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Fierce Deity
08-30-2008, 08:00 PM
Alright, the rules to this can be found here: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2430885#post2430885

Once again, credit goes to Team Uber for the idea and Smogon for the outline.

And for those who need some clarification, I'll post an example I posted on Team Uber:



Yanmega @ Focus Sash / Wide Lens / Expert Belt
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
- Protect
- Bug Buzz
- Air Slash
- Hypnosis / HP Ground / HP Ice

Just your very standard Yanmega. Works incredibly as a lead, or as a Revenge Killer so long as you have a Rapid Spinner around. Protect for Scouting. The last slot however goes by your own preference. HP Ice does well against Dragons, Gliscor, and Zapdos - who resists both STAB moves. HP Ground, however, will OHKO Heatran and Magnezone if Expert Belt is attached and if Heatran / Magnezone doesn't have any unusual EVs.

CB Mega

Yanmega @ Choice Band
252 Atk / 6 Def / 252 Spe
- Night Slash
- Pursuit
- U-turn / Bug Bite
- Ancient Power / Aerial Ace

This set may not work well seeing that Yanmega has 76 base attack, but Choice Band may achieve its purpose. With Choice Band, Yanmega's attack reaches 414, which apparently is still lower than Rhyperior's max attack. Night Slash is for those ghosts who resist one of Yanmega's STAB moves. Pursuit is all about prediction; try sending Yanmega in on Alakazam and use Pursuit. I will show some calcs, but not atm. U-turn and Bug Bite both OHKOs Azelf. Bug Bite allows you to use your opponent's item. So that is primarily based on your likings as to which move you'd prefer. Aerial Ace is an instant KO on Heracross and Infernape.

First set on Smogon's database are being used for each Pokemon.

Aerial Ace:
Heracross: 177.98% - 209.48%

Infernape: 103.75% - 122.18%

Machamp: 72.14% - 84.64%

Roserade: 141.22% - 166.03%

Abomasnow: 105.61% - 124.30%

Azelf: 123.02% - 144.67%

Celebi: 122.52% - 144.31%

Slowbro: 47.40% - 55.99%


Yanmega @ Leftovers
248 HP / 224 Def / 38 SpA
- Roost
- Air Slash
- Hypnosis / Protect / Whirlwind
- Bug Buzz / HP Ground / HP Ice

Quite the bulky Yanmega, indeed. This particular set can come into Stealth Rock twice thanks to Roost. With the given EV Spread it reaches 375, which'll make it live on two switch-ins. While having that positve side affect, Yanmega can survive quite the number of physical attackes from common threats. Roost is there of course to heal you and make it last as long as possible [you may want a Rapid Spinner on the team, anyways]. Air Slash should always be there for STAB and fighters. This set makes a good CB/CS Heracross counter, so long as you don't switch in on a Stone Edge. It's your choice as to what would fit into the third slot, but I went with Hypnosis. Go with Whirlwind if you have Stealth Rock, Spikes, and/or Toxic Spikes in play. The priority of Whirlwind is not one to be proud of, however. Bug Buzz is there for Celebi, Azelf, etc. who tend to pose a potential threat to Yanmega without it. HP Ground is of course to stop Yanmega from being walled by Steel types such as Heatran and Magnezone. HP Ice can be there for those dragons.

These are as follows and in order: Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Ice Fang:

CB Adamant Weavile w/252 Atk EVs: 83.73% - 98.67%

CB Adamant Mamoswine w/252 Atk EVs: 77.07% - 90.67%

Life Orb Adamant Gyarados w/252 Atk EVs [1 DD]: 64.80% - 76.27%

Life Orb Adamant Gyarados w/252 Atk EVs [2 DD]: 86.13% - 101.33%


Yanmega @ Leftovers
208 HP / 48 SpA / 252 Spe
- Toxic
- Roost / Hypnosis
- Protect
- Air Slash / HP Ground / Bug Buzz

Given 252 Spe EVs, you'll outspeed all base 80 speed Pokemon without a Speed Boost. Toxic 'em up and Protect to stall. Hypnosis can be an option since Poison and Steel types resist Toxic. Roost is there, obviously, to regain your health whenever you feel it necessary to do so. The fourth slot is all about your tastes and past experience with competitive battling. Air Slash is for opposing Yanmegas, Infernapes, Heracross, etc. HP Ground to prevent Steels from walling you [No matter how many EVs in SpA you do, you can't OHKO heatran with HP Ground while having Bold]. Bug Buzz is for Grass, Psychics, and Darks.

Other options

To be honest, Yanmega has a good Special movepool, so there's really not too much of an alternative for the CB set. Yanmega does have access to Psychic and Shadow Ball, which can, in fact, come in handy. HP Fire is outclassed by HP Ground and Air Slash since they basically cover what HP Fire covers. HP Electric can be put to good use against Gyarados and friends. Reversal can take care of Blissey and Snorlax, but due to Yanmega's average base attack, it doesn't play much of a good role.


Not too much you can do here with Yanmega's EVs. You can invest more EVs into Def and HP if you must for the bulky set. But when you so so, be sure Yanmega's final HP stat will be an odd number so it can survive two switch-ins on Stealth Rock.


For the first, third, and last set, Blissey can easily wall this team. For the ToxiStall set, Blissey only has to switch to get rid of Toxic. Not to mention that some Blissey carry BoltBeam. Snorlax and Regice can too counter Yanmega. The last two carry Sleep Talk, so Hypnosis isn't a problem. Skarmory and Heatran both are resistant to Yanmega's Bug type. While Magnezone resists its Air type. So be careful when using any Choice Band/Scarf sets.

Fierce Deity
08-30-2008, 08:18 PM

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08-30-2008, 09:42 PM
Well this is very interesting.

This is my physical Heatran


Heatran@Choice Band
Adamant/Lonely nature
Evs:252 Attack/252 Speed/4 Hp
Flash Fire Ability
-Fire Fang/Fire Blast
-Stone Edge
-Earthquake/Iron Head.

I just noticed about a week ago Heatrans Physicall sweeping aspect. With the 252 Attack and a posotive nature Heatran has 306 Attack and with a Choice band that goes up to about 459. Heatran can't get W-O-W by Dusknior or Weezing and can fire blast weezing to leave a nice dent in him. Crunch OHKO's Gengar and Crunch usually 2HKO's Dusknoir.

Choose your nature depending on if you want Fire Blast or not. I have seen like no Skarms around so it isn't needed really unless you want.But you can always think about Tangrowth and Leafeon who are great physical defense pokes.

You really want to AIM for 25+ Hp because Heatrans nice HP can help with a sweep and to support him later on. Defenses are not needed really Attack and Speed always want max and Special Attack depends on fire blast or not again.

All the ones are the only physicall moves I saw that would work well on Heatran. You might want to keep earthquake over Iron head for the other Heatran you outrun :D

The EV spread is standard as hell but allows you to outrun specs tran and kill them with EARTHQUAKE.

You can use life orb if wanted but I think Choice band would work way better because of the 459 Attack Stat.

I will edit counters later I do not have much time now :P

08-30-2008, 11:35 PM
Ok so Wigglytuff is pretty cool and can do some great stuff......

Wish Wiggly
Bold Nature [+ Defense, -Attack]
Iv's: 31/x/31/25+/31/x
Evs: 252 Special Defense/ 252 Defense/ 4 Hp
Cute Charm Ability
~Thunder Wave
~Ice Beam/ Hidden Power Ground/ Fire Blast

This Wiggly is tuff and Bulky. 252 Special Defense and Defense because with 4 Hp Ev's it still has an amazing 421 Hp stat.

Here are some damage calcs I did to show Wigglytuffs capabilities.

AgilaGross 252 Attack stab'd Meteor Mash
50.24% - 59.24%

ScarfTran 252 Special Attack Fire Blast
60.90% - 71.56%

ScarfChomp's Outrage
58.53% - 68.96%

Mix-ape Close Combat
82.23% - 96.68%

CB Dugtrio Earthquake
52.84% - 62.09%

The Ev's given work great. Look at the examples above I do not need to say much.

Bold nature is needed if you want to live longer from Scarf Chomp and Nape who hurt teams badly.

Wow what a Moveset. It's like a Wish Bliss but less Hp and cooler :D. Anyways with the moves given all support moves allow team help and thunder wave slows down all sweeping threats except for Chomp and Dugtrio and such...
Hp Ground allows Heatran and Infernape eat it Ice beam revenges Chomp and trio and fire blast is just good.

Are all needed to be like that. If you can get 31 Special Attack go you :D

Nothing can truly counter this. bulky enough to take hits form some of the best in the game and can take damage off. Only true things that hurt it are things like CB ape, machamp, and most fighting types.

Fierce Deity
09-01-2008, 05:37 AM
So you're telling me no one besides Sean and I can come up with sets of our own...? That's quite sad.

Sam Coyle
09-01-2008, 08:50 AM
So you're telling me no one besides Sean and I can come up with sets of our own...? That's quite sad.

You know I'm coming up with something right ? D:

09-01-2008, 09:11 AM
Just wondering, why isn't Tinted Lens Yanmega listed as one of its sets. Or is it not good enough to be listed? A mod/me can delete this if its spam :P

Fierce Deity
09-01-2008, 03:57 PM
Yeah, I know you are, Sam. :P

And I started the post off with one of Smogon's sets for Yanmega, crazy. Just so happened that set was chosen. :P Now I will delete this post in a few hours since this isn't where questions/answers belong.

Sam Coyle
09-01-2008, 07:04 PM


Roserade @ Focus Sash/Life Orb
Hasty Nature [+Speed, -Defense]
IVs: 25+/31/x/30/25+/30 HP Fire 70
EVs: 252 Atk/84 SpA/172 Speed
Ability: Natural Cure

- Swords Dance
- Poison Jab
- Razor Leaf
- Hidden Power [Fire]/[Electric]/[Ground]/

Swords Dancing Mixed Roserade. =0. This thing is deadly. Send it in on something that hates Rosey, they switch to their Special Wall while you Swords Dance up, and then you Hidden Power on the physical wall switch. Fire for Skarm, Ground for Tran/Zone, Ice for Dragons and Electric for Gyara. Something huh ? Here are some calcs I whipped up:

Damage calcs (Held Item: Focus Sash)
HP [Fire] on Skarmory: 53.29%-62.57%
HP [Ground] on Heatran (6 HP): 78.4%-92.28%
HP [Ice] on Salamence (6 HP): 96.39%-113.25%
HP [Ice] on Garchomp (6 HP): 85.20%-100.28%
w/Yache Berry: 42.60%-50.14%
HP [Electric] on Bulky Gyarados: 69.35%-81.56%
+2 Poison Jab on +Def Blissey (252 HP/252 Def): 44.54%-52.38%
+2 Poison Jab on +Def Celebi (252 HP/220 Def): 64.60%-75.99%
+2 Razor Leaf on +Def Swampert (252 HP/252 Def): 93.56%-110.15%

Damage calcs (Held Item: Life Orb)
HP [Fire] on Skarmory: 69.16%-81.44%
HP [Ground] on Heatran (6 HP): 102.16%-120.06%
HP [Ice] on Salamence (6 HP): 125.30%-147.29%
HP [Ice] on Garchomp (6 HP): 110.61%-130.17%
w/Yache Berry: 55.31%-65.06%
HP [Electric] on Bulky Gyarados: 90.13%-105.97%
+2 Poison Jab on +Def Blissey (252 HP/252 Def): 57.84%-68.07%
+2 Poison Jab on +Def Celebi (252 HP/220 Def): 83.91%-98.76%
+2 Razor Leaf on +Def Swampert (252 HP/252 Def): 121.78%-143.32%

And you will need to change the IV goal depending on what Hidden Power type you want.

Growth Spurt
Roserade @ Focus Sash/Life Orb
Timid Nature [+Speed, -Attack]
IVs: 25+/x/25+/30/25+/30 HP Fire 70
EVs: 6 HP/252 SpA/252 Speed
Ability: Natural Cure

- Growth
- Energy Ball/Grass Knot
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fire]/[Electric]/[Ground]/[Ice]

GrowthRose. :o This can do a nice late game sweep if it's used properly. =]
Growth is the obvious move, boosting Roserade's SpA by 1 level. Energy Ball and Grass Knot will be your STAB, Grass Knot will be hitting the OU beasts such as Tyranitar, Milotic, Swampert, Hippowdon and more harder. But Energy Ball can hit Starmie and Vaporeon for more damage. Shadow Ball is for Ghosts. And the Hidden Power situation is the same as the Swords Dance set. Here are more damage calcs:

Damage calcs (Held Item: Focus Sash; all calculations have a +1 SpA stat factored in)

HP [Fire] on Skarmory: 90.12%-105.99%
HP [Ground] on Heatran (6 HP): 132.41%-155.56%
HP [Electric] on Bulky Gyarados: 116.88%-137.66%
HP [Ice] on Salamence (6 HP): 162.95%-191.57%
HP [Ice] on Garchomp (6 HP): 143.85%-169.27%
w/Yache Berry: 71.92%-84.63%
Energy Ball on Milotic: 88.12%-103.59%
w/Light Screen: 43.92%-51.93%
Grass Knot on Milotic (these calcs will not be displayed with percentages, just damage): 397-466
w/Light Screen: 198-233
Shadow Ball on Dusknoir (252 HP/176 SpD, neutral nature): 59.18%-69.73%

Damage calcs (Held Item: Life Orb; all calculations have a +1 SpA stat factored in)
HP [Fire] on Skarmory: 117.07%-137.72%
HP [Ground] on Heatran (6 HP): 171.91%-202.47%
HP [Electric] on Bulky Gyarados: 151.95%-178.96%
HP [Ice] on Salamence (6 HP): 211.75%-249.10%
HP [Ice] on Garchomp (6 HP): 186.87%-219.83%
w/Yache Berry: 93.44%-109.92
Energy Ball on Milotic: 114.36%-134.81%
w/Light Screen: 57.18%-67.40%
Grass Knot on Milotic (these calcs will not be displayed with percentages, just damage): 516-605
w/Light Screen: 257-302
Shadow Ball on Dusknoir (252 HP/176 SpD): 77.21%-90.82%

Like the Swords Dance set, change your IV goal depending on what Hidden Power you want.

Other Options
Roserade really has nothing else left for the Swords Dance set. Return has a base 102 power so that can be worth considering, but Grass hits more things for super effective obviously. You can use Natural Gift with a certain berry over the Hidden Powers. If you use Natural Gift over Hidden Power though, don't aim for a goal on Hidden Power and use a Jolly nature.

For the Special set, Sludge Bomb and Extrasensory are considerable over Shadow Ball. If you have Sun support, you can use Weather Ball over HP [Fire], but don't use Weather Ball if you want to use a different Hidden Power.

Roserape - Max Atk is fairly obvious really. 84 SpA is to [I]guarantee a 2HKO on Skarm and the rest is dumped into Speed. If you want, you can take away 8 EVs from Atk or SpA and put them in Speed to make 285; the Speed needed to outrun any non-Scarfed base 80 Poke. Note that 8 EVs is for HP Fire which gives an IV of 30. You will only need to add 4 Speed EVs if you pick any of the other Hidden Power types.

Growth Spurt - Simple Special Sweeper spread. Nothing to it.

Bronzong is a very good counter to the Roserape set, being 4-5HKOd by even Hidden Power Fire. Dusknoir can fire Will-o'-Wisps and take little damage, though it wouldn't really like a +2 Razor Leaf crit. Anything that can resist it's attack combination and can fire a powerful attack counters Roserape.

Blissey and Snorlax are the most worthy counters for the Growth set. Regice is also a pain in the grass.

09-01-2008, 07:11 PM
Probopass is very unknown in the any Metagame today infact I have never battled one in my life. It's defense power and Ability can give it a fighting chance.

Bulky Trapper
Bold Nature [+Defense, -Attack]
Evs: 252 Hp/ 96 Special Attack/ 162 Special Defense.
Magnet Pull Ability
~Stealth Rock
~Thunder Wave
~Thunder Bolt
~Earth Power

This Probopass is like a mini Magenzone except bulkier and not nearly as much power. Being able to survive some hits will be a problem but it's purpose is to maybe get rid of Magnezone and Aggron who can get you :P you can also attack other mons who lack some attacks against this guy.

Here are some damage calcs. I did for this sucker.

Earth Power on these pokes....
Sweep Magnezone (252 Special Attack 252 Speed)
91.13% - 107.09%

Bulky Magnezone (Steel trapper)
79.32% - 93.21%

Aggron (All sets run 252 hp except for CB set...)
102.62% - 120.64%

Thunder Bolt Calcs.

Bulky Gyarados
64.42% - 75.84%

Life orb Gyarados
71.06% - 83.67%

49.40% - 58.08%

Damage calcs for attacks hitting this guy......

Bulky Gyara Waterfall +0 Attack
48.77% - 57.41%

Magnezone Thunderbolt
33.64% - 39.51%

Well those are some calcs against it I will do some more later.

Everything should stay the same. Earth Power and Thunder Bolt allow Probo to it the things it is trying to trap. Thunder wave and stealth rock provide team support and slow Magnezone, Skarm, and Gyarados and allow you to hit them first.

Made them up myself. With bold nature and 0 Defense Iv's you get 358 Defense still. You could throw the 96 from special attack into defense if you wanted but then those calcs would be useless :[

All fighting and ground pokes counter this thing. Sad but true.

You want to aim for 31 in all the stats I stated if you want a living chance.

Fierce Deity
09-13-2008, 02:52 PM
I'm reserving this post for Celebi.