View Full Version : Need a 6th for my team

09-12-2008, 03:08 AM
okk workin on a new team and this is wat i have so far

TTar - might lead this guy? @ leftovers
quiet nature
252hp 196 Satt 60att

focus punch

Garchomp - sweeper @ yache berry
adamant nature
252spd 252att 4hp

swords dance
dragon claw/outrage cant decide
firefang/stone edge cant decide

Hippowdon - possible lead? @ leftovers
impish nature
252hp 16att 152def 88Sdef

slack off
stealthrock/roar rock if lead roar if not need help?

Dusknoir - wall @ leftovers
impish nature
252hp 100def 156Sdef


Infernape - mixer @ ????
naive nature
232spd 252Satt 28att

close combat

ok i plan to either lead with hippy or ttar to get a sandstorm goin for chomp and then i can swtch him in and get a dance off farely safely given his 20% evasion chance and then sweep wat i can with that sweet attack i cant decide between outrage/dclaw just cus of the lockdown and confuse outrage causes but the dmg is o sooo amazing and i cant decide between firefang/stone edge because i dont hav any rock moves for flyers and such.. but firefang would take out his counters like weavile and def steels. on hippo its just a matter of using him first or not.. if i dont hav him in first i dont really see the point of settin up a stealth rocks with him because roar is a more usefull move alowing me to stop my oponents set up and i really need help with my last poke i feel like i hav a gyardos weakness and was thinkin of a spinnin starmie?? or get a suicide leader to get in a stealth rocks or even get a ninjask to bp some speed to tyranitar well any advice would be super sweet lol thanks..