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06-08-2005, 04:33 PM
I just got given a Different Dimention Capsule which i am very pleased about.....

In case you havne heard of its effect it is:

Select one card from your deck and remove it from play face down. The face down card will stay face down untill the second turn after this card has been played. On the second turn the selected card is added to your hand.

I have no idea if any of you guys have heard of this card but it is a must for many decks for obvious reasons.

What are your thaughts about it?

06-13-2005, 05:14 AM

sure, it's useful... RARELY... read the entire card carefully

Select 1 card from your Deck and remove it from play face-down. During your 2ND STANDBY PHASE after activation, DESTROY THIS CARD and add the removed card to your hand.

Ok... scenario:

Your turn:

- Activate DDCapsule, search for Envoy of Beginning

Opponent's turn:

- opponent activates MST to destroy DDCapsule
- you activate Magic Jammer
- opponent activates Heavy Storm
- you activate Judgement of Anubis

Your turn:

- DDCapsule stays, nothing yet happens

opponent's turn:

- opponent activates Giant Trunade
- you activate Cursed Seal of Forbidden Spell
- opponent summons Abyss Soldier, discards Sinister Serpent, targets DDCapsule

Sure, those are purely situational, but remember, DDCapsule HAS TO STAY alive like Swords of Revealing Light for its effect to continue. If it's removed, you just wasted your card. Let's see what cards can destroy your "ulitmate searcher":

- Giant Trunade
- Mystical Space Typhoon
- Heavy Storm
- Mobius the Frost Monarch
- Dust Tornado
- Spell Canceller
- Silent Swordsman LVL 7
- Abyss Soldier
- Cliff the Trap Remover
- Unholy Calamity (Acts like Mirror Force and Heavy Storm in one, except you don't destroy monsters)
- and many mooooore...

overall, sure it's a nice searcher, heck there are no restrictions, unlike Sangan, Witch, and others... but the staying in play effect makes it very risky... maybe one comment you'd like to counter my statement is: "What are the chances that my opponent would have a card that can destroy a spell card in play? It's just for 2 turns." Well, if you're playing with people who are not meta-gamers; a.k.a serious players with decks with 10+ ultra-rare/super rare cards in it, like Chaos, Water, Zombie, Dragon, Fire, Warrior, etc... it maybe useful if your opponent has a few good cards, maybe a crappy fan deck, but otherwise, duel a person who won a tournament. Go ahead, try it... I'd rate it a 4.5/10.

Besides, look at the decks nowadays, who are serious players, and those who have posted their decks here.... have you seen anyone with it?

proof that it's not great...


put in Graceful Charity/Pot of Greed/Goblin Housekeeping. It's much better =P

k tnx bye =P ^^

06-13-2005, 09:38 AM
I own two copies of Different Dimension Capsule, and while I don't consider it a staple, I do think it can be very useful in the right deck. Sure there are plenty of ways your opponent could destroy it so you lose the card you wanted, but the trick is to select a card which is helpful, but not essential. I sometimes use it as a bluff to make my opponent waste his/her card destruction cards.

06-13-2005, 04:13 PM
I mainly use it to get one of my red eyes black chicks from my deck in order to summon Red Eyes B. Dragon without having to tribute my other useful monsters.

06-14-2005, 05:58 AM
I got 2 copies that I use to summon monsters like Blue-Eyes, or Summoned Skull. Then I tribute them to my Maju Garzett.

06-23-2005, 10:03 PM
Use it to get cards that aren't a necesity like if your'e winning and want an equip card. S/T usage is up so be careful

Prism Knight - Dan
06-26-2005, 07:37 PM
To Sudowoodo:
Why the heck are you NOT using Masked Dragon to grab your Red-Eyes B. Chick? Perhaps, if you are using Different Dimension Capsule, you should at least try using it to fetch the big guy himself, eh?

Anyways, I like DDC, but it DEFINITELY is not staple material, you should only try using it if you REALLY think you'll need it, but for most of the cards in which you'd really need to quickly grab from your deck, there are other alternatives.

I guess thought that if you're REALLY desperate to use DDC, you could always throw in a copy of Magic Reflector, I mean, at least that way your opponent has to use up TWO forms of Spell/Trap destruction in order to get rid of your Capsule.

To Jet:
DDC isn't destroyed by Spell Canceller or Silent Swordsman LV7, they merely negate its effect so that the chosen card isn't added to your hand once those two turns have expired, although the chosen card CAN still be added to your hand if either of these monsters are destroyed BEFORE DDC expires.

You do realise though that DDC is a decent option for FORCING your opponent to waste their Spell/Trap destruction resources, as you could simply use it as a complete dead target for them, and they won't even know, lol. Simply choose a card which you either MAY not need, or can't use any more altogether, and you've got yourself a decoy, ^_^

Also, Giant Trunade will only cause you to lose the chosen card, it doesn't destroy DDC, and so you're still free to use it a second time if the need arises.

This said though, I still wouldn't recommend the use of Different Dimension Capsule unless you have a vital card in your deck which doesn't offer any other options in terms of being searched for.