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08-22-2008, 04:52 AM
K so when i got diamond i started with turtwig and beat the game then use piplup and beat the game so now i got pearl what is a good pearl team with Chimchar as starter

08-22-2008, 09:36 AM
This is what I did, and used, to clear my Diamond. This team can be used in both Diamond and/or Pearl for a sort of speed through.

~Chimchar > Infernape = = I waited for CHIMCHAR to level to 41 before I let mine evolve.
Grass Knot Nasty Plot Flamethrower Slack Off

Chimchar and Monferno both get Slack Off. Only Chimchar will learn Nasty Plot through levelling.

~Happiny > Blissey (from Hearthome; hatches at about 11000 steps)
Ice Beam Charge Beam Heal Bell Softboiled

Ice Fang Slack Off* Roar Earthquake

*Paired my Infernape with a Hippopotas (female) to get the Slack Off Egg move.

Surf Agility Ice Fang Baton Pass*

*bred Buizel with a male Girafarig.

Double-Hit Crunch Baton Pass Amnesia*

*bred a higher level male Bibarel with a Girafarig for the Amnesia Egg move.

~Riolu > Lucario (from the Iron Island quest)
[list] Swords Dance Shadow Claw Stone Edge Close Combat

Again, this is what I used for story mode. These movesets on my own versions of these species have since been altered.

As an example: I replaced Girafarig with a Sneasel for later runs.