limitless number of stars, panning around us and moving slowly. It felt like we were in the middle of deep space, without a single trace of life to see us. At the other end of the arena stood Zander, clasping his hands together.

“Even with all the power you have now, there is no way you can defeat me.” Zander replied to me, feeling like he was already going to win, “I may have forgotten the power you were given, but even that will still not be enough to beat me. Do you want to know why?”
“I’ve had enough of your sick questions and your stupid tricks, Zander.” I said with a bitter tone.
“I’m a Summoner.” He told me, looking into my eyes, “I can create an entire army of whatever I want, and send it thundering upon you like a soulless machine.”

I didn’t care about whatever taunts he threw at me. Even the deaths of Latias and Sita weren’t going to stop me from separating Zander’s dark soul from the mindless shell of his body. Even though the pain still hurt, I wasn’t going to let it stop me from achieving my ultimate goal. It was going to end tonight.

“Juno,” Zander said to me with a sick smile on face, “You don’t know what kind of power I have. I could have torched the entire Silver Rebellion in no time but I preferred to watch them suffer slowly. I wanted to hear screams and the smell of expired tank shells in the air, but as I realize those days are over with. The time for pure blood has begun.”

I didn’t know what Zander said to me about being a Summoner, but I already knew he was going to have the advantage, something beyond what I could comprehend. But somehow, I still felt like I wasn’t alone…

“I had become a Summoner long ago, and it was rather easy for me.” Zander laughed, “You have to steal the blood of one. I stabbed the fool in the back, and licked the crimson blood that seeped from his wound. It takes the death of one to make a new one…”
“I don’t care about the rest of the cruelty you have done, Zander.” I said to him, knowing I didn’t want to hear more of his horror stories, “I will fight you with whatever I can.”

Zander then had held out his hand, and suddenly wave of darkness and chaos had begun to take shape and form, and then a dark and sinister sword of destruction had begun to form in his hand. Once it was finished, the blade looked like it had been made from storms itself, with forks of lighting still flickering inside of it.

“Prepare to die, Gold Rider!” Zander shouted at me, as he threw his twisted looking sword into the air.

The harsh blade screamed through the air as it ripped through the stars until it disappeared and then seconds later, it suddenly came spiraling back down toward the ground, and lodged itself into the arena, and suddenly a blast of lighting and smoke had engulfed the sword. Once the chaotic storm had died down, I suddenly looked up at one of my new adversaries.

Standing thirty feet tall, I had laid eyes on a knight with a sword like the one Zander threw only it was much larger. He was covered with dark steel armor, and a helmet that had a glow behind it. I could tell this creature was born without a soul…

“Meet Doom Guard, the last thing you’ll ever be laying eyes on.” Zander taunted me, “He’s one of my favorites when I need to spill someone’s blood.”

Suddenly, the dark steel Doom Guard had looked toward Zander with a look of curiosity.

“This is it?” The knight said with a low, hollow voice, “All you want me to do is kill this worthless Pikachu?
“That’s all!” Zander laughed with sick glee, “This should be simple and quick.”

And then the dark steel Doom Guard had begun to charge after me, his metal feet clanging against the floor of the large, circular arena. With a sword like that, I knew he could slice me to pieces in seconds. I didn’t know how to get out of this one…

04-29-2004, 12:43 AM
**heavy metal rock starts up**


How awesome was that chapter?! The final battle is underway and I hope you don't crush me with this being a quickie, cause Juno can take care of these wimps no prob :biggrin: ... well... :confused: ... maybe not... :sleepy:

Neo Emolga
04-29-2004, 10:14 PM
Heh, actually to tell the truth, I do listen to a lot of hard music when I write fics. It actually helps influence the mood. I hope you enjoy the next chapter!

Chapter 21
The Unknown Blessing

I tried to focus as hard as I could, and I had managed to make myself faster than the Doom Guard, but his excessive speed was already beyond what I had expected. Once he had approached me, he sent his massive blade thundering down upon me, and I was only able to get out of the way just a second before the massive blade sliced the spot where I had been standing. While he was pulling back his sword, I concentrated my attention, my cheeks flaring brightly with harsh electricity and I sent the massive, thundering shockwave toward the head of the knight, blasting his head with as much electricity as I could muster.

But when I stopped and realized it had done nothing, Zander just stood there and laughed.

“You idiot.” Zander laughed happily, “Don’t you know he was made of storms himself!? There is no way you can stop him! You’re better off just letting him kill you right now!”
“To Hell with you.” I told him, still trying to think of something I could do to fight back.

The Doom Guard had tried to strike me again, and I still was too quick for him to strike me. But I knew this could only last for so long.

Zander had begun creating another weapon, this time what looked like a giant, beastly fist. He threw it up into the stars and when it struck the ground, I saw the fist begin to form an arm, and from the arm formed a torso and then it grew a head, legs, and another arm. I couldn’t help but grimace at the sight of the hulking creature. I looked like a tan, unshaven gorilla with two red eyes and massive teeth that could slice apart anything it bit.

“Meet Lonsar, my version of a troll.” Zander remarked proudly, “If Doom Guard can’t kill you, he certainly will.”
“Damn you, Zander.” I said bitterly, “You can’t even engage in your own fights. I pity you and your cowardice.”
“That’s because I don’t have to, you stupid Pikachu.” Zander laughed, “Why should I even bother…? What are you going to do, just scream for help when you’re all alone?”

It was only moments then that Lonsar came stomping the ground, heading over to kill me as soon as he could. I could dodge Doom Guard’s sword, but there was no way I could ever dodge one of those giant fists…

Only seconds later, Doom Guard had swept the floor with his sword, and the only way I could dodge the massive blade was to leap into the air and let the ultra sharp sword pass below me. But when I hit the ground, I found myself on my back, unable to move. It would be too late for me to get up and hopefully dodge an attack by either of them.

“Now you die, you pathetic fool.” The Doom Guard said, raising his massive sword into the air.

For that one dark moment, I felt like I was truly going to die, but for some reason I got an adrenaline rush of belief, and I held out my hands and shut my eyes and tried to concentrate. Then, I saw a small rainbow light begin to form around my hands, and I saw a feather appear, bright red and orange in color. I had thrown it into the air, and suddenly it exploded into fire. The bright light had blinded me, and from the light I heard a shriek, and then I felt a massive rush of heat fill the air. I opened my eyes and realized what I had created…

The giant Ho-oh had leapt from my hands and blasted the Doom Guard with an incinerating blast of destruction. The dark steel of the knight had melted, casting the essence of the Doom Guard into nothing, and soon the pile of melted steel vanished until nothing was left. I couldn’t believe what I had just done…

I reached out to the Ho-oh’s mind, and I tried to give it further power to attack Lonsar. The giant troll had attempted to strike Ho-oh but with my focus and concentration, I was able to provide the legendary bird of fire enough energy, stamina and agility to avoid the strike.

Use your Flame Immolation attack!

Suddenly, a massive rush of fire and a storm of infernos had smothered Lonsar, consuming him in the raging fire. When the storm stopped, all that was left was the flaming carcass of Lonsar, with fire still consuming his body. The massive beast fell to his knees, and then fell face down on the arena, still burning to a crisp.

“It’s impossible.” Zander said softly, unable to believe what I had just done, “You can’t be…”

No, I couldn’t have been a Summoner like Zander had been. But why had it been so similar to what he had done? What had I been able to do?

“You can’t possibly be a Summoner like me.” Zander remarked in frustration, “There’s no way. Even throughout the hundreds of ranks of Crimson Star soldiers, not a single one of them could be a Summoner, so there’s no chance their blood turned you into one…”

I then had caught sight of the blood of my arm, and I realized what exactly happened. No, there wasn’t a single Summoner in all the ranks of the Crimson Stars, but I had realized perhaps the Silver Rebellion was a different story. I then realized it was no ordinary soldier who gave me this power. It was none other than Sita, for it was her blood that was on my arm, and no one else’s. I then looked down toward the ground, and I could have laughed, but I didn’t. Still, I did smile slightly with my gaze toward the floor of the arena, knowing Zander’s serious mistake was going to haunt him…

“Zander, the very act of cruelty you had just performed only minutes ago is now going to cost you your life.” I replied, looking toward the ground, “I think you’ve failed to realize that the very Pikachu you shot was a Summoner just like yourself.”
“That is impossible!” Zander screamed out in frustration, “There is no way! I am the only one that is left you fool!”

But he was wrong, otherwise there was no way I would have survived that onslaught. But now, I had to believe, even if he didn’t…

04-30-2004, 12:40 AM
Wow Neopikachu! You have such a way to explain everything and you never fail to make up those situations into something totally different then they appear. You did an excellent job on the last post, keep up the great work man!

Neo Emolga
05-02-2004, 01:28 PM
Thank you, KCash! As you can see, I do like a lot of plot twists. However, it does take a lot of planning...

Chapter 22
Gaining Control

Indeed, I wasn’t alone. Sita had given me the power to fight back, and it would be a sickening shame if that faithful sacrifice had been for nothing. I believed it was only natural for the righteous to prevail over the darkness. There was no way I could give up, no matter what.

“Pitiful.” Zander told me, looking like he was ready to believe I had the same power as he did, “You forgot one critical aspect.”
“And what the hell is that!?” I asked him, looking at him strangely.
“You’re fighting the inevitable.” Zander snickered, looking like he was ready to laugh, “You’re trying to fight prophecy, but you can’t. It’s impossible. Your last moments of life are quickly fading.”

Not true. Didn’t Sinis and I already break it when we killed Achilles and Jamac? Of course we did. There was no such thing anymore.

“The prophecy is a dead stick, Zander.” I told him, staring right into his evil eyes, “Sinis and I proved the Candle of Enlightment wrong when we killed Jamac and Antilles.”
“I believe your friend Sinis was mistaken.” Zander laughed.
“Screw you.” I told him bitterly, “You only speak lies!”

I then turned to Ho-oh, who was still awaiting my command. I then looked to Zander, and Ho-oh turned his gaze toward him as well.

Use your Fire Nova attack!

Ho-oh had flown right in front of Zander, but just before he could even launch an attack, Zander had created another object, this one which looked like a scythe. He then hurled the sharp knife at Ho-oh, and the scythe ripped right into him and took the screaming bird with it. The helpless bird then came back tumbling toward the ground and when the scythe struck the surface, Ho-oh was dashed to pieces and then melted into the air, never to be seen again…

I could feel a great blast of wind coming from where the scythe had landed, and when the whirling dust had cleared, I saw before me what appeared to be a Satyr, a hideous goat creature that stood upright with two sharp scythes instead of hands. He looked down upon me and smiled.

“Too bad there won’t be enough of you left to make gravy.” The Satyr laughed.
“Too bad there won’t be enough of you to make anything.” I replied to him.

I then concentrated again, holding out my hands and then I thought of one ally that would be a formidable opponent for Zander. Suddenly, a gray and black light had gathered around my hands, and then I had seen a claw had appeared, large enough for me to use it as a knife. But that certainly wasn’t what I was going to use it for…

I threw the claw high into the air, and even effortlessly it was flung high into the stars, and then the claw came spiraling back down where the blade of the claw dug itself the arena, and then it was covered by a white cloud. It grew larger and larger until the cloud had vanished, and before the Satyr stood Crovax, a massive dragon covered in steel scales with wings that were like knives. He looked toward the Satyr and roared, filling the arena with a shrill cry.

“Forget the dragon.” Zander commanded the Satyr, “I want you to kill Juno, and I want nothing less.”
“You’re the boss.” The Satyr replied, knowing a reckless attack could cost his life.

Coward. I knew he would try something like that, but it wasn’t going to work. I then focused on Crovax’s mind, and then the hulking dragon turned and looked at the charging Satyr, running as hard as he could to kill me.

Tear him to pieces

With that, even the massive dragon was able to move at extreme speed. It readied its claw, and slashed furiously at the charging Satyr. The claw made contact with his head, swiping it off his neck like hitting an apple off of a table. The charging Satyr had flown forward and landed on his chest, completely headless. Meanwhile, the head had flown off into the void of space, never again to be a part of its host. The Satyr had melted and was vaporized, never to be seen again.

“Dammit.” Zander remarked bitterly.
“This is far from over.” I told him, standing firmly behind Crovax.

Zander had begun to believe now he was facing someone with equal power. At that moment, Zander had prepared to create his next monster. I had sent Crovax to attack Zander, but he came up short, and before long, Zander already had his next summon prepared. Each and every time, I got close but not close enough…

Neo Emolga
05-08-2004, 02:52 PM
Chapter 23
A Change in Direction

This time, Zander had created a horn, deep black and red in color. He had thrown into the air, and went it finally came back down and tore itself into the ground, a dark black gas had formed around it. Suddenly, I could see flames arise from the black cloud, and then I got a sight that freaked the hell out of me.

When the black cloud had disappeared, I saw a demon’s face arise from the smoke, a face with nearly twenty horns sticking out of it, and then I saw his body, with dark red skin and a muscular body. In both of his hands, he was holding a twisted, metal sword burning in flames. The monster glared at me with his glowing, yellow eyes, and he let out a tremendous roar.

“Kill him.” Zander replied to the massive, hulking demon, “That’s all I want. Nothing more.”
“You command, I obey…” The demon growled back.

Then, the hulking demon began to charge toward me, stomping on the ground and causing the entire arena to tremble with every aggressive step. Again, Zander was taking another reckless step and trying to attack me while ignoring Crovax. Not smart…

“Crovax, rip his stomach open.” I commanded the metal dragon.

And then, with a lightning fast swipe of his claw, Crovax tore into the chest of the demon, sending a hideous amount of blood and flesh spraying all over the battlefield. But then, just as Crovax had his claw dug into the demon’s chest, the demon retaliated, and slowly and painfully took his blazing sword and hurled it toward the dragon’s head. Within seconds, I heard a painful metal shriek and I saw the sword had landed right into Crovax’s head, having already burrowed itself into his brain. Only a second later, the dragon had collapsed, landing right on the demon and crushed him under his massive weight. I heard a hideous crunch, and it wasn’t long before they both faded into the abyss.

“I grow quite tired of this, Juno.” Zander replied to me, giving me a sick stare, “You know your fate. There is no way to reverse or deter your inevitable destiny. Why don’t you just lay down and get it over with!?”
“You know nothing.” I replied to Zander with a harsh voice, “The prophecy doesn’t exist. Why do you keep persisting that it does?”

But, Zander only laughed, and then he held out his hands. A red and orange light had begun to form around them, and then when enough light had gathered, a fiery lance had appeared, and he quickly threw it into the air. When it came back down and struck the ground, it exploded, shattering everything below us into pieces. But, before it even began to crumble, massive flames had replaced the sky and space around us. Suddenly, it looked like we were in a massive inferno. And I knew the flames were real since I could feel the heat. Now, it was just Zander and I, as well as a circle of flame to keep us bound in this one, tiny arena.

There was no where to run, everything had been sealed off, and all I could see was just fire for miles and miles. I looked to the ground and I had appeared to be floating in the air, but it was a freakish sight to see flames only a hundred feet below me. It had almost appeared like I was just about to fall into them.

And then when I looked up, it was the same thing. We had been surrounded by a globe of fire, and I knew that it wasn’t going to disappear until one of us had been killed…

“It’s that time, Juno.” Zander said with a evil smirk, “Time for you to die a death by fire…”

Neo Emolga
05-13-2004, 04:23 PM
Chapter 24
Absorbed by the Darkness

I couldn’t move anywhere. While Zander had the power of being a Summoner, he had others as well, something that I didn’t have that he was going to use against me to gain every advantage he could. It certainly wasn’t like Zander to give anyone a fighting chance. He never gave Sita and David a fighting chance. And as for me, I found myself almost at Zander’s mercy.

“Reflect on your past memories, Juno.” Zander told me, nearly laughing, “For your life will soon end, and you will have no remembrance of anything.”

I felt frozen, not out of fear. I literally could not move around, and I couldn’t do anything to fight back against Zander. Slowly, the globe of fire was closing in. While I hated Zander with all my heart and soul, he was right. I was running out of time, and Zander was going to make sure I died exactly the way he wanted me to. I was running out of options, and I continued to look around, hoping for some sort of sign as to what I needed to do to break free from his relentless grasp. I had no doubt that if I did do nothing, I would soon cease to exist. Everything I had fought for would soon be in vain, a conclusion to this bitter struggle that I knew I just couldn’t accept, no matter what had happened.

“Why… can’t I move…?” I asked, trying to break my body free from this paralysis.
“Juno, you’re going to die now.” Zander replied casually, “I think by now you should have realized that no matter what forces you bring up against me, I will always be the one in control.”


Again, I heard that same hissing sound in my ear, a very sharp and loud hiss that was the foundation of nightmares. Zander was as far from a human as possible. Beneath his skin, I could see a demon without any mercy or compassion, with no heart or soul that had resided in his body. I could see in his mind there was nothing but the manifest of darkness and misery, a chaotic realm cast of nothing but anarchy and misery. Zander was indeed pure evil. He only looked human…

“The righteous will always prevail over the weakness of evil.” I snapped at Zander, with an angry tone.
“Even if that was true…” Zander replied, nearly laughing, “You certainly won’t. You’re in no position to threaten me. For you… are nothing…”

Despite Zander’s countless rants, I heard nothing of what he said. What he said was false, meaningless nonsense that didn’t mean anything. Still, he was using every bit of his physical power to try and prove that everything he said was the whole truth, when it clearly wasn’t. I refused to believe anything he said, so he was only making it hurt even more. I despised him for that.

The fire drew closer, and with it, I felt the heat rise and escalate out of control. It was like being in an oven, and there was no way to shut off or hold back the biting heat. And then, at the lost moments, I tried to think. I shut my eyes tight and didn’t open them again, unable to bear the heat. Then, there was only one plea I had in my mind. If a mind could talk, I tried to scream it out as loud as possible, even if it was a silent scream. If no one would ever hear another message from me again, I didn’t care as long as my last plea was heard…

Someone help me…

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Wow! I guess it was worth it to cheat! I jumped from Serebii to here to see what happens. It just has to stop at the most suspenseful point, huh? Well, I love it, and hope you can finish it soon!

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You came all the way here and registered just to read my story? Wow, thank you! Words can't describe how much of an awesome feeling that is. I'd glad you really love the story, you don't know how great that makes me feel. Thank you.

Chapter 25
The Clairvoyance

Their heads were down, almost with the image like they had been crucified. Bound around their wrists and feet was the cold metal of chains, keeping them bound to the walls that were saturated with blood. Over their mouths was a steel plate to forever silence them. Suddenly, one of them had awoken. His eyes were half shut, but he could slightly look forward into the red mist that was hovering in the air. Randy had looked around the room, feeling as if something touched him to awaken him from the darkness, but then he quickly realized there was nothing there. He had looked below him, and off to his side, but there was nothing that could have physically made contact with him.

Then, he felt a burning passion in his heart. He had remembered his friend Jake, only now as Juno. He began to feel anxious for him, and then he struggled to place his hands together. He then began to pray for Jake, even in the darkness. It hadn’t been long before Alex and David had become touched with the same feeling. They had awoken from the sleep, and they had begun to pray sincerely for Jake, hoping he would make it through this one last tribulation…

* * *

Outside, Baladax and Namdor were fighting to keep the reinforcements away from the city. They stood by the collapsed entrance, with the constant hammering of firearms all around them as they tried to stop in the incoming force from entering the city. By now, all of Jasandax was choked by fire. The last objective of the Crimson Stars was to at least save whatever was left of the city, which was quickly fading in very little time.

Once Baladax and Namdor had removed the first wave, they saw a second one approaching in the distance, ready to finish the work that the first one had left behind. They, as well as the rest of the Silver Rebellion army knew they would be there any second, but for now, all they could do was just prepare.

And then, slowly and softly they had been touched, with a strange new presence surrounding them, something that they hadn’t remembered before. When they found and felt it, they could recall the images of their leader, Juno. Some of them had been aware that even when his mount Latias had died during the battle, he still fought on. And now, they were aware of what he had been trying to do at the moment. During the whole battle they had been trying to buy him time for as long as they could.

With their eyes off of the incoming army, they had softly closed their eyes and had laid down their weapons. Then, they had begun to pray for the safety and well-being of their leader Juno…

* * *

There had been a great silence in the city of Symarix. A desperate city had clung onto the hope that their army would prevail in this one, last struggle. There was no one walking in the streets, and inside, everyone was silent, just hoping for the best.

Sinis had been in the throne room, knowing that every second another Silver Rebellion soldier could be losing their life. He knew the battle would be hard be he couldn’t deny that it was either fight and take the chance, or lose everything in time. There was no choice if they wanted to prevail in the end. But then again, he knew nothing was certain to happen.

And then, he had felt something inside of him touch him deeply. It was a feeling he had never felt before, and he had recalled the image of Juno, the one who had changed the Silver Rebellion for the better, one who even under his own prosecution had emerged from the shadow to once again lead the nation.

It was then in that moment that Sinis knew that Juno was fighting his hardest. He had shown great respect for the sacrifice he was making, and Sinis could do nothing less than clasp his hands together, with his claws interlocking. He then shut his eyes, and prayed for Juno’s victory. Little did he know that outside that tower, the citizens of Symarix had been touched with that same feeling. They too, had been silenced and prayed for the one who promised them victory…

* * *

That same light had passed far beyond the shadow of doubt. Against the darkness and shadow, the warm and solemn light had pierced through the darkness, spiraling far beyond the limits and through the voids of binding. Once it had earned the rites of passage to surpass beyond the barriers that had been instilled, it had reached its last objective…

That same, warm light had reached none other than Mariah Kossak, the one who had brought Jake into the world.

It was midnight, and she had been sitting besides the kitchen table, sitting in the dim light of an overhead lamp. Her brown eyes had been half covered by her eyelids, and her straight brown hair had been cast behind her. She wore an exhausted expression with her chin resting in the palm of her hand and her elbow on the table, while her clothing was tattered in various places. She had been emotionally scarred.

She had spent nearly an hour gazing at a lone cigarette in the ashtray that was on the table. The room was silent, and the kitchen was empty. She was alone, not even thinking of her son Jake at the time. It had already been too far long.

And then, out of the night darkness, she felt something stop her. She instantly recalled the image of her son, more vivid than ever. She had seen the image of Jake, the son she had lost more than five years ago.

For the past few months, she had begun to forget what Jake had looked like, but now she remembered him. Rather than seeing what he looked like as a young child, she could see him, now five years older. She could see that even through all the time they had been separated, she was allowed a glimpse of the strong individual Jake had become.

When the image of Jake had faded, Mariah had been relieved, but at the same time, she had become anxious. She didn’t know where the sign had come from, but regardless, she could feel the plea of her son, even though he was beyond the threshold.

And in those last minutes, Mariah had put her hands together, and she prayed sincerely for the life of her son.

It was their answer that would change everything…

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What description! What meaning! What a post!

You made me feel like I should stop reading, clasp my hands together, and pray for Jake myself! I'm sitting here trying to find more words to describe this post and how it made me feel but I cant! I'm to moved by it. Its just to great!

05-16-2004, 01:41 PM
What description! What meaning! What a post!

You made me feel like I should stop reading, clasp my hands together, and pray for Jake myself! I'm sitting here trying to find more words to describe this post and how it made me feel but I cant! I'm to moved by it. Its just to great!

What he said!

Wow..just wow!

Neo Emolga
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Well, here's exactly more of what you wanted. I already have the ending written but I'm leaving it off to give others a chance to catch up. But if you seriously want the ending now, I'll gladly post it. Enjoy the final chapters of the Trial of Juno trilogy!

Chapter 26
The Death of a God

And so it came to pass that I finally opened my eyes and I could see again. The fire had been all around me, and was biting at the skin of my body. I was surrounded by the fire, but for one strange moment, I was dying but did not feel pain. I could hear Zander relish in my destruction, but for one strange moment nothing that he said could tear at my soul.

Even as I was alone in this darkness, without someone to stand by my side, I held back my fear for as long as possible. Slowly I was fading away, but I wouldn’t let that be in vain.

“And so ends the life of the Gold Rider, in one last, bitter holocaust of fire.” Zander said with hideous pleasure, “You will be forgotten. Your presence will be loathed. Your name will cause others to wince. But above all else, you will die, and you will never be reborn.”

I didn’t come all this way to die like this. I didn’t fight for the freedom of myself and the ones I trusted most only to lose it to the person who took it away from me in the first place. I didn’t lead an army of trusted companions only to lose everything in one, inevitable failure. I didn’t shed blood in every struggle I ever embraced only to save it for a day I would die in the worst way possible. No, that’s not why I came down this path to begin with. It was true, I was reaching the point where there would be no life left in me, but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to achieve the objective that I had sought in my mind for the entire time I’ve been here. But it had seemed like that purpose had been reduced to one, single struggle. It was one to become a memory.

And suddenly, around the flames had emerged a bright, white light. The fine lights of white had suddenly become waves, and quickly gathered into great torrents of bright energy. Even with the fire blazing in front of me, I could see anxiety in Zander’s eyes. This was something he didn’t expect.

I then realized how crucial this light was. This relief was nothing something that Zander had brought to life. This was not his doing…

It was mine. I then realized that my silent plea had been answered, unbound by the darkness of the void that Zander had created. There was nothing that could hold this back now. Even as the flames surrounded me, I saw the bright light surround Zander, and then it tore into his body, tearing away at the essence that bound his soul to his body. His body convulsed and twitched as he struggled to keep the light away from him.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” Zander screamed, trying to fight off the bright light.

And suddenly, there was a massive explosion. Everything around me had flashed white, and then, it all had faded to black, very slowly. I no longer felt the fire or the heat surround me or try to harm me. I had the feeling of floating in the darkness, as if I was floating endlessly in a deep starless space. Everything was gone now, I no longer saw Zander or the fire, and all of my senses had been shut off, as if in a deaf and blind paralysis. And then, that feeling had come back. I could feel myself being raised higher and higher.

And then, I felt I had eyes to open. Slowly, I opened them and was exposed to my surroundings. Again, I was blinded by a white light, but it had slowly faded.

Then, I realized where I was. All of my senses had come back now.

But I realized I was in the most unfamiliar place imaginable…

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...pretty please?!

Neo Emolga
05-16-2004, 11:49 PM
Okay, I'll give you exactly more of what you want. I had finished this fic this morning, and so here are the final posts of this trilogy. Enjoy!

Chapter 27
The Realm of Dreams

The area around me was beyond perfect. I was standing in crystal clear water that was refreshingly cool to the touch, like a mirror spread out for miles past glorious mountains of a soft, gray color. Just past them was a sparkling waterfall, and a few flying Wingull heading past the mist that the falling water had created. It seemed like a sight only a dream could create…

The sky had been forged of sunsets, with a dazzling display of deep blue, purple and orange spread across the sky. The air was crisp and peaceful. Clearly, none of this was Zander’s doing.

I had looked down at my reflection, and I quickly realized what had happened. In the water’s clear and wavy reflection was none other than myself, without scars or cuts that I had received in the hell of battle. I had stared into my own eyes, and they no longer had the downcast of one who has seen his own trusted companions fall to a painful death. It was an expression that had never been tortured or abused, one that was able to remain in peace for an endless amount of time.

It was then that I had realized that indeed I had not survived my final confrontation with Zander. Neither of us had walked away from the hell that emerged in the globe of fire and flame that Zander had created. I had dealt the final deathblow to Zander before the blazing fire had taken away my life. I had died, and for that one moment, I realized that indeed that the prophecy that had been laid before me countless times had finally been achieved. There was no going back now. Never again would I see the fields of Kivistal, or what ever had become of the Silver Rebellion. But regardless of what I couldn’t see, there was something that I was aware of. We had won, and this long, cold war was finally over.

And then, just past the first mountain, I had seen a winged figure approach me. At first, it was only a black silhouette, but as it came closer and closer, I saw a familiar sight. But even as it was familiar, I never expected to ever see it.

When it came closer, I realized who it was. It was none other than Latias, and riding on her back was my beloved Sita. Latias had flown closer and when she reached her destination, she stopped and floated just above the crystal water that was showing her reflection. Then, Sita had jumped off of her back, and landed softly on the water. Soon enough, she had approached me, and for one magical moment, I was able to look into her eyes once more, a privilege I thought I would never be entitled to ever again.

“I’m dead, aren’t I?” I asked her, feeling strange at that moment.
“Everyone lives.” Sita told me with a firm voice, “But not everyone truly dies. As for you, Juno, you’ve become an everlasting memory in those of the Silver Rebellion. The bright blue skies and the grassy plains they have embraced have been observed on your behalf. You’ve given them a champion to trust and you have repaid them dearly.”

I was silent, for it was now I had realized it was me who had broke the darkness that Zander had used to veil the world of Kivistal away from the light. I could only hope that at those last moments, the citizens of Symarix would be able to live in peace now, their great city unscarred by war and their will to survive unhindered by the darkness of battle and bloodshed. I was content to know I could gaze at my own reflection and realize I was the one who had played a part in making that happen. I was a part of that great, vast brotherhood of Silver Rebellion soldiers who had given all of their effort and risked everything to ensure that the world of Kivistal would be a much more peaceful place. My only regret was that I could not be with them when that time had come.

After I had raised my head up and looked to Sita, I had embraced an everlasting comfort that I thought would never be possible. And then I had looked to Latias, who seemed overjoyed to see me. Never before had I seen her so happy before. I had embraced her, knowing she was far more than just a companion. She was a loving friend.

I held her tight in my hands, as if I never wanted to let go. It was like the nightmare we had lived in that last battle had never happened, as if we could never be separated. I had looking into her shining, topaz eyes and in her cheerful smile, and I could see an expression that would never know pain or fear again. I knew for certain she would be more happier here. All those fears and heartaches I had felt when I saw her die were gone, for now she was more alive than ever.

“So this is where we will spend the rest of our lives…” I said, gazing at the shining sunset, “I could never imagine a place like this was possible. It’s beyond beautiful…”

And then, as Latias had let me go, Sita approached me slowly. It appeared that while she was happy to see me again, there was something else she wanted to tell me. Something else I had forgotten…

“Juno, the lives we lived in the world of Kivistal are over.” Sita told me, looking slightly down, “You and countless other Silver Rebellion soldiers gave up your lives to ensure that Symarix would never know fear again. But your life doesn’t end here. There is still one more journey you must take, one that was taken away from you a long time ago.”

I was silent. I had the feeling it would be a long time before I would ever see Latias and Sita again, but knowing they would be happy through those years was enough to make me stop worrying. As for myself, I had realized what journey Sita was talking about. It was one that had been shut off for too long. It was the one place where I was supposed to be.

“The life of Juno ends here, but there is one more life that hasn’t ended that still belongs to you.” Sita told me, looking into my eyes, “Even when it had surprised me when I had first learned about it, I wasn’t about to disbelieve in the truth. In one world, you are known as Juno, but in the other, you are known as Jake Kossak, one who has remained asleep for a very long time. I think it’s about time you return to the place where you were born, and to live that life in the greatest way possible.”

I didn’t want to let them go, but indeed, I could already see my family had waited a long time for my homecoming. For so many long years I had been gone, and I simply could not keep them waiting. It was time to come home…

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me, Sita and Blazewing.” I said to the both, looking into their eyes, “You’ve given me support and inspiration that I never knew was possible.”
“Goodbye, Juno.” Sita replied, with a small tear in her eye, “You’ve become so strong…”
“Farewell.” I said to both of them, “Surely we will meet again, but I have a feeling it won’t be for some time. Until we do, take care of yourselves.”

And then, I stepped away from them. I then turned around, and headed back down the way I came. I had waved goodbye, and as I walked further into the white, misty mountains that were behind me, I saw everything slowly shroud into white. I didn’t look back, and I kept going forward. Then, it wasn’t long before that same white had slowly faded into black as I passed the veil. I had a feeling I would see that place again, but not for a long time…

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 28
The Journey’s End

It wasn’t long until I had woken up, with a feeling that was very different from before. I had looked before me and I had seen a grassy field. Indeed, what was once an old, abandoned baseball field was now covered with grass. I was no longer Juno the Pikachu, but now I was Jake Kossak, five years older. It was an unfamiliar feeling at first, but it didn’t take me very long until I had gotten used to the way I was supposed to be.

David, Alex and Randy had been there as well. Indeed, these three individuals have been more than companions in my time. The four of us had embraced the lights of hell more than once, and it was a memory that would never leave its mark upon us. What had once been familiar had become foreign, but I was sure in the days that were to come, it would soon become the way we would always travel.

The fighting and the crisis were over with. Now was the time to go back to the life we had left behind for so long. Never again would our journey be interrupted. Never again would I have to feel such pain for everything that I have lost. Right now, everything that had been taken away from me had finally come back, only many times brighter than before. It was now time for me to take that walk back home, where there were people waiting for me, people who had waited too long. I never did tell them what happened. I had the feeling they would never believe me, so I left it at that.

As I walked home and left behind my greatest of fears, I was able to embrace the reality of the real world with a greater admiration for life. I was able to see past the veil and had begun to see the real meaning of everything. Throughout the years, we grow stronger, whether in be in physical power or in wisdom.

I’ve never known a friendship like the one I had with Randy, Alex and David. We fought for each other’s lives, and we had made it all the way through the end. I had grown to no longer feel entrapped by fear or be crippled with pain and agony.

Zander, as well as his chaotic actions and his destructive imagination were no longer a threat, and no longer did he exist to act upon his sadistic creation. His war, his destruction and our pain was over. Never again would we be exposed to cruelty of the same caliber.

It was then that I had arrived on the front door step of the house I had been raised in, a sight that had been so familiar but had been so far away for so long. I had the feeling that while some of my surroundings had changed in the time I was gone. But, even for the little that they had changed, I was no longer the same person who had left five years ago and didn’t come back home. I had been through a transformation myself. I could look at myself in a mirror and I knew that face would not seem familiar. Regardless, it was something I had no choice but to accept in time.

Never again would I be able to look at Pokémon in the same way. I had realized many of them are just as smart as we are. I had realized they have their own judgment, their own feelings, and their own desires. I could do nothing less than offer them same respect that I would give to another human being. Each one of us has dreams, experiences and hopes. I had begun to see that in everyone.

I had put my key into the door lock, turned it and the door unlocked. I then pushed the door forward, and then I had crossed the threshold into the place where I found security and sanctuary.

I know who I am. My name is Jake Kossak.

But Juno is my legacy…


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I know who I am. My name is Jake Kossak.

But Juno is my legacy…

I couldnt help but to smile on this part.

This fic has taken me to a place where I can escape too. From The Grey Battlegrounds to the ending of Blazing Skies I was swept off my feet for moments at a time by this world you created. You have inspired me to write fics in a better way, you have inspired me to become an overall better author. Your fics certainly wont be forgotten. The Grey Battlegrounds took me to a place of imagination and creation, The Twisted Fields took me to the determination and heroic adaptations of a normal, everyday kid, and The Blazing Skies took me away with the ability to do anything that the mind and body are put up to. The Juno Trials are without the doubt, the best.. no the greatest fics at these forums. No question 'bout it.

Congratulations! You've created a masterpiece NP!

Neo Emolga
05-17-2004, 02:03 AM
I couldnt help but to smile on this part.

This fic has taken me to a place where I can escape too. From The Grey Battlegrounds to the ending of Blazing Skies I was swept off my feet for moments at a time by this world you created. You have inspired me to write fics in a better way, you have inspired me to become an overall better author. Your fics certainly wont be forgotten. The Grey Battlegrounds took me to a place of imagination and creation, The Twisted Fields took me to the determination and heroic adaptations of a normal, everyday kid, and The Blazing Skies took me away with the ability to do anything that the mind and body are put up to. The Juno Trials are without the doubt, the best.. no the greatest fics at these forums. No question 'bout it.

Congratulations! You've created a masterpiece NP!

That is probably the greatest and deepest response I have ever recieved from something I've created. This means a lot KCash, and I thank you for your such strong support. Your fics have also taken my ideas to new levels, and you have given me great inspiration. It's been an outstanding opportunity to work along side you and the many, outstanding authors of Pokemon Elite 2000 to make our dreams and imagination into a real, written story.

Well, now that the fic is completed, it's going to be a bit heartbreaking to watch it slowly sink to the lower levels of the fan fiction section, but even then, I'm sure there will be new fics that might even be better than The Trial of Juno. I hope in the days to come you recieve the same pleasure from reading them as much as you recieved from reading this. Your support has strongly encouraged me to write the best I could, and because of this, I was able to create something that everyone can enjoy. I owe much of this thanks to you.

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Well, I think this was a great, deep story, better ending than the Matrix of course, well I just loved it. It was worth jumping over here from serebii to read it!

Half a Dollar
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NP,you have done an outstanding job. That was one of the greatest fan-fics I have seen. The Grey Battlegrounds to The Twisted Fields to The Blazing Skies. Great job.

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Oh...... my..... you did it. That was completely awesome. You are truly a fan fic master. I have a feeling you are not done in this section of PE2K... will you be making other fics?

Neo Emolga
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Oh...... my..... you did it. That was completely awesome. You are truly a fan fic master. I have a feeling you are not done in this section of PE2K... will you be making other fics?

Of course I will, but I really haven't thought of a new idea yet. It will come in time, I'm sure of it.

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This is a really good story to bad latias dies:sad: