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Tamer San
06-05-2005, 08:14 PM
This is temp, until Jack gets on and makes one.
Magare Vs. Shane
No Items

Magare- Alacazam, Kingdra, Houndoom
Shane- Jolteon, Misdreavous, Tyranitar

Magare opened with Zam and Jolt to counter. But switched immediatly. After a long turns of Barrier, Calm Minds and Recovers Alacazam managed to pwn Misdreavous and Tyranitar (Using Ice Punches getting lucky enough to Freeze) and then Jolteon came, with a Thunder not enough to kill Zam. Zam then killed it using Psychic. Good game, a long one, and I didn't enjoy it...

Winner: Magare 1000$ and an URPG War Point for Team D.A.R.K
Loser: Shane 500$

I reffed.

*Locked, go to Jack's stickied thread for results...w00t, Mods power =P*