View Full Version : I need to get Mike Nolan of the SF 49ers fired!

08-23-2008, 06:11 PM
To my fellow 49er fans. Well, Adolf Hitler
unfortunately has invaded Mike Nolan's body. Mike Nolan has lost it as the San
Francisco coach. What I read today in the Chronicle has sent a chill down my
body. Nolan has lost all sense of reality as he will keep JT O Sullivan out
there no matter what. That is not a sane coach ladies and gentleman. What Nolan
has done to Alex Smith, that's inhumane. Unfortunately, due to my viewpoint, I
have been booted off 49er forums so I am going to dedicate myself to go on 49er
blogs and urge for one thing, people. People, we can fight back on this. We can
get Nolan removed as our coach. He has to be removed, or this team is going to
move to Los Angeles. I am serious now, this is not a joke. MIke Nolan is going
to ruin this franchise. We need to get Mr. Nolan fired right away. So, I am
asking the following: If you go to a 49ers game, boo at Nolan and chant Fire
Nolan. Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan. FIre Nolan.
Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan. Or do not buy or renew your ticket. We need a local 49er
blackout, just put the team on the radio. What's wrong with radio? Radio is a
great thing to listen to. The 49ers don't deserve to be on local TV so please
urge for a local blackout by not attending a 49er game until Mike Nolan is fired
or if you have to go, or know a friend, please, chant Fire Nolan. Fire Nolan.
Fire Nolan. We can fight back people. We got the power to get our 49ers back.
Please 49er fans, we need to be saved from MIKE NOLAN. Fire Nolan! Thank

Signed, 28 year dedicated fan to the proud San Francisco 49ers franchise

Please pass this along to 49er blogs, 49er forums because I am being censored. Thank you.

George Jefferson
08-24-2008, 03:13 PM
Do I smell forum raids? ;D