View Full Version : Need 6th team member!

Vlad The Impaler
09-17-2008, 08:02 PM
I cba to write out stats and all so here is my team.

At the moment I have:

Starmie--Modest--Expert Belt--EVs 252 Sp.attack 252 Speed 6 HP
Surf/Phychic/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt

Porygon-Z--Timid--Power Herb--EVs 252Sp.attack 252 Speed 6 HP
Tri Attack/Ice Beam/Charge Beam/Solarbeam

Weavile--Jolly--Facus Sash--EVs 252 Attack 252 Speed 6 HP
Night Slash/Ice Punch/Aerial Ace/Brick Break

Probopass (ace tank!!)--Calm--Leftovers--EVs 252 Sp.attack 252 Sp.Defense 6 HP
Flash Cannon/Earth Power/Stealth Rock/Explosion

Gallade--Adamant--Choice Scarf--EVs 252 Attack 252 Speed 6 HP
Phycho Cut/Close Combat/Leaf Blade/Stone Edge

Any suggestions?

Master Aqua
09-17-2008, 08:48 PM
I cba to write out stats and all so here is my team.

At the moment I have:




Probopass (ace tank!!)


Any suggestions?

you need to post items, move sets, nature and evs.Also probaas is an ubglynose that faces that 4X weakness to steeland fighting types whever it gose.

Dark Turtwig
09-17-2008, 10:07 PM
I would Suggest Dusknoir. He is a great wall, and he can learn the elemental punches of moves, and pain split! You also have a bit of a weakness to fighting there. Weavile, and Probopass have a 4x weakness to it. Any Machamp that uses Cross Chop on you, two of your pokemon are dead. Fighting does'nt affect Ghost, so, that's one plus. I mean, my Dusknoir has 405 Defense, and 369 Special Defense. It can take a Shadow Ball from the average Gengar.