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08-13-2008, 12:11 AM
yeah. you all are too scared to get banned by this unfair system that the PE2K mods use to punish the members. That's right, I'm talking to you (you know who you are, Jack and any other mods).

It's good to know that all I have to do is make an alt. account I can get every member banned because PE2K mods will simply overreact and won't check the IP. If I say that I'm Sigma, he's gone. If I'm Husnain, I'm gone. however, if I'm Jack then everyone freaks out and checks IPs and looks for evidence that points away from Jack or any other close mod like Mikey or DU.

MM claims that he was framed. saying T-Tar trainer said that the IPs don't match. Why can't you check the IPs?

Milotic Master didn't have a motive to what he did. You're just too lazy to check for his innocense. or maybe you just don't give a damn, huh?

That's fine. But if you don't give him a chance then you can ban me too. Personally I don't give a damn if I'm banned if MM isn't here.

But how about a Mod check his IP first?

Oh... and I'm not apologizing even if it does turn out to be him, because it still wasn't right.

Get it together.

08-13-2008, 12:28 AM
Agreed. When MM asked Meg for an IP check she didn't run one. As far as I know, although I could be wrong, the person behind the account has admitted it. Is MM unbanned? Nope.

Honestly, isn't it a bit obvious that it wasn't MM by the fact the account was called Master Milotic? It's obviously somebody making a joke. Common sense would surely tell you. Please. Unban MM.

Dr Scott
08-13-2008, 12:32 AM
I'm not here to argue, so I'm only going to say this once.

First of all, calm down. There is certain ways to argue against moves made, and this isn't it. If you're MM's friends, then this is hurting his chances, not helping them.

Second off, it's not unfair, the things we do. If you think so then just leave the forum, it's your choice to be here. We run things as fairly as possible, we have no reason to make your e-lives miserably. There is nothing in it for us, we aren't getting paid. It's a thankless job, being a mod when everyone hates you if you do your job or if you don't do it. Instead of whining about every little thing we do, perhaps you should just let us do our jobs. If it weren't for us the place would be a spamhole, so give us some credit.

Now, about the subject of MM. MM was banned to prevent further conflict, and evidence has come up to suggest that he isn't to blame. If this proves to be correct than we will unban him, and I will give him my personal apologies because I was the one who suggested it. I saw a spamhole and stopped it before it started, and since all current evidence pointed to him I figured it better to stop the problem now instead of waiting to find out more. This isn't a court and I'm not a judge, I'm not waiting around so everyone can present his case.

It's not going to hurt MM if he was banned for 1-2 days, he'll be able to come back soon enough with, like I said before, my full apologies. We can't know everything and can't get everything right, but at least I have the brass stones to admit when I did something wrong. Your overreaction proves why you're not one of the 'corrupt moderators' that run this joint.

Now, one thing you can do: don't egg these people on. I know there's a lot of you out there who think it's 'cool' to be a rebel. But come on people, have you nothing better to do than spam, troll, or otherwise mess up a POKEMON FORUM. It really proves that you have a sad existence, and I pity you.

But for the rest of you smart members, feel no problem with ratting these people out. We will not blame you, we will not throw your name around, etc. If there's a problem you stand a better chance of not getting caught up in the crossfire if you tell us everyone. For instance, if MM were to share everything he knows about the subject while being honest than things will end up even better.

Now, to sum it up for all of you who don't want to read this:

1) It's me who led to his ban, I did my job as best as capable, and if he didn't do it I have no problem with letting him in with my apologies and the simple statement that I do make mistakes.

2) Give us more credit, and stop always being arses to the mods. We do so much here that you don't even know, and all that happens is we get whined and moaned at for the mistakes we make. We're not here to make your lives hell, and we don't have it out for you.

3) If you know someone is pulling stuff like this tell us and it's much more likely stuff like this won't happen. We act on the information we have, not intangibles.

4) If you have a problem with the moderating staff, do not take it up like All-Star did.

5) If you think we're so horrible then leave, please.

Now I'm locking this thread, but if you have a reply (I'm looking at All-Star) feel free to PM me. Keep in mind that PMs that are flaming will more than likely lead to infractions, but I have no problems with people who talk about subjects in an intelligent manner. Keep in mind that comments that I have already answered here aren't what I'm looking for, so if you want to PM me read the whole post.

If you have watched Batman, think of us as ... Batman. We are the kind of hero that PE2K needs, even though you little civilians don't even begin to understand.

Edit: What you don't realize is people can change their IPs easily, so saying 'the IPs don't match' isn't as airtight an excuse as you'd like.