View Full Version : Smallville's current season: Discuss

09-24-2008, 03:55 AM
Well, Smallville returned and, I have to say that was not a very good premiere. I think having Green Arrow, Siren, Aquaman did make up for a total disaster, but...that show was like a Twilight Zone!

You have Lex Luthor taking out Fortress of Solitude as he and Clark are buried
Then Clark is at some Russian slave camp
Then Chloe is helping the Luthor agency get Aquaman/Siren captured
Then you have this mystery assistant taking over for 'Luthor's disappearance.' I mean, good grief, Michael Rosenbaum SHOULD have stayed for the possible final season. Now the show seems LOST!
Then you got the actress that played Supergirl stuck in the Phantom Zone
Then you got Lana Lang disappearing for a long, long, time

Man, just give Clark Kent the Superman legacy. Maybe Clark may wind up in Palmdale and encounters the UFO that gives him the Superman suit, sheesh, talk about lame plots!:tongue:

Finally, Clark seemingly dies 'yet again' and is flown by Martian Manhunter to 'regenerate' himself. Duh, why couldn't Clark have figured that one out about the sun? And how/why would Jor El take away his powers on a 'whim?'

Man, I think those writers Art Gough need to come back in the WORSE way. This could be a dismal year for Smallville.:sad: