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This is a story about the son of Jake Stone who is the son of Steven Stone the past pokemon league Champion who now lives in Mossdeep city and is married to Jennifer aqua.He is about to set off on a pokemon journey of a life time.

Chapter 1
The beginning

Mom:Wake up honey it's time to get up.
Jake gets up and goes to the living room.
Dad:Good morning.
Dad:Son i know you are starting your pokemon journey today and i am proud of you.
Dad grabs something from his hand. Dad:I know that there is no lab here to get a pokemon so i am giving you a pokemon.
Steven gives the pokeball to Jak.
Dad:It contains a Beldum it is my favorite pokemon so i am giving it to you to strat out with.
Jake:WOW thanks a lot dad.
Pokeball opens and beldum comes out.
Beldum:bel beldum! Jake:nice to meet you Beldum.
Beldum(happily)"dum dum beldum!
An hour later
Jake:I have to go so see you later.
Jennifer and Steven:Goodbye.
Both of them wave good

Keep looking for the next chapter A new friend.

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I don't know if you realised this trp9292, but if you look closely at the beginning of the 10th post in Mike Ketchum's Pokemon Journey, you will see that I also have a character called Jake Stone. I probably shouldn't have given him that surname, but it was before Ruby and Sapphire came out. I apologise for any confusion.

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I forgot,i just picked any name so i am sorry.Should i start over and pick a new name or what?

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You can if you want to. I don't really mind. Either way, good luck with this fic! I hope it turns out well!

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Chapter 2 A new friend

Jake:Good thing dad let me use his moter boat for the trip to Slate Port city.Right Beldum?
Jake and Beldum gets to the boat and heads off to Slate port city to get on a boat heading for Johto.
Jake:Well,I am going to miss you mossdeep and everyone in it.Wish me luck.
Hours later.....
Jake:We have been out here for awhile do you think we are geting any where?
Beldum(puzzled):Bel bel beldum?
Jake:In case we run in to any pokemon i am going to give you a dirt hit to hold.He gives the dirt hit to Beldum.The boat starts rocking hard.
Jake:What was that!?
A wild Wailmer rises from the water and starts to attack Jack.
Jake:Beldum,quick help use take down!
Beldum hits but does not do much damage.
Wailmer uses water gun and hits Beldum hard.
Jake(to himself):I'm at a disavantage here the only attack Beldum can use is take down.I know!Beldum get behide wailmer and use take down.
Beldum gets behide and uses take down and does a critical hit but, Wailmer can still fight.
Jake:take down again.
Beldum uses it again and does another critical because of dirt hit.
Jake:Know is my chance.Pokeball go!
The pokeball hits wailmer and is engulfed in a white light.
Jake:come on.
The ball shakes once...two times and finally it gives up and stops shaking.

Don't miss the next chapter A new partner.In this Chapter Jake has his first trainer battle and meets someone.

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Chapter 3 A new partner

Jake:I finnaly arrived in Slate port city!Lets get on the boat.
???:Hey who are you?
Jake looks back to see a trainer holding a pokeball.
Jake:??I'm Jake the son of Steven stone.Who are you?
???:Your the son of steven Stone!?Can we please battle,It would be an honor?Oh,and my name is nick pyro.If i lose i will join you on your quest.
Jake:ok two on two.
Nick:Fine with me.Go!Torchic,oddish.
Torchic:chic torchic!!
Jake:Beldum,wailmer i chose you!
Jake:beldum use take down!Wailmer use water gun!
Both attacks hit the pokemon torchic is hit hard and oddish is hurt a little.
Nick:Torchic ember!Oddish sunny day!
Beldum is hit with ember and i hurt alot.The sun is shining.
Jake:Both of you use the same attacks as before!
Torchic is koed and oddish is hurt worst now.
Nick:oddish use tackle attack!
Wailmer is hit with tackle.
Jake:Wailmer use roll out and beldum use take down!
Oddish is koed to and the winner is Jake!
Jake:that was a great battle!
Nick:Well i guess i will join you on your quest.
Jake:It will be fun.
NIck:where are we going?
Jake:We are going to the Johto region and the boat leaves tomorrow so we should go the pokemon center and rest.
They both arrive at the pokemon center.

In the next chapter they meet an evil company.