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06-14-2005, 03:14 AM

Sorry for bringing up a topic about such an old game, but I still play it and really want to beat it!

I'm stuck at event level 50 in single player mode. You have to fight two master hands with 300HP each, and you only get one life.

I've tried ith with the characters that online sites reccomend (Yoshi and his Down A rapid kick, and Cpt. Falcon/Gannondorf with there Up attacks). That doesn't work!

If anyone beat that could you please tell me how you did it!?

I want to beath those hands soooooooooooooo bad!

06-14-2005, 03:29 AM
Well I beat it with Yoshi but I heard that Samus was good for it so mabey try her.

06-18-2005, 05:42 AM
Use whoever your best character is, man. i did it with Link. Play off their strengths and try not to let the Hand dictate the battle.

Crossfire Chaos
06-18-2005, 02:02 PM
Fox or Falco, Those to are just fast enough to move outa the way, they can jump high and cause the flaming flight sheild around them. They are perfect for this event and for 51.
Try it both ways and see which is eaisier.

Crazy Hand Meathod:
Target him all the time. Constantly use your flame flight attack and you flip kicks and foot dives. If he starts to go in his spasm, bomb-droping technique, a off-screen move, or into his lazer fingers move then leave him alone and open the ass whoop can on the other hand. This will be very helpfull at the end.

Master Hand Meathod:
Practice for him until you know all his moves and how to beat them.
Target him all the time and use what you know about his moves to evade him and to kill him.
If he starts to go in his off-screen moves, or into his lazer fingers move then leave him alone and open the ass whoop can on the other hand. This will be very helpfull at the end.

Also, the dual hand attacks should be evaded at all costs; these are deadly, but if you are stuck their then do this.

Fist move - I don't know what to say, I'vge always jumped out of the way.
Sleaping Hands - If you find they are doing this move then STAY IN THE CENTER, anywhere else and they smack you off the stage.
Single Slap - If you see this hapening, stay to the center, but the best this to do is jump away.
Dual Lazers - Pick the first one to do the lazer move and attack with all your strength; they are worthless in this attack and are eaisly beaten alive for masive damage, and as soon as one is done, go attack the other.
Dual Offscreen - Evade and dodge, these a fatal if you have a high damage rate.

Also, remeber to be ever so carefull at the low health end of a hand's life span, this is a crushial part in the battle. They do unexpected moves and act live vicious tigers that were only playing a few seconds ago. I once died when the last hand was at 8 health, because I was unwary and it did a slide-slap on me.(I was right next to it and falling down to the platform.) I also died numerous times after I kill the first hand, because I took too much damage.

Don't get discouraged if you die many times, this takes a lot of time. It took me probobly 30 to the death tries, 20 restarts and 10 I picked the wrong character restarts.

Happy Hand Hunting!

06-24-2005, 06:11 AM
I dunno if you really still need any help or not, but my 2 cents is i find Side stepping to be a big help too, so try practicing int he classic mode on easy for a while and practice it. I've gotten, good enough to sidestep almsot all their moves, but don't try to sidestep ones that are impossible to, like the twirly fingers onto the ground. BTW, any Action Replay and Melee owners, check out my website if you don't already know about the Melee Debug Menu to play as the hands, Giga Bowser, or anyone else in the game, even sandbag. Link to my site available in my profile. Click Melee ideas when you manage to get to the Home Page

Silver Lightning
06-24-2005, 06:50 PM
What I did, was I just fought crazy hand first. He has the deadlyest moves. I beat it with samus. Now about event 51. I know an easy way to beat it. It takes a little practice. Be FOX! falco will not work for this. Use your up B move all over the place, and look for items to stay alive. When giga bowzer is dead use fox's lazer while standing on the edge. Use it non-stop. Ganon, and mewtwo will put on there shields untill they break. Then run over, and smash both of them. Well there ya go.

06-26-2005, 06:27 PM
For Event 50, it really doesn't matter who you use (It was my fav. event, so I kinda beat it with most of the characters at least once), and the most important thing is to focus on dodging attacks. Generally there is a gap in between attacks from the two hands. During that time, you have the oppurtunity for ONE ATTACK before having to continue dodging.

Staying on the edge of the stage is a very useful tactic, as I noticed that some attacks from one hand (say the right hand when you're on the left side of the stage) doesn't reach that far and sometimes you will be given oppurtunities to attack because you didn't even need to dodge attacks from one of the hands.

The difficult part is when the hands go out of sync (usually from one hand using that crappy laser attack, which is the only time when you should focus on attacking while still making dodging the other hand the top priority), your windows of oppurtunity either become very small or non-existant. At that time, you just wait it out, as they usually go back into sync from a two-handed attack sooner or later.

Otherwise, just learn how to dodge each move from the hands and pray that the left hand doesn't do that spasm attack if you're staying on the left side of the stage and attacking only the left hand, or pray that it does do that attack if you choose to focus on the right hand first.

Notes on the dual hand attacks (thanks chaos):
Fist move - Well this move does a curve when attacking, but jumping out of its way is fairly easy. If hit on the center of the stage, you will be knocked out without the ability to recover. I noticed that it didn't really matter whever you get it, you'll just be tossed out.

Sleaping Hands - At low percentage, you can take the sleep, and wake up before they start slapping. The safest places are the two cliffs (you have to hang or stand at the very edge), with the center being next (I don't recommend taking damage tho). The sleeping portion of the attack is the most dangerous tho, as most people can't get out of the way in time.

The rest of them, if I recall, are not combination attacks from the hands, but I haven't been playing for a while. lol

Once you get down to one hand, stay safe on the other side of the stage and use only the times when the hand stops between attacks to HIT IT ONCE AND THEN RUN BACK TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE STAGE. By playing it safe, you will be able to win 100% of the time, but only if you're not getting greedy to finish this more quickly.

Do note that there are times when it's impossible to win in a situation, so don't be afraid to use that retry button.

Anyway, the characters with the highest success rates generally are the speedy characters, but Fox taking the lead because of his extremely fast falling speed (You can get an attack in and have plenty of time to anticipate the hands' next attacks). Marth is my second choice for this event, as he has a strong airborne attack, is fast on the ground, and can take some hits before failing.

f you want to end the match fast, I find that Ganondorf and Samus have the fastest times when I beat the event (Ganondorf currently holds my fastest time), but generally speaking they are more dangerous to play with, as the strategy there is risky with trying to get as many hits in as possible in windows of oppurtunity.

For event 51, I've been able to beat it only with Jigglypuff, and only 3 times total, so I can't help you much there. It is comforting to know that if you don't manage to hit Giga Bowser with down + B at any given time, then something's wrong with your game. lol

Crossfire Chaos
06-27-2005, 01:49 AM
Kenny, they are not all truly dual-hand attacks but sometimes in rare coincidences the similar attacks happen at the same time and I consider this a dual-hand.

Tips on giga-bowser:
Make sure you have a fast airborn and ground chara like Fox or Falco, a cool way to win is to make giga do a butt slam into death.

Make giga run at you (you at edge).
Jump off the platform far enough for him to miss the stage.
When he does his move jump back to platform. (he'll die)
If he doesn't do that, get back on stage and do it again.

Giga is super easy to kill this way, you rarely take damage too!