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06-12-2005, 01:20 PM
The trainer named Bob.

Ok, here I, ball trainer from new bark town am. I donít have friends who travel with me. Well I have a few in my hometown, but they donít even have Pokemon. Well, I am 13, I wear a green cape, and a black t-shirt, and black pants with many pockets. I have five Pokemon. The silent Grovyle. The strong Poliwrath. So as my shocking Manetric, Flygon, the flying dragon. And my loyal starter Houndoom.

I am in Goldenrod right now. My Flygon, Poliwrath, and Grovyle are at day-care. I left them at day-care, because, when I went to Goldenrod, I was tired from the long trip through the forest. And so as my Pokemon, so, when I walked past the day-care I just left my most tired Pokemons in there. They even said, that they would teach Grovyle a new move. But in this moment I am standing on the main street of Goldenrod. I am standing between the high buildings, and gallons of people. The city smells like fast food, and no wonders, they are being sold on every corner. But then a short man wearing red shirt, and, and green shorts sees me, looks at a photography, and approaches closer to me. Though he is short (shorter than me), he doesnít look like a kid, or a teen, he looks like an adult. After a few seconds he is next to me, and starts a conversation.

Hello, my name is Bob, Ball, I suppose, said Bob in an applied voice, even though he was smiling a bit. I didnít knew him, so I was astonished. Its not normal, that a man, which you donít know, just comes next to you, and talks to you, like he would know me.

Yes, it is meÖ but what do you want from me, I asked a little nervously. And well, I was a little nervous, because, who knows, maybe I have done something. Something wrong, which can get me in trouble.

Well, you have captured the Electrike, witch bothered a lot of people here, and most important, you have met a guy from the game corner, and cough him in his crime. Oh, I am going to the gym, do you want to join me? You are skilled as a trainer, and I want, you to help me solving the game corner crime, If you will do it, I will give you a reward for helping me. Bob replied to my question, still keeping his little smile.

Ok, but why do you go to the gym? Are you aiming at the Pokemon league? I asked intrigued. I didnít understand a lot, because, he just said, he wants me to help him, about some crime, but now he wants to challenge a gym.

No, no. I just want to know something about the Game corner. Said Bob, and kicked a rock.

Can I challenge the gym, while we will be there? I asked. Well, I asked this, because I want to challenge the league (ok, well everybody does), but still, I needed the badge.

Nope, no time, said bob, you will be able to do it later. I was a little disappointed after this answer, but still, I wanted to get the prize for helping him.

We walked trough the huge city pretty fast. The streets where cobbled with bricks. The bricks on the ground were red. Small wind was blowing, and the sky wasnít cloudy. Some people were battling on the streets, some just doing theyíre own business. We werenít talking. He seemed to be thinking about something. We went past the haircut brothers shop. There were a lot of humans in there, because a lot of people want that their Pokemon look cool. Then we turned right. Emediantly after the turning, I saw the gym. It was huge. It looked real cool. The windows were shiny, and the walls gray. We tried to go in, but a man in front of the gym didnít let us to.

Bob asked the man, who was standing in front of the door, and not letting us in: let me in. I need to meet the leader of this gym.

Only for battle. Said the guard, in a monotonous voice. He didnít cared about us, he was just doing his own job.

Oh common, I have a serious talking with the leader. Bob dint gave up. He had lost his smile.

I can battle the leader. I said in hopes, that the guard would let us in.

No, I will battle said Bob, this is my case, and I will solve it myself, you can do it tomorrow. Ok not myself alone, but still, I will be the one, who will battle.

Ok, said the silent guard. I guess, that he wasnít aloud to let anyone in, in the gym, if they arenít willing to battle.

The guard let us in, and leaded to a room. The gym from inside looked even more impressing, than from outside. Though it looked a bit foggy. It was a bit chilly to. There were a lot of flowers in the gym. I wondered, how can they survive in this cold circumstances, and without much sunlight.

The silent one opened the door, and a huge battling field was reveled. There was a line crossing the field, and a Pokeball was droved in the middle. There was an outlet in the opposite side of the field in the shadow. The outlet came out of the shadows, and it was a girl. The girl has a brown red hair. She is thin, and is kind of tall. She wears a white shirt and a white pants.

Battle two against two, no time limit. Start, shouted the silent guard.

Looked that the shouting is real hard to the guard. I think that his neck hurts, but no one knows.

The battle started. The girl named Whitney sanded out a Miltank. The huge cow started with a huge mmmmmiiiiiillllllllttttttt call, witch was pretty low, and long. Bob sanded out a Hitmonchan. The boxer didnít said anything.

Miltank, rollout, shouted the leader.

The cow looked at her trainers eyes, prepared. The preparing, looked, like the cow would be taking a big breath, and aiming her opponent. The cow started to roll. It rolled faster and faster. You werenít able even to see who was doing the attack. No legs, no body, just something rolling. The rolling object started to roll at Himonchans side.

Hitmonchan jump, and use ice punch, yelled Bob.

The Hitmonchan immediately understood the trainers order. The boxer Pokemon jumped, but not high. When the cow tank was under the Hitmonchan, Hitmonchans fist became icy, and punched the rolling object.

The Miltank became a ball of ice. The poor cow rolled right in to the wall. The ice smashed trough the wall, and Miltank seemed really hurt.

Miltank, Miltank, are you ok, get up. Screamed Whitney.

Miltank started to move. The poor cow was exhausted, and cold. But it wasnít fainted. It tried to get up.

Mach punch now, while the Miltank is week.

Immediately, after the attack order was given, the Hitmonchan started to run weary quickly. After a second he wasnít even seen able. That was really scary it looked like the big boxer has disappeared. But that wasnít for long, after few seconds Hitmonchan appeared from nowhere, and punched the poor Miltank.

Finish him with comet punch, happily said Bob.

Hitmonchan started punching the poor Miltank with really fast, and strong punches.

Miltank flinched in pain, and closed her eyes. After that she wasnít reacting to anything, she was fainted.

Miltank, return, sadly said Whitney.

She looked at the Pokeball, and sadly said poor Miltank, you did all you could. Thanks for your effort. She carefully putted the Pokeball in her belt, and took out another ball. The ball was golden.

She looked at it and said: do your best, and please do what I say too.

She threw the ball, and shouted: go Chansey.

The ball hutted the ground, and opened. A Pokemon, witch looked like an egg come out. It was the rare and powerful Chansey.

It shouted: chans, Chhhhhhhaaaaaaaannnnnsssseeeyyyy. This Pokemons voice wasnít that deep and low, It was a happy and joyful high tone cry.

Whitney ordered Chansey: Use return.

She heared the order, but she didnít wanted to do anything. Chansey didnít even try to use the attack. The lucky egg Pokemon just looked to Whitney.

Comet punch, said Bob in hopes, that this battle would be as easy, as the previous with Miltank.

Hitmonchan jumped, and landed in front of the Chansey. It started punching the poor luck, but Chansey knocked Hitmonchan back. It looked like a counter.

Then the lucky egg Pokemonís egg started to glow. It glowed brighter, and brighter, until a light flash happened. Chansey recovered from the flash. Then Chanseys eyes started to glow red. The air wowed, like it was hot. Then the Hitmonchan started to glow in blue color. He floated up in the air, and then flied rite to the wall with huge power.

Hitmonchan is unable to battle, said the quiet guard.

Bob took his second Pokeball, threw it, and said: go Snorlax.

The Pokeball opened, and a big, and fat creature come out. The creature was sleeping and snoring awfully loud.

Chansey return, please do what I say, just once, said Whitney, in hopes, that this time Chansey is going to do what she says.

Chansey punched Snorlax rite in to its face. The punch was really weak, but it woke Snorlax up.

Snorlax was angry, for the disturbance of its sleep. It rolled on Chansey squashing it really hard. Snorlax fell asleep, again.

The Chansey tried to escape, the sleeping body slam from Snorlax. But it was impossible, the Snorlax was too heavy.

Whitney couldnít stand seeing Chansey being hurted so much, and said: I give up. Then she took out a Pokeball, and said: Chansey return. A beam was fired out of the ball at Chansey. It sucked her inside.

The quiet guard said: Whitney has been defeated, challenger wins.

Whitney took a badge out of her pocket: here this is theÖ

Bob replied quickly, not letting the girl finish: You can keep the badge, I donít need it, but I would be happy if you would tell me how to get below the game corner, and there should be a code, I need it to.

06-12-2005, 01:21 PM
Whitney nervously replied: why do you think I know it?

Because your old gym were really close to game corner, and when you left it, and mowed to here man from game corner mowed in there. The password cannot be changed, and you know it. Bob impenitently said.

Why do we need the password, I asked to Bob.

Because it opens a door to underground tunnel, which goes below game corner, their headquarter must be there, they are capturing Pokemon illegally for slot prizes, and the man you saw trying to capture all those Sudowudo was their leader. Now Whitney, tell the location of the entrance to the underground tunnel, and the password, Bob said.

Ok, ok the password is slowpoketail, and a ratikatetail, they use it on all of their missions, and if needed there can be other password, itís Giovanni. That game corner was rocket one, but when a boy before two years defeated them in they lost their game corner in Kanto, and also the one in Johto, witch they owned that time. And the door is second door left, first stairs.

Thank you, but by the way, are you interested in trading your Chansey for my Snorlax? It doesnít obey you anyway, Bob asked before we went away.

Well it really doesnít obey me, and I would like the Snorlax better, ok I accept the trade, Whitney replied.

They went in other room, while I was left in the field with the silent guard. I waited for a few minutes, until they come out.

Lets go, Bob said to me, with his smile back.

We went out of the gym, and turned right.

Did the trade went ok, I asked to Bob.

Yes, Bob shortly replied.

He was thinking about something. I didnít know about what, but that boy, could he be red? The champion of Kanto? The one that trains inside the silver cave, and ad he said, he will train, until he will be the best trainer ever? He was the one who defeated team rocket?

We went in to a house, with a lot of floors, and stairs. We took the first stairs, and went to the door Whitney said as to go. Bob entered the two passwords, and the door opened.

In the underground.

We went trough the door. It was too dark to see something.

Go Ampharos someone said, possibly Bob.

Flash, the same voice shouted.

A bright light flashed. A yellow Pokemon lighted up the tunnel. It was wet, and full with Spinarak. The spiders were scared of us, and hided in some kind of caves. The tunnel was in horrible condition, but we werenít the ones, who walked here first in lot of years. There were a lot of footprints on the rock floor. The footprints here werenít only human ones, There were a lot of Pokemon ones too. We started walking, until two wild Ariados attacked us.

Go Chansey, said Bob, and sanded out the Chansey.

Go Houndoom, I said, and threw Houndooms Pokeball up in the air. The ball opened, and houndoom come out of it.

Chansey Psychic, said Bob.

Houndour flamethrower, I said.

Houndoom bended his knees a bit, prepared for an attack, and then Houndour blew out a bunch of hot flames from his mouth, aiming at one of wild Ariados.

The Ariados tried to dodge, but the tunnel wasnít wide enough. The flamethrower hut him, and he burned. The huge spider started running, and he rune farer trough the tunnel, until we couldnít see him.

The second Ariados fired a spider web at my Houndour.

The tunnel was too small to dodge, so the dark puppy was jammed in the spider web.

Chansey didnít even move.

Bob kicked the egg Pokemon, and repeated the word psychic.

Chansey flinched in pain, but didnít obey.

The Ariados fired another web at the Chansey, and jammed it too.

Houndour, are you ok, I asked, get up, I said again. Go Manetric, I said, and threw out another Pokeball. An electric dog Pokemon, Manetric come out of it.

Thunder, I said to Manetric.

Thunder Ampharos, Bob said.

Both electric Pokemon immediantly fired a bright beam of lightning at the spider, and the spider was knocked right at the wall. It couldnít survive such a powerful attack. The attack was so powerful that it fainted the Ariados immediately.

We both, I and Bob released our trapped Pokemon.

I said to Houndoom and Manetric: good job you two, rest now in your Pokeballs, and sucked them both in to Pokeballs, witch I putted in my belt.

Bob kicked Chansey, and said to it: you stupid egg, obey me, and returned her in a Pokeball, witch he putted in his pocked.

We went farer through the tunnel, witch looked like a dungeon. Then we went to a door, and Bob wrote the third password, and the door opened.

Immediately, when we went in the next room, witch were full of boxes two men walked in front of as, and asked: who are you two? We donít think you are in the game corners personal.

We arenít, from your firms personal, we have come to stop your illegal Pokemon selling business, I said.

Yes, and we are going to put your leader in jail, Bob said.

We are? I asked.

Yes we are, Bob replied.

Then we are going to kick you out of here said the duo, and sanded out Ivisaur and Wartortle.

Go Manetric, I said, and threw a Pokeball, witch opened, and a Manetric appeared out from it.

Go you stupid Chansey, try not to obey to me, and I will be real bad to you, Bob said, and sanded out Chansey.

Chansey, use Psychic that Ivisaur, Bob ordered Chansey.

Manetric, use Thunder on Wartortle, I ordered Manetric.

Manetric jumped up in the air, tensed up, and fired a powerful blast with electricity at the Wartortle.

Wartortle dodge, and use hydro pump on that Manetric, one of the game corner personal said.

Wartortle jumped aside of the strike of electricity, withdraw in to his shell, and fired a really powerful strike of water at Manetric.

Manetric couldnít dodge the water cannon, and was hated rite in to the wall.

Manetric, get up, I shouted.

Manetric slowly, and tottery got up. He was real dizzy after the hit, but he gathered his strength, jumped, and bitted the Wartortle, and after the bite smashed it back with an electric shock.

Ivisaur, bind Chansey with your wine whip, sad the other game corner personal guy.

Wines started coming out from the back of the Ivisaur. They bided the poor Chansey.

Ccccchhhhaaannnssss, Chansey shouted in pain.

Stop screaming, and use Psychic on that Ivisaur.

Ccchhhaaannnnnsssss, chansey continued screaming, with its high tone voice.

What is the matter with you, you damn egg, canít you stand a little wine whips? Said Bob.

Ccchhhaaannnssss, chansey still screamed in pain of the whips.

Recall her, I said to Bob, she canít stand it.

Ok, ok I will recall that weak Chansey, Bob said, took a Pokeball out of his pocket and fired a red beam at Chansey.

The beam made Chansey red, and the ball sucked her in.

Ampharos use your fire punch that Ivisaur.

AmpharosĎs arm burned, but the burn didnít seem to inflict much pain to him. He jumped right in front of the Ivisaur, and punched him with his fiery arm. After the punch he unlashed a powerful lightning strike to the already injured Ivisaur.

06-12-2005, 01:21 PM
Ivisaur return, said the game corner employee, and aimed the beam from his Pokeball at the Ivisaur. Ivisaur was sucked in to the ball.

Manetric, use Thunder on the Wartortle, I said.

Ampharos, use Thunder on the Wartortle, Bob said.

Both Pokemon started glowing, and fired a strike of lightning in the air. The lightings joined, and fired at the Wartortle.

Wartortle couldnít dodge the electricity, because he was to confused by the thing he was seeing.

The joined lightning looked like a big, yellow bird flying at Wartortle. The bird hut the Wartortle, and the turtle flied in the air, and landed on the air fainted.

The employee returned the Wartortle, and he with the other employee rune through the door we just come in, and after a few seconds both of them was gone.

We should use that double lightning more often, I said.

Yea, we should, replied Bob.

We both walked through the tunnel farer, and went to another door. I opened the door.

We both went in to a room with a lot of cages. There were Pokemon in the cages. The room was huge. The cages were everywhere. At the other end of the room where a door.

They must be the illegal prizes, I said.

Yes, they are, and they are a lot here, Bob replied.

We went farer, but then a cage fell on Bob and his Ampharos.

Another personal man went through the door at the end of the room. He threw a Pokeball at the air, and a Kabutops come out of it. The Kabutops looked pretty ugly. It had two scythes. Itís color was brown.

The trainer said: Kabutops, attack the Manetric with your scythes.

The Kabutops tried to slash Manetric, but Manetric quickly dodged the attack.

Manetric Thunder, I said to my Pokemon.

Manetric carefully aimed at him, and then fired a strike of lightning at Kabutops.

Kabutops, block, said the game corner personal man.

Kabutops putted his scythes in a cross, in front of himself. This action blocked the attack, and the lightning didnít hurted the ancient beast at all.

Kabutops slash that Manetric, and this time hit, the trainer said.

Manetric dodge, I said.

Manetric dodged the hits of the scythes by jumping aside, but he tired shortly, because Kabutops slashed powerfully, but he aimed before each hit, and the huts happened all the time at high speed. So soon one of Kabutops hits hut Manetric.

Manetric was hurt from the hit. He fell on the floor.

Manetric, return, I said, and sucked him in a Pokeball.

Go Houndoom, I said and threw a Pokeball. A dark dog come out of the ball.

Crunch that Kabutops, I said to Houndoom.

Houndoom jumped, and bitted the ancient beast.

Now blast it back wit Flamethrower, and use smog.

The Kabutops was blasted back by fire.

Now Houndoom blow a poison cloud from his mouth.

The cloud hut Kabutops, and it fainted.

The trainer took a Pokeball from his belt, and sucked Kabutops in it. He tried to run.

Not so fast, let him out, I said, and pointed to the cage with Bob in it, or my Houndoom will roust you with his Flamethrower.

Ok, ok, the game corner employee said, took out a remote control from his pocket, and pushed a button.

The cage lifted up, and let out Bob.

Can I go, asked the scared trainer.

No, I replied, the next door, is coded, open them.

But my boss is going to kill me for it, he said.

Me to, I said.

The trainer opened the door.

There were a lot of passageways.

Take me to your boss, I said.

But, but, he replied.

Just do it, I said to him angrily.

The trainer leaded us to a cabinet. He opened the door, and let us in.

The cabinet looked really good. There were a lot of computers in it. Some cages with Pokemon in them were there too. There were a sofa in there also. Bookcases were full of books. Walls were green. And in the middle of the room was a table. Behind the table was a chair. In the chair was sitting the same trainer I met in the forest with Sudowudo.

Hello, welcome in my game corner head quarters. But now, if you please could. Get out!

We are getting nowhere, Bob replied. I am from police, and we are shutting this place down.

Pretty interesting, because what could you do? Asked the director.

If you wont get out with good, we are going to blast this place up, using our Pokemon, I said.

Lets have a deal, we will have a Pokemon fight. If you will win, we will get out, but if I will win, then you will give me your Pokemon. I have already battled you Ball, so I will battle you, director said, and pointed at Bob.

Challenge excepted, Bob said.

Ok, the battle will be three versus three.

Go Hitmonchan, said Bob, and threw a Pokeball in the air.

Hitmonchan, the fast boxing Pokemon come out of the ball.

Go Polivrath, said the director, and also threw a Pokeball in the air.

Hitmonchan, comet punch, said Bob.

Polivrath, use your Hypnosis, at the Hitmonchan, said the game corner director.

The vortex at the belly of the Polivrath started spinning, but Hitmonchan didnít look at it, he just punched it, and Polivrath, with a lot of fast punches.

Polivrath flinched, and stopped the hypnosis.

Hitmonchan, finish him of with a mach punch.

The boxer jumped up, and then rune so fast, that he couldnít even be sawed. Then the Hitmonchan appeared right in front of the Polivrath, and punched it with huge strength.

Polivrath fell of on the floor, and didnít mow. He was fainted.

Polivrath, return, go Gengar, and use Psychic on that pathetic Hitmonchan, director said.

The ghost Pokemonís eyes started to glow.

Hitmonchan flew up in the air. He was glowing. Then he flew right to the wall, hutted it, and fell on the ground. He didnít move. He was also fainted.

Return, Bob said, go Chansey, and fight this time you rotten egg Pokemon.

Bob threw a Pokeball in the air, and Chansey come out of it.

Chansey didnít even move. She didnít wanted to fight, but maybe, it didnít wanted to fight at the Bobís side.

Gengar, psychic her, until she faints, the director said.

Gengar started to levitate Chansey, and hit it to all the walls.

Chansey didnít last long, really soon she fainted.

Stupid egg, you cant even fight, return, Bob said, and fired a laser from the Pokeball at her.

Go Ampharos, quickly use Thunder on Gengar, Bob said, and the electric creature quickly jumped in front of the almighty Gengar.

Ampharos started glowing, and fired a bolt of electricity at the ghost.

06-12-2005, 01:22 PM
Ampharos started glowing, and fired a bolt of electricity at the ghost.

Gengar couldnít dodge, the room, was too small. He was stroked by the lightning. Gengar couldnít move. He was fainted.

Oh no, the director said, I have no chances of winning, go Pidgeot.

The director said, and threw a Pokeball in the air. A huge bird come out of it.

But unfortunately the room was too small for Pidgeot to fly.

Ampharos, Thunder, said Bob.

Ampharos charged for another strike, but Pidgeot was just helplessly watching it. Ampharos released the powerful strike at Pidgeot.

Pidgeot couldnít dodge, because the room was too small to fly, but the legs of the bird couldnít carry it fast enough to dodge the deadly strike, he fell down from the strength of it, and fainted.

The Chansey trouble.

You have three days to get out of this town, Bob said, and asked, are there some quicker way, to get out of here, than the dungeon?

Yes, itís the opposite door, but please donít putt me in to the gale.

We are going to see about that, Bob said, and went out by the door.

Better get out faster, than three days, because in that way you cold get out of the possibility that you could be putted in to the gale, I said, and went out by the door too.

Bob waited me out. Lets go, he said, and we went in the next room.

I followed him. There was stairs in that room. We climbed up by them, and at the end of the stairs were door. We opened the door, and went through them.

We where located in the game corner. A lot of people were playing games. We were behind the man, who sells the coins. We went out of the game corner, and it was already evening.

Go to an inn, Bob said, you need sleep, and I will give you your reword tomorrow.

We broke up, and I went past the street, where an inn was located.

I went in it, and asked: do you have a free room for this night?

Yes we have, a man behind a table replied, that would be five dollars.

Ok here you go, I said to the man, and gave him the money.

The man took the money, and gave me a key, that is for your room, and follow me, he said and leaded me to a room. Here it is, a room for one night, one person, the man said, and showed to a door, after that he went away.

I unlocked the door, and went in. It was a little room, with one window, and one bed. The wallpaper created a comfy fealing. I dressed down, and went in the bed. I though, what could be the surprise Bob told me about, and immediately fell asleep.

In the next morning, when I woke up, I immediately dressed, and leaved the hotel room. I started running towards the daycare. The worm morning air was blowing at my face. Running wasnít hard, I wasnít tired at all, I had a great sleep at night. Soon I had picked my Pokemon from day-care, and returned to the Goldenrood.

I went though the main street, and saw Bob. Bob saw me too, and approached closer to me.

Good morning, said Bob, this bicycle is the gift from me, as a thanks for your helping me in the game corner. This was suppose to be the only gift four you, but late in the night I understood, that I must give you another gift, my Chansey.

No, butÖ I said.

No I must give it to you, I treat it wrong. You are a better trainer, take it, Bob said.

Ok then, if you think so.

Bob gave me the bike, and the Pokeball, but when he handed me the Pokeball, the Chansey pooped out of it. I tried to return her, but nothing worked. The Chansey either didnít wanted to be owned, or didnít wanted, that I would get her so easily. The Chansey started running away. Its legs isnít tall, but still it ran fast.

What, donít let her escape she is too rare, besides you need her, Bob said

Ok bye, thanks, I said, and started to ride after Chansey.

Bye, Bob said. Maybe he said something more, but I didnít hear it I was already too far away.

I followed the Chansey. Chansey ran out of the town, and I ridded after her. That was odd, that a Chansey rune so fast. The Chansey stopped, because it was nowhere to go for her. A rock wall blocked her way.

I stopped, jumped of, of the bike, and said, go Manetric threw a Pokeball in the air.

Manetrict came out of the Pokeball.

Manetric thunder, I ordered Manetric

Manetric cearfully aimed at Chansey, and fired a powerful blast of electricity at her.

Chansey dodged the attack by juming aside, and started glowing.

Manetric flew up in the air, and then fell down.

Manetric, get up, I shouted.

Manetric wasnít moving, but then he slowly got up, and looked at me trustfully.

Try to bite her, I ordered Manetric.

Manetric jumped at Chansey, and tried to bite her.

The Chansey dodged the bite.

Manetric tried again. This time the attack hut her.

The Chansey flinched in pain.

Blast her with Thunder, I said to Manetric.

Manetric released his fangs, jumped back, and released a powerful strike of electricity at Chansey.

Chansey hut the rock wall, but got up, and started glowing again.

Manetric flew up in the air, and fell down again, but this time he didnít move, he was fainted.

I fired a beam from the Pokeball at him, and the beam sucked him in. Then I threw another Pokeball in the air, and said: Houndoom go.

The ball opened, and a fiery dog appeared.

Houndoom, use Flamethrower, I ordered the Houndoom.

Houndoom blew hot flames from his mouth at Chansey.

Chansey dodged the attack, and started glowing, but this time nothing happened with my Pokemon. Houndoom stud the same as before, nothing happened with him. Chansey was real confused because of that.

Houndoom hit her now, when she is distracted with another Flamethrower, I ordered Houndoom.

Houndoom blew the flames at the Chansey, but this time she didnít dodged, this time she stud the same as before.

The flames hut Chansey this time, and she fell down on the ground and didnít mowed.

I threw a Pokeball at her. The ball sucked her in, fell on the ground, and started to shake.

It shacked, and shacked, but then suddenly Chansey broke out of it. Chansey then started glowing again, but this time I was the unlucky one, who was flied away. Then Chansey hut the rock wall, and a rock crumbled of. Chansey took the rock, and threw the rock at Houndoom. Houndoom was too confused by the quick action of Chansey, so he couldnít dodge the rock. Then the chansey rune past me, to the forest.

Come back Houndoom, I said, and fired a beam from a Pokeball at Houndoom. The beam sucked him in. I putted the ball in my belt. Then I threw another Pokeball in the air, and the giant dragon, Flygon come out of it.

But immediately, when Flygon come out of the ball, Chansey psychiced him straight at the rock wall, which fainted him.

I immediately returned Flygon, jumped on, on my bike, and ridded after the Chansey. I ridded as fast, as I could, but Chansey, slowly got estranged. Soon, she was out of my sight, and so was the exit of the forest, I didnít knew, from where I come in, in the forest, and on which side is Ecruteak.

Soon it got dark (and spooky), so I builded a stick tent, left my bike outside of it, and went to sleep. In the morning I was waked up by a thrightening roar. A giant bear Pokemon had stomped my bike, and was racking my tent. It was Ursaring. I quickly got out of the leftowers of the tent, I rune and rune, and rune, until I didnít heard the Ursaring any more.

I wandered around the forest for a few days until I founded the right path. Out of the forest.

Sunny day, and out of the forest.

Hey, I said in a straight medium loud voice, the entrance to town. I was glad that I finally reached a place, where I could eat, sleep, or at least talk to someone. But mostly I was glad, that I finally will have the chance to challenge a gym leader. Hey, I said in a bit nervous voice, whatís that? A bright light flashed in my eyes, so I could nearly see, but still, I saw a big, bright bird. The bird majestically flied, at high speed. The bird looked like a Fearow, Fearow? No it cant be a Fearow, Fearows are scary, and ugly, but this one is beautiful. The bird slowly flied away. I went inside a town.

06-12-2005, 01:22 PM
It looked old. The roofs was made from straws. The straws looked old, like they would have been got through a century. There was two towers. One, which looked burned was in the left side. But there was another tower, it was farer from the town, in a forest. The paths were made from rocks, and they looked even older than the roofs. There was a little mart, few trainers were trading Pokemon next to the mart. The trainers looked poor, their closes wasnít new, or even weary clean. There was a lot of mends on their closes. In front of the mart was a Pokemon center, it didnít looked as awful as the other houses, or the mart, but still it wasnít as good as even the Azaleza one.

I started walking to the Pokemon center. I was weary tired, so walking wasnít easy for me. The bright sun made it worse. Thoughts to go to the mart, and to get a cold drink was fighting in my head, I couldnít buy anything, I needed the money, for the bet with the gym leader. Its impossible to fight in gym, if you doesnít have the money to bet on.
I was getting closer to the Pokemon center, but each step was like a kilometer long run for me. I finally reached the Pokemon center. Good thing, they give cold water to trainers, I though before entering the house. But maybe not, yes, they give water, and even something to eat in Pokemon centers, but in this small town, I hope they do, I though, while opening the door.

Yes, I said in a silenced, but happy voice, immediately after opening the door.

There was a writing free food, and drinks to Pokemon trainers, wrote on a door next to the nurses table, filled with medicine, and the Pokemon healing machine.

Hello, I said to the nurse Joy.

The nurse was in a white coat, her face was smiley, and her hair was brown, and long. The hair was strongly shiny.

How can I help you, she replied in a nice, and light toned voice.

I come from goldenrod through the woods, and I would like, that you restore, and heal my Pokemon, and please give me something to eat, I said, while looking at the old medicine, laying on the table.

Shore, follow the Chansey to the eating room, and eat, while I heal your Pokemon, the nurse said, and smiled.

Ok, here is my Pokemon, I said, and handed the nurse five little balls, which I took of my belt.

The balls were red and white, divided in half by a black line. There was a button, in the middle of the line.

Ok, thank you, said Joy, Chansey, give him something to eat.

A pink egg shaped Pokemon come out of the door with the food poster.

Chance, said the Pokemon in a mild voice, and come next to me.

The Chansey started walking to the room, I followed her. I looked back, and saw the nurse Joy taking my Pokeballs, and putting them on some kind of antiquary skaner, on which screen started appearing the shapes of my Pokemon. I turned back, so I could see, where am I going, and walked inside the room.

Its walls were green, with tiny Pokeballs drove on them. The roof was grey, I think it was supposed to be white at the beginning, but maybe even not, because the roof was so dirty, it even shined a bit, in a dirty grey color. There were tables with chairs next to them on the closest side of the rooms, and two floored beds on the other side. There was a cooker at the closest left side of the room.

I was walking, and suspiciously looking at the roof, when I heard a voice.

Donít worry, it is from the smoke. The smoke from the cooker, said the voice.

I looked around and saw another trainer sitting next to a table, and eating. The trainer seemed to be the same age as me. He wasnít from this town, I could tell it, because his closes looked pretty new, and he wasnít like some of the people living in the town. He was wearing a blue jumper, and red shorts.

While I was staring at him, Chansey gave me a plate with potatoes, sauce, and a glass of water.

Come, sit here, said the trainer, I nearly understood what he is saying, because his mouth was full with the potatoes.

I carefully walked, because I to spill the water, which was in the glass, completely filing it.

I sited down opposite the trainer.

Hwohul yklouing livkucbvioe txvmhiams tbnclow n, said the trainer with its mouth even fuller with the potatoes.

What did you said, I said in a little sullen voice, I couldnít understand you.

He swallowed the potatoes, drunk a little water, and repeated, How do you like this town.

Well, its nice, even though it is, well, how do I say it, well, old, I said, quietly, because I didnít wanted to wound the Chansey, or the nurse.

Well, I would say, antiquate, or even ruin, said the trainer, and continued to eat at huge speed.

I was really hungry, but I still didnít loose my manners, and ate slowly. Meanwhile, the trainer ate at huge speed, and after a few minutes he had ate all the food.

Bye, said the trainer, and walked out of the room.

I slowly continued eating, and though about the strategy to use in the gym. I know, I said to myself in my minds, Il start with Manetric to see, what he got, and use Houndoom, my best Pokemon against him last. Soon I finished eating, and slowly got up. I wanted to go out, but the Chansey pointed to a writing: wash your dishes yourself. I then saw a sink, I went to it, and washed the dishes. The water was cold, there was no hot water option, bit since the day was really hot, that didnít bothered me. I walked out of the room, and saw nurse still examine my Pokemon.

Better stay here by the night, you will get your Pokemon in the morning, said the nurse, didnít even looking at me.

Ok, I said, and walked in the eating room again, Chansey was there no more. I felt really tired, so I dressed down, and got in the bed, I knew, that this is only early evening, but I was so tired, I fell asleep immediately.

VS Bob.

When I woke up, I saw a strange round face. I scarred a bit, because usually when I wake up, I donít see a huge face, which eyeballs me.

Chhhhhhhanse, said the strange face, with mild, and light voice. Though the woice had a little bit tang undertone.

Oh, its only nurse Joys Chansey, I though, with happiness, maybe it was from some bad dream, maybe not, but I was really worried, when first saw the face.

The chancey pointed to a table. On the table was a nice yellow plate. On the plate was an omelette, with salads. The salads looked pretty disgusting. The omelette though looked delicious.

The Chansey a little bit clumsily walked out of the room. It looked a little bit funny, though that was the normal step of her.

I got out of my bed, and dressed. Then I checked, if all five Pokeballs are with me. They still were there. I slowly walked to the table. I was still sleepy, really sleepy. Even though the salads looked likeÖ well grass, old grass, I still ate everything on the plate. I was too hungry to leave some food not eaten. The omelette tasted a little bit like burn. The salads tasted incredibly good ( for their looks). The sun shined brightly through the window. It looked really beautiful. The shadows were only in the corners of the room. I took up, and started walking to the door. I walked faster than before. Maybe it was because I was exited about the upcoming gym battle. I opened the door, and saw nurse Joy really worried.

Ball, come quick, said the nurse, while looking even more worried.

How do you know my name, I asked amazed. I didnít tell it to her, at least I donít remember me telling it to her.

Well, letís just say, that you talk at sleep, said the nurse, but please come over, there is something important. I was amazed by this sentence, because I donít usually talk in sleep. At least no one has ever told me that.

I come to the table, behind which all the medicine was. There was a strange screen, and a lot of potions.

Olivine cities mart needs Pokeballs, please, go there and give them to the mart salesmen, she said, and gave me a bag full of Pokeballs.

But the gym, I said quietly, but hoping that the nurse would hear it.

You can challenge the gym, but after it donít forget the Pokeball quest, said nurse Joy a little bit edgy, because of me not immediately running, and fulfilling her quest. Though after a second she didnít looked edgy any more.

Ok, donít worry, I wont, I screamed, while I run out of the Pokemon center. After a second I ran back in.

Where is the gym, I shouted, a little bit ashamed, for not asking it earlier.

When you go out of the Pokemon Center, quickly explaned nurse Joy, turn right, and go straight. Go, and go until you reach the gym.

Ok, I shouted while running out of the Pokemon Center.

I ran fast, but it wasnít hard, it was easy, I wasnít tired, because I slept well. The wind was blowing in my face. The sun was shining as bright, as yesterday. The way from Pokemon Center, to the Gym was pretty big. Soon I saw the gym. But right when I saw the gym, a man come in front of me. It was Bob. The Pokemon trainer, and cop from Goldenrod. He was wearing a black coat, and black glasses.

I need to test you, he said, I challenge you to a battle.

06-12-2005, 01:23 PM
I donít have time, I need to do a task from nurse Joy, and I want to challenge the gym leader, I said, wanting that he would justÖ go away. I wanted to challenge the gym for so long time, but now he doesnít let me to.

Yes, but this is important, I want you to battle me. I need to test you. If you will be good enough, I will take you to a mission, Bob said calm fully, with smile on his lips.

Who said I want to be on a mission? I said.

Well, you were a good helper to me in Goldenrod, and if you will help me, there will be a reward, Bob replied, while still having the little sneer.

A reward? Maybe IÖ nah, I donít have the tiÖ I said, but Bob interrupted me.

You have to, please, the prize is great, I need you. Bob said, but this time without the sneer. This was a little bit pleasing.

Well, ok, I said, challenge accepted, I wasnít glad saying this, but I though, he is my friend, and he needs my help, besides, I really wanted to know, what the reward is.

We will battle each with two Pokemon, Bob said in a monotone voice, while looking for Pokeball in his pocket. Go Gengar, he said, when he finally founded it, he threw it in the air, with his sneer back. The ball opened, and a violet ghostly silhouette appeared. The ghost looked like a short man. A short man with a big smile, even bigger, than Bobs sneer, it was the biggest, and flattest smile, I had ever seened.

Go Poliwrath, I said, while looking for a Pokeball in my pocket. When I founded the ball, I threw it in to the air. A tadpole come out of it.

Gengar, use psychic, bob said.

Took aim on him, and prepare for fissure, I said, with hopes, that he would be falling in to my trap.

Poliwrath heavily concentrated, but then he was flied in the air with a huge force. Gengar meanwhile mowed his arms up, and down. His eyes was glowing, and they were blue. Poliwrath hut a tree nearby, and stopped moving.

Poliwrath, Poliwrath, are you ok, I asked, really worried.

Poliwrath started moving. He moved, and then suddenly he got up, he didnít seamed realy hurt, he was still ok to battle.

Hypnosis, I shouted.

The whirl on the tadpoles stomach started to spin.

Gengar strangely shaked, and fell asleep.

Gengar, wake up, Bob said.

Surf, Poliwrath, now, I ordered.

Poliwrath started blowing water out of his mouth, until it created a wave. The wave stroked Gengar. Gengar was sleeping motionless on the ground.

Wow, said bob, you defeated him, anyway, go Swampert. Swampert, use mud shot.

Poliwrath dodge, I shouted.

Swampert fired a beam of mud at my tadpole. Poliwrath tried to jump aside, but he wasnít fast enough, the mud stroked him. Poliwrath fell on the ground, but after a short moment he started moving. Poliwrath got up, and jumped in front of Swampert.

Submission, now, I ordered Poliwrath.

Poliwrath grabbed swampert, and they both tumbled, until they hut a tree.

Now, Poliwrath, use double slap! I shouted, in hopes, that this attack would finish him of.

Swampert earthquake, now, Bob ordered his swampert.

Swamert hut the ground in front of Poliwrath, and the earth started to crack, the crack hut Poliwrath, and seriously hurted him.

Finish him off with double slap.

Swampert punched Poliwrath, and the hit stroked poliwrath down. Poliwrath wasnít moving.
Poliwrath, come back, I said, and quickly returned Poliwrath back to a Pokeball. Then I threw another Pokeball in the air, and Grovyle come out of it.

Grovyle, leaf blade, I said, thinking, that this, may get me a victory.

Swampert easily dodged The blade, by jumping aside.

Mud shot, now, Bob ordered Swampert.

Swampert fired a lot of mud at Grovyle, seriously hurting it. Grovyle flied on the ground, and wasnít moving. But then Grovyle started shining. Grovyle slowly transformed in to a bigger creature, in to Skeptile.

Endavour, now, I shouted.

Skeptile fired a lot of wines at Swampert hurting him.

Now, finish him of with solar beam, I shouted happily, knowing, that this is over.

Skeptile charged, and fired a powerful beam of light from his moth to Swampert. The beam strucked Swampert, and knocked him out.

06-26-2005, 04:59 PM

Ok, I think you can help me Bob said. At the momo farm 2 thieves are trying to steal their Miltanks. The thieves are two, so I cant stop them alone. The owner of the farm called me today, and said this. They may be able to protect the cows by battling the thieves, but the thieves are too powerful, besides, the farmers have only Tauros, and Miltank. So, will you help me, Bob asked.

Yes, I will, I replied.

Ok, bob said, get on a Pokemon, which can carry you though air, and lets go, said Bob, and threw a Pokeball on the ground. A Charizard come out of it. Bob got on the Charizard, and it carried him up in the air.

Go Flygon, I said, and sanded my dragon out of the Pokeball. I got on him, and said, Flygon, follow the Charizard. Flygon flew up in the air at a huge speed, and soon he flied next to the Charizard.

Ok, Bob said, we need to stop the thieves before they steal the Miltanks, and if they try to steal them, we must stop them at any cost, Bob said, like he would be a general, and I would be a soldier.

Soon we saw the farm, and we landed down. Two big man, Each with Raichu were attacking the farmers. Raichus were firing a lot of lightning strikes at farmers, and the Tauros, which were protecting the farm. Tauros were trying to fight the two electric mousse, but he didnít stud a chance.

We both jumped down from our dragons. The thieves spotted us, and recalled both Raichus. Then they sended out Matchamp and Primape.

They said, lets have a deal, each of us will use a fighting Pokemon, and if you win, we will leave quietly, and donít do anything unlegal in Johto. But If we win, you will let us steal, everything we want, and you will not be allowed to do anything.

Ok, Bob said, and sanded out a Hitmonchan.

Poliwrath, go, I said, and sanded him out.

Poliwrath, use hypnosis, I said.

Match punch, Bob ordered in a strong voice.

Cross chop, both thieves ordered.

Poliwraths belly started spinning, but Primape immediately punched it with two punches each from other side. Hitmonchen started running horribly fast towards Matchamp, but he just punched him back using the same technique as Primape. Both our Pokemon flied in air, and fell on ground far from us.

Poliwrath, use double slap, I nervously ordered.

Fire punch, Bob shouted.

Rock slide, both thieves ordered.

Poliwrath rune towards Primape, and started rapidly punching him. Primape blocked, and dodged all the punches, punched Poliwrath back, and threw a lot of rocks at him. Poliwrath was berried below the rocks.

I quickly ordered, aim at Primape using your mind radar.

In the mean time Hitmonchan punched Matchamp with its fiery hand. Matchamp immediately dodged it, jumped aside, and started to throw rocks at him.

Bob, immediately ordered, counter, now!

Hitmonchan punched the rocks back at Matchamp. Matchamp tried to dodge the rocks, but he didnít manage to dodge all. The rocks he didnít dodge hurted him seriously, and leaved him lying on ground.

Poliwrath, fissure now, I shouted.

Match punch now, Bob ordered.

Endure, hidden power, the thieves ordered in unison.

Poliwrath broke out of the rocks with huge force, by jumping upwards. By landing he created a big wave of earth, but Primape putted his arms in a cross, and protected himself by it. Mean vile Hitmonchen rune towards Matchamp, but hen he suddenly flied up in the air covered with violet light. Then he suddenly was thrown far away.

Surf, now, I ordered.

Comet punch, Bob shouted.

Earthquake, both thieves ordered.

Poliwrath created a huge wave, but both opponents created a wave of earth, by stomping the earth. The earth wave destroyed the water wave, and come towards us. Hitmonchan jumped in front of the wave, and started punching it back, until it defunct.

Hydro pump, now Poliwrath, I shouted.

Bob though a bit, and quietly vispered, foresight.

Flash, the thieves shouted.

Poliwrath started rapidly shooting water, but due to being blinded by flash he accidentally hut Hitmonchan, making him stop his foresight attack.

Body slam, now, I ordered.

Foresight, Bob ordered.

Focus punch, flash, the thieves shouted.

Primape blinded Poliwrath again, but poliwrath, concentrated, jumped, and landed on Primape, fainting it. Hitmonchans eyes started glowing removing his bindings, but immediately, when he got his visibility back, he saw that Matchamp is about to punch him. Quickly after the punch he jumped towards Matchamp, and counterpunched him fainting him.

Ok, we run, thieves said, and throw two Pokeballs. Pidgeot, and Fearow come out. The thieves quickly jumped on em, and flied away.

Ok, I must go, I quickly said to Bob in a nervous voice, and called Flygon out of his Pokeball.

Wait, the prize, for helping, Bob said. He took out a strange Pokeball out of his pocket, and gave it to me. I was a golden painted ball. Its an ultra ball, Bob said, It will catch a lot more easier, and its really rare to find, or buy.

Thanks, I said, took the ball, jumped on Flygon, and flied towards Olivine city. I flied as fast as I could, because I had no time, I had to for fill my quest. Soon I reached Olivine. The Flygon landed, and I got down from him. I went in the mart. A nice looking cashier was inside. He was fat, and he had old dirty closes on. He looked nervous.

A delivery from nurse Joy, I said, and give the cashier the bag with Pokeballs.

Thanks a lot, the cashier said, and smiled.

I started walking out, when cashier stopped me.

Wait, I have to give you something for youíre your effort, he said. He gave me a little, old box. Use this only in emergency, he said, donít even open it without a need, he said.

Ok, thanks, I replied, and went out of the shop. I summoned Flygon out of the Pokeball, and got on him. He flied up, and started flying at a huge speed, towards Ecruteak town. Soon we got there. He landed in front of the Pokemon center. I went in.

I immediately said, yes, I delivered the Pokeballs, went in to the other room, dressed down, and went to sleep. I was pretty tired, so I slept immediately.