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08-25-2008, 01:43 AM
draco meteor,dragon pulse,hydro pump,flamethrower

With great Special attack,choice specs and STAB with draco meteor and dragon pulse, Specsmence idea is to kill or cause major damage to lead pokes. Also with cases like yanmega and bronzong, i have the element of surprise cuz my opponent suspects your normal everyday Salamence!

outrage,EQ,stone edge,crunch

Man he is fast! He is a grat late game sweeper with STAB outrage, and earthquake. With a jolly nature he outruns nearly anything!

dark pulse,focus punch,substitute,ice beam

They never suspect the boah! I wait for the perfect moment to switch in Boah, substitute and then kill everything.With great type coverage i can sweep sweepers, break down walls, while my sub absorbs attacks and status moves, GREAT BLISSEY COUNTER!!!

Jirachi bold
wish,protect,doom desire,psychic

Its always the little ones that tear you up!Doom Desire,wish,protect or switch, works like a charm! With Stab psychic and a hightened chance of lowering special defence, he is the ideal tank.Wish support is ideal for my team!

Metagross adament
bullet punch,earthquake,pursuit,meteor mash

Deoxys-S worse nightamare! Switch in on a toxic and puruit is always a OHKO. Bulky and strong, with recoverable ability is a great way to deal with tanks. Bullet puncha and meteor mash also get STAB.

Bronzong careful
gyro ball,trick room,EQ,hypnosis

The universal wall, gyro ball is a ONHKO on weaville all day, and a serious problem to Deoxys S and gengar and azelf, and everything else fast! Trick room is metagross and Tyraniboah's best friend. Supporter, tanker and wall, Whats not to love?

Plz give me all your thouhts, i dont get better if you dont give me your full opinion!

Viva la Gofre
08-25-2008, 09:52 AM
Unless you have nothing but 252/252 spreads, it's very difficult to work out EVs from stats, so could you edit out the stat lines and replace them with EV spreads please?