View Full Version : Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero A: FC Exchange

08-17-2008, 12:01 PM
Here you can exchange Friend Codes for Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero Aerosmith with your fellow Pe2k members. When you put your friend code, use this form....

In-Game Name: (So people know when they have added the right person)
Friend Code: (Self-Explanatory, put your FC here)
Game: (Aerosmith or Three)
Difficulty: (What difficulty you play on, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert)

Here's my form...

In-Game Name: CrazyPsycho
Friend Code: 1977-1799-4271
Game: Guitar Hero 3 (I have Aerosmith, I just don't play it that often)
Difficulty: Expert

Oh, and don't come to me or any of the Moderators if somebody disconnected on you during a match, ask them (politely) in a PM why they disconnected before assuming things. If they disconnected because you were beating them, oh well, they are sore losers. So don't come to the mods for this, they have enough problems to deal with.