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This is pretty old news (lolwhut 13th March 2004), honestly, but it's a top 20 anime song chart on TV Tokyo's Boogie Woogie Night, complete with pretty important anison (read: anime song) singers (namely JAM Project and a few others) to sing short excerpts of the songs. Note: All J-Pop songs are excluded, so don't expect Gundam SeeD and stuff. In fact, only two songs are from the last 12 years.

Links to the mp3 version:

Link 1: http://s9.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2DFUK5RLGXEAG22A7ZP1KBGM7M
Link 2: http://s9.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1IY8AWC545UUY2LE4DN09M8FSZ
Link 3: http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0BZFACOL5W9E016AK9X93O79LH
Link 4: http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=34DS20O4PDFLJ392EBJGAOZ3YS

Copy and Paste, I'm too lazy to set up the links.

Here's list of songs and my comments and how they are introduced, as well as original singers and Wikipedia articles.

20. GATCHAMAN no Uta by Shimon Masato (Kagaku Ninja-tai GATCHAMAN 1st ED/2nd OP <1972>)

"The 20th most popular animation theme is Gatchaman! Come on, JAM Project!"

This song is just made to win other songs. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is the prototype of Power Rangers, so have fun reveling in the oldness. OH~ GATCHAMAN~ GATCHAMAN~


19. Tobe! GUNDAM by Ikeda Hiroshi (Mobile Suit Gundam OP <1979>)

"Number 19! Become a gladiator, Gundam, fly high!"

Seriously, this is Gundam. THE original Gundam. It's a great song, and always a classic. Gundam lovers need a dose of this.

...Do you even NEED a wiki article for Gundam? Oh fine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gundam

18. Tetsujin 28-gou by DUKE ACES (Tetsujin 28-gou OP <1963>)

"Come on Iron Man, take it to the skies! Come on, aniki!"

Before piloted robots were invented in anime, we had Tetsujin 28 (or ni ju hachi, if you must). The aniki in the introduction thing was asking the aniki of anison, Ichirou Mizuki, to get on stage. Gotta love that "DARA DATDATDAT!" he does in this song. And the song is awesome on its own.


17. Suki Suki SONG by Mizumori Ado (Himitsu no AKKO-chan ED <1969>)

"Number 17 is the Suki Suki song from Himitsu no Akko-chan!"

The two female members of JAM Project do this, though obviously Masami Okui is the lead high-pitched voice. The cuteness is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!! And it's a magical girl show. lolwhut!


16. Tetsuwan ATOM by Kamitakata Shonen Gasshoudan (Tetsuwan ATOM 2nd OP <1963>)

"And now for the famous Astro Boy!"

Yesh, it's the famous Astro Boy. The name got changed in Westernisation duh. Listen out for the "Tetsuwan~ Atom~mwu!" at the end. This is the anime that started it all. If not for Astro Boy, anime wouldn't exist. Without its creator, Osamu Tezuka, even manga would not bcome so proliferated as today. Truly an important specimen to anime, as the first ever one. And the song is slow, nice, and awesome too.


15. LUM no LOVE SONG by Matsutani Yuko (Urusei Yatsura 1st OP <1981>)

"Number 15 is the Lum Song of Love from Urusei Yatsura."

It's honestly an weird song from a weird song. Hard to beat the "ICHIBAN SUKI YO!!!" at the end though. Truly a fun love song to sing to someone.


14. GEGEGE no Kitarou by Kumakura Kazuo (GEGEGE no Kitarou OP <1968>)

"Probably the most popular monster is number 14!"

You could call a "NO U" on this one, but this is limited to Japan, see, so you can't. It's a nice and catchy song that has passed on throughout time. Hard to beat.


13. Itsumo Nando Demo by Kimura Yumi (Sen to Chihiro no Kamigakushi/Spirited Away ED <2001>)

"This animated cartoon grabbed the Academy Award. Here's the beautiful theme:"

The version in this is more upbeat to keep with the more upbeat tune of all the other songs. Listening to the original while looking at the lyrics really made me shed a manly tear though. And yes Spirited Away won an Academy Award ZOMG. And this is the only song on the list that's not more than 10 years old by now ZOMG.


12. CUTEY HONEY by Maekawa Yoko (CUTEY HONEY OP <1973>)

"Cutie Honey is Number 12!"

It's the first ever transforming magical girl show, created by a perverse guy for guys above 18. Just get a translation of the song and you'll know why. It's a nice song, and the show is pretty okay, but... don't watch if you're not at least 15.


11. Mezase POKEMON MASTER by Matsumoto Rica (POCKET MONSTER 1st OP <1997>)

"This is the show that became famous all over the world! It's Pokemon time! Watch out for Pikachu!"

HELL YEAH everybody's gotta love this. And do watch out for Pikachu. The song is awesome. The original singer herself, Rica Matsumoto, being in JAM Project, apparently jumped out with two Pogeymans and belted this off and displayed the power of her voice.

MUST I provide a wiki for Pokemon in a Pokemon forum? Nope, thought not.

10. CAT'S EYE by Anri (CAT'S EYE OP <1983>)

"Number 10 is the theme of Cat's Eye!"

It's a show about three cat burglar sisters and one of the sisters dupes a police officer into always giving away security info about the place they're about to burgle from. And Cat's Eye is a super high energy song too. And it kinda trashes the songs below it in girly high energy levels.


09. MAZINGER Z by Mizuki Ichiro (MAZINGER Z OP <1972>)

"One of the animation standards of all time: the dynamic Mazinger Z!"

This is the first ever show to have a mecha piloted by someone inside the mech, which in turn spawned Gundam, Getter Robo, Gravion, Ex-Driver, Evangelion, GaoGaiGar... You name the mecha series, this is the grandfather. In fact, Mazinger Z is considered one of the Holy Trinity in Super Robot Wars, the massive multi-series crossover series of robot strategy games, and has never failed to appear in any of the games barring the Original Generation ones. Truly a classic. And the song is fun to have actions to. Guys, just don't go up to girls and do Breast Fire complete with actions.

By the way, Go Nagai, the guy who made this, is the guy who made Cutie Honey.


08. Odoru PONPOKOLIN by B.B. QUEENS (Chibi Maruko-chan 1st ED <1990>)

"Odoru Ponpokolin is Number 8."

lolwhut most Asians should know this song, if not feel a sense of familarity listening to it. Chibi Maruko-chan is a show that's made out of pure, pure fun. Not only that, this is an awesome song to do things with. PIIYARA PIIYARA!


07. DORAEMON no Uta by Oosugi Kumiko (DORAEMON OP <1979>)

"Number 7: Meet Doraemon."

Doraemon is another of those roaring successes that a heck lot of people know about. The cover of it in this medley is hilarious. Apparently two young boys sung it. HAI! HARLICOPTA!! It's a blue robot cat that got its ears bitten off by a mouse and has to help a hopeless 10-year-old boy that can't do stuff for nuts and has a really bad attitude.

You need an article for this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doraemon

06. Uchuu Senkan YAMATO by Sasaki Isao (Uchuu Senkan YAMATO/Space Cruiser Yamato OP <1974>)

"The adventures of Space Warship Yamato is Number 6!"

Some older people may remember this show since it was one of those shows that were released internationally in its time. It's about battleship on battleship action to save the earth! YAAAAAMAAAAATOOOOOOO~ It's a war drama, so don't expect too much romance or whatever.


05. CANDY CANDY by Horie Mitsuko (CANDY CANDY OP <1976>)

"Candy Candy was a big smash animated show for girls, but it won the hearts of boys too!"

Truly an incredible romance story. It's quite heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time. -sniff- The cheerful song contrasts pretty greatly with the tragic fate of the heroine, Candy.


04. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA by Kageyama Hironobu (DRAGONBALL Z 1st OP <1989>)

"The theme of Dragonball Zettaro is here!"

Kageyama Hironobu loves this song too. He leaps out and shows off what CHA-LA! HEAD CHA LA! is all about. And... what? You don't know what Dragonball Z is? Shame on you! CHA-LA! HEAD CHA-LA!


03. THE GALAXY EXPRESS 999 by GODIEGO (Ginga Tetsudou 999/Galaxy Express 999 Movie ED <1979>)

"Number 3: Ginga Tetsudou Suri nain."

It's more space drama, this time of a space train and a guy that wants to become a cyborg. The song is awesome too. SHINING TO THE STARS~!


02. TOUCH by Iwasaki Yoshimi (TOUCH 1st OP <1985>)

"Touch is number 2."

onegai TOUCH TOUCH kokoni TOUCH anata ga wa! It's baseball sports drama, with a heck load of romance and other human relationship problems thrown in. Prince of Tennis looks so primitive now.


01. LUPIN III no THEME by Pete Mack Jr. (LUPIN the Third 1st OP <1977>)

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is Number One!

The wild, godblasting adventures of Lupin the Third!"

It's about Lupin the Third the thief who is like a modern day Robin Hood, but his girlfriend always makes off with his loot, the poor guy. And the song is awesome. And the show is awesome. And everything about it is awesome.

Well, that's the end of it. Some more information can be found here: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/journal_view.php?journalid=198285&entryid=213517&view=public Hope this piques interest in some of the anime on the list.